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A Playoff Proposal

Good morning! Not much happening yet, but I wanted to take your temperature on a proposal from the NFL's competition committee that will be addressed at the owners' meetings, which began this morning in Palm Beach, Fla. Maske is there and will be BHGO on the NFL Insider. I'll cross-post here, if i think Redskins Nation would have an interest.
One of the proposals by the competition committee concerns reseeding for the playoffs. Considering that the Redskins have been wild cards their last two times in postseason, this would have changed things. Here's Maske's take on it:

The reseeding proposal by the competition committee would enable wild card playoff qualifiers to compete for the third and fourth seeds in each conference.
Currently, the four division winners in each conference get the top four seeds.
The proposal would reserve the top two playoff seeds for division winners, but Nos. 3 through 6 would be open to wild-card teams. However, being a division winner would be the top tiebreaker.
The intent is to eliminate some meaningless games at the end of the regular season. The proposal would have to be approved by at least 24 of the 32 clubs.

In other news, Pac-Man Jones thinks the Tennessee Titans are done with him (he also thinks the housing market may be in a slump...). There's a tantalizing talent -- should the Redskins let him go to, say, the Cowboys?

By Cindy Boren  |  March 31, 2008; 11:01 AM ET
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Posted by: SETH.LEMASTER | March 31, 2008 11:26 AM | Report abuse call these NEWS ???
I've known this for over a week !!!

Posted by: eauzmendi | March 31, 2008 11:34 AM | Report abuse

Can Pac Man Jones please just go away? He's is just such a dirt bag and has he even been reinstated? Seriously, he would only fit on a team like the Cowboys.

I LOVE the playoff proposal and was annoyed when I found out that it wasn't going to work that way when they went from 6 to 8 divisions. Winning in a weak division with a so-so record should not give you the 3 or 4 seed - would make for some interesting games down the line as people play for byes.

Been busy at work since the end of the season, so I have only been lurking for a few months.

Posted by: suzannepdc | March 31, 2008 11:34 AM | Report abuse

Greg sorry, I got Nicks and Purify mixed up.

SETH I don't think that there is a great difference between the teams in the NFC East. Also, if you look at it the skins played the second hardest schedule last year and made the playoffs. You're not giving the skins credit for the team thy have. That's why keeping the roster together is important. You say you're realistic. Realisticaly, the skins made the playoff 2 out of 3 years. That puts them as one of the better teams in the league.

Posted by: marlonjohn | March 31, 2008 11:50 AM

Posted by: marlonjohn | March 31, 2008 11:52 AM | Report abuse

I still think the Division winners should be guaranteed a berth, but seeding done based on record

That means if by some quirk of fate 2 teams in a division have the most wins in the conference they should both get a bye week.

Of course I've also mulled over the idea that if two teams from the same division are in the wild card round, then they ought to do battle records out the window there.

As for Pacman, according to ESPN earlier this week that deal with the cowboys has been nixed. Frankly, I'm not fond of what the guy has done, but I think Goodell took things a bit too far. If he doesn't reinstate him for this season I think Pacman will have grounds for a case against the NFL.

Posted by: Veretax | March 31, 2008 11:55 AM | Report abuse

wait, this post didn't have any video of the NY Giants or talk about some dumbass party.

I'm disappointed.

Posted by: makalb18 | March 31, 2008 12:03 PM | Report abuse

I have a sparkling personality.

Posted by: not makalb18 / March 31, 2008

Posted by: notguy | March 31, 2008 12:11 PM | Report abuse

I TOLD you there was nothing at the moment!

Posted by: TheCindy | March 31, 2008 12:29 PM | Report abuse

My name is makalb18 and I am bitter. I can't stand the fact that other people like to converse about things other than football and have friends, because I have none. I will only post while b!tching and not add anything of substance to anything, ever. Please like me.

Posted by: scampbell1975 | March 31, 2008 12:38 PM | Report abuse

I understand that Tenn is down on him but I think in the end they are not going to let him walk for basically nothing. The guy was a top 10 draft pick in the NFL and can actually play.

if they are going to let him go for conditional picks or a 3rd rounder, the skins and every team in the league should jump into the negotiations. No team is going to sign the guy and give him more than the minimum and/or bonus for more the a million. it's too much at risk. so why not take a chance on the guy.

The question is just how much more stupidity does the guy have left in his system? Has he learned anything from this? Does he have enough sense to at least play by some rules to keep making his NFL salary, or what?

Posted by: oknow1 | March 31, 2008 12:48 PM | Report abuse

Of course you go after Pac Man, but this current regime is too idiotic to do what makes sense.

Pac Man will be a one strike and out kind of guy. You fill his contract with clauses tied to good conduct, etc. If he screws up, you lose nothing. If he produces, you score. His problems were all off the field. His former team members have said he was a leader in the locker room, and a positive force in workouts and games. DO NOT LET THE COWBOYS GET HIM.

As for the playoff seeding, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Division winners should always get the higher seeds, because they had to win their division. Otherwise you could have a weak division produce two 12-4 teams, and have an extremely strong division that produces three 9-7 teams. The only reason that they are 9-7 is because they played in that harder division. Therefore the 9-7 division winner had a much tougher time, than the 12-4 wildcard. After all, it had 6 games against stronger division rivals.

Posted by: Sports_Guru | March 31, 2008 12:57 PM | Report abuse


Movin' on up, part deux... While LSU's Dorsey has the big mo, there is also a growing buzz around the league that if another player on the rise is Virginia offensive lineman Branden Albert. Albert, who played OG for the Cavaliers, had been already been one of the fastest risers in the 2008 draft class as an OG; indeed, as an OG Albert was being considered as a possible top 20 prospect. Now, though, more than one team is reportedly starting to look at the athletic 6-5.5, 310-pound Albert as a potential LT. And that could move Albert up even further. Indeed, there is a bit of a buzz that Albert could ultimately be the second or third OT off the board at next month's draft and could also even sneak into the top when all is said and done.

Posted by: skinfanman | March 31, 2008 12:59 PM | Report abuse

Been busy at work since the end of the season, so I have only been lurking for a few months.

Posted by: suzannepdc | March 31, 2008 11:34 AM

Since the end of the season? How can that be? This is 2008, and indentured servitude is illegal. As says, "Anyone who doesn't have time to post on RI really needs a new job!"

Posted by: talent_evaluator | March 31, 2008 1:11 PM | Report abuse

People are acting as if Pacman Jones is that good. He is avg at best.

The main argument seems to be the fact that he was a high draft pick. Guess what... was was C Rogers and no one seems to have a huge problem with trashing him.

Posted by: sams3 | March 31, 2008 1:14 PM | Report abuse

I agree that we should get a bid in on Pacman. None of his problems were football related. Give up a 3rd rd pick this yr and a 4th next yr, and that locks up our secondary. Fill his contract with incentives and good behavior clauses,and what's to lose?
As for the playoffs, I love that idea. 1st and 2nd best record division winners get a bye, and from there the best records are seeded. Tampa was on cruise control for weeks due to the sorry state of the NFC south. Make these teams play the last games of the season, or just give the tickets away. This would make the last game count for something.

Posted by: hallen1007 | March 31, 2008 1:26 PM | Report abuse

marlonjohn, realistically, the skins BARELY made it into the playoffs 2 of the last 3 years. in both cases, the skins went into the final game of the regular season fighting for a wildcard spot. in both cases, the skins got the last wildcard spot, making them the worst of all the playoff teams. the skins are a good football team, but we lost our offensive and defensive coordinators and our head coach.

its unreasonable to think this team will be a contender this year. I find it interesting that the same people who seem to "expect" the skins to do good this year are also the same people who say we shouldnt expect alot of zorn and should give him a couple years before we pull the plug on him. you can't have your cake and eat it to. if this team is so good, then expectations for zorn should be very high, and his job should be on the line if this team doesnt have a winning record this year. on the other hand, if you are realistic, you look at our team and you see:

1) alot of holes on the roster now (WR, OL, DL, DE, CB, SS),
2) places where our starters are good, but on the downside of their career and will need to be replaced soon (Washington, Fletcher, Daniels, Springs, etc., entire offensive line, etc.)
3) A first year "GM" in vinny cerrato
4) A first year head coach / playcaller in zorn.
5) A new offensive system for a young quarterback trying to prove he is the future of this franchise to learn
6) A team with almost no depth behind its starters.

All the other teams in our division have established head coaches, established quarterbacks, established GMs and very good depth behind most of their starters. The skins are simply not in a position to be a real contender unless everything goes their way (i.e. solid draft, winning close games, not getting hurt, etc).

I am realistic and don't expect a lot from zorn and company this year. I would be as happy as anyone if this team goes on to win the superbowl, but its just not likely to happen. i'm going to root for my team just like everyone else here.

Please remember, that my whole reason for bringing any of this up was to point out the sheer foolishness of marlonjohns suggestion that we trade next years 1st round draft pick. we are not a team that should EXPECT to have a pick between 22 and 32 next year. If we were, i wouldn't care so much if we swapped next years pick in the 25-32 range for a high 2nd rounder this year. But i forsee us having a very valuable pick next year and i don't want to risk throwing it away for a 2nd round receiver with 3rd round talent this year.... not when the pick we traded would likely garner us laron landry-esque talent next year.

Posted by: SETH.LEMASTER | March 31, 2008 1:27 PM | Report abuse

regarding pacman, i actually agree that we should try to nab him for something a little higher than what the cowboys offer (a 3rd this year and 4th next year would be way too high though).

If we signed him to a 2-3year deal that allowed us to cut him at the first sign of trouble, it would be worth it. and if pacman played well, we could still trade him to another team for a higher pick if he became a problem in the locker room.

I think pacman could be had for a 5th rounder this year and a conditional pick next year. Its a worthwhile gamble in my opinion. low risk, high reward.

Posted by: SETH.LEMASTER | March 31, 2008 1:32 PM | Report abuse

Hitting, or violence against women is just inexcusable to me.

Posted by: gregmarino88 | March 31, 2008 11:19 AM

You're not married, right?

TA, married 12 going on 13 years, 3 kids.

No thanks to Pac-man, not worth the risk.

"Barely made the playoffs"

Does that mean that there is an asterisk next to the Redskins 2007 record?

Posted by: gregmarino88 | March 31, 2008 1:33 PM | Report abuse

Peter King wrote a lot on the Pacman deal today. He predicts Pacman will be a Cowboy by the end of the week, and thinks Pacman is a good deal if you keep him on a short leash.

I think we should get into the bidding if for no other reason than to make the Cowboys pay a bigger price for the guy. But the guy is trash -- Michael Irvin asked him if he'd ever go into a strip club again and he said "Never say never." That's real smart from a guy who wants to have his suspension lifted.

Posted by: talent_evaluator | March 31, 2008 1:35 PM | Report abuse

Wasn't there an NFC team that started last season with a SKJed up FO and a locker room in turmoil?

New York...something?

I agree with the realistic assessment, but I'm just sayin...that's all, just blah, blah, up here.

Oh, and on the Pacman thing, since we're not willing to overpay to get him, go ahead make him an offer he's bound to refuse.

Posted by: _Stumped_ | March 31, 2008 1:36 PM | Report abuse

I disagree about the offensive line having a bunch of holes. What happened to the line last year is not likely to happen again. Yes, they are a veteran group, but the good thing about last yr is that it got playing time for the young guys, mainly Heyer. I agree that we need to start getting replacements ready for Jansen and Kendall, but if we use the 3rd and 4th rounds of this and next yrs. draft, that should take care of it.
Switching coaches does take an adjustment period, and I expect this yrs team to be 7-9. JC is the real deal, and Zorn will get the best out of him. This team is in a transition period, even Vinnie knows it, which is why they ain't getting in the FA mix. And a big NO to trading away picks, we need all we can get.
By the way, any of you going to the HOF ceremony and festivities this year? My crew here in Charlotte are heading up, so get at me!

Posted by: hallen1007 | March 31, 2008 1:38 PM | Report abuse

TA, married 12 going on 13 years, 3 kids.

Posted by: gregmarino88 | March 31, 2008 01:33 PM

Way to go, Greg.

Posted by: talent_evaluator | March 31, 2008 1:38 PM | Report abuse

A 3rd this yr and 4th next yr is not too high if he is a starter. I'd also make him return kicks too, get all my moneys worth out of him.

Posted by: hallen1007 | March 31, 2008 1:41 PM | Report abuse

Ah, Art Monk will soon be enshrined.

At last, at last, enshrined at last.

Posted by: _Stumped_ | March 31, 2008 1:42 PM | Report abuse

Oh, and on the Pacman thing, since we're not willing to overpay to get him, go ahead make him an offer he's bound to refuse.

Posted by: _Stumped_ | March 31, 2008 01:36 PM

Stumped, If we trade for him we get him with his current contract that has two years to run and relatively low salaries -- $1.7 million this year, $2.2 million next year.

Posted by: talent_evaluator | March 31, 2008 1:43 PM | Report abuse

ta, where ya been? Haven't heard from you in a while?

Posted by: gregmarino88 | March 31, 2008 1:47 PM | Report abuse

If Pacman comes cheap, go for it (but keep him on a short leash).

I guess I believe in redemption, or second chances, or something.

beep beep...

Posted by: _Stumped_ | March 31, 2008 1:50 PM | Report abuse

PacMan's strength is as a return guy, and so of "eh" at corner. I disagree with Sports_Guru that he was one strike and out. The guy is a career ne'er to well. I don't care if the Cowboys sign the "rights" to hire him ... he will be allowed to play again in the NFL about the same time as Michael Vick.

Re: the playoff seeding change, I don't like it. I don't like the idea of bye weeks at all. In my mind, the way to go far is win in December with a slightly above average record (i.e., better based on common opponents). Sound familiar? Also, wild cards get a mental boost by beating a division winner. Finally, I hate change. So much so, that when I get a Sakajewea (sp?) dollar, I just throw it in the street.

Posted by: dcsween | March 31, 2008 1:53 PM | Report abuse

Dallas is a better fit for Pacman. They have a better and wider selection of strip clubs.

Posted by: blumarble | March 31, 2008 1:55 PM | Report abuse

Dallas is a better fit for Pacman. They have a better and wider selection of strip clubs.

Posted by: blumarble | March 31, 2008 01:55 PM

This weeks winner for the Captain Obvious joke of the week. Congrats, you have boldly gone where only 6 billion others have gone before.

Posted by: sams3 | March 31, 2008 1:57 PM | Report abuse

Art was cool, but I'm going to see my main man Darryl G. Greatest redskin, in my opinion.

Posted by: hallen1007 | March 31, 2008 2:14 PM | Report abuse

Yes, the Skins should let the Cowboys give the Titans the equivalent value of a high #4 draft pick (which they don't have -- hence the need for a 4 and 5) for the rights to sign Pac-Man. He was an average 2nd year player (ranked as the #79 best DB statistically in 2006), but he's been out of football for a year and wants a long term contract for a gazillion dollars -- like he's a #1 CB/KR.

It's pretty risky to sign Pac-Man. Even though the 1 yr suspension ends on April 10th -- the NFL may not be convinced that he reformed enough to trust him not to create future embarrassment. Obviously he doesn't have high moral character -- so one more slip-up and he could be banned for life.

If the playoff rules had been in effect last year, then the Cowboys (13-3) and Packers (13-3) would have had home field advantage and a first day bye. The Giants (10-6) and Seattle (10-6) would have had home field over Tampa (9-7) and Washington (9-7). The only change is the Giants (wild-card) playing at home over Tampa. I'm not sure this makes sense, since Tampa did win their division and there would be no reward [a home playoff game] for doing so...

Posted by: siris | March 31, 2008 2:36 PM | Report abuse

Loseable Type has really lost it tonight. They may have to reset the damn thing to "zero" to get this mess fixed.

Beware the 1st of April, for it is filled with woe.

Posted by: TheCrickets007 | April 1, 2008 5:38 AM | Report abuse

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Posted by: umwjvrxq dvhkzu | April 28, 2008 7:24 AM | Report abuse

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Posted by: sbwqyxhnk jzwq | April 28, 2008 7:24 AM | Report abuse

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