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I'm Back

Hey everyone, thanks so muh for keeping RI cranking while I was on family duty.

Great to be back.

I will post more info once I get fully back in the swing of things and have a longer post planned, but I have a ton of calls and emails to make, so I'll write more later. Been an interesting three weeks on the home front, where all are well but some are hard-core sleep deprived, and things should get cranking on the Skins front as the draft approaches.

Look forward to catching up with all of you guys and getting into everything.

For now, it looks like the Skins have all of their options open for the draft. Could stay at six (where if you made me predict a kid to take theer I'd say they grad Okoye), could trade up for Calvin Johnson, or could trade down, still address the D Line and pick up second and/or third rounds picks,m which are coveted by a lot of football people in that building (even if that's not the sexy thing to do).

From what I heard last week, the Brigis thing had colled and Rosenhaus was trying to keep it going. The sides had not talked recently and after the Skins declined to include Rocky McIntosh in the deal the Bears did not make another offer. However, this is the NFL, so anything is possible between now and the draft and honestly, I am just back to work today and did not check on it over the weekend, so a call could have been placed then.

Like I wrote/said at the top, I'll post more as a I check in with various people and if I hear anything interesting you guys, my peeps, will be the first to know.

By Jason La Canfora  |  April 16, 2007; 11:11 AM ET
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Welcome back Homie!


Posted by: Big Murf | April 16, 2007 11:23 AM | Report abuse

Great to have you back on the spot JLC. I got a good laugh from your e mail.

Posted by: jm220 | April 16, 2007 11:30 AM | Report abuse

welcome back jason. hopefully this'll mean that you won't have baby duty at night anymore.

also...i'm really not into any of the DE's. when i see a skins selecting a DE in the first round. i start seeing Kenard Lang. and no one anywhere is hyping any DE's in this draft.

my wishlist in the order of desire:
Calvin Johnson
Jamarcus Russel
trade down
trade down
trade down
trade down
Briggs (1st, 3rd of the bears for skins first and mcintosh) let's face it if it was any other FO skins would've gotten their first and second and next year's second for swapping picks. but i'll be happy to get a 3rd rounder for Mcintosh at this point. it's all relative.

Posted by: dealer | April 16, 2007 11:32 AM | Report abuse

replace "any other FO" with "a competent FO"

Posted by: dealer | April 16, 2007 11:34 AM | Report abuse

Jason, welcome back.

Congrats on your new addition, hope everyone is doing well.

Great to have you back in the saddle.

Posted by: Greg(Boston) | April 16, 2007 11:34 AM | Report abuse

Dealer, the second player you want is Jamarcus Russell? WTF?

Posted by: Greg(Boston) | April 16, 2007 11:36 AM | Report abuse


Welcome back. We love Cindy, but she types too well. We've missed the typos.

Posted by: etrod | April 16, 2007 11:39 AM | Report abuse

great your back!
would love to get c-johnson [just like everyone els]
but the skins need DE-DT so i think thats the road they will go down at the end off the day BUT HOW THEY DO IT WHO KNOWS??/ IT IS THE REDSKINS AFTER ALL???

Posted by: one4alluk | April 16, 2007 11:39 AM | Report abuse

great your back!
would love to get c-johnson [just like everyone els]
but the skins need DE-DT so i think thats the road they will go down at the end off the day BUT HOW THEY DO IT WHO KNOWS??/ IT IS THE REDSKINS AFTER ALL???

Posted by: one4alluk | April 16, 2007 11:39 AM | Report abuse

I am not following the Jamarcus thing either. Will he be a good QB? I have no idea, probably so, but Jason Campbell hasn't even had a chacne to show what he can do.

So lets trade down in the draft, hope our scouting Dept. has done their homework and get a few young talents in here.


Keep our pick and hit a DT or DE to add some depth to our line.


trade up for CJ(i cant believe i am typing this) and make a draft splash. I little Dan Snyder hello saying HEY i can make headlines here too!!!

Posted by: KCskinfan | April 16, 2007 11:42 AM | Report abuse

Briggs (1st, 3rd of the bears for skins first and mcintosh)

Dealer are you joking? We gave up 2 2nd round picks for Roc Mac. No way and another QB. You won't get the hammer. But I got to give you an open hand slap to the back of the head for that one my friend.

Posted by: jm220 | April 16, 2007 11:42 AM | Report abuse

I am beggining to wonder if Dealer is using what he sells.......

Ha ha ha ....

no it wasnt funny but it may explain his logic?

Posted by: KCskinfan | April 16, 2007 11:45 AM | Report abuse

Welcome back JlaC. Glad to hear the family is doing well.

Cindy did a great job keeping the junkies in line with news and comments.

We need to leave Russell alone. I think it would cause too much drama in the locker room. CJ might be the same scenario (as far as drama goes).

Posted by: Cheyenne, WY | April 16, 2007 11:45 AM | Report abuse

I want us to sit tight and take LaRon Landry at #6!

Jason, have you heard any rumblings in the building that we are interested in this guy? Some of the ESPN talking heads (Kiper, Clayton) have mentioned it, but they base their projections more off of what THEY project our needs to be, rather than your inside sources. What's the word from the inside? Has he even visited?

Posted by: S.Taylor | April 16, 2007 11:46 AM | Report abuse

Drafting Jamarcus Russell would cement us as the stupidest franchise in the history of sports.

Posted by: cdubb | April 16, 2007 11:47 AM | Report abuse

Jason- Great to see you back. I hope you had a wonderful time on paternity leave with Rocco and the whole family.

Posted by: 4-12 | April 16, 2007 11:48 AM | Report abuse

1st of all welcome back.

2nd I really don't care which sceniro unfolds as long as we get some impact playas.

Posted by: Old School | April 16, 2007 11:57 AM | Report abuse

I just want to clear something up. If for some reason, we drafted Russell, I would be happy as hell. He is awesome and will be awesome. He is going number 1 no doubt. I just wanted to put that out there. And this comes from a man who loves Campbell. To me, it's the same debate as, if you have Drew Brees and Carson Palmer is available, grab Carson Palmer, and worry about it later. You can trade Brees or whatever.

I am just putting that out there in case Russell inexplicably drops. But of course, he will not, and Landry is the guy. Check out his video on, btw.

Posted by: The Governor | April 16, 2007 11:57 AM | Report abuse

We're goig to the Superbowl

IM - I have just confirmed a SuperBowl Birth!!

My 1st try - 5 game winning streak baby!

2nd time - SuperBowl Baby.

Just call me Gibbs 1.2!

Posted by: ExtremeSkins | April 16, 2007 11:59 AM | Report abuse


What if our drew brees(Campbell) is peyton manning?

We havent even seen what he can do.

Posted by: KCskinfan | April 16, 2007 12:04 PM | Report abuse

The only thing less sensible than drafting JaMarcus Russell would be drafting Brady "Man Statue" Quinn. F that.

Soupy is the MAN now, and we gotta support him. Grabbing a QB with a top six pick when we have so many other glaring needs... would make it look like QB is a glaring need! What on earth would that say to Soupy?

Posted by: Nate in the PDX | April 16, 2007 12:04 PM | Report abuse

For those of you asking for Landry. PLEASE tell me why? We have depth there. I would bet anything we want even attempt to get Russell. CJ, I could understand. DT or DE is a must.

Posted by: Hail to 'em | April 16, 2007 12:06 PM | Report abuse

JLC, Welcome back. I dont really care about who we draft... can you use your insider info to let me know whether or not the Skins are going to be any good this year?

Posted by: Inigo Montoya | April 16, 2007 12:07 PM | Report abuse

Welcome back, Jason!

You were missed. Congrats on the homefront, though.

Posted by: Dave | April 16, 2007 12:07 PM | Report abuse

Agreed, Nate! Drafting Russell would be just plain stupid....Quinn even more stupid.

Posted by: Lisa | April 16, 2007 12:09 PM | Report abuse

I'm happy with Okoye. Lot of upside there. A lot of athletes don't peek until they hit 21.

Posted by: Dave | April 16, 2007 12:09 PM | Report abuse


To answer your question. Our depth there sucks.

Pril----is coming off ACL surgery, we traded ARCH, Fox isnt a starter and ......YUP that is about it. We have no depth there.

That is why he is a ok choice for us.

Posted by: KCskinfan | April 16, 2007 12:09 PM | Report abuse

Given the consistency btwn the Gubenatorial suggestion (Russell will be great) and my foundational wisdom, Old School (doesn't matter who they pick, as long as they get an impact player), the only thing that troubles me is the fancy dancing required. Picking Russell means moving Campbell, either now or eventually. If it is a move now, then how does Brunell NOT become the starter again (at least for Russell's installation year, a prerequisite of the Saunders' O)? Its not like the Skins run the Tennessee offense where Vince Young can start right away ... the instruction manual for this thing is 700 pages long! If Campbell is allowed to "compete" for this year, does that mean Brunell goes and the Skins sign Trent Green (the next logical Saunders' installer, as long as the bells and whistles aren't too bright and too loud in his post-concussion career)? Either way, so long Todd Collins.

Posted by: dcsween | April 16, 2007 12:12 PM | Report abuse

welcome back.

Posted by: TB | April 16, 2007 12:15 PM | Report abuse




We also had stoudamire... I think thats who is going to end up starting for us, just a hunch.

Posted by: Inigo Montoya | April 16, 2007 12:16 PM | Report abuse

I agree with KC;

Landry is a Safety with CB speed, which would take Taylor out of his unnatural position, which is turning and running with WR's... instead he can stack the box, late blitz, attack downfield and punish the across the middle routes.

Our whole team last year was always running to catch someone vs. running towards the line to tackle and kill someone. When we do that our D is great and it is what we need to get back to. LaRON!!

Posted by: PDSquared | April 16, 2007 12:18 PM | Report abuse

Inigo Montoya you killed my father prepare to die!!!!

Anyway do we HAVE him or HAD him as you typed?

If we have him again not a solid starter and i could see us grabbing another Safety.

I think DL or DE is the way to go but i wouldnt be upset if we got a safety.

Posted by: KCskinfan | April 16, 2007 12:19 PM | Report abuse

And yes Landry is pretty much a CB/Nickel back at S position.....


Posted by: Kcskinfan | April 16, 2007 12:20 PM | Report abuse

Hail, the rationale behind Landry is that he is the top rated defensive player (i.e., of the defensive players at their defensive positions, he is the best ... like the "best safety to come along since ..."). Safety is a need in the same way DE or DT is a need. The safety hole is b/c of the Archuleta departure (or, more accurately, his failure to arrive). The DE hole is Daniels' age and injury history. The DT hole is the open spot opposite Cornelius, if not Cornelius himself (age and injury). Last year, of the draftees who made the roster, Doughty (safety) and Golston and Montgomery (DT), each is competing for the starter spot. Presumably, the Skins didn't draft for DE last year b/c they thought they would be good enough at #3 DE with Renaldo, Evans, and Chris Clemons (oops on that last one).

Whatever. I think the Skins COULD start next season without the draft and still be essentially the same team (minus Ryan Clark) that they were when they were come off two playoff wins last year. Bottom line is that Landry would be the #6 pick b/c he is worth to whichever hypothetical team picks him than the top DEs and DTs would be to those same hypothetical teams.

Posted by: dcsween | April 16, 2007 12:22 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: Wes Mantooth | April 16, 2007 12:23 PM | Report abuse

I believe Sean Taylor is a free safety and he is playing his natural position. Gregg Williams, correct me if I'm wrong.

Smoot, Springs, Rogers, Taylor, Landry and Prioleau...Yuck.

Posted by: The Governor | April 16, 2007 12:23 PM | Report abuse

I'm completely confused as to the people who want to draft Russell. If we do draft him, then we ELIMINATE our bargaining chip in trading Campbell. Why would we do this? People talk about the lousy moves this FO makes, but are you kidding me?

I just don't get it sometimes, maybe its me.

Posted by: Greg(Boston) | April 16, 2007 12:25 PM | Report abuse

glad you're back j-la, work has not been the same since your holiday.

Posted by: dan | April 16, 2007 12:25 PM | Report abuse

I agree with you on the skill level of our depth @ Saftey. However, the lessor of two evils would be to get some type of pass rush so that the "serviceable" safties we have will be able to cover. If we don't have any rush I could complete a pass to a WR. I will take my chances on 3rd & 8 with Rogers, Smoot, Springs, Taylor, and Stoudamire/Fox/PP covering with Carter, Griffin, Okoye/Gaines Daniels rushing the QB.

Posted by: Hail to 'em | April 16, 2007 12:27 PM | Report abuse


His natural position is FS but he has proven over the last couple of years that maybe he should be a strong safety.

sorry that it is from Philly

Posted by: PDSquared | April 16, 2007 12:29 PM | Report abuse

The most telling part of that blurb is the part WHEN HE IS NOT DOING HIS JOB.... I do believe I saw a lot of Taylor trying to chase down little punks all year last year.

Posted by: PDSquared | April 16, 2007 12:31 PM | Report abuse

JC is the QB. Gibbs will NEVER draft Russell and would not let The Danny do it either.

Posted by: Cheyenne, WY | April 16, 2007 12:31 PM | Report abuse

Sorry - I left off Golston.

Posted by: Hail to 'em | April 16, 2007 12:33 PM | Report abuse

Even more telling.... read the part about the FS knowing what play is coming, I do not think Taylor has that... So I can see, in a 3 safety formation, Springs as SS near the line and Talyor as Hybrid with Landry at Free (Taylor obviously starter at Strong in 2 safety formation). With Smoot, Rodgers and Macklin covering the WR.... good Defensive Backfield.

"The free safety (FS) is responsible for reading the offensive plays and covering deep passes. Depending on the defensive call, the safety may also provide run support.

The strong safety (SS) is usually larger than the free safety, and is positioned relatively closer to the line of scrimmage. While strong safeties play a pivotal role in halting the offense's running game, they are also responsible for keeping various receivers, especially tight ends, in check.

The hybrid safety (HS, S, SAF) is usually a backup free safety or strong safety who is used in three deep packages (where three safeties are on the field). Such players are only on the field in situations where the pass is expected. The Hybrid safety plays between the free and strong safeties, and is usually responsible for being the deepest man on the field. He usually must also concentrate on spying the opponents go-to receiver, and helping his cornerbacks by double covering.

The roverback (ROV) is a hybrid defensive-back/linebacker, seen most often in college football (alternatively referred to as a monster or bandit). A roverback has skills most similar to a strong safety but often playing even closer to the line of scrimmage."

Posted by: PDSquared | April 16, 2007 12:35 PM | Report abuse

What is the story with Reed Doughty...Why would we draft another safety?

Posted by: Cheyenne, WY | April 16, 2007 12:37 PM | Report abuse

I don't see Gibbs undermining Campbell. The Russell thing is due diligence prep for the unthinkable he falls to us. I don't see any scenerio us moving up to get him ... the only move up is for cj. And if russell did fall how many teams wouldn't want to make a trade to come up to our spot to get him.

We need an impact player, a difference maker a player who makes others better.

Posted by: Old School | April 16, 2007 12:40 PM | Report abuse


We get the element of suprise over the rest of the league and I think it will be a big enough story to get this IMUS stuff off the air.

Posted by: Cheyenne, WY | April 16, 2007 12:44 PM | Report abuse

My feelings on Jason Campbell..

Obviously alot of the Redskins' success this year is going to be a result of the progress Campbell makes and I for one believe he's going to make solid progress. When I watched Jason last year the one thing that jumped out at me was his poise. This is a kid that's 26, not 22 or 23. He was a 4 year starter in the tough SEC and even then the thing I remember about him was his ability to manage the game well, consistantly making the smart decision and then making the occasional play with his feet when he had to. He would never LOOSE you a game. I think we all remember Brunell throwing it away as soon as he heard footsteps and we wondered is that Brunell being too careful or is it Gibbs demanding it? I think it was more Brunell than Gibbs. Gibbs despises turnovers as much, if not more than any coach in the game and Campbell knows it. He will scramble when possible ( or just shake 2 players off of him like fleas and find James Thrash 15 yards down feild like he did against Tampa his first start ) he'll throw the ball away before he will force a bad throw that could change the game. He's learned probably the hardest lesson a young QB has to learn, patience. But unlike Brunell, he will take his chances downfield and his deep ball is SO purrdy. His accuracy needs to improve, especially on his deep outs but when's the last time you saw those 15 yard outs consistantly from a Redskins QB? Not since Henry Ellard and Gus Ferotte were here and that's about all we could do. If he can start mastering those outs and button hooks with our lightnining quick smurfs out there than the double moves are going to be inevidable. I think Lloyd has a place in this offense but it's going to be up to him to want to improve his game. Jason will have all the support he needs with playmakers at almost every position. The O-Line should actually improve this year with the addition of Todd Wade at left gaurd so protection should be solid. In the last two games of the 06' season Campbell led the offense to 8 TD's and started converting Redzone oppertunities. As his confidence grows and his teamates confidence in him grows... we could see another Big-Ben situation and this team could catch fire. I'm not foolish enough to believe we're going to 15-1, but with an improved offense and a faster defense this team is going to suprise some people. Jason Campbell ( under Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs ) will be the suprise story of 07'.


Posted by: Jay-Hog | April 16, 2007 12:46 PM | Report abuse


There is a kicker out of Colorado I would love to see us get with our 2nd round pick.... oh, I mean our potential 2nd round pick. 60 - 65 yard range... just nasty!

Posted by: PDSquared | April 16, 2007 12:46 PM | Report abuse

JayHog- Nice $.02 on JC. I hope you're right and agree w/ the overall impression. Could you imagine that- a franchise Qube in this town?! Mmmmm, this coolaid is delicious!

Posted by: D7 | April 16, 2007 12:52 PM | Report abuse

Jay Hog

great post and I agree with D7 that I think we are on the right track with JC. Its been a while since we have had a "fresh" quarterback.

I would like to count Ramsy, but Spurrier ruined him.

Posted by: Cheyenne, WY | April 16, 2007 12:59 PM | Report abuse

I'll admit that I haven't read this entire post yet, but here are my thoughts on drafting Russell.


If Russell is drafted then he WILL be paid more than Campbell because of his draft position. "But teams start the best player and it has nothing to do with salary." Lies. All lies. Sounds like Jeff George 2.0

Besides, even if Russell is better, what do the skins do next year when an even better QB is available? Do you draft him and trade Russell? Are you willing to sacrifice having a good team just so you can claim the best QB?

Posted by: the don | April 16, 2007 12:59 PM | Report abuse

I can't believe people are seriously advocating taking a QB or WR at 6. Give me a break. They need DT/DE. If Okoye is there at 6, you grab him. He is a superstar at friggin' 19 years old. He is mature and intelligent. He is a leader. And, since he's young, you get three extra years of prime playing time.

He is absolutely the right kind of guy for the Redskins. That means, of course, they won't take him. They should stay at 6 and take Okoye. If Okoye is gone, move down a few and take Branch or the kid from Arkansas, if possible.

Posted by: MDP | April 16, 2007 1:02 PM | Report abuse

Anybody see the news about the shooting at Virginia Tech? Holy crap.

Posted by: 4-12 | April 16, 2007 1:06 PM | Report abuse

If we pick at #6, the ONLY guy other than a D lineman who I'll welcome with open arms is LaRon Landry.

Though I have always thought D line is by far our biggest problemo, I believe in Landry thanks to the utterly convincing advocacy on his behalf by AMTTS and The Governor for many moons.

Every once in a while I pine for Grilliams' first two seasons, when he took a band of misfits, mediocre-to-decent holdovers, and 'just a' guys and cobbled together a damned good defense. It's worth mentioning that he could do it again! But a D stud from the sixth pick would certainly help.

Posted by: Nate in the PDX | April 16, 2007 1:07 PM | Report abuse

The Virginia Tech story is awful, just turns my stomach in that what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-us? way. Awful.

Posted by: Nate in the PDX | April 16, 2007 1:09 PM | Report abuse

unBELIEVEABLE what's going down at Va. Tech. Up to 22 dead, could be another 17 ...

Posted by: dcsween | April 16, 2007 1:10 PM | Report abuse

Police are confirming 22 dead. Agreed Nate- I feel physically ill.

Posted by: 4-12 | April 16, 2007 1:11 PM | Report abuse

I like Okoye, i do but all i hear is that he is 19 and has tremendous upside.

IF and this is a big if. IF he is 19, that means HE IS 19 AND IN THE NFL. He will have so much cash, how mature is he?

Will he be able to handle all of that? Will his upside be undermined by it?

I like Gaines and Branch personally.

Posted by: KCskinfan | April 16, 2007 1:12 PM | Report abuse

And OMG all my thoguhts and prayers are with the VaTech community now.

Posted by: KCskinfan | April 16, 2007 1:14 PM | Report abuse

I agree with you Nate. What the hell is going on? We really neeed to look at what is going on in our country.

Posted by: jm220 | April 16, 2007 1:16 PM | Report abuse

KCSkin, Okoye went to college when he was 16 years old. That takes a certain amount of maturity.

The VT stuff is beyond tragic, just incredibly, incredibly sad, and senseless.

Posted by: Greg(Boston) | April 16, 2007 1:18 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: Wes Mantooth | April 16, 2007 1:18 PM | Report abuse

I just caught the Va Tech on the news...can't understand things sometimes. Its hard to explain to my kid why people do these things.

The biggest fear is one day he will stop asking and just accept that that's the way things are.

Posted by: Cheyenne, WY | April 16, 2007 1:20 PM | Report abuse

I just had a hoorrible thought of Marcus Vick going crazy....that family just isnt very stable

I just dont understand why people would want to go to a JOB/SCHOOL and start shooting innocent people. What does this accomplish? If you want to shoot people join the army etc. If you feel the need to harm people and are lazy, just shoot yourself. Or go play paintball, get help.....


Posted by: Kcskinfan | April 16, 2007 1:20 PM | Report abuse

This Friday is the eighth anniversary of the Columbine shootings. The reason that is seared in my brain is because it happened during my honeymoon. Mrs. Nate and I were glued to the tv in Hawa'ii watching that horror unfold. I have the same sick feeling today but am relieved I'm not near a tv. Awful, awful.

My thoughts go out to everyone connected with Tech and Blacksburg, and I'm sure there are a lot of you in our blog community.

Posted by: Nate in the PDX | April 16, 2007 1:21 PM | Report abuse


Like i said IF he is 19....

He is from Africa i believe.

LOTS of people say they are this age but are really another age.......this has happened in Latin American and African nations repeatedly.

Posted by: Kcskinfan | April 16, 2007 1:23 PM | Report abuse

One gunman dead, suspected 2nd in custody. ABC news reporting 25 dead with more feared.

Does anyone else get the feeling our planet is spiraling into chaos? Feels like the end time may be near.

Posted by: PDSquared | April 16, 2007 1:24 PM | Report abuse

I remember when the biggest thing you had to fear in college was chlamidia.

granted I only went to college for 11 days...but it was still pretty scary.

Posted by: Cheyenne, WY | April 16, 2007 1:26 PM | Report abuse

I just had a hoorrible thought of Marcus Vick going crazy....that family just isnt very stable.

Posted by: Kcskinfan | April 16, 2007 01:20 PM

Dude, that's a horrible thought. I went to VT.

Anyway, I no longer know anyone there but it still hits home.

Posted by: charlie | April 16, 2007 1:35 PM | Report abuse

My thought about Russell is that the only reason that the Skins would draft him would be to trade him for players.

Posted by: charlie | April 16, 2007 1:36 PM | Report abuse

We live in a pretty jaded world, but this Virginia Tech story is utterly horrible and shocking.

Posted by: Cindy | April 16, 2007 1:39 PM | Report abuse


The football 101 site is great. Good find.

Posted by: charlie | April 16, 2007 1:43 PM | Report abuse

This Va Tech thing is beyond tragic. It's just sickening. There's definitely something wrong with this world. My thoughts are with the folks in Blacksburg.

Posted by: skinswest | April 16, 2007 1:47 PM | Report abuse

Who cares? Whatever should happen with our pick will not bc this team is run by a bunch of bumbling idiots!

Skins used to be such a proud winning franchise.

Can we trade Snyder and Vinny for a 6th round pick???

Posted by: Rob P | April 16, 2007 1:49 PM | Report abuse

Actually if we could just cut them, that would just as good.

Posted by: Rob P | April 16, 2007 1:50 PM | Report abuse

Thanks charlie. Cindy, that is very true. Maybe we are too jaded. Violence should not be that easy to accomplish, but I guess growing up watching cartoons and movies where violence is the central theme can make one desensitized.

I never thought that would be the case, after the type of movies I like to watch, but my son just turned one and I cant help noticing what is around him and what visual cues he is picking up on. There is certainly no shortage of violent images everywhere.

Breaking News: Young Asian American man, took his own life after shooting spree.

Posted by: PDSquared | April 16, 2007 1:52 PM | Report abuse

I think we have a few options at the 6 spot depending on what happens draft day. if one of the qbs falls to the number 6 spot, then i think we have to seriously consider trading down with minnesota or miami, both of whom are coveting quinn, and with that 7 or 9th spot we can still get either okoye or landry (the two guys i would pick) and then have a VERY high second round pick where we could pick up someone like spencer or merriweather, depending on who we took in the first round. that would fill our two defensive needs very nicely.

Posted by: JC | April 16, 2007 1:53 PM | Report abuse

I just had a hoorrible thought of Marcus Vick going crazy....that family just isnt very stable.

Posted by: Kcskinfan | April 16, 2007 01:20 PM

It's never the one's you think it is. Most times it is the ones with the so called stable families.

Posted by: jm220 | April 16, 2007 1:56 PM | Report abuse

JC, I dont think Landry gets past ATl @ # 8. Minny is also interested in him as well as Quinn. I like it better if Peterson falls, then Houston or GB could come calling.

If we want Landry, I say take him at 6. All other Dline considerations should be if we trade down. This is 'best player avaliable' territory @ 6.

Posted by: PDSquared | April 16, 2007 1:59 PM | Report abuse

Things like this are just horrible. 32 dead now. i cant even believe it.


Posted by: KCskinfan | April 16, 2007 2:01 PM | Report abuse

My heart goes out to those in the Va. Tech community. It's sad how many shooting incidents from past years come flooding into my head when I think about this latest tragedy.

That said, it is wonderful to be reading about football again on this blog. Jason, if you are out there, welcome back - you were missed.

Posted by: mugamack | April 16, 2007 2:06 PM | Report abuse

32 dead? I have been following this from some slow sources I guess. geez, this is utterly disturbing! wow, we live in a crazy world... totally innocent students gettting ready for a week of classes. My thoughts and prayers go out to their community and families.

Posted by: Inigo Montoya | April 16, 2007 2:07 PM | Report abuse

Have they reported anything on motive?

Posted by: Cheyenne, WY | April 16, 2007 2:13 PM | Report abuse

Compares J. Anderson and G. Adams:;_ylt=AjLYd_oKtSR_pTcQ7x_LzbJDubYF?slug=jm-prosconsdl041607&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

Just trying to find something to take my mind off the sickening events at VaTech. All thoughts and prayers are with the folks in Blacksburg today.

Posted by: Diesel | April 16, 2007 2:17 PM | Report abuse

On the radio (730 AM, I believe), it was reported that the shooter was on campus "looking for his girlfriend." There was no elaboration on that.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families, and the entire VT community.

Posted by: Ghitza | April 16, 2007 2:18 PM | Report abuse

My only question is with all the media attention these things get, does it give someone craving attention more of an incentive to do these types of things?

Posted by: Cheyene, WY | April 16, 2007 2:26 PM | Report abuse

hey pd,

i agree that he could go to atl at 8, i just felt that one of those two would be available at the 9 spot. remember leon hall is in the mix there too for some of those teams and branch at dt will be around at 9 and still be a good pick for us. but the scenario of us grabbing okoye at 9 and then merriweather, or heck, another d-line in spencer with miami's 2nd pick would be a GREAT 1st day in my opinion...

but to trade out of the 6 spot to something below 10, i want at least three 1st day picks, if not more....

Posted by: JC | April 16, 2007 2:26 PM | Report abuse

I wondering who actually is in charge of the draft for the Redskins...

I mean who gets the final yes or no vote on draft day?

Posted by: Cheyenne, WY | April 16, 2007 2:37 PM | Report abuse

Given the choice, I'd take Anderson, over Adams, based solely on size. The article on yahoo states that Adams wouldn't want to get much bigger, as it would take away his speed. I'd prefer Carriker, but I'll, 'settle' for Anderson.

Posted by: Greg(Boston) | April 16, 2007 2:40 PM | Report abuse


I like a trade with Miami, since they have an early and late 2nd plus a third. We either get their early second or the late second plus third.

But it is nice at that position we will have some options. But unless the top five get mixed up, I see us 'stuck' at 6... which isnt really stuck b/c of the talent that will be there that we need.

Posted by: PDSquared | April 16, 2007 2:44 PM | Report abuse

Most likely, the talk about drafting Landry at #6 is a bluff to facilitate a trade up with the teams that want him but would stay put if they believe that he may fall to them. We already have one elite safety and several adequate ones. As many of you noted, the Skins greatest needs are not at the safety position. And a good safety could be found after the first round. Furthermore, the FO should take into account the cap implications. The veteran safeties' average salaries are significantly lower than those of cornerbacks, defensive ends, offensive tackles, etc. I would also argue that these three positions (plus DT) are of greater need for Redskins that a safety position. We had no pass rush and our corners were toasted many times last year. Although the offensive line did well, it is aging and OT is a very hard position to fill. A high draft pick would involve a lot of money in guaranteed bonuses, thus assuming that they draft an elite player at #6, the cap savings (the difference between what an elite FA would get vs a rookie contract) would be greater at positions other than safety. The bottom line is that the smartest thing for the team is to trade down and get some extra picks. If they cannot trade down, they will pick Landry only if the FO believes that he is by far the best of the remaining players. Because it does not appear that there is a Champ Bailey type corner in this draft and we have addressed the depth at the corner position in the free agency, they will most likely pick either DE or DT at #6. They will trade down though, if they get a fair offer.

Posted by: M | April 16, 2007 2:47 PM | Report abuse

But do we have the money to pay wht the 6ht pick should get paid?

If it is determined the same player will still be available at a later pick, we could trade down, get an additional pick and save a few bucks.

Posted by: Cheyenne, WY | April 16, 2007 2:47 PM | Report abuse

new post

Posted by: the don | April 16, 2007 2:48 PM | Report abuse

"but to trade out of the 6 spot to something below 10, i want at least three 1st day picks, if not more...."

Holy crap you may as well as for world peace and the fountain of youth as well why you are at it!1

No way anyone would give up that much for one player....well let me re-phrase that.

Other than us no way anyone would give up that much for one player :)

Posted by: KCskinfan | April 16, 2007 3:06 PM | Report abuse

Except around here and similar sites, there hasn't been a lot of talk about Landry. There were Redskins FO personnel at the LSU Pro Day but the alleged interest was in Russell - not even a peep about Landry for public consumption. The same can also be said about Okoye and Anderson. Redskins coaches and scouts have seen these players, but they aren't talking about them. You can be sure there are others as well. (Carriker, for example.)

How good is Landry? At this point, he is only the top-rated defensive player in the draft by most sources. He is rated as not just good; he is considered a game-changer, a difference-maker. He has safety skills, as well as cornerback speed and possibly CB skills as well, based on numerous reports.

How good are the Redskins at safety after Taylor? The rest of the group are primarily special teams players. Put another potential all-pro back there with Taylor and suddenly there are no receivers open, and the defensive lineman and linebackers can make sacks.

The money issue is a moot point. The slotting system for 1st round picks is well-established. If the Redskins pick at #6, they will pay just about the same for any player, regardless of position. That price is probably going to be significantly steeper than in past years, due to salary cap escalation. The Redskins have indicated on several occasions that they would like to trade out of the #6 slot for additional picks, but that may be motivated as much by the salary cap situation. (The "move up and take CJ" issue is a ruse. It is easily the best piece of disinformation disseminated by the Redskins this year.)

Based on recent whispers, the Landry issue may also be moot. There is some talk that Atlanta may try to trade up higher (#2-3) in order to grab Landry. If that occurs, then it's possible that Peterson may be available at #6, and there are several teams interested enough to trade up for him.

At this point, what everyone should hope for from the Redskins FO is PATIENCE. Yes, that is a lot to hope for, since they have demonstrated on many occasions that patience is an unknown virtue. There will be greater rewards if they stand pat until draft day.

Posted by: The Mole | April 16, 2007 3:29 PM | Report abuse

Haha, Atlanta trading up to 2 and taking Landry! Good One! They want CJ before Landry...

Russell, CJ, Thomas, and Quinn/Peterson are 4 of the first 5 picks, no doubt. Now it is looking like Gaines Addams could be the 5th of those. It'd be a big surprise if Landry isn't there at #6.

That said, I don't want a safety. Try to trade #6 to Atlanta for them to get Landry though....I like that...

Posted by: Jon | April 16, 2007 3:44 PM | Report abuse

KCskinfan, i don't see anything extravagant about trading from the 6 spot down to osmething in the early 20s and get a late second and late third pick too, or at the vey least, a 4th or next year's third... it all depends on who is there at the 6th spot....

Posted by: JC | April 16, 2007 3:53 PM | Report abuse

Hey The Mole, apart from this website, there is quite a bit of talk about Redskins taking Landry - Mel Kiper of ESPN for example. Peter King from CNN also states that in the eyes of most teams there is a small group of 7 players that belong as high first round picks and Landry is one of them. I agree with you that patience is the key and that the Skins' front office lacked this virtue in the past. But I think that you misunderstood my point about the cap savings. Of course, the #6 pick salary would be roughly the same regardless of position. But suppose a team has one high draft pick that could bring an elite player, but the team has needs at two positions. If, on average, the free agency salary at position A is significantly higher than that at position B, it makes sense to fill in position A through the draft (rookie salary, which would be roughly the same regardless of position), and position B through through the free agency (where veteran salaries depend upon positions - e.g., starting fullbacks make less than starting quaterbacks). If there is no drastic difference in skills among players available in the draft at positions A and B, this should be the way to go. Hope this makes sense.

Posted by: M | April 16, 2007 4:11 PM | Report abuse

The Briggs deal probably would have gone down with any other team. But with our reputation for overpaying and over-trading, of course Chicago asked for more.

I'd like Okoye, but by the time he's a force, the Danny will refuse to pay him what he's worth and another team will get all of the benefits, so we might as well trade down.

Posted by: Redskinrex | April 16, 2007 10:15 PM | Report abuse

thank god

Posted by: s.fla.skinnr | April 17, 2007 9:53 AM | Report abuse

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