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Joe and Jill Biden's soaking wet beach bash

Vice President Joe Biden lost the Super Soaker battle to small but slippery foes. (Roxanne Roberts/The Washington Post)

Jill Biden launched the surprise attack at the "Biden Beach Boardwalk" Saturday at their residence. (Roxanne Roberts/The Washington Post)

Busy weekend for Joe and Jill Biden. The veep and his wife hosted a reception for breast cancer survivors Friday evening, then headed up to Philly for Game 4 of the NHL finals. (It was his birthday present to Jill -- turns out she's a baseball and hockey fanatic.) On Saturday afternoon, they hosted a "Biden Beach Boardwalk" for press at their residence at the Naval Observatory.

All went according to plan for the first part of the picnic: The Bidens posed for pictures with their guests and headed out to the lawn for schmoozing. Then the second lady launched a surprise Super Soaker attack on her husband. "I'm here to protect you, Mr. Vice President, but not from this," a Secret Service agent said with a grin. The veep quickly retaliated but was soaked by a number of children -- including Biden grandkids -- armed with oversize water guns. (He wasn't the only one: Rahm Emanuel was drenched, but David Axelrod managed to stay dry.)

The couple left that night for Egypt, Kenya and South Africa, where they will lead the U.S. delegation in Friday's World Cup opening ceremony.

By The Reliable Source  |  June 7, 2010; 1:02 AM ET
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this so-called vice president was the lowest vote getter among mainstream Dem. candidates in 2008 - and HE got picked for VP.
dopey, and embarrassing. how virulent was Caroline Kennedy's dislike of HRC to turn to this old windbag for the job rec?
yawn. is it 2012 yet.
let's just wish him off somewhere, to a healthy and very remote retirement.
No Joe, no thanks.

Posted by: FloridaChick | June 6, 2010 11:47 PM | Report abuse

Good to see Joe and Rahm having fun. They work so hard for the average American. They need to blow off steam so they can keep fighting for all of us week in and week out.

Posted by: TheDubb | June 7, 2010 9:24 AM | Report abuse

Geesh, lighten up FloridaChick! It's a feel good story about a family having some fun on a hot summer day. No need to turn everything into a bitter and sarcastic politcal attack. You must be loads of fun to hang out with! :-)

Posted by: SouthernerInDC | June 7, 2010 10:02 AM | Report abuse

FloridaChick: Haters gonna hate.

Everyone keeps saying Rahm Emanuel got soaked. I've yet to see photographic evidence of this. I feel like it's required.

Posted by: dkp01 | June 7, 2010 10:15 AM | Report abuse

Yeah, what the heck is problem with a little politics in water squirt guns...Is there?

Posted by: october30 | June 7, 2010 10:16 AM | Report abuse

Who really cares what the Biden or the Odumbo mutts do with their partying?

November can't come soon enough to start cleaning the democrat manure out of Congress.
Then in 2012 we can clean the incompetent Odumbo manure pile out and fumigate the White House.
Disgusting leftist slugs, nothing more.

Posted by: LarryG62 | June 7, 2010 11:16 AM | Report abuse

Foridachick you obivously have not looked up his record do your research then make your comments.

Posted by: waysonp | June 7, 2010 11:25 AM | Report abuse

Foridachick you obivously have not looked up his record do your research then make your comments.

Posted by: waysonp
No, problem for Fl chick was she received her list of regurgitated talking points from the GOP early this morning and posted them before she saw "Biden" instead of "Obama".

Posted by: PeterPamZ | June 7, 2010 11:33 AM | Report abuse

Nostalgic for when the GOP controlled the White House and Congress, Larry G62? Things went so well then. But your silly remark about "left slug" makes it obvious anyone who has a different viewpoint from yours is beneath contempt. Oh, well, that's American politics these days.

Posted by: Sutter | June 7, 2010 11:40 AM | Report abuse

Why is nobody focusing on the real scandal here, namely that Ed Henry managed to get video of Biden soaking wet but not Emanuel? By the way, fair warning that video is a little terrifying, I never needed to see wet trousers clinging to the Second Jewels like that. Or like anything really.

Posted by: dkp01 | June 7, 2010 11:49 AM | Report abuse

This is a big effing deal.

Posted by: MarkT3 | June 7, 2010 12:28 PM | Report abuse

sad state of affairs when the secret service won't take a super soaker for their man...

Posted by: dcunitedfan3 | June 7, 2010 2:10 PM | Report abuse

To ThedDubb:
All that "fighting" Joe is doing for us must be happening outdoors. Where else would he find the time to get that impressive tan? Outstanding multi-tasking, and cost saving. Golly,gee.

Posted by: beowulf3 | June 7, 2010 2:52 PM | Report abuse

Biden's the real deal!

Posted by: nhnh | June 7, 2010 3:45 PM | Report abuse

"Good to see Joe and Rahm having fun. They work so hard for the average American..."

LOL... Indeed!

President Obama sells the snake oil...
VP Biden relegated to squirt gun games...

Bill Clinton cleans up the messes.

Posted by: cheetahcats | June 7, 2010 4:16 PM | Report abuse

Joe Biden is a great guy .. extremely smart and a real family man.We are lucky to have him and his expertise in foreign affairs... he is also a BRILLANT constitutional lawyer .. just think he is the opposite extreme of GWB .. JOe BIDEN is literate and has admits that there is a constitution and rule of law that governs the USA,,
A Proud Delawarean who knows Joe Biden

Posted by: whatbull | June 7, 2010 4:39 PM | Report abuse

White House dudebros spotted at Old Glory, playing shirtless flip cup or beer pong (the source identifies it as beer pong, but it looks more like flip cup to me)

Posted by: dkp01 | June 7, 2010 8:06 PM | Report abuse

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