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LOLcats: Now Hiring

Mike Musgrove

Do u has the skillz?
The humor Web site "I Can Has Cheezburger?" is now seeking applications for somebody to help sort through the 7,000 submissions it gets every day.
The site is famous for posting users' pictures of cats snapped in cute or awkward poses. Each shot is accompanied with a caption written in the site's misspelled babytalk-slash-Webspeak lingo.
"Facebook" reads the caption of a cat who is sticking his head into a bookshelf.
"Power Nap" reads the caption under a cat sleeping on top of a surge protector with power cords sticking out of it.
LOLcats, as the pictures are called, get up to 2 million visitors a day.
"Basically we're looking for people who have a very good sense of pop culture, who have the ability to understand the Internet," said Ben Huh, the site's CEO.
Huh said that his team is looking for someone with an instinct for what his audience will find funny. Applicants will need to demonstrate an awareness of pop culture ranging from, say, movies and anime to the pantheon of Web celebrities. (Tip for applicants: Huh said that he hopes his new hire will be aware of, for example, Technoviking, a YouTube video of a muscular shirtless dude dancing to techno music and walking down a German city street)
"We're looking for people who know if there's this weird subculture of people who like to look at pictures of bacon taped to cats," he said.
Huh said his team has received over 300 submissions so far.
It's tough to explain what has made LOLcats a Web phenom; Huh said he has given up trying. "Whenever I try to explan it to people they think I'm some kind of nut," he said.
Huh said he is headed out today to attend a summit exploring the Web's pop clture trends that is being hosted at MIT.
ROFLcon, kicking off tomorrow in Cambridge, Mass., dubs itself "a group dissection of internet culture."
I'm happy to see that my personal favorite Web celebrity, Tron Guy, will be there, giving a talk on the topic of "Surviving Internet Fame."

Update: Dbkirby, you're right, of course. Sorry about that. Also, for that matter, I probably should've written "teh skillz" instead of "the skillz" at the start of this entry...

By Mike Musgrove  |  April 24, 2008; 11:22 AM ET  | Category:  Mike Musgrove
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you has no ideas how lolcats has ruinded my grammars

Posted by: lolguy | April 24, 2008 4:21 PM

"'Facebook' reads the caption of a cat who is sticking his head into a bookshelf."

I'm a fan of LOLcats, and I protest this description of the image. You missed all the humor.

I'll go along with the description of the photo: "a cat who is sticking his head into a bookshelf."

And the TOP caption is, indeed, "Facebook."

But the bottom caption, which contains the humor and the essence of the joke, is:

"Ur doin it wrong."

I can understand why others are bothered by the LOLcat misspellings. I am, too. But, ignoring the misspellings, you missed the essential joke:

A cat with his head inserted into a shelf of books, with a caption that reads:

"Facebook. You're doing it wrong."

Anyone would agree that this caption is much funnier than a simple "Facebook."

Posted by: dbkirby | April 25, 2008 12:21 AM

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