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Top of the Arc - March 4, 2009

March 4, 2 a.m.: Georgetown’s loss to St. John’s ruins the Hoyas chances at an at-large bid. The only realistic route to the NCAA tournament now is to win the Big East tournament.

Maryland’s narrow defeat against Wake Forest is not too damaging. It helps that Cincinnati, Georgetown and Kansas State lost as well. If the Terps win at Virginia on Saturday and win their first-round game in the ACC tournament, they should get in.

Virginia Tech can significantly bolster its tournament hopes by beating North Carolina tonight. The Hokies will either need to beat the Tar Heels or beat Florida State in their regular-season finale to stay in the mix for an at-large bid.

Each morning, I will post my last four teams in the field and my first teams out. As you can tell, it is very difficult to separate one team from another, and selection committee members often differ on which credentials they value most. (SOS means strength of schedule; all records reflect Division I competition; all data courtesy of Jerry Palm’s Web site,

Nevada-Las Vegas (20-8, 8-6)
won at Louisville, swept BYU
Cons: 78 SOS

Maryland (18-11, 7-8)
two top five victories
Cons: 2-5 on road

Virginia Tech (17-11, 7-7)
5 road wins
Cons: 59 RPI

Penn State (20-9, 9-7)
3-2 vs. top 25
Cons: 64 RPI, 10-0 vs. top 200 or worse

Miami (16-10, 6-8)
10 SOS, 44 RPI
Cons: 6-8 in ACC

Providence (18-11, 10-7)
10-7 in Big East
Cons: 68 RPI, 2-7 vs. top 50

Michigan (17-12, 8-9)
9 SOS, 5 top 50 wins
Cons: 2-8 on road

Florida (21-8, 8-6)
: 49 RPI
Cons: 2-6 on road, 2-6 vs. top 50

Notre Dame (15-13, 7-10)
pounded Louisville, 90-57
Cons: 73 RPI

Cincinnati (17-12, 8-9)
4 top 50 wins
Cons: 1-7 vs. top 25

Kentucky (19-10, 8-6)
3 top 25 wins
Cons: Poor RPI, SOS

Kansas State (19-10, 8-7)
Not much
Cons: 84 SOS, 74 RPI

San Diego State (17-8, 9-5)
Beat Utah, UNLV
Cons: 4-8 vs. top 100

Saint Mary’s (22-5, 10-4)
8-3 road record
Cons: 167 SOS, 3-3 vs. top 100

Temple (17-11, 9-5)
8 road wins
Cons: 1 top 50 win

By Eric Prisbell  |  March 4, 2009; 2:00 AM ET
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I have never - ever been so happy to see this result:

Wake Forest -- 65
Maryland -- 63

I have seen better run - set offensive plays - in CYO games.

I loved these following stats:

Landon Milbourne - 30 minutes played - 1 for 6 from the field -- finishing the night with 2 points

Grevis Vasquez - 7 for 24 from the field

Maryland taking a grand total of 2 foul shots - for the entire game ?

The NCAA bubble for Maryland has completely burst.

Maryland will be playing in the NIT (Not Important Tournament).

Gary, only 3 more weeks until you can concentrate on your golf game.

The NCAA should immediately investigate Under Armour's involvement with the University of Maryland - and the recruiting of Lance Stephenson.

The NCAA should step in and forbid Maryland to recruit Stephenson.

Gary, I am truly impressed with your graduation rate.

How can any parent allow their son to play for Maryland - with the above mentioned graduation rate.


Virginia – 87
Maryland -- 63

This upcoming weekend - North Carolina will clinch the regular season ACC Championship.

Carolina Blue - Carolina WHITE - Go Tar Heels - Let's go Tar Heels !


Maryland football - will finish with a 2-10 record in 2009

Posted by: hclark1 | March 4, 2009 1:47 PM


Carolina fan huh. Guess seeing defense being played in a game had to be mind boggling.

Posted by: ChadisRad | March 4, 2009 5:29 PM

Why do people care about San Diego State and Cincinatti? The best story in DC Hoops is at American. They won big over Lafayette in Bender Arena tonight and are already in the semifinals of their tournament.

Here's to them winning two more and representing the area in the Big Dance - cause other than Mason running the table they are our best hope.

Posted by: Hoops44 | March 4, 2009 11:25 PM

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