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Summer News Diversions

The dog days of summer have arrived - people are on vacation, the heat index is on the rise, Congress has gone on summer recess and generally, all seems to be quiet. Sure, there's news - but nothing that's really rising to the level of debates over wireless spectrum auctions, decisions on the XM-Sirius merger or an iPhone-like frenzy.

Tech bloggers tried to build a bit of excitement around a super-secret Apple announcement at the company's Silicon Valley headquarters this week. The big news: Apple introduced a redesigned iMac computer and an upgrade to the iLife software suite. Yes, that was interesting - but it also kind of got overshadowed by the outing of the Fake Steve Jobs, an anonymous blogger who'd taken on the online persona of Jobs and ranted in a way that some might expect the real Jobs to rant. For some time, the blogs have been abuzz over the the true identity of the Fake Steve Jobs. Turns out it was Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes magazine.

Meanwhile, over at the Googleplex, they're still stringing together some of the 10-second "m-velope" videos for a massive video chain. Here's how it works: Make a video in which the "M-velope" (Google's icon for G-Mail) enters the screen from the left, passes thru, and exits on the right. 10 seconds or less. Have fun with it. Be creative, be unique and you'll be in their video chain, which stops accepting entries on Aug 13. Kinda hokey, I know, until you see some of the clips. Some of them are actually pretty good. (It makes sense to watch Google's video first to gain a better understanding.) Some of my favorite submissions, so far, include the sleeping dad, the three ladies on the bench, and even one where users take a jab at Yahoo Mail. Click here for details on how to submit your entry.

Sure, there are other headlines out there - but as the temperature in DC starts to cross the century mark, staying in the office for lunch and watching fun videos sounds like a nice summer diversion, dontcha think?

By Sam Diaz  |  August 8, 2007; 1:59 PM ET  | Category:  Sam Diaz
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