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Early Inactives, Portis and 'The Jasons'

Two early and entirely expected inactives: Chris Horton (shoulder) and Jon Jansen (knee) were downgraded to out. (As always, we'll be BOGO/TOGO -- twittering our guts out; we'll have inactives up here and on the Twitter feed ASAP. And we'll be MTOGO -- sign up for mobile alerts by texting REDSKINS to WPOST [97678].)

It'll be interesting to see what kind of game Clinton Portis has today in Cincy; give Barry Svrluga's piece on him a read. Barry spent a lot of time with Portis and his family and writes about the Clinton Earl Portis you haven't seen.

"People don't understand," Portis said. "People don't know. Everybody's opinions is their opinions. People don't know whole stories about a life."

This week on "The Jasons" (seen each weekend on Comcast SportsNet), La Canfora and Reid discuss the securities fraud charges against Bernard Madoff for running a giant Ponzi scheme and the ramifications and implications for the global economy as well as the average investor. And they bring it all home with an analysis of Redskins-Bengals.

By Cindy Boren  |  December 14, 2008; 7:27 AM ET
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So, how many more days can the Post run the Portis/Zorn story? We've had long columns by Boswell, Jenkins, and Jasno on successive days.

Now it's Sunday and the front page of the Post has an empty but long-winded and highly emotive piece by Barry Svrluga based on an incontrovertible proposition that "People don't know whole stories about a life." How many people will see that headline, above the fold, and say "Must read! I gotta spend $1.50 to buy the paper today!"

Where do we go from here? Let's fly Jason Reid to Seattle to interview Zorn's dry cleaner who will tell us "Mr. Zorn never polite when he pick up clothes. Only think of self first. Always blame me for spots on suit."

Svrulga's picture of Clinton is not very pretty. Nothing about community service, private foundations, higher causes. Clinton's a wealthy man with a seven-bedroom house and a driveway full of cars: Maserati, Bentley, Maybach, "ultra-high-end" Mercedes, "utilitarian" Tahoe, and "don't think the choices stop there."

And while the others on his team are practicing, what's he doing? "Portis, has not suffered through practice very often, instead standing to the side, watching. On the Wednesday prior to the Redskins' game against the New York Giants, Portis nursed his knee as his teammates went through drills, chatting with Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerato. He then leaned against a goalpost as backup backs Ladell Betts and Rock Cartwright dropped to the ground, on all fours, and smashed into a blocking sled, the drudgery of a week of practice."

Posted by: talent_evaluator | December 14, 2008 8:00 AM | Report abuse

AJ emailed me a link to this funny video...There appears to be only one bad word in it, in case Jack's kids are listening/watching.

Posted by: Cindy Boren | December 14, 2008 8:14 AM | Report abuse

Good video. Maybe it could have been a bit shorter for those of us who don't have three-minute attention spans in the internet age.

Posted by: talent_evaluator | December 14, 2008 8:21 AM | Report abuse

Why does Zorn's dry cleaner talk like a caveman?

Posted by: mack1 | December 14, 2008 8:45 AM | Report abuse

"What makes Portis run?" is actually the kind of story that makes most readers bored: the professional athlete who hails from a crime-riddled, drug-addled background. I drive my Masarati away from those kind of stories. Today's real story should be "What makes Skins Fans mad": a South Florida sports columnist laughing at how the Dolphins jacked a second round draft pick from the Redskins for Jason Taylor and that given the Skins record, it should be a high pick in that round. Too, the writer cracks that Taylor is out-of-place in the Redskins' defensive system, making the trade seem even dumber. Wasting picks wastes possibilities. Let's get a Sunday column about that please.

Posted by: MistaMoe | December 14, 2008 8:48 AM | Report abuse

Well, as always Mistatoe, hindsight is always 20-20. This blog was mostly happy about picking up Taylor when it happened. You see, we were out of high quality options after losing Daniels for the year. No matter where Taylor's at now, he has been one of the best defensive ends in the league and had not showed signs of being over the hill. Predicting injury is an impossibility. Of course, most of us had some deep buried skepticism considering Snyderatto's past veteran signings but this one was more a necessity than those others. Again, hindsight my friend.

Posted by: scampbell1975 | December 14, 2008 8:55 AM | Report abuse

To follow up, it's ironic that all this comes from a South Florida sports writer who at any given time was probably lapping at Taylor's junk when he played for the Dolphins and maybe even cursing the Tuna for trying to dump the only player they had that was worth a sht!.

Posted by: scampbell1975 | December 14, 2008 8:57 AM | Report abuse

Sup guys. I just sent Florio this video as I haven't heard anyone post it yet (in the NFL community, this is an email I get from the clubbing community).

Let's see if he will post it.........

Posted by: 4thFloor | December 14, 2008 9:00 AM | Report abuse


This dude has gotten less coverage than Mike Vick, OJ, and Portis v. Zorn I

Thanks Media.......

Posted by: 4thFloor | December 14, 2008 9:04 AM | Report abuse

4th, the bigger news in that last story is that after this was announced, the stock market didn't take another dive. This happened on the same day that the automotive bailout was shot down. Those 2 things in combination usual signal a significant drop. Maybe we've gotten close to the bottom for the market.

Posted by: scampbell1975 | December 14, 2008 9:12 AM | Report abuse

I see a few dudes sharing a buffet with a skank in that video. What am I missing?

Posted by: mack1 | December 14, 2008 9:13 AM | Report abuse

Nothing, but he no news is news in a 24 hour news cycle.

The Story here is, Atheletes, Strip Clubs, and Guns. They always seem to be intertwined.

The Atheletes go out and spend big money at strip clubs, while at the same time being paranoid of the other patrons fearing they might be robbed or killed.

So, why continue to go without security or at least a driver? Let your security hold the firearms......

(Those are my initial thoughts)

Posted by: 4thFloor | December 14, 2008 9:18 AM | Report abuse


Madoff coverage is all in the Wall Street Journal (surprise). Saturday's paper went into how Madoff got so much money under "management" and some of the human consequences. Basically it looks like Madoff was only serving rich people so the damage is mainly to wealthy people, some of whom had 95% of their assets managed by Madoff.

Post isn't about wealthy people, except for Clinton Portis and then it's only to point out on the front page that, despite his wealth, he found time to visit his brother in jail.

Posted by: talent_evaluator | December 14, 2008 9:23 AM | Report abuse

Is the WSJ still a pay website, because I am intersted in reading this more? Thanks...

Posted by: 4thFloor | December 14, 2008 9:26 AM | Report abuse


Several things bothered me at the time about Jason Taylor's signing. First, the front office still does not value draft picks. It casually drops second and third round picks out of its back pocket like it was Daddy's money. We constantly "upgrade" picks by including second rounds of future drafts to go a few places higher in the current round. Then we have to sell off our number 1 pick in order to create second round picks. (The Cerrato rationale is that he can't find talent at the current #1 level.) Makes sense? No. Other teams find a very good use for them (uh, linemen) and we do not want to be seen having them. Second, Jason Taylor existed in a position that was more free lancing than anything he would ever see as a Redskin. Pass rushers who are underweight for normal defensive ends come here and wither. We overpaid dearly for him because of past reputation. The Tuna, who seems to be a good judge of defensive talent was most eager to push him out the door. Thirdly, we fantasize that the skills of defensive players will remain intact as they get well into their thirties. Remember Deion? Remember that guy we picked up from Buffalo a few years back who could not play run defense since every focus of his play was to pad his sack totals? Jason Taylor is getting 8 million dollars! That is going to come down to about 2 or three million per sack. That is Danny's money so I should not care and if we cut him we won't have to worry about the cap hit--but there are worthier choices of ways to parcel out the team salary.

Posted by: driley | December 14, 2008 9:29 AM | Report abuse


I remember the Erasmus James trade included a conditional 7th round pick "if he made the roster". I assume since he made the opening day roster prior to barely playing at all and then subsequently being released that the 7th round pick is gonzo... am I right?

Posted by: abtassler | December 14, 2008 9:47 AM | Report abuse

Thanks, driley. 'Nuf said..., and when you add the picks lost to signing Kendall, James, and Lloyd over the past five years, the practuce of signing away picks to solve immediate problems seems even dumber and explains some of the shortfall in talent the Skins have. But alas, breakfast calls......

...but who would you trade from the present Redskins' roster to get picks from another team? That's a juicy topic all by itself that, to me, starts with the guy wearing a #47 jersey. I love the guy, trust me, but maybe it's time the Redskins did unto others what's been done to them. If you could get two picks from this years' draft for him, who'd move him?

Posted by: MistaMoe | December 14, 2008 9:48 AM | Report abuse

Taylor may get 8 million per sack. I don't see him getting another one. He was the defensive player of the year in 2006 and still posted over 10 sacks last year. Just seems like the dude aged 10 years in a year and no longer has it. It was the right move at the time Daniels went down but it has turned out to be a complete disaster. He won't cost any money to be cut since no bonus is involved. If Ceratto decides to keep him around again next year at the same or more money due to him in the last year of his deal he needs to be fired on the spot.

Posted by: JasonLaTempleton | December 14, 2008 9:49 AM | Report abuse

am I right?

Posted by: abtassler | December 14, 2008 9:47 AM


Posted by: 4thFloor | December 14, 2008 9:51 AM | Report abuse

Kendall trade was worth it. We got 2 years out of him starting at left guard. Before we traded for him they were trying to start Todd Wade there who had only played tackle his entire career. You think we make the playoffs last year without him. Doubtful. LLoyd was horrible, Erasmus James was worth a shot.

Why would you trade Cooley? He is one of 2 reliable receiving options we have. Trade him so we can get more picks for Ceratto to screw up? He'd probably just draft another TE anyway to back up Fred Davis then.

Posted by: JasonLaTempleton | December 14, 2008 9:56 AM | Report abuse

We constantly "upgrade" picks by including second rounds of future drafts to go a few places higher in the current round. ...

Posted by: driley | December 14, 2008 9:29 AM
I'll add to what driley said. This upcoming draft appears to be very deep in offensive linemen, from all the articles I'm reading.

IF we only had our three picks in the first three rounds like a normal team, we'd be looking at taking a very good defensive lineman or linebacker with 1, and the next two picks could be used on replacements for the our O.L., which is rapidly becoming eligible to join AARP.

Posted by: ifthethunderdontgetya | December 14, 2008 9:56 AM | Report abuse

OK.....The Porits comment "Peopl don't know whole stories about life." , etc etc me tired head.

Disclaimer: I love CP. My favorite thing is to see CP turning the corner grabbing the back of Sellars jersey as if to say "C'mon Big Guy".

However, the argument is very one sided. None of us know everything about most people. Does Portis know eveything that makes up Zorn? Everything that makes up Gibbs? How about Stump MItchell? My point is ... stop letting yourself off the hook for questionable behavior/decisions by telling me " You don't know me. You don't know what goes on in my life."

So, under that logic. He is not allowed to criticize Jim ZOrn and the way he coaches....Well, you don't know ZOrn!! He also can't criticize JLC for an article...Hey you don't know what goes on in his house!

If you, or Portis, or myself , or anyone makes a poor decision or misses a block or whatever.....we have the right to criticize. Just because CP's family has a bit of a shaky past doesn't excuse him from criticism.

Posted by: cej75024 | December 14, 2008 10:05 AM | Report abuse

cej - I know about Zorn than I do Portis. I know the Largent's kids stay with Zorn. That's waaay more than I know with Portis.

I also know that Zorn converted to Christianity because he wouldn't get with this girl back in igh School or college.

I don't remember doing any puff piece on Portis to that extent. Also, I have seen puff pieces on Gibbs as well....

Posted by: 4thFloor | December 14, 2008 10:27 AM | Report abuse

sigh.....Emmitt on ESPN. TIme to cover my 6yr old's avoid her learning any speaking habits from him

Posted by: cej75024 | December 14, 2008 10:28 AM | Report abuse


Yes, WSJ still charges for access. I am a subscriber and have access so I can e/m you the stories from the Saturday paper.

Posted by: talent_evaluator | December 14, 2008 10:42 AM | Report abuse

Good morning Cyn. Very powerful story by Garry. Gives you a total different look at CP. It makes me respect the man even more.


Posted by: icetotalpackage | December 14, 2008 10:49 AM | Report abuse

right way tax at hotmail


Posted by: 4thFloor | December 14, 2008 10:59 AM | Report abuse

Mornin' JM!

Posted by: CindyBoren | December 14, 2008 11:02 AM | Report abuse

I just hope CP doesn't "miss another blitz pick-up," i.e., when the Bengals only rush 4 down linemen and the other 7 drop back into coverage.

In Jim Zorn's universe, that's a "blitz."

Posted by: MrRedskin21 | December 14, 2008 11:06 AM | Report abuse

This is my last statements on this CP/Zorn thing. Could CP handle the problem with Zorn better? Yes. However, Zorn can not and I repeat CAN NOT continue to call out his players in the media. He has been doing this since training camp and that sht is going to wear thin with the players. He just need to say we all can do better and then behind close door tear into them. I wasn't a big supporter of GG. However, the way he handle the Reaper was perfect. He supported him in public and really got after him behind close doors. That turn out very well for us.


Posted by: icetotalpackage | December 14, 2008 11:11 AM | Report abuse

Redskins 35
Bengals 10

D Hall gets a pick six; The Rock runs one all the way back; Portis runs for two scores; and "Where's Waldo?" Cooley gets in on the action with a play fake score..

Posted by: davebutz | December 14, 2008 11:17 AM | Report abuse

4th--Sent three articles your way. Let me know if you don't get them and I'll try something different. I wonder what that would be?

Posted by: talent_evaluator | December 14, 2008 11:36 AM | Report abuse

beep beep

Posted by: CindyBoren | December 14, 2008 11:46 AM | Report abuse

+++"What makes Portis run?" is actually the kind of story that makes most readers bored: the professional athlete who hails from a crime-riddled, drug-addled background. I drive my Masarati away from those kind of stories.+++---MistaMoe

Please!!! I'm already an emotional wreck from it being the Holidays and such as. Your warm and fuzzy take on society has me weeping like a little girl.

But please, more details on your Masarati! I really like the Quadroporte, which as anyone familiar with Italian knows, meabns "Four portes."

Can you share some more Christmas cheer with us? Maybe a yarn about swindling an impoverish orphan out of his last slice of nutcake?

Posted by: TheCork | December 14, 2008 12:19 PM | Report abuse

Nothing like packing it in early! WTF put another QB in and throw down field! MAKE A CHANGE!!!! MAKE A CHANGE!!! This is pathetic! LOSERS

Posted by: LongTimeSkinsFan | December 14, 2008 1:59 PM | Report abuse

Front page spread of Portis in the Wash. Post? Poor baby . . . what a hard life he has. Year after year there emerges an ego-maniac that screws up the skins chances for the playoffs.

Posted by: shirleze | December 14, 2008 2:21 PM | Report abuse

Enough is enough.

Fire Vinny, Zorn and the whole coaching staff. Waive Suisham and Plakemeier.

Trade Portis.

Enough is enough.

No more years of the Snyder experiment. Get a football man to run the team.

Posted by: AWWNats | December 14, 2008 4:11 PM | Report abuse

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