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Gov. Bobby Haircut Responds to Abramoff Victims

The teachers at the Jewish day school that lobbyist Jack Abramoff founded in Montgomery County are the forgotten victims of the lobbying scandal. When Abramoff's world began to crumble, he pulled the plug on the school, shutting it down a few weeks before the end of classes and stiffing the staff of about a quarter of their annual pay.

Those teachers have sued Abramoff, and as I wrote in a column on this a couple of weeks ago, the teachers have now appealed to Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich to consider giving them some of the campaign money that he took from Abramoff. Ehrlich has said that he was donating that money to a Baltimore charity.

Now Ehrlich has responded to the teachers' request, and Here's the letter

Bottom line: The teachers are out the money and the governor has moved along. There's a campaign on, you know.

By Marc Fisher |  February 3, 2006; 1:04 PM ET
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Not sure how this is important to anyone except the shafted teachers/students. Erlich did the proper thing since the teachers were not part of the transaction between Erlich and Abramoff, and, amongst us Erlich detractors, would have looked like a payoff to the teachers to drop the suit.

I think you're just trying to shift the focus away from your unbelievable topic before this one, "The ACLU's Fevered Privacy Nightmare" where you have been thoroughly trounced.

Posted by: Sully | February 3, 2006 1:24 PM

Hey Marc -- yesterday online you said:

"Marc Fisher: The mayor had an exceedingly good reason to sit next to Laura Bush at the State of the Union and by the end of business tomorrow, you will know why."

Well it's after the close of business and I still don't know why. Do you?

Posted by: horatio | February 3, 2006 11:23 PM

Why is Erlich responsible for Abramoff's actions. Fisher, I dropped $20. I'm coming to your house to collect it.

Posted by: Jacknut | February 4, 2006 9:47 PM

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