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Adding New Dimensions to Virtual Worlds

Kim Hart

Since launching at the DEMO show last fall, SceneCaster's three-dimensional worlds have become popular hangouts on the Web. People can create their own virtual scenes, games, abstract art, cartoons or homes interiors using SceneCaster's technology and then share them through their Facebook profiles.

At this show, the company launched a new product called SceneWeaver, which stitches together pieces of a person's virtual world from a variety of Web sites and communities. Say you've created a 3D model of your apartment, complete with an entertainment center, wall posters and furniture. You can link all those items to other sites to reveal more about the world you have created.

Click on a flat-panel TV and your favorite YouTube video will pop up. Look in the closet and your favorite brand of shoes becomes visible. Click on the leather armchair and Ebay will display its chair selection--SceneCaster gets a cut of the revenue if you register on the site and even more if you buy something.

The company is hoping people will soon send each other virtual gifts for their scenes, like a rare Led Zeppelin poster for your room or a robot your friend has created for a scene out of a video game. Online retailers can use the technology to create virtual storefronts. Paul Lypaczewski, SceneCaster president and COO, says he thinks it's "the next stage of contextual advertising that has more depth, quite literally."

Now SceneWeaver can be embedded anywhere on the web--blogs, social networks, even on the iPhone's browser. The goal is to create a Second Life-like world on any Web site. About 250,000 people have used the technology to create their own virtual scenes, Lypaczewski said.

By Kim Hart  |  January 29, 2008; 6:25 PM ET  | Category:  Kim Hart
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Oh thank god! Whenever I see spaces without advertising it makes me nervous. I feel the same way whenever a web page loads too quickly. Now both problems are solved!

Posted by: Robert17 | January 31, 2008 3:09 AM

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