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Top of the Arc - March 19, 2009

March 19, 6:15 p.m.: So it is Maryland-Memphis on Saturday. A fascinating matchup. I’m already fired up for it. I talked with the Memphis players for a while after the game. Roburt Sallie’s three-point barrage was the difference. Ten three-pointers helped the Tigers survive in the opening round against Cal State-Northridge.

Memphis has good size in Shawn Taggart and Robert Dozier. I will also be interested to see how Maryland guards Memphis reserve Pierre Henderson-Niles. Tyreke Evans had early foul trouble today and did not play his best game. The Tigers looked vulnerable, but they can and probably will play better. Will the Terps win this game?

By Eric Prisbell  |  March 19, 2009; 6:21 PM ET
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Who has been the best college basketball program in MD/DC/VA for the past 15 years? MARYLAND. Who still is the best college basketball program in MD/DC/VA? MARYLAND. Who will continue to be the best college basketball program in MD/DC/VA? MARYLAND.
GTown, GW, VT, UVA, Mason combined don't have the success Gary and Maryland have. Keep throwing rocks at the throne and fighting for second fiddle in the DC area. Who has been, still is, and will be the king of DC is not up for question. All hail Terp everyone else, Go to sleep!

Posted by: Lee26 | March 20, 2009 8:29 AM

I don't know. I figured the Terps would beat Cal, but Memphis is long AND fast. This is the kind of team that can overwhelm the smallish Terps. MD will get open looks from 3. Greivis has to drive and kick- Neal and Hayes have to shoot a very high percentage. That said-Gary is a lot smarter than Calipari. This would be a pretty big upset but, why not? The X-factor could be Cliff Tucker.

Posted by: estockto | March 20, 2009 9:08 AM

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