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You're In Good Hands with Answer Man (It's His Washington)

Your raw but earnest correspondent will vanish from this here blog for a week to take care of some other matters, but have no fear, Raw Fisher will be manned around the clock and items will pop your way, courtesy of the Post's man about town, Mr. John Kelly.

Yes, he of John Kelly's Washington, the bow-tied bard of the burbs (and the city too), will try his hand at blogging, right here on the big board, starting Monday.

I've told him all about what kind and gentle souls you all are, and how you love the smell of napalm in the morning--um, no, how you play the game for its own sake and engage in spirited debate mainly to expand the horizons of your neighbors and fellow man.

John promises to deliver a steady stream, or at least the occasional item, brimming with his usual humor, incisive commentary, piercing reporting and investigative zeal.

Play nice. I expect a good report on my return.

By Marc Fisher |  March 17, 2006; 2:32 PM ET
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John Kelly? The name sounds Irish. Are you sure this is a good idea? Today's St. Patrick's Day. He won't be at work for a week or two. You'll be back before he will.

Posted by: Kalorama Kat | March 17, 2006 2:50 PM

John is an abstemious sort, except when it comes to personal fashion and the pursuit of answers. He and I are on opposite ends of the style spectrum. Ask him about his ties. And the sportcoats. And the shoes.

Posted by: Fisher | March 17, 2006 5:22 PM

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