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Friday (late) Morning H-Back

So I'm shooting the bull with Wilbon outside FedEx Field around 12:30 Friday morning - after the exhibition with the Ravens - when who should stroll through but The Danny, and a couple of his well-suited businessman buddies. Dan and I say hello, and he and Wilbon kick it for several minutes as I stand off to the side, several feet away from the cool kids, idly looking at cab drivers and the odd stumbling drunk still in the parking lot .

(Perils of traveling with Wilbon - For the second time in four preseason games some random inebriated dude approached us mid-conversation near a stadium to tell Wilbon something like, "I love you. I love you. Everything you say is true. Everything you say is true!").

Anyway, after The Owner and Mike finish up, Dan calls out my name and says that, "Vinny (Cerrato) asked me to tell you something if I ran into you." Immediately, my reporter senses go up, and I have some doubts about this statement alone, but I let the man continue. So Dan, acting as if he has no idea what he's taking about, says that, per Vinny, I should go ahead and turn in my credential, because Jason Campbell is the backup quarterback. He's the guy behind Brunell. The Danny again goes to lengths to say that he doesn't know what any of this means, and he's just relaying a message.

I'm not buying this exact turn of events, but still explain to Dan that I wrote a blog Thursday saying that I believe Todd Collins has always been Al Saunders's guy, has the coach's ultimate faith and will be the man who goes in the game if Mark Brunell goes down in Week 1. I joked in the blog entry about being willing to stake my credential on this being the case. In the next paragraph, however, I revoked the offer, saying I'm not willing to risk my job on Collins being the No. 2 come opening day, but would be floored if anything other than that occurs

Since Vinny has been unable to find me, allegedly - despite there being a card on my desk in the press box with "Jason La Canfora - Washington Post" typed out ever so neatly - I told Dan that should Vinny ever need to locate me again, I'm sitting in the media room at Redskins Park about 40 odd hours every week, same as always - the media room adjacent to the front door of the building where Vinny and Dan both have offices.

Okay, so why am I skeptical about this entire exchange (which was cordial, and, I thought, quite humorous, judging by the smiles and everything)? Let me count the ways:

First of all, Vinny knows I rarely if ever talk to Dan, that Dan is essentially not speaking to the sports media these days and that we almost never "run into" each other. And, obviously, Dan knows all of that, too. Secondly, how many good people out there believe that The Danny spends game-day making housecalls for Vinny? Like, "Hey Dan, can you pick up some brie and Grey Poupon from Whole Foods, tell TomKat to send over some autographed photos for the nieces and nephews, and, oh, if you should happen to run into that pesky reporter from The Post in the course of the day, fine chap - you know, since you run in the same social circles - tell him to turn in his credential. Okay, chop-chop, the game's only five hours away."

Thirdly, I still don't see Campbell as the No. 2, especially after Joe Gibbs raved about Collins Thursday night in a manner in which he has spoken about no quarterback's performance previously this preseason. Finally, if Campbell is indeed the backup, I won't be the only stunned media bozo in town, 'cause listening to Triple X Radio driving home last night - I actually get the 730 AM signal pretty decently driving back to Arlington even after dark - everyone else was saying the same thing. Their reporter said it. Their post-game host said it. Joe Jacoby said it.

Regardless, my suspicion is that if The Danny isn't checking in regularly on this little 'ol blog, he at least has one of his many Turtle-types monitoring it, which I've figured all along. (Dan, we're glad to have you among us. Please, feel free to post a comment anytime. I can take getting ripped, promise.) I'm all for the guys in the owner's suite having some fun at my expense, and I'll admit, my chance meeting with Snyder did give me much to ponder on the drive home about the backup QB situation. You messed with my head a 'lil bit, boys. I'll give you that.

But in the end, after mulling it over, I still see Collins as the No. 2 come Sept. 11. Coach Joe addresses the media at 5:30 today. Maybe we'll find out then. And if I'm wrong, I still won't turn in my credential, but I do promise to leave a bottle of Grey Poupon for Mr. Snyder at Redskins Park.

Okay, I've got a segment on Washington Post Radio at 1:10, the web chat at 1:30, so it's already a busy day. But if I get time, I'd like to put another blog entry put up later with updates on other thoughts from Thursday's game, Heavy Metal Parking Lot and my ill-fated telephone relationship with Steve Young. Cheers.

By Jason La Canfora  |  September 1, 2006; 11:24 AM ET
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Jason, I think it's more likely that you're the Jason that will be the number 2 QB this season than Campbell. Gibbs apparently has been through the Saunders brain wash, the way he was touting Collins, who was barely competing against scrubs. There are a few more converts left to do out there, since the QB coach last night had all nothing but raves for CAMPBELL, talking about how well he's progressing. Saunders will get him alone in a room, like the office scene from "The Faculty" and he'll come out spouting the company line.

Posted by: PJ, Mitchellville, MD | September 1, 2006 12:16 PM | Report abuse

This might've been the best entry we've seen yet. Seriously, who wasn't laughing out loud...especially at "he at least has one of his many Turtle-types monitoring it"

Posted by: Mark | September 1, 2006 12:24 PM | Report abuse

If "Mr." Snyder is reading this...have you seen Suri??? :-)

Posted by: P Diddy | September 1, 2006 12:44 PM | Report abuse

If Snyder IS reading this, I would love a job reading about the redskins on the internet and reporting it all back to him.

Very cool post, Jason, very cool indeed.

Posted by: WrongDog | September 1, 2006 1:42 PM | Report abuse

Like being called Howard in the chat house? I wonder if people actually noticed that your name is in bold throughout the entire thing.

Thanks for taking my question.

Posted by: Colin | September 1, 2006 2:10 PM | Report abuse

The real question is---Who will give us the best chance to win? Unless we pursuade Sonny to come out of retirement then Jason (very mobile) Campbell is our #2. Take that to the bank!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Charlie | September 1, 2006 2:18 PM | Report abuse

I was joking!!!

Posted by: D.M.S. | September 1, 2006 2:34 PM | Report abuse

Great post here - favorite one so far - was laughing out loud about Vinny directing Snyder to talk to you. The Owner is definitely reading your blog daily...he's probably reading this comment too. If so, let me say, Mr. Snyder, thank you for your mangement the past few years. Huge that you brought back Gibbs, and are willing to spend unlike many owners. I strongly defend you when you are criticized. My only request is a difficult one...could you build a Skins stadium in D.C. (someday)? Having the team in Ral-John is miserable. I know it's hugely unlikely...but maybe 20yrs from now, you can pull it off. That and a Super Bowl win will secure a legendary legacy for you.

Posted by: Wolf | September 1, 2006 2:46 PM | Report abuse

I think "Mr." Snyder can secure a greater legacy than Mr. Cooke (no quotes needed) only if he ends up with a Bolivian mistress who is a convicted felon and takes to driving the streets of Georgetown with a male model attached to the hood of her car.

Barring that, I'm afraid "Mr." Snyder can aspire only to second place in the annals of Redskins eccentrics.

Mind you, "Mr." Snyder may be no Mr. Cooke, but I still love the little guy to death (he spends money on the team and the stadium, he has left St. Joe alone to do his thing, and he has at least ten fewer facelifts than the zombie in Dallas).

Jason, good new on the blog being around all year.

Posted by: P Diddy | September 1, 2006 2:52 PM | Report abuse

"The Danny"??????????

Am I reading the Washington Post or the National Inquirer?

Mr. La Canfora, could you or your editors raise your standards just a bit?

Thank You.

Posted by: S.C. | September 1, 2006 3:20 PM | Report abuse

Jason, Did The Danny charge you for talking to him?

Posted by: Gee | September 1, 2006 3:29 PM | Report abuse

Is it just me or is Wilbon becoming as annoying as Tony K.? BTW, Feinstein was on the Post radio this morning talking about the Skins victory against the Ravens and had to be corrected by the host.

Posted by: So easy confused | September 1, 2006 3:34 PM | Report abuse

so easy confused, I agree with you. It seems the beloved Mr. Wilbon has fallen into the trap of believing he is the celebrity, not the person he covers.

Even this blog reeks of "look at me, look at me! I talk to important people!" Akin to showing slides from your vacation.

Wow, maybe Snyder reads your blog. I am sure it excites you but please just report. Report. Report. Report. You are not the story.

Posted by: yes, he is | September 1, 2006 3:42 PM | Report abuse

Hey Danny,

Stop nickle-and-diming the fans. Your price-hikes this year are rediculous. Maybe if you stopped overpaying and overvaluing players, you wouldn't need to stick it to the fans to cover the cash.

Posted by: Guy | September 1, 2006 3:50 PM | Report abuse

Synder sucks.

Posted by: Aaron Church | September 1, 2006 4:00 PM | Report abuse

Attn: all you doinks that think calling Mr. Snyder "The Danny" is a federal offense. First, wasn't it Kornheiser who first used that moniker?

Second, Jason - if you really are looking for an alternative nickname - go with: The Boy Dollar.

Posted by: Scott | September 1, 2006 4:06 PM | Report abuse

Wow, did Snyder say "BOOYAH!" after telling you how wrong you are to your face, La Canfora? C'mon, get with it. He takes glee in correcting beat reporters, especially those who go as far as to wager something. He nailed you and you don't even know it. And you're still writing Collins will be the #2 even after that. He's probably reading this and laughing so hard. I guess you'll find out at 5:30.

Posted by: Mike | September 1, 2006 4:08 PM | Report abuse

Wow. Amazing post, Jason. I can't believe all these people hating on you for it. A Very strange response to an absolutely fascinating exchange.

In your post, you mention how your Clark Kent like "reporter senses" went up when DS called you out. Then you go on to essentially suggest that DS is full of BS and make it clear that you still believe that TC is the #2.

But then you turned your reporter senses off. You never seemed to ask yourself (or DS or VC or JG) why DS is running a game on you or for Vinny to confirm or deny that JC is in fact the second coming. I mean, for crying out loud. That's the real interesting part of the story.

Either, DS made major news by announcing the #2 QB (look, no true Skins fan is happy without a QB controversy and TC vs. JC is the best we can do right now) or he has some really interesting and twisted agenda or he and Bugel have a bet as to who can screw with a reporter's mind the most.

Posted by: Colin Chapman | September 1, 2006 4:14 PM | Report abuse

So many questions, where to begin:
Why in the world can't the Redskins get a friggin kicker?!! I understand why the O-Line depth is so pathetic, because, I guess even backup Offensive lineman can be a big gamble and maybe cost a little bit more than teams can spend; I can even accept that quality backup DBs are hard to find (although, as I'm typing this, I'm watching the Vikings backup CBs putting on quite a show vs. the Cow-girls, including a #35 who was apparently signed on Aug 5th 'to provide depth' according to the commentators - and please don't give me that 'It's just pre-season' crap- good coverage is good coverage, although it's been so long since we've had a decent corner in DC, maybe we can't recognize good coverage anymore! Carlos Rodgers' new nick-name: B-U-S-T, and I ain't talkin' about Canton!), but a kicker?! What the hell does John Hall have to do to get cut? We've got to cut bait on this guy! How the hell do you cut Chris Clemmons for 'getting hurt' and keep a kicker who has missed half of two seasons?! And he has a weak leg, can't kick off and misses short kicks!! Jesus, if Joe likes him so much, he can adopt him; the guy STINKS! Kickers are a dime a dozen! Bring back Nick Novack! He's just plain better than John Hall, and he ain't hurt!!
I love the 'Skins, and have since 1978 (Jack Pardee, baby), but we are going to suck this year. Our secondary is weak, and we have no (let me repeat that) no pass rush! We are going to miss LaVar more than anyone will know (until week 3, after losses to lowly Minn. and dreaded Cowgirls); Archuleta was the biggest mistake Vinny has ever made, and for two reasons: #1. He sucks - he couldn't cover a bed with a sheet, and #2. His signing has all but guarateed that Sean Taylor will be leaving the 'Skins via free-agency. They won't be able to sign Sean for much more than Archuleta, and why would he sign for less? Sean's agent had to be thrilled that the stupid 'Skins sunk that much money into that stiff - now in about a year or two (whenever his rookie contract is up), Drew Rosenhaus will say 'Let the bidding begin!!' We won't have the money to re-sign him, and Mr. Ego (Gregg Williams) will utter his famous 'We don't need him' nonsense that played a big part in why Pierce and Arrington are both playing for the team up north (our rival in the NFC East). Defenses can't make big plays without good players. I mean, that collection of cast-offs and former garbagemen can only take you so far (unfortunately, we'll see how 'far' this season). All in all, I guess I'll have to find something else to do with my Sundays. I hate watching the 'Skins lose.
Good luck fellas - - you're gonna need it!

Posted by: Guisher | September 1, 2006 4:21 PM | Report abuse

Why did they cut Jessy Lumsden???!!!! I thought he was going to be the reincarnation of John Riggins or at least the backup fullback to Mike Sellers. I hope they keep Havner and Ortega.
Please feed me pertinent info on the Skins, I live in Bucs country and am getting drowned by swash-bucklers.

Posted by: Fast Eddie | September 1, 2006 4:38 PM | Report abuse

J Man, clearly the funniest blog EVER! I can see the Danny now bringing this up like a boy with his toy broken, and accusing you. Vinny get your beedie eyed butt from behing that door and be your own guy.

Wasn't DeBartolo a little guy?

What was Wilbon's reaction?

Posted by: SSK | September 1, 2006 4:42 PM | Report abuse

People, some of you need to lighten up. Repor Report Report. Dude, it's a blog. Get hold of yourself.
I'm not the story. It's my blog, shall I refer to myself in the third perdon from here on out.
That's what I love about this job; some people will love your stuff, some will hate, and, alas, for others, well, they'll always miss the point.
It's a little annecdote about life on the beat. Anyone who thinks I'm a big deal because important people are reading my blog hasn't been reading much.
As for Wilbon, he's as down-to-earth a guy as you will ever meet, has time for everyone he meets and deserves everything that has come his way. One of the true stars, and truly great people, in this business.

Posted by: Jason La Canfora | September 1, 2006 4:44 PM | Report abuse

Not sure where the Lumsden hype started - not in these parts - but it's over now. He was a tailback, not a fullback, and not sure that he resembles Riggins in style at all.
Havner and Ortega would have a strong shot as practice sqaud guys at least, I think.

Oh, and Wilbon, who does have a long and strong relationship with Snyder, unlike me, wasn't sure exactly what to make of it, either. Like me, he figured Collins would be the guy to go in should Brunell get hurt in Week 1.
Live I've said, the owner has every right in the world to tweak me, mess with me, joke on me, etc. I looked at it like he was messing with my head a bit, toying with me, like the poster DMS said (could it be?).
Maybe it was a direct news. This job is often about reading people and situations. Again, we'll see who the QB is. Either way, I think it was funny, intersting, and not something to get all worked up about.

Posted by: Jason La Canfora | September 1, 2006 4:47 PM | Report abuse

This might be the best sports journalist blog ever. Keep it up man, don't listen to the complainers. Oh and also don't take the compliments too seriously either, as soon as you quit updating we'll turn on you too!

There is a fine line between maintaining great access to insider info and then presenting it honestly and without bias. Here's to you being able to keep it up for a long time.

Posted by: Josh in Seattle | September 1, 2006 5:04 PM | Report abuse

Jason, you're doing a fine job and lots of us appreciate it. More Cooley news, please. And where's our Novak update?

As for Wilbon, he has accomplished quite a bit, and I love his columns and have been reading them since I was a kid living in DC. I respect his opinions and often look forward to his take on thorny social and sports issues. However, his attitude on his chats is deplorable. Calling his readers "idiots" is beyond unprofessional.

And for the grammar police in attendance: Jason misspelling an odd word here or there is not unprofessional or disrespectful to his employer. Michael Wilbon holding his readers in contempt, however, most definitely is.

Posted by: P Diddy | September 1, 2006 5:44 PM | Report abuse

Hey there. Gibbs just got done his presser . He gushed about Collins again, but no "official" decision on the backup until Monday. Again, I'll change my name to Howard Bryant Jr. if it's not Collins.

Joe said that Hall is without a doubt his guy and the kicker to open the season.
Novak is back home in Indiana. Kicked well for the Packers at the tryout but they did not sign him. Said they would call back after the preseason game today. they wanted to get a last look at the kicker they have.
I haven't seen any of Mike's chats, so I'm unaware of him going off on people. Wow, that doesn't seem like him. Maybe it's in jest? Either way, I'm sorry about that.
I might get worked up from time to time but I vow never to call anyone an idiot.


Posted by: Jason La Canfora | September 1, 2006 6:34 PM | Report abuse

Great blog, keep it up all season. I'm waiting for the "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" update, I couldn't make it to the game yesterday to protect our home turf against the Baltimorons, so I'm hoping the Redskins fans in attendance defended the faith.

Posted by: PowerBoater69 | September 1, 2006 7:15 PM | Report abuse

I appreciate your writing a lot more Nunyo's, Jason. However, I wonder why as a proffesional journalist, why you always seem to disparage the ownership of the Redskins?

"Dannyland", "The Danny, and sayings of that nature seems to only further the gap between the Skins and the Post, and quite frankly in the long run hurt the faithful readers of the Post who hope for the best articles we can get.

If you respond to this comment, please don't pull all the blame on the Skins organization, because I'm asking YOU the questions, especially since it's the Post's job to cater to the readers. The Skins job is to win. Which they finally fulfilled last season.

Posted by: Cornelius | September 1, 2006 8:06 PM | Report abuse

It's so funny to see some of you get so worked up over what sports reporters have to say. Especially how "The Danny" is fodder for tabloids and how it's disrespectful and unprofessional. Give me a break! It's hilarious and in the tradition of sports reporters for the post.

Yes.... TK glossed Mr. Snyder "The Danny" back when he first bought the team because TK used to call Jack Kent Cooke something similar (The Jack? The Cookie? I can't remember now) in his columns 10 - 15 years ago. So TK was playing off his own joke and Jason just picked that up and ran with it.... no problem, it's funny stuff..... Why do some of you think you are so far above the rest of us that you take the moral high ground in EVERY FRIGGIN SITUATION!!! It's sports people... it's supposed to be entertainment. Don't take it too seriously. How the Skins do this year will have no affect on anyones life who is reading this unless you happen to work for Mr. Snyder.

As for Wilbon's chat comments..... yes he has gone off on some of the ignorant posters in his chat's and while I think he should use more restraint I can understand why he gets so upset with people sometimes. What I've noticed the most is that he gets extremely upset whenever race is negatively or ignorantly brought into any discussion.... or when someone attacks him directly with no provocation.

Whew!!!! All that being said..... keep up the good work Jason. your blog and your chats kick ass! And I especially like your '80s hair band references....... hehehe.... I was there at the Cap Center in the mid '80s to see Ratt & Twisted Sister! What I can't understand is why a youngster like Cooley digs that kind of music..... I was born in '68 and there are very few bands I like that came out before '75 and my main musical tastes lie with newer underground metal bands. Oh well..... it's cool nonetheless!

Posted by: Mucus Membrane | September 1, 2006 8:08 PM | Report abuse

Tony K. glossed Jack Kent Cooke..... "The Squire"

That was gonna bug me if I didn't figure it out

Posted by: Mucus Membrane | September 1, 2006 8:25 PM | Report abuse

Mucus, rock on, bro! That's the spirit.
Trust me, I'm nowhere near TKs level, but just trying to keep it a little light, throw in some real information, and offer peole a vehicle to suggest thoughts, ideas, opinions, whatever.
Cooley is legit. I was born in '74 - I remember missing Ozzy/Crue and Ratt/Twisted Sister in the early 80 cause I couldn't get anyone to take my puny butt to the Cap Centre from Baltimore.
How was it?

Posted by: Jason La Canfora | September 1, 2006 8:41 PM | Report abuse

Jason, love the blog, man.

The kicking situation seems out of control and I just don't get it. Their statistics are awful. I really do have confidence in the coaches(primarily Gibbs)ability to evaluate talent but this seems to be a serious mistake that could cost us big time. Do you feel Gibbs has explained his rationale adequately? I'm curious to hear your personal opinion.

Guisher, your passion is obvious and you make some excellent points about Lavar and Williams(I think there are serious control issues with him) as well as the obvious kicking game problems.
However, part of being a true fan is sticking with the team during the tough times. It makes the good times even sweeter. As much as I'm discouraged by the preseason results, I think Gibbs deserves the benefit of the doubt and we should remember what he has done to make this team as good as it can be. Don't give up on the a real fan

Posted by: cosmofla | September 1, 2006 8:56 PM | Report abuse

I think ANYONE who gives up on St. Joe, particularly after a bad preseason, knows nothing about the history of the 'Skins or of St. Joe himself. There are three things in which I have faith during these tumultuous, sucky times: the Federal Government will screw up anything and everything they get involved in, my dog will wake me up for his morning walk only when I am my absolute most hungover, and "St." Joe Gibbs will win football games.

Some people were made to cure diseases, others for building great businesses, still others for blessing the world with great art, literature, or music. St. Joe was made to win football games.

Long live St. Joe.

Oh, and Mucus...thanks for "The Squire" reference. That REALLY brings back some fond memories. And, of course, The Squire's dog was...Coco :-)

For those wanting to wiff a little nostalgia before the current crop of 'Skins make their own history, here's TK's obituary for the late, great Mr. Jack Kent Cooke:

Now, that man was a legend. As much as I dig "Mr." Snyder (and I really do, honest), Mr. Cooke was a special sort of eccentric that only people of extraordinary eccentricity (like myself) can possibly appreciate.

Posted by: P Diddy | September 1, 2006 9:07 PM | Report abuse

Todd proved he could drive the Cadillac last night. TJ looked sharp with some great slashing moves and the ability to wait for the play to develop. They were obviously trying desperately to break in Archuleta unsuccessfully. Where is the Defense? O line is in trouble, hence the offense is in trouble. Better hope for a miracle signing this week.

Posted by: Bumjue | September 1, 2006 9:17 PM | Report abuse

BTW, one more thing about Wilbon and then I'll let it go...the thing about chats is that you have the power to ignore certain (usually inane or offensive) questions and answer others.

Wilbon chooses to answer the ignorant questions, which I can appreciate, actually. But, he does so disrespectfully and in a forum where there is relatively little opportunity for rebuttal and real discussion. To me, this is a cowardly act from a man who is very clearly NOT a coward.

My advice to him is to elevate himself above the fray and ignore the stupid questioners unless he is going to take the high road and answer in a dignified, respectful, and self-respectful answer.

BTW, in my professional capacity (where I am fairly well known in my industry), this is the general tact I use in moderated chat sessions.

Just my two cents...

Posted by: P Diddy | September 1, 2006 9:21 PM | Report abuse

The Ratt & TS show back in the day was killer! I remember that show pretty well because Dokken opened and I thought that Don Dokken was such a dork for wearing sunglasses on stage...... but I found nothing odd about Twisted Sister's getup...... hehe... go figure. Yep.... i saw that Ozzy/Crue show and also cought Ozzy/Metallica and Ozzy/Anthrax in the subsequent years ('85 & '86 I think ) at Merriweather Post.

Anyway, before we bore the pig snot out of most of the people on here I did want to touch on the Skins tonight........ I can't remember the last time I have been so optimistic at the start of training camp and yet so worried by the start of the season (well, except maybe for 2000). I really don't put any stock in the preseason for reasons that you and many others have mentioned. Yet I can't help feeling a foreboding sense of apprehension given the poor play by the entire team. So ok, maybe the starters mailed it in.... but to see the backups play so poorly makes me wonder how many mid season aquisitions we'll be making as players enevitably get hurt.

Being the optimistic Redskins fan I really like some of the theory's I've been hearing lately about the coaches not game planning or putting in complex plays. How Gibbs would rather do poorly in the preseason to get the team ready for the season (as history would seem to bear). How the starters are not willing to risk injury after seeing what happened to Portis and so have been going less than full speed. I hope some or all of these really are factors and we kick the crap out of the Vikings.... but I'll tell ya the next 9 days are going to kill me with anticipation!

Given you've had a chance to get around some of the players and coaches..... do they seem like they are worried at all.... or do they come off like they're giving you a wink when it comes to their performance in the preseason (as if to say.... wait till you see us come Sept. 11)

Posted by: Mucus Membrane | September 1, 2006 9:26 PM | Report abuse

Hey P. Diddy..... thanks for the link to that article...... that sure did bring back some great memories! Wilbon also did a tribute to The Squire:

iI like it because of Wilbon's perspective of being a relatively new reporter (compared to TK and S Povich)....... it's cool to see how he has progressed as a sports writer/caster over the years.

Posted by: Mucus Membrane | September 1, 2006 9:41 PM | Report abuse

Cornelius. Thanks for writing. I don't see the need to place blame anywhere, I don;t think there's anything to blame anyone for.
I actually am not sure I have written anythign disparing. DannyLand is negative? I think it's playful at worst. I have given the guy credit all over the place, including this blog. He has maximized the busines side of the franchise, he devotes abundance resources into the team, he has grown as an owner, he is now beloved by most of his employees on the player/coaching side, he has not been in any way meddlesome in my time on this beat.
I've stated this time and again in chats and on the blog
... but there are also inevitable mistakes made as well and he is someone still dealing with a signficant image problem. that's just reality bro. Last year he had a high power LA-base PR firm working on his behalf, guys I met with several times. Again, it's just reality.
I don't have anything against the guy. Like I said before many times, I don't know him or claim to know him.
But he is one of the biggest public figures in this area, he owns a team worth $1.4 billion and he is a newsmaker, whether through Six Flags, cutting down trees, Hollywood, whatever.
This is part of the territory.
And trust me, this is not hurting the readers. You can't find another vehicle that provides such depth and variation in its coverage of the team as the Post in its many forums. this is merely but one of those.
The level of coverage is not impacting in any way. Trust me.
I think Joe Gibbs and Dan Snyder would also be the first to tell you that until this team wins a Super Bowl they're work remains before them.

Mucus, the players and coaches are definitely staying cool about all of this. Judging from the blog and the questions in my web chat today, I think the fans are freaking out way more than anyone directly associated with the team.

Okay, off to bed. Got to get up early with Chloe before I head to The Park to cut day.
Thanks to all of you guys for participating in this thing. I know we're not always going to agree about everything all the time, but I think it's cool to have this dialogue regardless.

Posted by: Jason La Canfora | September 1, 2006 10:18 PM | Report abuse

We can all agree that Skip Hicks was a bum though. Jason, I ripped you earlier about spelling and making sense and then I had a TO moment and ripped someone else for questioning me, but being the idiot SPED guy I am, I couldnt quite get my fingers to do what my brain wanted them to do. No one is perfect. My apologies and kudos for making the Skins so interesting during a lousy pre-season. Here's to the Super Bowl and St. Joe's genius.

Posted by: Dorf | September 2, 2006 12:34 AM | Report abuse

Thanks a lot for replying, Jason.

I appreciate it, and truly appreciate having you on the beat these days. I know it's not the easiest sports job in the world, especially with everything the on

Keep up the good work, and keep up the blog if possible.

Posted by: Cornelius | September 2, 2006 8:55 PM | Report abuse

Definition of an "idiot"-anyone ripping Wilbon!!!

Sorry but your invites to his "Celebrity Golf Tournie". this week just got lost in the mail...

Get a life and outta of this blog(which by the way is great, thanks Jason)...

Posted by: Pink C.C.- | September 3, 2006 3:02 AM | Report abuse

I don't care who the No. 2 QB is. I'm concerned about No. 1, Mark Brunell. It's like everyone is already putting him on the DL! FYI, the last time the Redskins went 0-4 in the preseason, they won the Super Bowl! If they start the REGULAR season 0-4, then talk about No. 2 QBs will be warranted. Until then, shut up and just watch.

Posted by: Steve | September 3, 2006 3:42 AM | Report abuse

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