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Just checking up my email and saw this note from Meg. We already knew she was Queen Bee, ruler of our blogosphere, but she's come up huge again. Check out the FAQ's she did for the blog. I'm going to try to get Cindy and the web guys to get it posted as a link on the blog, so people can click on it at all times. That's not my call, and if it was I'd have the link ASAP. Cindy is off on Fridays, so it might take until the weekend to get final word.

Okay, here is her manifesto:

Redskins Insider FAQ

Q: What is this thing?

A: A blog by Jason La Canfora of the Washington Post, giving you the "inside scoop" on the Washington Redskins.

Q: What does "inside scoop" mean?

A: Jason is one the beat reporters for the Post(Howard Bryant is the other one). Both have no personal life and do absolutely nothing but follow the Redskins around all season, asking the coaches, players and Redskins personnel potentially embarrassing questions, run all about Northern Virginia sorting through trashcans, dumpsters and various heavily wooded areas where the perverts lie in wait to find clues as to why the Redskins are the way they are, and risk life and limb to consult Voodoo specialists about out what will happen in the upcoming games, all so you the fan(atic) can have up to the minute news on your favorite team.

Q: How often does Jason update the blog?

A: Whenever he can; whenever he has news; whenever he feels like it. Seriously, usually he has one post in the morning and one in the afternoon. If we're really lucky we might get three.

Q: Why does Jason have so many typos? Can't he type? Doesn't he have an editor?

A: Who cares--it's a blog! Jason updates when he can, from wherever he can, sometimes while running through the WaPo hallways at a mad dash, driving his Volkswagen across midfield at Redskin Park trying to get to the afternoon Gibbs Presser, and sometimes on the train to NJ while quaffing Red Dog beer. Trains can be shaky you know, and Red Dog beer is a risky endeavor at best. But his main job is being a journalist and writing articles for the Washington Post. You know, those things that appear on the sports page that you get to read every day, and his editor is off doing those specials things editors do, like editing said articles. Anyway, once again, it's a blog, get over it.

Q: Does Jason read every single post?

A: Yes, he actually does. You post it, he reads it.

Q: Are you sure he read my post?

A: Yes! He might not have time to reply right away to it--that pesky work thing again you know. And sometimes he has to sleep--well, when he's not busy attending Fank Black concerts that is.

Q: You all sure complain a lot; why do you guys hate the Redskins so much? I thought you all were fans?

A: We are fans; this is a place for us to vent our frustrations, gripe, complain, revel, cheer, party, partake in various group s....well, you get the idea. Anyways, after a loss there is usually quite a bit of yelling and screaming and crying. It's a form of group-medication or a support group or ... something.

Q: Why are you guys always screaming for Gibbs to bench Brunell? How come we aren't playing Jason Campbell?

A: It's traditional to have quarterback controversy in Washington; without one the Potomac would run dry, the Capital would crumble and Congressional pages would stop using IM.

Q:Why are the Redskins losing all these games? Arggh, I'm so frustrated.

A: Aren't we all. Feel free to post your opinions. Just don't leave your caps-key on.

Q:Can we make the playoffs? Are we going to the Super Bowl? Are we going to win this week?

A: We're fans, not psychics. Feel free to speculate.

Q: Don't you all have day jobs? Stop posting so much and get a life!

A: Day job, life? Who cares about that! Besides, being a Redskins fan is almost a religion; in comparison, everything else is unimportant

Q: How come you all refer to Joe Gibbs as St. Joe? Isn't that blasphemy?

A: Of course not, silly. See previous answer.

Q: Why do you guys hate ?

A: Win and all will be forgiven. Fans are fickle, what can I say?

Q: What's with all the alcohol references? You guys drink way too much.

A: Yes we do and it's been a rough year so far. Drink up!

Q: Why do you refer to Rod Gardner as "Gardner, Rod" and Fity-fity?

A: We love all our ex-wide receivers that produced huge numbers while they were here. Really, we do. As well as having issues catching the ball, when visiting DC's finest establishments he likes female dogs to park his car for him. Besides, he's a Pimp, a Playa and a Non-TouchdownMayka

Q: What's with all the haikus?

A: Haikus are awesome, we could do a whole day worth of them. And as Jason says: They add a literary element to the blog.

Q: Why does Jason drive a Volkswagen?

A: Ssshh! It's probably a personal problem. We try and stay away from that topic, so as not to embarrass him, but he keeps bringing it over and over again. Just ignore him when he does that and he'll stop...eventually.

Q: Why does Jason listen to that trifling 80's music. Can't he listen to something cool like P. Diddy or MC Hammer?

A: Even though P. Diddy is a regular contributor to our blog, prying Jason's fingers off of an Iron Maiden CD is like getting in a fight with a pitbull while stuck in an elevator. Good luck with that one . And oh yeah, be prepared to discuss all sorts of sorts of Big-Hair-Bands music type trivia.

Q: Somebody picked on me and hurt my feelings, what should I do?

A: It's a blog, they were probably being sarcastic, but if not, take a deep breath and seek medical attention. Else, if they actually violated the Washington Posts rules for the blog, let Jason know and he will contact the proper WaPo authorities. Just remember, if the men in white coats show up, they are your friends, go along peacefully and everything will be just dandy in the end. Mmkay?

Q: Someone caps-lock key is on, it's really annoying and he keeps spouting off about how much the Redskins suck and that's blasphemy, can't you get rid of him?

A: We could, but we all love him just the same.

Q: Is P. Diddy that posts here really Sean Combs, the Puff Daddy?

A: Though he denies it and says something about being a writer, we all know the truth.

Q: This FAQ doesn't seem very serious, is it for real?

A: Not really.

Q: Who wrote this dumb thing?

A: Megskin, QueenBee of the blog. My fault; I take full responsibility and no I don't IM, pervert.

By Jason La Canfora  |  October 19, 2006; 10:56 PM ET
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