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At CES, Promotion Transcends Everything

It's my first time at CES and my first time in Vegas. So as you might imagine, my head is spinning. When I arrived at the convention center this morning, people were still setting up booths and finding power outlets. But they didn't waste any time in trying to get the media's attention. As another reporter and I sat in a corner for a breather, a man came over to us and handed us a piece of paper asking us to come to his booth to check out the hottest Chinese companies at the show. He didn't speak English, but that doesn't stop people here from speaking the language of self-promotion. And with some persuasive effect, too: A few moments later, I saw a group of journalists loitering around his booth a few minutes later.

Mobility is a big theme of the show this year (again), so it shouldn't be surprising to see tons of advertisements for cellphones and other wireless devices. But I didn't expect to see the convention center and other hotels wrapped with gigantic billboards for every type of phone you can imagine, literally spanning dozens of floors in a high-rise. It takes some pretty breathtaking stunts sometimes to out-promote Vegas.

By Kim Hart  |  January 7, 2008; 12:38 PM ET  | Category:  CES 2008 , Kim Hart
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"A few moments later, I saw a group of journalists loitering around his booth a few minutes later." Editor!!

Posted by: filmlab | January 7, 2008 2:54 PM

Kim (Yuki is showing up as poster?) Thanks for the show updates. I'd be at the Qualcomm massage table everyday!

Posted by: Chris Parente | January 8, 2008 1:29 PM

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