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Audio Debate: Should University Bar XXX Porn Flick?

Now up over on Raw Fisher Radio: State Sen. Nancy Jacobs (R-Cecil County) and University of Maryland sophomore John Berger debate the move by state lawmakers to try to stop the school from screening a porn flick.

Portions of the movie were shown last night in an event sponsored by student groups after the university scrapped plans to display the film over last weekend. That decision, made after conservative legislators threatened to cut state funding for the public university, has angered many on the College Park campus who accused the administration of mortgaging freedom of speech to satisfy lawmakers in Annapolis.

By Marc Fisher |  April 7, 2009; 2:46 PM ET
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No, the University should not bar the movie from being shown. I do wish, however, that those lambasting the sanctimonious legislature would drop their equally sanctimonious arguments. Showing this movie was NEVER about engaging in "discussion" about the effects of porn on women and society. It was about college kids wanting to watch porn. And I find it more than a little obnoxious that the people screaming and hollering about "free speech" on campus when it comes to showing a stupid porno are some of the same people who don't think twice about imposing "speech codes" that silence anyone (i.e., a conservative) who doesn't toe the campus lefty party line.

Posted by: Claudius1 | April 8, 2009 4:58 PM

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