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D.C. Library At The Cutting Edge?

Normally, that's a headline you'd expect to find on a piece about budget cuts or service reductions at the ever-beleaguered D.C. Public Library. But as Raw Fisher moves through its final week here on the big web site, there's good news to report about one of my biggest hobbyhorses over the nine years I've been writing the column in The Post: The sorry state of the District's public libraries. For the better part of the last decade, I've been hammering at the city government over its failure to invest in turning decrepit, pathetically underused libraries into the kind of...

By Marc Fisher | June 3, 2009; 08:06 AM ET | Comments (2)

Libraries May Survive Internet, But Not Mental Illness

What's the greatest threat to public libraries? People not reading? The allure of the Interwebs? Hypervigilant parents who don't let their kids go to the library on their own? Or is it the persistent presence of unstable, smelly and potentially dangerous mentally ill people who use libraries as day centers? A new survey--but beware: it was commissioned by an interested party--says the disturbing behavior of mentally ill patrons makes others less likely to use public libraries. In the District, libraries director Ginnie Cooper moved earlier this year to set new rules that make it harder for homeless or mentally...

By Marc Fisher | April 17, 2009; 08:55 AM ET | Comments (15)


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