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You Be the Reporter: A Settlement in the Works?

Eagle-eyed reader Dan Stillman has noticed that the webstie has vanished, raising the likelihood that negotiations between Major League Baseball and the little operation that had successfully staked a claim on the name of the Washington Nationals may be bearing fruit.

You may recall that the company, Bygone Sports, last month won the right to register the team's name for the purposes of selling merchandise. This was such a devastating blow to baseball that the Nats were immediately thrown into the possibility that they'd have to find a new name. On top of all the other bad things happening to the franchise, this seemed like the ultimate evidence that the team is cursed.

The case is scheduled to go to court April 3, but now the web site, which was Bygone's main demonstration of its stake in the Nats' name, is gone, and that may imply that baseball has found Bygone's price. We'll check further on this in the week to come, but if you know anything more, come on ahead.

By Marc Fisher |  March 12, 2006; 8:38 AM ET
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