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Reason 101 Why Ray Brown Rocks

Former Skins O Lineman is one of my favorite dudes in sports and one of the coolest cats i have covered in pro sports. He's incredibly bright, very witty and outgoing and has a tremendous insight into all aspects of the game. He's also an all-around good guy and someone who has been very active in the community no matter he played in the NFL.

Thursday night, some of you will get the chance to get to know him a bit better as well, should you opt to do a little imbibing in Adams Morgan.

Check this out:

On Thursday, December 27, a fleet of cars donning the Redskins logo will be deployed in Adams Morgan offering adult consumers free rides home for the night. To bring this initiative to life, the Redskins and longtime team sponsor Diageo will be enlisting the help of former offensive lineman Ray Brown. Brown will be on hand to greet fans, discuss the importance of road safety and responsible decision making, and even get behind the wheel and drive a few lucky consumers home.

The marked kiosk, located in front of the Adams Station Building (2421 18th Street NW) in the heart of Adams Morgan, will accept "fares" from 8:00pm - 2:00am. In total, 10 cars will be in rotation and residents of the greater DC metro area that are 21 years of age or older are eligible. There is a four-passenger limit per car.

Additionally, SoberRide, which since 1993 has provided over 38,000 safe rides home to Washington, DC residents, will be offering free taxi rides home (up to a $50 fare) through January 1, 2008. Adult residents simply call 1-800-200-TAXI anytime between 10:00pm-6:00am for a ride.

Sound like a pretty cool promotion to me. If you happen to get in Ray's cab, definitely tell him I said hi.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and I'll check in from Redskins Park Thursday morning now that my Christmas travel odyssey is finally over.


By Jason La Canfora  |  December 26, 2007; 7:55 PM ET
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LOVE big Ray Brown. We like our O linemen to have a little personality, a little pizazz, don't we?

Posted by: NateinthePDX | December 26, 2007 8:07 PM | Report abuse

GREAT promotion.

There's a non-profit here in Seattle that does this as well. As a noted and experienced lush, I'm a huge fan of this idea. I'm a big believer in drunkenness, but I in no way condone drinking and driving, no matter how few drinks someone consumes. It's simply not worth it.

Don't drink and drive.

And Beat Dallas.

Posted by: PDiddy | December 26, 2007 8:33 PM | Report abuse

Nate, did Joe "TheatreVision" Jacoby have personality?


Posted by: PDiddy | December 26, 2007 8:43 PM | Report abuse

No, but he looked like he ate small children totally by accident, so I can understand the director not wanting to push it.
Director: Mr. Jacoby, can we do one more take with a little more emotion?
Joe: [Opens mouth]
Director: ... or not! I think I can work with the first take!

Posted by: daggar | December 26, 2007 9:12 PM | Report abuse

Diddy: I've literally seen your spirits rise over the last few weeks. You seemed so frustrated I thought you were going to give up on the Skins. I'm glad you and really all of us were able to hang in long enough to experience the improbable. My son, who was not born and raised in the DC area like I was, has also hung in there much to my delight. There is nothing better than shooting the Redskin sh-t with him and experiencing the highs and lows together.

Posted by: MadDog | December 26, 2007 9:13 PM | Report abuse

Diddy's spirits rise every night; how else do you get them to your lips?

Posted by: daggar | December 26, 2007 9:18 PM | Report abuse

I think the doldrums are completely understandable given the heartbreak surrounding this team this year. The relatively inconsequential fourth quarter collapses, the incessant injuries, the very visible blunders by the stars of the team, and the murder of Sean Taylor all combined to form a dark cloud over the franchise.

But if you look back to preseason, I said all along that they needed to get to 6-5 or 5-6 and make a run, and that 9-7 would get them in. It's a mediocre team led by a Hall of Fame head coach who has worked magic in the playoffs before. All you need to do is get in, and then anything can happen.

The other thing I hadn't counted on, but which, in retrospect, is fairly clear now is that all the injuries the 'Skins suffered were early in the season when everyone else was comparatively healthy. The nature of the NFL is such that all the injuries have "evened out" across all the teams (though the 'Skins have suffered more than their fair share). Everyone (except the Patriots) is playing hurt at this point, everyone has resorted to playing a rookie or two at crucial positions, and everyone sports at least one improbable starter who is playing well.

Nothing beats the NFL in December, with or without the 'Skins.

Posted by: PDiddy | December 26, 2007 9:22 PM | Report abuse

Then I guess I'm in high spirits most nights myself.

Posted by: MadDog | December 26, 2007 9:23 PM | Report abuse

The injuries have added up, and if the distribution had been a little more even, we'd probably be in the playoffs by now.
The Green Bay game really went south when Rabach limped off -- having lost Jansen, Thomas, and then Rabach was just too much to adjust to.
And Sean Taylor's knee injury really knocked out the defense. At least two TDs in the Eagles game, then TO's big plays in the CowPies game happened before Grilliams was able to rejigger the defense in his absence.
Those two games were two of the four where the defense gave up over 20 points.

Posted by: daggar | December 26, 2007 9:53 PM | Report abuse

Not sure if anyone checked out the last time I posted it. Also not sure if you all are into Hip Hop - but this dude Chris Paul from WPGC is on point. Check out another of his weekly 'Skins songs :

Dude has serious talent.

Posted by: bigmurf08 | December 26, 2007 9:58 PM | Report abuse

So the big unresolved question is, has the defense adjusted to the loss of Sean, or has the schedule worked out such that we haven't had to play against a productive, efficient passing offense in reasonable weather conditions?
Because with Moss, Randle El, Cooley, and Portis contributing Toddball should get us over that 20 point mark on offense. Can the defense keep doing what it's been doing?

Posted by: daggar | December 26, 2007 10:04 PM | Report abuse

He isn't still available to play O-Line for us is he?

Posted by: Dorf | December 26, 2007 10:34 PM | Report abuse

SNOW. 3-7 inches here in Portland tomorrow. After that unexpected furious flurry on Christmas Day -- huge fluffy flakes for a few hours, but nothing sticking -- I can't believe our luck that a REAL snow day might be ahead.

Same way I still have trouble believing the Skins are probably going to the playoffs. I mean, really? Really?


Posted by: NateinthePDX | December 26, 2007 11:38 PM | Report abuse

Smack to the back of my head for saying "probably."

We have GOT to take care of business on Sunday, and I refuse to believe the Cowboys will make it "easy" for us to win this game.

Also, F the Cowboys and the horses they will be riding in on.

Posted by: NateinthePDX | December 27, 2007 1:48 AM | Report abuse

It's like in the "Mighty Ducks" when Emilio Estevez took a ragtag bunch of nobodies to whatever the heck important game it was. Except the Ducks are the 'Skins and Emilio Estevez is St. Joe.

Alright, I'm going back to the bar.

Posted by: PDiddy | December 27, 2007 3:22 AM | Report abuse

Or, wait, was it Charlie Sheen?

Is there a difference?

Posted by: PDiddy | December 27, 2007 3:53 AM | Report abuse

BTW, I'm having fun annoying people on Maske's blog (Pats/Giants cable simulcast entry). Come on over! Double your fun, double your mint, or something like that.

Posted by: PDiddy | December 27, 2007 3:55 AM | Report abuse

I'm talking to myself again, aren't I?

Posted by: PDiddy | December 27, 2007 4:08 AM | Report abuse

I believe that someone has broken said blog...

HUGE game this weekend. I'm sure Brad J. would want a chance to stick it to us, however with Gurode, TO, and possibly Newman not playing, that might be a lot to overcome.

Posted by: gregmarino88 | December 27, 2007 9:07 AM | Report abuse

Is anyone really scared of the Cowboys without T.O? Honestly.... Imangine if they lost both their RG and RT, RLOB, Starting QB, Starting CB, AND THE BEST PLAYER ON THEIR TEAM DIED! (This would be T.O since no one esle on the team is any good.) They would be a 3 win team at MOST.

Posted by: sams3 | December 27, 2007 9:28 AM | Report abuse

Also Dallas will be "weakend" without their PROBOWL Center who can't snap the ball without throwing it 50 yards backward. Imagine if the Skins had a Center that good! Amazing, how do you make the probowl when your main job is to snap the ball correctly and you can't do that? The closest he has ever been to something good was when Haynesworth stepped on his face. The talent in his cleat actaully made his face better.

This game is going to be comical.
Skins by 20.

Posted by: sams3 | December 27, 2007 9:33 AM | Report abuse

Brad Johnson cost us that playoff game in Tampa in Norv Turner's lone playoff year. He folded like a dollar bill against their defense after we jumped on them 13-0 with the great Brian Mitchell tight-roping the sideline for a kick return TD. That said, pound Brad with pressure D.

Posted by: gregskins | December 27, 2007 9:38 AM | Report abuse

Dude, the Cowboys' center made the PROBOWL?!? The same one who likes to snap the ball to Romo like he's the punter?!?

Posted by: suzannepdc | December 27, 2007 9:38 AM | Report abuse

We should still be concerned, as should Gibbs & company......The girls will most certainly not lay down for this one.....just think how we would feel going into Dallas if we had home field wrapped up and could knock them out of the playoffs. You know they don't want to see us in the NFC championship; we already almost beat them in Dallas once this year, and we are playing much better ball a this point. The Skins have got to be the one team that they do not want to face again in the playoffs....

Posted by: dlhaze | December 27, 2007 9:38 AM | Report abuse

If this game is in doubt at the end of the first quarter, that will be a VERY bad sign.

We need to get some early scores and smother their second string offense. If we get up two TDs, the Cowboys can go into their "we didn't really care about this game anyway, la dee dah" mode, and we can practice Toddball and just eat clock the rest of the way. I hope.

Posted by: NateinthePDX | December 27, 2007 9:44 AM | Report abuse

dlhaze, minor point of clarification. I think it's impossible to face the Cowboys in the conference championship game.

If we get into the playoffs, it will be as the #6 seed. If we win the wild card game, as the lowest remaining seed (which would be guaranteed) we would face the highest remaining seed, which would be the #1 seed Cowboys. Unless I misunderstand how the seeding works, which is entirely possible.

So our path to the Super Bowl would be through Seattle, then Dallas, then Green Bay (or New York, or Tampa, both of which seem incredibly unlikely, don't they?).

Getting a bit ahead of myself, though. Let's win this one Sunday...


Posted by: NateinthePDX | December 27, 2007 9:48 AM | Report abuse


You beat me to the post. But to add to your info, We need to beat them Sunday. After that we go to Seattle. Then we play them again. So they will need to beat us back to back. One other little nugget. By beating them in Dallas. It would close Texas Stadium for good since their new building will be open in 2008. How sweet would that be. However we have to get there first.

Posted by: roweq | December 27, 2007 9:55 AM | Report abuse

Gotcha, roweq. But don't forget that we'll potentially have the same challenge, beating THEM back to back, the first time when they have very little on the line and the second time in their building after they've had a bye week.

I thought their new building opened in '09, not '08? But agree that it would be sweet to beat them in the last game there, whenever it is.

Posted by: NateinthePDX | December 27, 2007 10:00 AM | Report abuse

Anybody see Inside the NFL? Chris Carter's a punk!!

They need a new group. Marino is lame and way too uptight for television and Carter is just a punk. Going after Coach like that. How's that crow taste, buddy?

Posted by: jspaceman72 | December 27, 2007 10:22 AM | Report abuse

Hey, it's my birthday today! I've reached the ripe old age of 49. I know that sounds ancient to most of you but as you get older you will realize it's only a number. I vividly remember Sonny, Billy, Charlie, Larry and every era of Redskins thereafter. I remember thinking we should win the Super Bowl every year, we were that good. Times have definitely been tough recently but I think we are on the right track. Keep the Faith and beat Dallas. Hail.

Posted by: MadDog | December 27, 2007 10:25 AM | Report abuse

My bad. Even said, you know they don't want to see us again, so I think they might come out Sunday with guns blazing.....even without TO. We just have to shut Witten down and let Todd throw the heck out of the ball.

Posted by: dlhaze | December 27, 2007 10:28 AM | Report abuse

**beer beer**

Posted by: NateinthePDX | December 27, 2007 10:28 AM | Report abuse

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