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Drama City--24 Hours in the D.C. Whirlwind

From the D.C. Council's bizarre reversal early this morning to former mayor Marion Barry's sad appearance in federal court just a few hours later, this has been a day to remember in the District. But in Drama City, that's what we've come to expect. Here's an advance look at tomorrow's column.

By Marc Fisher |  February 8, 2006; 4:41 PM ET
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"The MCI Center worked, and so will the baseball stadium, which will expand the District's tax base and thereby help the city serve its neediest citizens"

I'm sorry Marc but it is quite disingenious for you to pretend that this stadium is going to help the city's neediest citizens. As everyone(including you Marc)knows those needy residents wont be in the District 10 years from now but pushed out into inner PG county. I dont necessarily have a problem with the gentrification of DC but please dont pretend as if this baseball stadium has anything to do with needy residents. Sure it will provide jobs,(someone's gotta serve the Fairfax/Mont. co crew hotdogs and beer)but in terms of serving those neediest residents you are talking about, you've just passed that duty(along with the crime) off to PG county. Thanks alot DC. We in PG(the good side) really appreciate it.

Posted by: Upper Marlboro | February 8, 2006 6:46 PM

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