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How Come His Blog Gets Its Own Hat?

If you're really intent on resisting the icy call of the Winter Olympics, if figure skating strikes you as about as much a sport as ballet is, if the only sled you ever want to watch on a screen belonged to Charles Foster Kane, then I've got the blog for you. It's Dan Steinberg's Olympic journal right here on the big website, Tales from Turin.

Not that media conglomerates have taken precedence over the actual sporting events at the Games these days, but Steinberg was reduced to writing this about one press event: " I was tempted to take video of her taking video of others taking video of her."

A short-lived blog is a difficult thing. By the time word spreads, you've completed the task. So Steinberg worries that you all aren't reading him. The man is so desperate for readers, he's giving away prizes. You will note that here on the big blogs, we don't give away prizes. We simply shower our readers with praise and slip nice little envelopes into their briefcases on the Metro with a little something extra to show our gratitude.

I feel secure in guaranteeing to you that the very finest coverage of the cheese selection at the various Olympic venues will be available exclusively to Washington Post readers via the Steinberg blog. And as if that weren't enough to get you to permalink that baby on your Interweb device, may I add this: The man has his own WashPost hat, right there on the sig atop his blog. He has not yet announced plans to give it away as a prize, but that's simply because he is a shy and retiring sort. The hat belongs, in truth, to you, the reader. You must merely persuade Dr. Steinberg that it is rightfully yours. You do so by writing to him and explaining why you and you alone are meant to wear the official Tales of Turin hat. You'll be glad you did.

By Marc Fisher |  February 10, 2006; 4:44 AM ET
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