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News Feed - January 16, 2009

For basketball junkies, Virginia Tech Coach Seth Greenberg's admission after Wednesday's 62-48 win over Richmond sounded like a dream birthday present.

Greenberg discussed how he prepared for Richmond's Princeton-style offense. Virginia Tech's basketball program purchased a video database called "Synergy" before the season. It includes every college and NBA game split up by offense and defense, according to Greenberg. Usually when he prepares for a game, Greenberg will first watch film of that opponent. This time, Greenberg called up the recent Georgetown-Pittsburgh game on the database to watch how Pittsburgh counteracted the Georgetown offense that includes Princeton-style principles.

"From that tape, I got a better feel for how we wanted to defend that offense, because that offense is hard to defend," Greenberg said. "And after watching the tape, I had a very good feel for how we wanted to defend it, and the kids bought into it."

The archive and specifications allow Greenberg to watch whatever type of basketball play he wants. He used the example of a side inbounds play. If Greenberg watched an NBA game and was impressed with how the team ran the play, he could study it in Synergy.

"When you’re an insomniac and you have no life, it gives you a chance to watch a lot of games,“ Greenberg said.

By Zach Berman  |  January 16, 2009; 9:02 AM ET
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