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Julius Genachowski Nominated to Chair FCC

President Obama announced today the nomination of his technology adviser and law school friend Julius Genachowski to head the Federal Communications Commission, the government's regulatory body in charge of telecommunications, media, and Internet policy.

Genachowski will take over the FCC at a time of sweeping technological change with the convergence of high-speed Internet, wireless technology, media and entertainment. The FCC is also poised to take on a greater role with the administration's plans to pour $8 billion into new high-speed Internet networks in rural areas.

In a prepared statement, Obama highlighted Genachowski's business experience. He is a venture capitalist and has served as an executive to Barry Dillar's IAC/InterActive.

"He will bring to the job diverse and unparalleled experience in communications and technology, with two decades of accomplishment in the private sector and public service," Obama said.

The president also highlighted Genachowski's personal experiences.

"I know him as the son of immigrants who carries a deep appreciation for this country and the American dream; and as the proud father of three children working with his wife Rachel to be responsible parents in this digital age."

Genachowski was widely expected to be named FCC chairman, having had a key role in writing Obama's technology plan that included high-speed Internet availability to rural and underserved areas.

By Cecilia Kang  |  March 3, 2009; 3:17 PM ET  | Category:  Cecilia Kang
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