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The imposter Redskinette: D.C. 'Housewives' recap and fact-check (#7, Sept. 23)

Michaele Salahi (can you spot her?) joined the Redskins cheerleader alumni association, but the organization later found she was never on the actual squad. (Jamie Christian)

Welcome back to "The Real Housewives of D.C." -- this episode brought to you by The Washington Post. No, really. We basically wrote the script for this one. All the stuff about how Michaele isn't really a Redskins cheerleader? Hello! -- the Housewives were only able to go there because the Post broke that news to the world. In fact, though the show doesn't admit it, it's clear to behind-the-scenes experts like ourselves that much of this episode was taped after the White House gate-crashing incident (again: brought to you by the Post), and that when the other 'Wives are talking about all the craziness with the Salahis, they're actually talking about stories they'd just read in the Post. After the gate-crashing. Which, in Bravo time, supposedly hasn't happened yet. Yes, more time travel. You're excused for feeling dizzy.

It opens at Cat Ommanney's home in Chevy Chase, where she and her photojournalist husband Charles are choosing photos for her memoir, "Inbox Full." (Apparently this is a real project. She told the NYT a few weeks ago the book has been back-burnered, but she said on Bravo last week that it's coming out in December.) A (seemingly editing-enhanced) moment of tension as they disagree on some detail. (The producers, who until recently were still patching this show together, seem to be catching up on the news of the Ommanney split and layering some foreshadows into the story.) Their relationship is "not always a rosy and sparkly as it seems," Cat tells the camera (bangs-less, which is to say, post-split). Charles outlines his upcoming business trip - photo shoots with Peter Jackson, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Tim Geither. (Well played, Charles.) He won't be back until Sunday. (Minor-chord music hints at marital woes.)

At last, the cheerleading scene! Michaele Salahi shakes her pom-poms at Tareq in the "Thomas Jefferson Suite" at the Willard Hotel. (Should we assume this was comped in exchange for camera time, like the Four Seasons' Oprah suite?) "We still got it! It's alumni, but we're still rolling." She then goes on to tell the camera, "I'm a former Washington Redskins cheerleader for the NFL." (No. This is simply not true. In December, after the White House incident, the Redskins Cheerleader Alumni Association did the research and found that, despite her longstanding claims, she was never on the squad. She just showed up to alumni events -- and heck, even paid alumni dues! This story seemed to take the Salahi saga to a whole new level; it was one of the most-read stories on for several days.) We then see her alighting at rehearsal for an alumni performance -- big hugs for everyone -- and the quirky music and awkward steps are producers' cue to us that maybe she doesn't know what she's doing. (Indeed: The other cheerleaders told our colleague Paul Farhi they were freaked out by the whole thing, since no one remembered her and she didn't know the basic steps. Not all but a lot of faces are fuzzed out -- presumably they didn't sign Bravo's waivers. Oh, and there's some pretty serious time travel here, too: This rehearsal was Sept. 18 of last year, though much of the other action we see on this episode is November or December.)

Stacie Turner hosts an ice-cream party at her 16th Street Heights home -- kids invited. Usual gang, which is to say, everyone but Michaele, to whom the conversation quickly turns. Says Mary Amons: "Why do you think Michaele would claim to be a Redskins cheerleader?" Stacie tells the camera that "people are talking about Michaele, and the rumors are swirling." Phrases are thrown around like "pathological," and "what is the deal with these lawsuits?" (And just as Mary calls [bleep] on Michaele, I am calling [bleep] on Bravo. This scene was clearly taped after the White House incident and the revelation of various Salahi scandals and peculiarities -- notably, ahem, in our pages. It's very choppy and abruptly edited, probably because producers are having to edit around specific talk of the state dinner incident, which they don't plan to bring up until a later episode.)

But, a change of subject: Mary talks about her kids moving back home, including Lolly who has quit her miserable job. Stacie jokes, "You would not quit your job if it were miserable if you had rent to pay." (She says it lightly, but producers dub in a oh-no-she-diuhn't whoosh.) But then when Cat joins the teasing, Stacie's friend Erika suddenly turns on her: "That's the mean girl coming out! You're always negative every time I see you!"

(Did I mention that Erika Martin Hughes was in the room? Don't know much about her other than that she's very photogenic, and she has a "boutique lifestyle management and personal concierge service" ready to help you run your life. She's been on the sidelines of earlier episodes -- scowling at Cat during that Tyra Banks business and other racial-tension moments - but here she STEPS IT UP in such a way that you wonder why she's not a full-fledged Housewife. Seriously, why? Is she too cool to agree to wear pink sequined "Sex and the City" castoff cocktail dresses in the camera interviews? All I can say is: The season-two cast overhaul probably starts here. If there is a season two. Lisa de Moraes tells us Bravo won't decide for several weeks. But Erika is so ready. On Twitter she promised to speak the truth to the world tonight. I admire that she follows fewer people than even I do on Twitter, and that one of them is Idris Elba.)

Suddenly, ladies are yelling at each other, and most come to the defense of Cat. "Are you not placing judgment at this time?" Lynda Erkiletian asks Erika. Erika says she's tired of everything being all about Cat. Cat stalks off in tears and gathers her kids. Everyone follows, trying to console her, even Erika eventually, but she kind of makes it worse, apologizing but then telling Cat, "don't give me bad body language." Cat's all, "don't tell me what to do. Cameras pan to the baleful looks on little Jade and Ruby's faces. (This is child abuse -- the fact that they're getting exposed to all this drama, for starters, but especially the fact that they're getting filmed through the whole thing.)

At Mary's house in McLean, she and Rich and Lolly talk about Lolly's decision to quit her job as an executive assistant. Rich, skeptical, tells the camera, "Birds do have to leave the nest. Sometimes you have to kick them out to help them fly." (Is this why the Amonses are selling their six-bedroom McLean mansion? So their five cusp-of-adulthood kids won't be able to move back home?) Lolly says she wants to stay home for a while to work on her art. "Art's a hobby!" Rich says. "Art's never going to be a stable job!" Lolly says "that's not true!" (No, actually, it is true.)

The usual gang (everybody but Michaele) files into the office of D.C. Councilmember-at-large David Catania (You remember him from Edwina's odd party in episode five) to discuss the District's pending gay-marriage bill. (We're told this scene was filmed about a week before the gay-marriage vote, so mid-December... and therefore after the unmentioned White House incident. Cat's bangs are even beginning to grow out) You know who else is here? Well, Erika... and Paul Wharton. (Yes! We've missed Paul, the guy who single-handedly keeps the plot in motion; he's been all but AWOL the past three episodes, and I'm beginning to suspect this was a deliberate power move by Bravo, trying to limit his exposure as he films a new Paul-centric reality pilot -- you know, so he doesn't become too big. Because Paul Wharton was raised in a secret government camp designed to create and train the perfect Bravo reality stars.) Paul immediately notes in his camera interview that Cat greeted everyone except for Erika (see what I mean?) and complains that she's bringing down the whole love-and-unity vibe (but he's smiling... because he's glad to have deftly imposed thematic coherence on the scene). Anyway: Paul, Lynda, Cat and Erika are all in favor of gay marriage. Mary says she hasn't thought much about it "because it doesn't affect me" -- and Paul executes an exaggerated double-take (drama!) before telling the camera "a lot of Mary's friends are gay!" Everyone gangs up on Stacie and Jason Turner as they cite religious concerns that marriage should be a man-woman thing. Stacie's all for civil unions; Paul tells the camera if she doesn't support in gay marriage, he doesn't want to be friends. (Snap!)

Mary, Erika and Stacie meet at the Occidental Grille, a historic restaurant in the Willard Hotel, on Pennsylvania Avenue a block or so from the White House. (It's not identified, but we recognize it, and I'm thinking that this was their mid-December visit. If so, they've hidden the kids from the camera.) More debate about gay-marriage, then they switch to the Cat-Erika problem. This is intercut with footage of Paul and Lynda on the same topic over drinks (at Palette, the bar-restaurant at the Madison Hotel -- strangely not ID'd here either; they've either abandoned the old policy of lingering over every restaurant's name, or maybe the Madison already hit its shout-out quota in past episodes). Stacie criticizes Cat's rudely "Cat-like behavior," but Erika seems willing to move on. Paul and Lynda go deeper, though, talking about Cat's frustrations with Charles. "We're the only friends she has here," says Paul. Lynda wonders "what's keeping her there [with Charles] if it's really that bad." (And I have to wonder whether this conversation -- more heavily freighted with Ommanney marital woes than we've otherwise seen -- was maybe-who-knows-perhaps taped long after everything else. Who knows.)

Brief scene at the Willard Hotel: Michaele shaking her pom-poms at her mysterious "assistant" Jen, talking about the generational differences in cheerleading. "The girls every decade get better. See how I'm little [up top]? You wouldn't call me a brick house. [But] when you see the millennium girls!" (We think she means "millennial.") Jen is all, "boob jobs!" And Michaele tells the camera that she'd like some plastic surgery herself, no, haha, just kidding. Scene over.

Then the Salahis have a meeting with Virginia state Del. Dave Albo (R-Fairfax). The topic seems to be county regulations that restrict events at wineries (a real issue: there had been complaints about parking, noise, etc., when the wineries host weddings and other parties, which led to a wave of strict local ordinances limiting their practices. UPDATED 12:20 Friday: Albo sponsored a successful bill to limit counties' regulatory powers over farm wineries. The legislator told us he met the Salahis through this issue about four years ago and told us in an email that he likes them: "Granted, they are eccentric. But having wacky friends is fun!" While the meeting we see here was a little awkward because of the cameras, he said it was a real discussion of state business.). Tareq and Michaele basically claim that these restrictions caused all their family strife "because Fauquier wasn't letting us run our business" and now they want to fight for other wineries. (Yeah, this seems like a stretch. You can read for yourself about the Salahi family feud. And then read some more.)

Brief mother-daughter scene at the Amons house. Mary tells the camera that Lolly's "more like a girlfriend to me," only 20 years apart. Lolly chides her over the gay-marriage issue: "Gay people aren't just our hairdressers, they're our senators!" (Give us names, Lolly!) Mary agrees that gay marriage is probably a constitutional right, but then can't quite quote the Constitution, and Lolly prompts her: "Certain unalienable rights? Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness?" Quirky music, and Mary's all, oh yeah, that's what I mean. (Poor Mary, always the butt of the joke. And btw, that's actually from the Declaration of Independence.)

Cat meets Jason Backe for drinks on the patio of the Four Seasons (again, not identified, for some reason -- hey, while they were there, they should have asked for the Oprah Suite). Her bangs are quite short here again (which suggests it's maybe November) as she complains about life in "Chevy bloody Chase, and all the filthy desperate housewives who do nothing other than walk their dogs." More chatter about the Salahis crashing the Congressional Black Caucus gala, Jason along for the ride. "D.C.'s a small town," Cat says. "I'm surprised they haven't been exposed so far." (Or HAVE they been exposed already? Doesn't this sound like a backdated hindsight conversation?)

Finally, a completely trippy scene, in which the Salahis visit one Matt Carson, a laconic Piedmont-preppy type whom they tell us is a former Oasis employee who is supposed to help them write their "tell-all book" about all "the family dysfunction." (Turns out Carson was an unsuccessful candidate for a Virginia House of Delegates seat last year, running as Independent who opposed the Patriot Act. He also self-published a 2007 novel about good ol' boys launching a revolution against the government. Small world: Apparently he got a former Post colleague of ours to blurb it!... Awkward question, but -- why did Bravo blur out all the artwork on his walls? Matt says he has no idea: They were just innocuous prints, nothing dirty or racy. Must be a copyright thing.) The cameras catch Carson swallowing hard and smiling awkwardly as the Salahis lay out their literary vision, entitled "Wine, War and Roses" and haggle over who gets the credit or, you know, the money. "It's standard with these things, they give advances," Tareq says confidently. (Yeah, well... that's if you find someone else to publish it. This book project -- which Carson tells us he walked away from and never got written -- is not to be confused with their new book, "Cirque du Salahi," a collaboration with author Diane Dimond. Which, after making a lot of noise about shopping around to New York editors, they ended up self-publishing. It's available only via Amazon.) Tareq says he wants the book to be about Oasis's "huge successes," being "top 10 in the world." (Top 10 what? Though an acknowledged pioneer in the fledgling Northern Virginia industry, Oasis wine never had a reputation outside the region.) Irony alert!: Michaele tells the camera she's had such adventures since marrying Tareq; "sometimes I wake up and think, oh my god, we're going where? We're going to meet President Obama?" More irony alert: "I would love for it to have a happy ending."

Coming up next week: The state dinner incident! Michaele in Erwin Gomez's salon that fateful day, seemingly wondering how to handle the lack-of-a-paper-invitation thing. (Or we can only guess this is next week; Bravo says there are two more episodes left this season.)

Who wins this round? Erika. If everyone loves to hate you, then you know you're a star.

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By The Reliable Source  | September 24, 2010; 3:37 AM ET
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Posted by: gregfinley24 | September 24, 2010 5:37 AM | Report abuse

Tyra is off limits dammit. Ya can't diss Trya and not diss all of sisterhood. Damn world knows that.

Hope and Change, baby!

Posted by: TheDubb | September 24, 2010 6:45 AM | Report abuse

I think Tyra is hilarious, but do not see how she represents everyone with African DNA. It looks like Erika is using the Tyra business as an excuse to attack Cat. Cat's type of humor does not appeal to everybody, but that is no excuse to be so ostentatiously cruel.

Posted by: POCOPAZZO | September 24, 2010 7:28 AM | Report abuse

A book advance for a story about a petty family squabble that is probably only of interest to 30 or 40 people who know the family? Who else would give a S#*! about an argument over what really is a tiny business in exurban Virginia. Hilarious! I don't think there is any risk Tareq gets an advance thrown at him for this one.

Hey! Jennifer Wood? Where are you!? Log on with your lisag1 sock puppet and start saying "Michaele is the one I tune in to watch!"

Posted by: growler55 | September 24, 2010 8:04 AM | Report abuse

W G A D ?

Posted by: gmuhokie2009 | September 24, 2010 8:54 AM | Report abuse

So Missy Salami wants a boob-job. We thought she married one. At least now we have video proof that Girl Friend has no rhythm. The startled expressions on the cheerleaders’ faces really told it all. I feel so sorry for them getting the Salami Hug Wrapper – it takes HOURS to get the nasty smell of her perfume off.

Posted by: SidelinesObservant | September 24, 2010 9:19 AM | Report abuse

I'm surprised Lynda receieved so little attention in your recap.

Based on her (multiple face-lifted) appearance, I had thought she was going to be one of the wives we love to hate. But she's turned out to be a wonderful person. Very soulful.

Her comments on gay marriage were great. Cat's too, for that matter.

Posted by: MeriJ | September 24, 2010 9:59 AM | Report abuse

I rewatched the Australia TV clip from last February where the Salahis first announced the auction of the red sari. They start out mentioning Haiti as the benefactor, but then they clearly mention MS as well, saying that they will be splitting the proceeds between the two causes.

So contrary to what some have been saying, the Salahis have discussed MS as a charity focus for a long time now. The one year we know the Foundation for the Cure gave out any real money, they donated $5,000 out of $15,000 to the MS Society.

Posted by: MeriJ | September 24, 2010 10:02 AM | Report abuse

I do wonder what Diane Dimond really thinks of the Salahis. The first 240 pages of her book stick to the Salahi party line, with the exception of the Redskins cheerleader story. (On that, she demolishes Michaele’s original lie as well as the explanation she gave People Magazine this week, even quoting her own brother to say it’s just not true.)

Toward the end (page 232) Dimond acknowledges that by “some accounts I discovered they may have been downright duplicitous [in their business dealings.]” However, at that point it seems like an offhand comment just to preserve a measure of credibility.

But then she suddenly shifts direction and closes the book with an 11-page chapter describing narcissistic personality disorder and how Reality TV tends to attract people afflicted with that disease and all its delusions of self and entitlement.

There’s no direct reference to the Salahis anywhere in this chapter. But that’s how she chose to end the book.

I would love to know how she came to write that last chapter and what it means to her. A fallback defense of their actions? Or a tacit acknowledgement that their account of things – as reported in the rest of the book – is not reliable?

We’ll never know. But those are the angles on this story that interest me the most:

"What did you believe and when did you believe it?"

Posted by: MeriJ | September 24, 2010 10:09 AM | Report abuse

Tareq Is A Sock Puppet Master – Preamble

From page 191-192 of Diane Dimond’s book:

“…Tareq parked himself in front of his laptop computer and stayed there for hours on end, building a massive file in a desperate attempt to protect themselves with a full record of where the rumors came from and how they were spread. He downloaded every article, cataloged the link to every TV show that mentioned their name, and saved every blog or internet photo in which they were featured.”

“He tended their Facebook pages and cultivated the downloaded files much as he once did the vines at the Oasis Vineyard. It became his daily work. Tareq was just as much a lightening rod for ridicule as his wife and just as much a subject of public curiosity, even though it was she who was chosen as one of Bravo’s ‘Housewives of DC.’ (‘We both signed Bravo contracts, you know,’ he says.)”

Posted by: MeriJ | September 24, 2010 10:31 AM | Report abuse

Tareq Is A Sock Puppet Master – Part One

It used to be that all comments at the Washington Post went into a person’s online archive. You could right-click the person’s ID on any comment and see all their other posts. Now that only seems to apply to articles that also go into the print edition.

But back in 2007 and 2008, you still could do it on all posts. And Tareq Salahi was occasionally in the news back then. So I did a little research.

The links just below show the comments made on three articles that covered the “Wine, War and Roses” feud between Tareq and his mom. Read them! It’s rare that you get to see a gifted con artist at work.

If you don’t have time to follow those links, skip to Part Two, where I focus on multiple comments submitted that year by three of the “people” who responded to those articles. I would say you really couldn’t make this stuff up, but evidently I would be wrong.

1. Responses to a one-paragraph mention of Tareq's lawsuit against his mom’s Holland & Knight attorney for allegedly punching him in the shoulder and throwing him into a door – June 2008:

2. Tangles in the Vine - November 2008:

3. What’s Next for Fauquier Winery - November 2007:

4. Brief update on the feud - November 2007:

Posted by: MeriJ | September 24, 2010 10:32 AM | Report abuse

Tareq Is A Sock Puppet Master – Part Two

The links below show all WaPo comments posted by three of these sock puppets. I note a few highlights, but you really need to follow the links.

1. bendinilambertandlocke

Three posts. Responds to the mention about Tareq suing his mom’s Holland & Knight attorney, Thomas Brownell, for allegedly punching him.

Pretends to be a lawyer at a practice in Memphis, taunting Brownell that after he gets fired he can come down there to work, where he will fit in perfectly. Offers link to said practice, which turns out to be the evil law firm from the Tom Cruise movie “The Firm.”

Also a lover of Oasis wine, natch.

2. sunnylady138

This one is still very active and is shocking to me. I was fooled by it just the other day, thinking who would lie about a sick child? Claims to have a daughter with leukemia who would have died but for the money, love and support given by the Salahis.

Later, in reference to the Holland & Knight attorney, she posts “HOLY COW! This reminds me of that movie "The Firm" --- all about dirty lawyers” and notes that Holland & Knight are “out of control.”

Then in December 2009, SHE CLAIMS NEVER TO HAVE HEARD OF THE SALAHIS until the Post’s sloppy reporting led her to think they had crashed the WH. She ends a looong diatribe by apologizing to Tareq and Michaele for having been an uninformed Salahi “hater” when she first read the story.

3. LegalEagle1945

Five posts, claiming to be attorney Marcus Demetre. In the first one, he is appalled that Brownell would punch Tareq and cautions the managing partner at Holland & Knight that the firm needs to deal with this or else risk losing its corporate customers. He also urges Brownell to do the right thing and resign.

In another post he claims to have looked up the “state documents” to verify that Tareq owns 100% of Oasis and his parents own nothing. (True for Oasis Enterprises, but not the winery.)

A Marcus Demetre also posted at Miss A’s site, regarding trademark infringement for the name "Blonde Charity Mafia."

And of course there’s also the classic “Watch the Steaming Divots” piece from July 2009. Plenty of gems there, including additional posts from the characters above:

Posted by: MeriJ | September 24, 2010 10:35 AM | Report abuse

Tareq Is A Sock Puppet Master – Conclusion

1. Nothing here proves that these comments were Tareq posting under fake IDs. But you have to remember that he and Michaele weren't famous back them. So, really, who else would it be?

2. Thanks to "Roger Stern" and "David Mortz," we know for certain that Tareq creates fake personas to promote himself and attack his enemies. If you want a good laugh, check out the elaborate website for the fictional National Polo League, of which "Roger Stern" is CEO -- you know, when he's not too busy being the "U.S. Commissioner" to America's Polo Cup:

3. At the same time, it strikes me how different the puppets from 2007-2008 are from the ones we've seen this last year. You know the ones I mean: "Lisag1" and all the other fake IDs who accuse fellow posters of being Rachel Harshman, of being obsessed and jealous of the Salahis and/or prattling on about how "Michaele IS the show!"

Those posts use many different names all over the Internet, but use virtually identical language. Two years ago, at least, Tareq appeared to be endlessly inventive with his sock puppets.

My conclusion: Lisag1 and her clones are not Tareq. Perhaps they're Michaele, or maybe her loyal assistant Jennifer Wood, who commented under her own name on the Steaming Divots article, using some of the keywords like “obsessed” and “jealous.”

But has it occurred to anyone that the Lisag1 clones could be one of us, trying to make the Salahis look (even more) ridiculous? Honestly, they are so obvious they practically beg to be called out as fakes. Too obvious, to my ear.

In any case, there is one thing I will grant Lisag1. I must indeed be a little obsessed to spend this much time on these people. To be honest, they half-filled the hole in my brain left by the TV show Lost. And for that, at least, I am grateful. Thanks, guys!

Posted by: MeriJ | September 24, 2010 10:36 AM | Report abuse

Excellent research, MeriJ. You could be forensic examiner! Nice work!

Posted by: growler55 | September 24, 2010 12:59 PM | Report abuse


Your comments are intersting and your facts and researcg are informative.

1. In early 2009, I suspected these people were con-artists running a scam to support their over-the-top delusional lifestyle.

2. By late summer, given their actions in connection with the May 2009 America's Polo Cup, my suspicions were pretty much confirmed in my own mind.

3. When they were exposed for their White House folly in November of 2009, I concluded they were so caught up in their self-delusion in getting a photo op at the White House to post on Facebook, that they did not even stop to seriously consider the potential ramifications.

4. When they invoked their 5th Amendment privilege before the House Homeland Security Committee, I thought, "well, they have finally come to their senses and come to appreciate the gravity of the situation".

5. When they went on the Today Show and, in a response to a question, stated no one had ever even raised an issue about their attendance at the CBCF Dinner last fall, then I concluded they are quite likely pathological liars. [Of course, we now know they were called on the carpet about that during filming in 2009.]

6. When they shortly thereafter announced the publication of a tell-all book, I then concluded they quite likely were sociopaths in the truest sense of the dictionary definition of that word.

7. Now, just in the past few days, Michaele in an interview with People Magazine has absolutely insisted she was a Redskins Cheerleader, notwithstanding very strong statements to the contrary by that organization, and notwithstanding there is absolutely no record whatsoever to back up that claim. [But she did appear to be successful in snookering the organization for a while to list her as an "alumni".]

8. Con-artists? Self-Deluded? Pathological liars? Sociopaths? My opinion is yes to all of those characterizations. But now I am concerned it is even more serious, slipping into the realm of psychotic.

So, I would suggest your attempt to figure out these people isn't going to work, and will only give you a tremendous headache.

You see, most rational people like you and me attempt to explain/understand/rationalize the behavior of others based upon our own view of reality and our own logic.

Sometimes, that just doesn't work, for people like this appear to operate in a totally different plane of their own created "reality".

I submit, for example, any reasonable person in Michaele's position would simply have ignored the Redskins Cheerleader story in the hope it would go away-- not continue with a bizarre story about keeping her age "secret". [And I am noticing a common theme here regarding Michaele's alleged "secrets".]

To really figure these people out would be like trying to decipher and understand the English language with a Mandarin Chinese dictionary.

Just my opinions.

Posted by: LAWPOOL | September 24, 2010 1:22 PM | Report abuse

Tareq Salahi is a truly awful person...given what we know now it was almost certainly him posting all those comments. The aspersions he casts upon his own mother is reprehensible. Especially given how he's the one who by all accounts appears to have driven what was a fairly successfuly family business into ruin.

However, the cheerleading debacle was a real hoot. Michelle was obviously able to con her way onto the alumni squad by her husband's ability to scam himself a skybox at FedEx field. What is the outstanding Redskins bill - $240K?

It is truly shocking that these two were able to get away with this for so long...

Posted by: jennifers1 | September 24, 2010 1:26 PM | Report abuse

Here’s a portion of the post from sunnylady138 following the Steaming Divots article:

“ I am in a nurse here in the city, and want to express my personal views. I dont know any of those groups listed in the story.”
“Lastly, I want everyone to know, that if it wasn’t for the Salahis – we would have lost a little girl here who was battling Leukemia. He and his wife were single handedly responsible for raising significant funds that came direct for patient care.”
Posted by: sunnylady138 | July 28, 2009 11:46 AM

So first she’s the parent of a child with leukemia whose life was saved by the Salahis, then she’s a nurse who doesn’t know them directly but knows they saved a child at her hospital, then she’s never even heard of them but realizes the Washington Post tricked her into thinking they crashed the WH.

Someone named Horselover101 replies:

"And the person sunnylady 138 who wrote a comment that they (the hospital) would of lost a little girl but because of the Salahis you didn't? I don't know what professional nurse would say such a thing, it is all very strange! and I take great offense that you are "singling out" ONE couple, out of thousands of people that give to Leukemia, how are they SOLEY responsible for that.”

To which Michaele's assistant Jennifer Wood appears to respond with the following:

“Horselover? Got to be a first chukker polo player who is angry. Cheap shots. Reading this you are quite a jealous guy. You are consumed with the Salahi's. I am happy to meet. Let's all meet. Maybe I can get the money from first chukker back that you made me give you. You are the one hiding in "horselover"?“

“Attacking the nurse was low. Anything, but that. These chukker guys are gross. Horselover can't give his name. We have.
The article was about chukker. Horselover is obsessed with Salahi.“

“I encourage that nurse to send to a paper her story. Jealousy is consuming these first chukker guy's. No one seems to know who they are anyway? Now we will never forget.”
Posted by: JenniferWood1 | July 29, 2009 9:36 PM

Posted by: MeriJ | September 24, 2010 1:33 PM | Report abuse

Whoa. Now I'm really confused. Check out this comment from sunnylady138 just two weeks ago following Lisa de Moraes' piece on the MS announcement.

Darn, now my third conclusionis in doubt! Not one perp, but a coordinated effort?! Does anyone know how long Jennifer Wood has worked for Michaele?

"God Bless Michaele and what a lovely lady with great strength and grace. Most of these postings above are rachel janickey harshman (felon from fairfax county) who is obsessed with Michaele Salahi.
rachel 'lawpoop" get a life.
Michaele saw you on tv today , you are great

Keep rising above as you do."

Posted by: sunnylady138 | September 15, 2010 2:06 PM

Posted by: MeriJ | September 24, 2010 2:03 PM | Report abuse

MeriJ and Lawpool - thankyou for continuing to expose the criminal T&M. I agree - they are increasingly appearing to be psychotic. T's earlier posts are frightening. Consumed with jealousy!

Posted by: MissJC | September 24, 2010 3:41 PM | Report abuse


Thanks for your posts.

Never saw the "lawpoop" reference before.

Gotta love the sophistication and maturity level [or lack thereof].

I think I told you before those posters were T and/or M. Now you have discovered it for yourself.

Pathetic whackadoodle nut-jobs.

Posted by: LAWPOOL | September 24, 2010 4:39 PM | Report abuse

Lawpoop, (may I call you lawpoop?) the thing is, what are the odds that Tareq would use that name for you in a public post? That's just not his style.

His style would be to pretend he was an ex-law client of yours, alleging vague impropriety on your part.

So I think sunnylady138's gotta be MS or Jennifer. And I'm betting Jennifer.

But more important, it suggests that these older comments were made by more than one person and were coordinated.

A grifter conspiracy!

Posted by: MeriJ | September 24, 2010 5:10 PM | Report abuse


Ah, don't you see, it makes it much easier and, for that matter, somewhat more credible, for the imposter posters here to claim that I am some obsessed jealous hater "Rachel" woman posting out of nasty self-centered emotion, rather than acknowledging that I just maybe might sort of have the facts which I continue to recite at my command.

Make no mistake, professional posers are by no means to be underestimated as what seems to be the only thing they do, and have done quite well for a number of years.

The Salahis obviously craved the spotlight, craved attention, and wanted to get all of those neat photos for Facebook to inflate in the public's mind their delusional sense of self-importance.

Well, now they've got the attention they so much desired in spades.

If posers want to accuse me of being some obsessed hater jealous woman former friend of the Salahis, fine. I tend to think it makes the posers all the more pathetic.

Said it before, and I'll say it again: Give 'em enough rope, and they will hang themselves.

Posted by: LAWPOOL | September 24, 2010 5:50 PM | Report abuse


Actually it was someone who posts as Spring_Rain who first alerted me to the Salahi sock puppets. Read her (or his?) many posts hectoring the puppets starting on page 15 of this comment archive back in 12-20-09. Legaleagle1945 and half a dozen other puppets posted here, demanding an apology to the Salahis from President Obama:

On page 6 of the comments, Susan8881 accuses LAWPOOL of being Rachel Harshman -- the first time I'd seen that accusation.

On page 5 (they're in reverse chron order) you defend yourself, which is where I first read you describe yourself as a attorney who'd previously researched the America's Polo Cup.

Right after your page 5 comment, I posted the following:
"Looking at a few of these profiles, I note the following:

"If you click on a poster’s name and then click their Comments tab, you can see all their other comments on the WashPost website going back a couple of years. [...]

"Looking at a few of these profiles, I note the following:

"1. Spring_Rain is clearly a real person [dumb comment deleted here] –- she or he has 108 pages of comments made going back to 2007. This is not a fake account. (However, I could certainly live without the ALL-CAPS shouting thing.)

"2. LegalEagle1945, healthreform2010, foxfan2009, dcnightlifescene and rajatuliatuli were the posters from the initial 1-3 pages demanding an apology from Obama to the Salahi’s, or otherwise claiming this article proves that they were innocent and deeply wronged.

"Despite login names that would suggest they have particular interests, none of these persons has ever posted a comment at the Post prior to today’s article. And, to my ear, several of these posts do appear to have the same voice, or were, perhaps, based on the same talking points.

3. This was also an initial “Post-post” for Susan8881, who accuses Spring_Rain of being someone she knows and then proceeds to broadcast slanderous gossip about that person -- who evidently is no longer a friend of the Salahi’s.

"But for some reason, I suspect Susan really is Susan. “Healthreform2010”…maybe not so much.

Postcript: With the gift of nearly a year's hindshight, I take it back about Susan8881.

Posted by: MeriJ | September 24, 2010 5:53 PM | Report abuse

Here are Susan8881's three comments that day. She's not too fond of Rachel Harshman:

Posted by: MeriJ | September 24, 2010 6:01 PM | Report abuse

How about that....on page 14 you can read lisag1's first comment ever at the Washington Post.

Here's all of lisag1's posts that were archived:

Rereading Spring_Rain's hectoring of these puppets is worth a few minutes of your time. She took such delight in it. At the time I thought she was a Salahi hater, but it looks she doesn't really follow their story, other than that one article. But she sure had a keep eye for sock puppets!

Posted by: MeriJ | September 24, 2010 6:20 PM | Report abuse


Whether Lisa or Susan or Morgan or Citygirl or SunnyLady or Jennifer or any of the other screen names posted at various sites are, or not, one or more of the Salahis or people close to them makes no difference to me.

I believe you will agree, with all of your research, it appears more than obvious it was either one of them or one of their few remaining friends, and certainly not some party coming into the fray and expressing a totally independent opinion of them.

I do appreciate your research, and I do not mean to diminish the same. However, I frankly don't give a rat's a*s what those imposter poster posers may say, much less say about me from time-to-time.

Actually, M and/or T, if you're reading this, please keep it up. I will give you as much rope as you desire.

Posted by: LAWPOOL | September 24, 2010 6:26 PM | Report abuse

Please everyone...keep shining the light. What is disgusting is that they can go on the today show and be given a forum, with sympathy, to perpetuate their lies. Today she told Hoda and Kathy Lee that they were getting "not a dollar" from the new action figure doll (that looks like Hulk Hogan in a dress) and the Dimond book. The owner of the company making the doll stated in Politico that they re getting part of the gross from the doll. Anyone believe they would do anything for nothing?
Join our Facebook page: Tell the White House Party Crashers to Go Away

Posted by: seraphina2 | September 25, 2010 12:34 AM | Report abuse

Okay, this will sound petty, but on top of it not being true, "I'm a former Washington Redskins cheerleader for the NFL"... why did she bother to say "for the NFL"? What other Washington Redskins are there? Or is there a special team on the Washington Redskins cheerleading squad that cheers not only for the Redskins, but for the NFL as a whole? Or Redskins cheerleaders who cheer for the NBA? Michaele will never realize this because she's delusional, but the longer you talk the more time you give people to realize you're either lying or have no idea what you're talking about.

Posted by: Aloe9678 | September 27, 2010 4:05 AM | Report abuse

Aloe9678 -

Here's my favorite quote from MS on her Redskins cheerleader gig, which she now claims occurred during the year of Joe Gibbs' 1987-88 Superbowl victory:

"You don’t become a part of the NFL – and with cheering – just because you think you’re cute and you go out there. Someone has to authorize you to get in.”

Just like the White House, I guess...

Posted by: MeriJ | September 27, 2010 12:54 PM | Report abuse

Aside from Riggins and Theismann, I wonder how many Redskins Ms. Anorexia can name? Um, you know, the Redskins of the NFL as opposed to say, the NHL..

Posted by: semilost44 | September 27, 2010 1:09 PM | Report abuse

Diane Dimond gives the impression she thinks the Salahis were accused of literally sneaking past the guards to crash the dinner. Or maybe that's just a straw man she set up to demolish.

But no one has ever accused them of bypassing security. They are accused of bluffing their way into a state dinner between our nation's president and the prime minister of India.

The more I learn about these people, the more I realize how big a deal it is that they were able to (allegedly) crash a diplomatic event at that level.

Parantheses care of Lisa Bloom, sarcasm care of yours truly.

Posted by: MeriJ | September 27, 2010 2:47 PM | Report abuse

Whoever posted the following at Michaele's Bravo blog, you are a genius. Getting stuff past the Bravo censors is an art form. I would give anything to be in the room when Michaele and Tareq read it. So funny!

Submitted by Roger Stern on September 27, 2010.

I love you! You and Tareq are so awesome!!! Classy people who live with integrity and represent the sport of polo so well!

Posted by: MeriJ | September 27, 2010 11:23 PM | Report abuse

I've been sitting here reading the back & forth between Lawpool and MeriJ, and don't think I can top all that they've been discussing re our favorite D.C. wannabes. I suspect those places with sawdust on the floor are not too far behind.

Posted by: ehsmith1 | September 28, 2010 11:46 AM | Report abuse

Thanks, ehsmith1 (plus growler55 and MissJC)!

Somehow I missed the quote below from Mahogany Jones. Read it!

(On a side note, at Amazon I have been posting comments on other people's reviews for Dimond's book. Today another commenter accused me of being Mahogany Jones, since my name is abreviated there as M. Jones. A couple of months ago, Dimond made the same mistake. Very funny.)
From Radar:

While she wouldn't elaborate on what she told the jury under oath, Jones recounted for the first time, how Tareq and Michaele told a television producer President Obama "personally invited" them to his first state dinner.

She said a producer of the D.C. franchise enquired about seeking media credentials for the event.

"According to them, they were told by the Salahis that they were personally invited by the Obamas to go to this dinner," Jones told

"That was odd to me, if you're calling asking me to assist in trying to get you attendance to the dinner and then someone else tells me they're already invited.

"Knowing the Salahis and their ways, a lie, or two lies, is not unreasonable for them."

Posted by: MeriJ | September 28, 2010 11:57 AM | Report abuse

I am dying with laughter. You must read the latest comments at Michaele's Bravo Blog. Go now because the Salahis will probably have them deleted once they figure it out:

Posted by: MeriJ | September 28, 2010 2:25 PM | Report abuse

Pretty funny, someone has to go on now as Sunnyladyxxx (I can't remember the numbers after the name) and let everyone know how Michelle and her husband single-handedly saved her daughter from Leukemia.

However, I predict that the Salahis won't request the comments to be taken down. I think only a select crowd is aware of their alter-egos. If you didn't know any better you might think it was an actual fan and as we all know they are more concerned with appearances than reality. She has very few comments on her page compared to the other ladies, which I assume is because the Bravo censors only post positive comments. The average poster is very dimwitted too by the looks of it - of course we have to assume half on Michelle's blog are the lovely couple themselves.

Posted by: jennifers1 | September 28, 2010 5:19 PM | Report abuse

Jennifers1, you are so right. I snuck in an earlier comment a few lines lower about Redskinette-gate, but only by posting a seemingly fawning compliment that only a savvy person like you would know to be sarcasm. All my other posts have been censored.

So, bendinilambertandlocke, LegalEagle1945 or sunnylady138 ... I doubledare you!

Posted by: MeriJ | September 28, 2010 6:38 PM | Report abuse

No episode is a good episode without Ichiban and Lynda's new German shepherd puppy, Ripley!

I'd totally watch Ichiban/Ripley cam

Posted by: sickofit66 | September 29, 2010 4:44 PM | Report abuse

If the Salahis are truly psychotic in their obsession with attention, then Einstein has been proven right once again when he said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

Posted by: ehsmith1 | September 29, 2010 5:44 PM | Report abuse

Last night when Michaela was talking to the camera about "losing" the invitation - it was the most AWKWARD moment on TV EVER... She turned bright red - Bad liar...bad liar.. great entertainment...great entertainment.

Posted by: callingalbss | October 1, 2010 2:23 PM | Report abuse

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