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The Radio Radical

Any night but Thursday, Bob Fass likes to wait until after twelve o'clock, after his wife, Lynnie, has gone to sleep, and then drive his banged-up old Chrysler from his house, in Staten Island, to Manhattan, where he bombs up and down the avenues, imagining the radio show he might be doing. For nearly five decades, the hours before dawn have been Fass's prime time. He's an all-night radio man, a shy hulking fellow, round-shouldered and fleshy, with a few remaining strands of hair pulled back in a thin ponytail.

So begins my piece in this week's New Yorker magazine, a story about a revolutionary figure in the history of radio and a pioneer of the American counterculture in the 1960s. Bob Fass's story appears in greater detail in a book I've written, which will be published in a few weeks.

To hear a podcast in which I talk about Fass and introduce clips from his show, "Radio Unnameable," visit the New Yorker's web site here. There are two audio programs available, a short version with a basic introduction to Fass, and for those who'd like to hear him in all his 1960s glory, including a lengthy and quite fascinating session he had with a very young Bob Dylan, there's a 90-minute version on the same page.

The Fass piece is based on a chapter in my book, "Something in the Air," which will be published by Random House. The book tells the story of how radio reacted when TV came along and swept away the programming that had made radio the nation's first great mass medium. It's a story about how old media adapt when new technologies burst onto the scene, but it's also the story of some of the extraordinary characters who filled the vacuum by daring to play to a particular generation--that is, by breaking taboos and barriers and playing rock and "race" records for young people.

There are lots of Washington characters in the book, from XM Satellite Radio's programming guru, Lee Abrams, to Hal Jackson, the pioneering black deejay and sportscaster who played a key role in very early civil rights actions in the District, as well as WJFK's Don Geronimo, National Public Radio's Robert Siegel and former Orioles play by play man Jon Miller. In a few weeks, I'll be online here on the big site to discuss the book and what I've learned about radio's role in the evolution of American popular culture.

By Marc Fisher |  November 30, 2006; 7:42 AM ET
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I recently became obsessed with the 2-3 years that Murray the K spent in exile in Bethesda, MD in-between leaving his influential "Fifth Beatle" slot and returning to New York triumphantly as the poster boy of 1972 50s Nostalgia (as Grease ruled Broadway and American Graffitti was in pre-production). Any material on Mr. TheK or particularly the years he spent in Bethesda?

Posted by: Don | November 30, 2006 9:41 AM

Well, it has now been three weeks since the Washington Post has been delivered to my house. The delivery subcontractor still does not acknowledge or return phone calls, and apparently the Washington Post doesn't really care.

Do not bother subscribing to the Washington Post if you live in Lexington Park, MD.

Don't waste your money paying for a product not delivered.

Posted by: Don't Bother | November 30, 2006 9:48 AM

Murray the K in Bethesda!! That must have been just before my time (I came to DC in 1964). It sounds as if you have written a great book Marc. Rock and Roll (if the FCC only knew what the phrase meant in Afro-American slang at time!) saved radio.

To Don't Bother
Marc does'nt care and neither do I. Call Post Circulation. They are very efficient and will take care of your problem.

Posted by: A Hardwick | November 30, 2006 9:58 AM

Really looking forward to this. Too bad it won't be available before Christmas, but my birthday is early in the year so I can still suggest it as a gift.

Posted by: Cosmo | November 30, 2006 10:46 AM

Marc: The book sounds great--will glady devour the New Yorker piece when my issue arrives. Hope you were able to talk about Felix Grant in the book. It's hard to believe that one could spend the late night hours in the early 1980s listening to Grant's impeccably smooth voice while he played a wideranging variety of jazz--on WMAL of all places.

Maybe we will see you again at Radio From Downtown in Easton.

Posted by: Jack | November 30, 2006 11:56 AM

I spent my formative years listening to Larry Josephson, Bob Fass, and Steve Post on WBAI. I know what Larry the J and Steve Post are doing now, but hadn't heard from Bob Fass. I look forward to your book. I love radio that truly communicates with listeners, rather than just playing homogenized music.

Posted by: Ed | November 30, 2006 11:57 AM

Congratulations. Great article. I was wondering if that was you. It made me wish that I'd known what FM radio was when I was in high school in NJ in the 70s, unaware of WBAI or Bob Fass (I did, however, listen religiously to Jean Shepherd on WOR AM, and was pleased to learn that Fass did too).

Posted by: Wheaton | November 30, 2006 4:01 PM

Response to Marc Fisher ad in Metro Thursday December 7, 2006 "Deporting a Model Non-citizen" (that has had a deportation warrant outstanding for ten years now): I REGRET that Marina Alvarez is finally, after 10 years of entering the US illegally, having to face the consequences of her actions/inactions. Her children should NEVER have been put in this position and as her Mother Marina Alvarez KNEW that she was NOT a US Citizen and she should of taken EVERY precaution (every minute of every day) to ensure that she obtained citizenship ASAP.
My heart, and prayers, go out to her children and perhaps someone will make an EXCEPTION in her case (key word is exception).
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When she went to work for Chesapeake Bay Seafood House she would have been REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW to provide her employer with LEGAL DOCUMENTS I "wonder" what documents she provided to them.
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You have done a DISSERVICE to every American who lives by the RULE OF LAW and/or who wants "fairness".
You have purposely ommitted the fact (i.e. if you wanted to "question" how she obtained a mortgage, what documents she used to get a job, etc.)that LAWS (possibly) were broken and not just the "10 year old WARRANT issued for deportation for Marina Alvarez.
Since Marina Alvarez (apparently) entered the US ILLEGALLY (approximately) ten years ago I "wonder" how soon after she ILLEGALLY ENTERED the US that her oldest child was born (per your article her oldest child is 11)?
In closing, how about printing this response in the paper so that your readers may actually "question" why it is that Marc Fisher and/or the Washington Post did not "question" these basic/relevant points that I took the time to point out in this response. Thank you.

Posted by: J. Scott | December 12, 2006 2:32 AM

Where are Don & Mike?

Posted by: Doug Mawbey | December 20, 2006 10:51 AM

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