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Hall Takes High Road on T.O. Incident

We've documented the spitting incident between the Skins' new cornerback DeAngelo Hall and Dallas wide receiver Terrell Owens from back in 2006, when T.O. was fined $35,000 for spitting in Hall's face when the DB was with Atlanta.

T.O. holds a grudge to this day, saying Hall said some incendiary stuff about him on the field that day. Yesterday, he popped off about Hall, who was released by Oakland last week and cleared waivers before signing with Washington. And Hall, who has been prone to controversy throughout his career, took the high road in response today.

Here's what T.O. said about Hall yesterday: "At the rate he's playing, I'm looking forward to a big day. I'm no stranger to playing against him. I've had success against him just as much as everybody else has, so if he's out there I'm looking forward to playing him."

When informed of those comments today, Hall said that TO should be concerned about the entire Washington defense. "T.O. is T.O. He's going to say what he wants to say and try to be controversial. I'm just here to have fun."

Hall will make his debut for the Skins Sunday night in a role that is still being hashed out. Carlos Rogers is certainly one starter on the outside and Shawn Springs has shut down T.O. in man-to-man matchups in the past. Springs missed a month with a calf injury and Fred Smoot has dealt with injuries, too. And Springs is the only corner on the roster who plays the slot with any regularity in the nickel package.

Perhaps Hall will start on the outside and get a shot at T.O., though Rogers might get that matchup, or, again, Springs. We shall see.

By Jason La Canfora  |  November 12, 2008; 5:35 PM ET
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good to see. maybe he has grown up - at least a bit...though i wouldn't mind a 15 yard penalty on TO if Hall were able to get under his skin again

Posted by: HonestSkinsFan | November 12, 2008 5:44 PM | Report abuse

Hall will knock TO out in the FIRST quarter...

Posted by: jwlemons | November 12, 2008 5:45 PM | Report abuse

Can't wait to see Hall in Burgundy and Gold.

Posted by: _Stumped_1 | November 12, 2008 5:45 PM | Report abuse

T_E - I'll be at FedEx Sunday night, so perhaps we'll have to wait until next season! :)

Posted by: suzannepdc | November 12, 2008 5:48 PM | Report abuse

Wise move, Grasshopper!! He who farts in the wind, farts in his own face..Just leave T.O.'s head in a paper bag on the sideline, the money will be there..

Posted by: frak | November 12, 2008 5:52 PM | Report abuse

Kind of an unfair headline. T.O. doesn't know there is a high road.

Posted by: mack1 | November 12, 2008 5:53 PM | Report abuse

Springs blankets TO.
Fletcher keys on Barber.
LaRon flattens Witten.
JT gets in Romo's face.
Carter blind sides Romo.

TO cries.
Barber doesn't know which way to run.
Witten will be seeing stars for days.
Romo is riding the pine with more oowies.

Posted by: _Stumped_1 | November 12, 2008 5:54 PM | Report abuse

Wow. the WaPo's automatic rejection machime just told my last post wouldn't be posted because I'd posted too much lately.

I guess that's the WaPo's polite way of saying "Get a Life."

Okay, I promise to cut back, starting with my defenseses of Jasno.

Man it sucks when the Machines start doing the Heavy Lifting.

Posted by: TheCork | November 12, 2008 5:57 PM | Report abuse

"At the rate he's playing, I'm looking forward to a big day," Owens said today in New York at a promotional event, according to the Associated Press.

Funny, because on the subject of "the rate people are playing," Team Obliterator is currently 39th in receiving yards, 35 catches, 6 TDs, averaging 52 yards per game receiving.

Those are not numbers that jump out at anyone.

I hope he uses the proceeds form his book sales to find the best psychiatrist money can buy; the dude has serious issues.

Posted by: MrRedskin21 | November 12, 2008 5:58 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: MrRedskin21 | November 12, 2008 5:59 PM | Report abuse

Congrats on the Fantasy win.
By bench had more points that the ones I played.

And Warner and the Jets were too much to handle. No DST should ever score 28. It's unheard of....

But in spite of the beat down, I'm still in the running playing .400 ball (weak division).

Posted by: _Stumped_1 | November 12, 2008 6:01 PM | Report abuse


Yesterday you claimed to be Skippy. I don't believe you, because I know that Skippy is real.

*hands over ears*
blablah, blablah, blablah, blablah, blablah...

Posted by: _Stumped_1 | November 12, 2008 6:05 PM | Report abuse

On thing I haven't seen much mention of in our ThRedskin posts...

Hall is an actual Redskin FAN! And he's young enough to pick a team with his heart as well as his wallet. That & the two pro bowls have to say SOMETHING about how he's going to help here.

... I got my hopes up anyway...

How can you knock a Redskin fan? honestly.. lol.

Posted by: DikShuttle | November 12, 2008 6:08 PM | Report abuse

Thanks Stump. I am just afraid my 2 game winning streak is coming WAY too late. My Jets D also scored 24 points or so when they played Arizona (rven though I also got over 20 points for Warner). Still got beat though.

**end fantasy post**

Posted by: suzannepdc | November 12, 2008 6:23 PM | Report abuse

I'm worried that a loss to the 'girls will wreak havoc on our team psyche. On the other hand, a win by the Skins would likely knock them out of the playoffs.

Huge freakin game!

Posted by: NickelsLuvsSkins | November 12, 2008 6:25 PM | Report abuse

I hope to see some guys in Burgundy in the end zone with the ball while TO crys on the field.

Posted by: alex35332 | November 12, 2008 6:36 PM | Report abuse

How can you knock a Redskin fan? honestly.. lol.

Posted by: DikShuttle | November 12, 2008 6:08 PM
All noted.

And Romo has been known to throw an interception or three.

Posted by: ifthethunderdontgetya | November 12, 2008 6:39 PM | Report abuse

And fumble the snap, even when all his fingers are working...

Posted by: suzannepdc | November 12, 2008 6:41 PM | Report abuse

I'll bet Romo even forgets his maps.

Posted by: ifthethunderdontgetya | November 12, 2008 6:44 PM | Report abuse

I'm guessing we may see a good bit of Jason Taylor in Andre Carter's spot. Carter hasn't been that effective, Evans is the best playing DE we have.

Plus, having both Taylor and Carter on the field together means we have 2 pretty light DEs. Not the preferred way to stop the run.

I think Blache will do what he has done before. Stop the run first and let romo try to beat you. Seeing as he's coming off an injury, he might be a bit rusty. Be a good day for us to start collecting turnovers, not just stops.

Posted by: zcezcest1 | November 12, 2008 6:53 PM | Report abuse

Are the Skins wearing the Burg on Burg again? Hope so...I loved it...Whats the word?????

Posted by: leevi98 | November 12, 2008 7:03 PM | Report abuse

I've got some kind of mental block going on. Every time I see the name Hall, I instinctively think John Hall.

I think my noggin can store only one burgundy and gold Hall surname at a time. Hopefully once our new DB has gotten some PT and had his name called by the TV announcers a few times, the synapses will start to untangle.

So if I look frustrated over the next few weeks, it's because I'm trying to figure out why our kicker is playing pass defense.

Posted by: freakzilla | November 12, 2008 7:11 PM | Report abuse

As for burgundy on burgundy, I think that combination is cursed after the Pittsburgh drubbing. Just like those throwback unis from the Giants game last year.

I'd buy one of those jerseys from last year because I like the way they look, but I wouldn't be able to separate it in my mind from blowing that game.

Posted by: freakzilla | November 12, 2008 7:20 PM | Report abuse

First of all, I am getting tired of hearing about Springs not being able to play. Someone should see how many games he has missed in his years as a redskin.
If he can`t stay healthy.. he should get a new career.
T.O. is an azz. Hall, on the other hand, better be here to work hard. He can have fun at the beach..or where ever..after the season.
I enjoy sports..but let`s face it the players are seriously over paid...especially since thousands of people have lost their jobs..and more to follow. It would be nice if they all shut up..and just played the game.

Posted by: blazerguy234 | November 12, 2008 7:20 PM | Report abuse

Freakzilla, cursed after just one outing?

This seems a bit harsh to me. I can't blame the unis for not being able to pick up the blitz.


Posted by: ifthethunderdontgetya | November 12, 2008 7:28 PM | Report abuse

Skippy is Truth's brother, I tell you.

Posted by: JohnDinHouston | November 12, 2008 7:46 PM | Report abuse

Hey a little more info on the death of Darrell Green's brother, so I put up a new post.

Posted by: Cindy Boren | November 12, 2008 7:57 PM | Report abuse

Anyone else hear C Horts new nickname - The Predator... maybe I am late on this, but great nickname... watch out Romo

Posted by: Zeebs | November 12, 2008 8:00 PM | Report abuse

zeebs wrote: "Anyone else hear C Horts new nickname - The Predator... maybe I am late on this, but great nickname.."

Nope, if you're name's Horton, your moniker must be -- The Who.

Posted by: Samson151 | November 12, 2008 10:36 PM | Report abuse

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