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Spore: New Game From The Creator Of The Sims On The way

Mike Musgrove

Will Wright, the famous game designer behind The Sims, has a new game on the way and it's enormous. Also, it borrows a few ideas from the social networking world.

Called Spore -- and scheduled for a September release -- players control the evolution of a species from its earliest days as a cellular organism up to the era when that species starts building spaceships and exploring the universe.

But wait, there's more. As your virtual critters gain intelligence and explain their universe, they'll be able to encounter user-created planets and species that your computer has downloaded from other Spore players' computers. That is to say, if you have friends who are also playing the game, you can have your copy of the game download the critters they've created so that you can encounter them as you guide your species from planet to planet.

"It's sort of like Flickr, sort of like Facebook," said producer Caryl Shaw, who came to The Post Thursday to show off the game, of the various social media elements that the gamemakers have incorporated to create a sense of community around playing Spore.

For players who really become attached to their game creatures, publisher EA has a deal with Web site to print up T-shirts, mugs and poster of players' creations on demand.

In a few weeks, publisher EA is releasing a mini-version of Spore -- in which players can create a character -- to get game fans a taste and build some buzz for the title. "You'll be able to do things that only Pixar artists could do before," she said.

Spore has been in development for about six years.

By Mike Musgrove  |  June 6, 2008; 11:23 AM ET  | Category:  Mike Musgrove
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Will Wright is "the creator of The Sims" now? What's SimCity, chopped liver?

Posted by: KR | June 6, 2008 11:53 AM

Where is my SimCity 5?... No SimCity Societies! Blah.
Yay Spore.

Posted by: Rob | June 6, 2008 1:07 PM

I wouldn't mind a SimCity revival on the 360.

Posted by: CMc62480 | June 6, 2008 3:55 PM

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