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My Reading List - February 18, 2009
Virginia Tech Starting Guard Hank Thorns Lets Us Peek at His Bookmarks "On my Facebook, I check my inbox and my friend requests. And then I check my notifications. I'll probably get 10 [friend requests] a day." "All my friends back home have MySpace. Basically, I do the same thing on MySpace. I write back who I know. I don't write back who I don't. It might be a West Coast thing, because I didn't hear about Facebook until I got to college." "I'm a big shoe guy, so I'll always check out the new release dates on I always scroll down to check out the new shoes coming out, because I only wear Jordans, Nikes and SBs. I'm a big shoe guy, and all my friends are big shoes back home." "I'm into hip-hop and music, so I get on to see the latest hip-hop news and what mix tape just dropped." "I look at the Review-Journal. I always read something that's going on in Vegas. All my friends -- I have little friends looking up to me back home -- so I want to see how they're doing in sports. And my little cousin, she plays basketball and runs track."

By Matthew Rennie  |  February 18, 2009; 8:51 AM ET
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