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News Feed - January 12, 2009

Getting adjusted to his freshman year of college wasn’t as difficult as Henry Sims expected. But getting used to the physical play of the burly frontcourt players in the Big East, Sims concedes, has been tougher.

“It’s a big difference from high school to the Big East,” said Sims, a 6-10 backup center from Baltimore. “I’ve gotten bigger, but I’m still not big to the point where I can compete with every single person down low. And everybody we’ve played so far – from the point guard down the center – has been strong, has been big. There hasn’t been any little people yet. So I’m working on myself so I can be one of those big people.”

Sims got a big boost in confidence after ESPN anointed his massive put-back dunk against Notre Dame one of its Plays of the Day. That night he stayed up to watch, fairly sure he’d make the cut but unsure where his backboard-rattling dunk would rank.

It was third.

“I was excited to see what number I was,” said Sims, who followed the Notre Dame loss with a strong 14 minutes against Providence. “When I saw it, I was ready to see it again. I wanted to stay up ‘til 3:50, so it would come on again.”

Senior guard Jessie Sapp could tell the difference in practice the next day.
“He’s trying to dunk everything now!” Sapp said.

By Liz Clarke  |  January 12, 2009; 11:21 AM ET
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