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News Feed - February 26, 2009

According to a document released by the Colonial Athletic Association on Thursday morning, there are 20 different scenarios going into the final weekend of play that have an impact on the conference tournament seedings. Grab a Snickers bar. We may be here a while sorting this out.

Here’s what we do know: Georgia State is No. 8 and UNC Wilmington is No. 12 regardless of what happens on Saturday. The rest is a mess.

  • Virginia Commonwealth is No. 1 if it beats Georgia State. But if it loses and winds up tied with Northeastern for first place, the Huskies are No. 1 and the Rams are No. 2 based on Northeastern’s win over VCU.
  • If George Mason and VCU tie for first, the Patriots are No. 2 and the Rams are No. 1 because VCU won the head-to-head meeting.
  • If Northeastern and George Mason end up tied for second, the Huskies get the No. 2 seed and the Patriots are the No. 3 seed. While they split their series, Northeastern beat the top seed (VCU) and George Mason lost to the Rams.
  • If there is a three-way tie for second among Northeastern, George Mason and Old Dominion, the Patriots are the No. 4 seed based on the previous scenario and the Monarchs 1-1 record against VCU.
There’s more, but those are the scenarios involving George Mason. The Patriots play their final home game of the season on Saturday at 8 p.m. against Towson.

By Kathy Orton  |  February 26, 2009; 1:14 PM ET
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All the more reason for the scheduling of teams in the top tier of the league from year to year getting an equal shot at eachother. Northeastern and GMU each got only ONE game against VCU this year, and BOTH NE and GMU's games were played AT VCU. Anyone doubt that with only losing by 5 points AT VCU, GMU would not have won a home game against VCU this year had they been given the opportunity? Come on, the Patriots are 13-0 at home.

As for that tiebreaker between NE and GMU, sounds a little off, they should use overall won-loss record after the conference record, rather than who beat the #1 seed this year.

Posted by: chrisjohnson44 | February 27, 2009 11:46 AM

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