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Last one ever?: D.C. 'Housewives' recap and fact-check (#9, Oct. 7)

The Salahis testifying, or rather, appearing, before the House Homeland Security Committee in January. (Tracy A. Woodward/The Washington Pos)

UPDATED Friday afternoon with video, more links, other deep thoughts

The finale of "The Real Housewives of D.C." -- it was pretty much everything you wanted it to be, and not just because it was the last episode. (The LAST last? Lisa de Moraes isn't betting on or ruling out a second season yet.) Its 75 minutes moved briskly and did not bore, despite focusing entirely on a certain overly familiar moment in our nation's recent history. With its heavy reliance on archival footage (news clips, congressional hearing) it almost felt like a real honest-to-god documentary (though let's not fool ourselves -- this was pure reality TV). Of course, I'm so vain, you bet I think this episode's about me. Alas, Cat seems to think it's all about her too.

But it's really, of course, about the Salahis and That Night. What we see of their evening at the White House tells us nothing new but is nonetheless riveting. (Well, if you're the kind of person who is reading these recaps, and is still watching this show.)

BOOM! "Tuesday, November 24" -- stark white letters on a black screen. Tareq and Michaele Salahi are in the limo on the way to their date with disaster. Stacie Turner is on the cellphone, sputtering with polite disbelief: "Tim Kaine didn't even get a ticket to the state dinner -- how did you do that? Did they actually send you an invitation? How does it work?" (This is the first of several moments in this episode in which producers deftly shoveled a lot of complex exposition into a brief sequence -- in this case, quickly conveying to a general audience just how elite state dinners and how fantastical it would be that the Salahis got invited.) Michaele, unruffled, says, "Sometimes a personal relationship you have with someone... In this case, it's personal and professional." (Unclear if she means Michele Jones, the Pentagon official they'd pestered for an invitation.)

The camera lingers with the Salahis on the ride -- fidgeting fingers, banal chitchat, frozen smiles, uncomfortable tight close-ups. "Problem is," Tareq tells his wife, "my phone's dying, so I'm going to switch out the battery in your phone."

(This takes us back to an element of Salahiana that I have to apologize for previously underplaying. In emails released by the couple's lawyers a few days after the scandal broke, Tareq wrote to Jones that he'd missed a call from her saying she couldn't get them in because his cellphone battery had died. I'll admit, this detail didn't seem particularly relevant to us here at the Post at the time: More like ordinary dog-ate-my-homework stuff compared to the larger security issues at hand -- i.e., how on earth did the Secret Service manage to open the doors to these non-guests? -- and accusations of financial misdeeds swirling around the horse-country duo. But connoisseurs of L'affair Salahi just LOVED this detail. It's all anyone wanted to talk to me about: "Let's check their cellphone records and see if his phone really died!" Etc. So of course, last week, when the cameras lingered on Tareq thumbing his phone at the Erwin Gomez Salon, the comments section of this blog just lit up. You guys are like a self-appointed Warren Commission, really. Anyway, it's ambiguous what we're supposed to take from these scenes: Yes, we see Tareq's phone working that evening, but we also see him complaining that it's dying. I'm still not sure it even matters.)

A White House checkpoint: They're told to get out, their limo can't go through. All the security guards' faces are fuzzed out. Michaele's gown trails on a sidewalk damp with fallen leaves. They approach the gate with a sign, "Pass holders and appointments necessary." (We're really going to see this!) A young female guard asks for their names. And then she says it: "I'm not seeing you guys right now..." We don't get to see what goes on in her head, though, as she tells the Salahis to "Just stay in line.... Go ahead and stand down there." The Salahis walk away from the camera, and off to their doom.

(It's thrilling to watch -- okay, for me -- but it doesn't actually tell us much new. See the Post's exhaustive account of what happened that night. We knew that the Salahis were not on the list; we knew that a guard had let them past this first check point anyway. Some have speculated that the guard -- part of the Secret Service's uniformed division, a lower level than the special agents who directly protect the president -- may have been intimidated and overwhelmed dealing with a crowd of VIPs waiting in a light rain, and allowed them to pass on the assumption they'd be checked again at the White House door. Obviously things broke down at that second checkpoint as well. Three officers were placed on administrative leave after the incident. Meanwhile, eyebrows were also raised over the fact that then-social secretary Desiree Rogers didn't have any of her aides staffing either entrance to help cull the crowd; she resigned three months later.)

(Updated: You know, now that I think about it... This would have been another nice moment for Bravo to pull back the camera and show, well, THE CAMERA. Or at least a sense of the production and producers standing around, like they did last week in the salon scene. It would certainly make for good TV, as Abby Greensfelder explained. And it would also have reminded us viewers that in addition to the rain and the crowd of VIPs pressing on this young officer's mind, as some have argued, there was also a film crew. If you don't want to be the guard who gets in trouble for insulting a VIP -- well, you really don't want to be the guard who gets in trouble for insulting a VIP ON CAMERA. Why not let the guys at the next checkpoint deal with it, away from the cameras? Not that this would excuse the bad decision to admit people you don't see on the list... but it might help explain it.)

Cut to the next day. The Salahis (who appear to be at the Willard Hotel; first we're hearing that they went there overnight) are looking over their (soon-to-be infamous) photos from the dinner: Biden, Katie Couric, Rahm Emanuel.

Suddenly, they announce, they have a BlackBerry message, from "our friend Rob." (Sorry, no idea.) Rob, says Tareq, is telling them "the gossip columnist from the Post is creating all sorts of rumors from last night that we crashed the dinner." The two agree that "that's crazy" and repeat the phrases "gossip columnist" and "tabloid newspapers." (Unclear exactly what time this conversation was. Once the White House confirmed for us that the Salahis were not invited guests, the first people we contacted were... the Salahis. First them, via email Facebook and voice messages; then, when we couldn't get a response, the couple's then-lawyer Paul Gardner and their then-publicist Mahogany Jones. Curious that they appear to be hearing about this first from a "Rob." So many mysteries: Like how did the cameras just happen to be rolling when they got this message? Forget what I said about a documentary.) "This stuff happens in these tabloid papers," says Tareq. And who could possibly crash the White House? To even suggest such a thing, he argues, is insulting to the White House. (Oh, so now I'm the bad guy.) Brittle smiles.

Boom! A clip from CNN, breaking news: "History-making security breach." The Salahis on the red carpet, the photo with Biden. "Who are these people?" the anchor intones. (Sounds like he's reading from our second-day headine.)

Thursday, Nov. 26: Stacie and Jason Turner are nice enough to let the Bravo cameras into their home on Thanksgiving day, just as she's gazing at the front page of the Post. (Look, that's our story.) "Oh my god, Jason come here...." She reads aloud: White House says they weren't invited, not included on the guest list, never seated at the dinner. (Again, Bravo shovels a lot in there very well. But maybe I'm biased because I wrote the script.) The Turners are aghast. Jason: "We're not talking about a club, we're talking about the White House!" Stacie: "The president could have been in danger." And look at that photo with Michaele with Joe Biden: "She is straight gripping his chest!" yells Jason. They get Cat Ommanney on the speakerphone: "Didn't I tell you, didn't I tell you, didn't I tell you?" More TV footage: "Names nowhere to be found on the official guest list." The other four Housewives tell Bravo's cameras how shocked, horrified they are. Then more CNN, the now defunct Campbell Brown show... and is that Roxanne Roberts getting interviewed? "She was next to Rahm Emanuel," says Rox, "and that's a little scary." (Haha.)

Saturday, Nov. 28. Lynda Erkiletian and Mary Amons at Stacie's house. More freak-out, condemnation. "They are Thelma and Louise right now!" says Mary. "That Joe Biden one is like the funniest," says Stacie. "She is on his chest like she's his woman!" Did they plot this? Which one is the instigator? Stacie wants to hear their side of the story. Lynda is grateful the truth is coming out. "They'll never be able to recover from this." (All three women are glowing with excitement, and maybe relief? "Whew, now I know I'm not the show's villain.")

A clip of the Salahis on "Today," where Michaele insists they were invited, Tareq says they're devastated. Thursday, Dec. 3. (And what's with suddenly giving exact dates? Has Bravo been noting my complaints about covert time-travel?) Cat visits Mary's house to confide that she's been disinvited from the White House Christmas party. (I don't doubt that she was originally invited to the annual reception for journalists, one of a few dozen holiday receptions the president hosts every year, as the wife of a photographer on the White House beat. I don't know but I'm not surprised that the White House would have asked her not to come after the embarrassment with her Bravo castmates. Wonder how that message was delivered.) Cat is devastated, and furious to see the Salahis going on TV, "without any consideration to god knows how many people's lives have been destroyed." Another TV news clip: "Criminal prosecution? (Hasn't happened yet, but feds say they haven't closed the matter either.)

Apparently Bravo let everyone have the holidays off, because suddenly, we're told, it's Wednesday, January 13. Cat is in her kitchen, peeling vegetables, sulking. "Thanks to Michaele and Tareq crashing the White House, I've had a lot more stress in my life and in my home." She snaps at Charles to pour her some more wine, sharpen some bloody knives. Lynda comes on camera to confide that Cat's problems with Charles (they split a few months later, remember) were because the Salahis ruin everything. (Make your own judgment on this, my fellow grownups. Meanwhile -- Cat, I've been to these White House Christmas parties, and they're not all that! You don't get to hang with the president; at most you get a handshake and a stiff photo with him and the missus. However: The eggnog is mind-blowing.)

Wednesday, January 20. Mary, Cat and Paul Wharton gather at Lynda's place to watch the Salahis on C-SPAN, called to testify before the House Committee on Homeland Security. Drinks and catcalls all around! The Salahis refuse to answer any questions: "On advice of counsel, I respectfully assert my right to remain silent." The 'Wives chortle as the Salahis are chewed out by lawmakers who call them egomaniacal, unpatriotic, proof that the terrorists have won. Bravo turns to Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee to explain, in a brisk but dense scold, Why This Was Really Really Bad: "You were not guests... Your backgrounds were not checked by the Secret Service... Your request for an invitation from Michele Jones was denied and rebuffed... Can you tell me what more did you need in order to understand that you were not invited?" Paul thinks Michaele should take the opportunity to jettison Tareq. "Empty low lifes," says Cat. "Where are the handcuffs?" says Lynda. "If they believe it's a misunderstanding, they should apologize," says Mary. Debate over whether Michaele could make it on her own, which allows Paul to give the sideswipe that it's easy for Lynda to say -- she married and divorced a very rich man, that's where the lucre's from, not her modeling agency. (There: Some of you were wonderng.)

On TV, the Salahis' then-lawyer Stephen Best defends his clients, chiding Congress. (You may be wondering how it can be that a couple who had been advised to take the fifth just a few months ago have suddenly written a book about their experiences. Well, Mr. Best no longer represents them. The Salahis say that all their affairs are handled now by celebrity litigator/CNN legal pundit Lisa Bloom.)

Yet another confab of Housewives at Lynda's place. Stacie wants to have the Salahis over, "to hear it from them." Mary won't be in the same room with them, after they slandered her daughter. Lynda "can't even breath in their space." Cat, still angry at being "blackballed," seems game.

So, Thursday, January 21 (really, just the next day?): Jason, Stacie and Cat wait at the Turners house. Knock on the door: Heyyyy! Happy new year! How are ya? I love your colors! Fire in the fireplace? You lose weight? How's your new year? That's the Turners and the Salahis, anyway -- Cat doesn't stand, doesn't make eye contact, doesn't speak. A few more ripe moments, then she drains her glass, puts on her coat: "Before I go, I think both of you are two of the most artificial fake people I've ever met in my entire life... You're a disgrace to America." (Whoa. This is as close as we get this season to Jersey-style table-flipping.) Then she leaves.

The Salahis stand to leave; the Turners coax them to stay. Michaele is all, "I'm not used to being exposed to those kinds of people!" (And it's poignant, as if she has once again convinced herself, however briefly, that this is a TV show about Isn't That Cat Ommanney Rude?) Well, then, Jason tries to turn to Topic A, and boom, they're basically outta there: "I can't go there; I have to sign off," says Michaele. Tareq: "We're under strict orders." Jason almost has him for a second, urging him to " remove that shame from the Salahi name." Stacie's unnerved that they won't acknowledge The Incident. If you could do it all over, she asks, "Would you have not gone to the event?" But Michaele calls to Tareq and they're gone -- via the back door, for some reason, which offends Stacie. And then the Turners call Cat back from outside, where she's just been standing on the phone with Lynda. And everyone cackles about the Salahis some more. More wine! The end.

Well! If all episodes were like that, even I might vote for a second season. But I think we all know better. Thanks for joining the Washington Post's experiment in fact-checking a reality show; I hope you've enjoyed it. Whoever leaves last, please turn off the lights.

See also: An archive of Reliable Source "Real Housewives"'s recaps

The Washington Post's live online discussion with Stacie Turner

And in parting... our colleagues Hamil Harris and DeNeen Brown ran into Cat, Mary, Ebong and Paul Thursday night at the Madison, cackling over the "Housewives" finale. Yes, the Madison! Got so much screentime this season I hope they were drinking for free. Below, Hamil's video interview with the animal-printed Brit.

By The Reliable Source  | October 8, 2010; 4:43 AM ET
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Thanks for the fun, hilarious recaps. They were better than the actual show!

Posted by: Qgirl1 | October 8, 2010 8:52 AM | Report abuse

I agree with Qgirl1. Thanks, Amy!

Posted by: MeriJ | October 8, 2010 8:56 AM | Report abuse

I always feel a little bad when you see one grown man emasculated by another. That scene where Tareq squirms and says "we're under strict orders" just made me uncomfortable. He sounded like a little boy.

Though, I have to say, the worst humiliation he has suffered so far at the hands of another is from Steve Winters. Steve had Tareq completely over a barrel, and forced Tareq to sign a bunch of photos to sell on ebay in order to satisfy a court judgement. As a condition, Steve required Tareq to go on video explaining that he had no money to pay his bills and that is why he was signing the photos. (The video is on

Its painful to see; at the end of the video, Tareq thanks Steve, and you can actually hear in Tareq's voice the exact moment when all remaining manhood leaves his soul.

Posted by: growler55 | October 8, 2010 9:01 AM | Report abuse

I third Qgirl1's comments. Thanks, Amy.

Posted by: Lizka | October 8, 2010 9:28 AM | Report abuse

That was just too funny last night. My husband (Mr. Gator) is just happy that he doesn't have to watch these fools anymore (although he seems to have developed a little crush on Rich Amons - really likes his hair).

I do think we received a little more clarity though on how the whole WH debacle could have happened...

Imagine you're the poor girl at the initial gate and Tweedle Dee and Dum, looking the part of illustrious guests (although does anybody else think that sari-thing was a poor choice?), confidently walk up to you being trailed by TV cameras. Not seeing them on the list (as she clearly told them), but does she want to be on camera rejecting potential important dignitaries of friend's of the Obama's? She also tells them to stand aside (hopefully out of the camera's reach) but of course they completely ignore her and continue down the aptly named path of doom. We obviously don't get to see them talk their way past the next list check. Surely their must have been another one or the lack of security at the WH is way scarier than I thought.

Of course, what that girl should have done at this point is get on her little walkie-talkie and inform the next security checkpoint that there was some confusion with some people she just let get by that didn't appear to on her list. But she didn't, and now her short-lived career with the Secret Service is over. From what we hear, it appears the the next list checker's is as well...of course this doesn't bother our friend's the Salahi's one bit.

Posted by: jennifers1 | October 8, 2010 9:35 AM | Report abuse

Did anyone see them on Watch What Happens Live after the finale? They are so delusional - claimed that this episode was an A+ for them, since it shows that they were just allowed in, did not lie, use a fake name, etc. Dude, we KNEW that already.

And Andy Cohen's distain for them was hysterical! He just seemed completely dumbfounded about the things that were coming out of their mouths. (Especially when you see his demeanor when NeNe from Atlanta comes on!)

Posted by: suzannepdc | October 8, 2010 9:43 AM | Report abuse

Thanks again for all the great recaps--as others have said much better than the actual series. I agree that I don't think this show will be back next season; however, someone please give Jason and Rich their own show!

Posted by: LoganHerb | October 8, 2010 10:00 AM | Report abuse

Some of you might be amused to read a long post I wrote at DBKP, explaining why I feel comfortable saying that the Salahis crashed the WH.

I wrote it Wednesday night for a Thursday post, but we decided to delay it by a week out of respect for Dirgham. But after seeing the Watch What Happens Live segment, we figured what the heck and they put it up after all:

Posted by: MeriJ | October 8, 2010 10:10 AM | Report abuse

I echo the thanks for these recaps. Loved them. Didn't it seem weird that when they were rushing out the back door of the Turner's home that Tareq took the time to finish his glass of wine? It was as if he knew this might be the very last time they were on camera and he didn't really want to leave.

Posted by: parquann | October 8, 2010 10:35 AM | Report abuse

I also want to thank you for the fun recaps!

I was desperately hoping that NeNe of Atlanta would come face-to-face with the Salahi's and deliver one of her classic one liners: "That's a low down monkey with a wig on" or some such.

Truthfully, I can't figure out what to think of the Salahi's. Are they naive? Manipulative? Sometimes I feel sorry for them. And sometimes I wonder just how far in the sand their heads are.

I agree that it did seem like last night's episode was going a long way to blame Cat's marital problems on this situation. No doubt it was majorly embarrassing for Charles, but I would have to imagine the entire series was.

Posted by: AnnieVA | October 8, 2010 11:13 AM | Report abuse

Oh, and I second the idea of a series for Rich and Jason. The "Real Househusbands of DC". I would tune in for sure.

Posted by: AnnieVA | October 8, 2010 11:17 AM | Report abuse

Oh, and I second the idea of a series for Rich and Jason. The "Real Househusbands of DC". I would tune in for sure.

Posted by: AnnieVA | October 8, 2010 11:17 AM | Report abuse

Fantastic work on DBKP, MeriJ. Love that you are doing this.

By the way, just a side note, but what is it about the Salahis that causes writers, including professional bloggers and whatnot, to lose their ability to apostrophize correctly when referring to this couple collectively? You never see this with other couples: "the Clinton's bought a home in Westchester county" for example. Why do so many put an apostrophe in there? Is it because the name ends in a vowel, so this makes it look less awkward when written?

Posted by: growler55 | October 8, 2010 11:24 AM | Report abuse


That's pretty funny. I just rechecked what I submitted yesterday to be sure. The editor at DBKP changed those Salahis to Salahi's!

I did make that mistake regularly as recently as last year. But reading other people's comments to this column cured me of that error a while ago. Sigh.

Posted by: MeriJ | October 8, 2010 11:38 AM | Report abuse

When watching them I feel like I am watching a couple of 13 year olds, that time in life when your learning to discern from right and wrong. The fact that they clearly think their conduct is acceptable is just to delusional. Just doesn't seem to be any reality to their thought process. This awful thought occurred to me: do they think they are superior to Mr. President and while it is his home, they can do whatever they want because of who they are? Not that I want to bring race up but I am just trying to figure out why. If you are so high and mighty surely you are familiar with Emily Post etiquette, right? People did lose their jobs, Cat who looked forward in a previous episode to her WH visit was disinvited, costly hearings where conducted, and they accept no responsibility for their behavior or how their decisions have hurt people, maligning Lolly's reputation with no facts to back it up, Lolly should hire a lawyer, the pretense or illusion of wealth. I just don't get it, I just don't, these people are socially like your average, awkward juvenile.

Posted by: robinajenkins | October 8, 2010 11:46 AM | Report abuse

The scene at the Turners was definitely weird -- until you remember that it was Reality TV. Everyone clearly knew that Cat was perched on the front porch with a camera crew. So Michaele skedaddling out the back door made perfect sense to me.

BTW, relative to Tareq, Michaele really did look like she was in charge, didn’t she?

I have to say, the other wives didn’t end the season looking particularly admirable. Including my usual fave, Lynda.

The only people I came away admiring were Paul Wharton -- for not taking pleasure in the Salahis’ humiliation -- and Jason Turner, for saying what a real friend should say. Although Cat was true to herself, I suppose.

That scene where the Salahis get the call from their amigo totally contradicts Diane Dimond’s book regarding where they were when he warned them it was becoming a BFD scandal. So Bravo may have restaged that scene for the cameras much later, which might also explain why they looked so bizarrely fake and just totally guilty guilty guilty. I do think they’re guilty, but that clip looked off to me.

On Watch What Happens Live, I thought Andy Cohen did a great job. Certainly better than the so-called news interrogators, we’ve seen, with the wonderful exception of that Hollywood Access guy who nailed MS on the cheerleader lies.

As suzannepdc pointed out, every time they told a bald-faced lie, Andy gave them a blank stare that said it all. Especially if you’ve seen how he normally responds to guests.

He asked if the house they represented as their own for the audition tape was really their house. They misdirected with a lie.

He asked where they get the income for their highflying lifestyle. They claimed only the winery was shut down, but that the Oasis Enterprise sideline business have not not affected. (!!!)

He asked about the cheerleader thing and Michelle went back to the pre-Hollywood Access lies.

And what about that dress! After hearing that Tareq’s dad had died, I'm sure we all thought she would show up dressed in black. Not exactly...

Posted by: MeriJ | October 8, 2010 11:49 AM | Report abuse

Did we know that Michaele was previously married? I guess I forgot that little nugget. Where's the ex?

Posted by: | October 8, 2010 12:18 PM | Report abuse

Huh, thats funny that they changed your correct apostrophization, MeriJ.

Just watched the access hollywood thing for the first time, where the reporter pins down Michaele for not actually being a cheerleader.

I think I finally understand how this scam developed (please forgive my reading between the lines):

So there were the actual cheerleaders (maybe 10 well-trained girls) who cheered on the sidelines. But then there were a few hundred girls who would go to sports bars (mentioned briefly by Michaele) in the DC area on game days, dressed in cheerleader gear, as a promotional stunt for the redskins, probably in partnership with one of the game's alcoholic beverage sponsors. These girls wouldn't actually cheer nor would the have any training. They would just try to get fat guys in sports gear to do jello shots and what not, and generally look good whilst promoting the redskins and some brand of beer or booze. These girls had no ties, nor any interaction, with the real cheerleaders, and the job specs were probably just "bubbly and cute," so Michaele, in her 20s, fit the bill.

So it is kind of like this: There is the Ronald McDonald character who appears in TV commercials for McDonalds (a real actor), and then there are a few hundred Ronald McDonalds who roam the land doing kids birthday parties (mainly unemployable folks willing to look ridiculous for money). Michaele is like the kids birthday party one.

So over time, the story she tells morphs from "I used to dress as a cheerleader to promote the redskins at sports bars", into "I used to be a redskins cheerleader," and somehow (probably Tareqs idea) she starts paying dues to the alumni association. This is a pretty informal organization that is not going to do any real background checks, right? After all, how crazy would you have to be to join if you were never on the squad? So she joins this and gets to go with some old chicks to mall openings and whatnot as the "redskins alumni." She does this because Tareq thinks it will somehow enhance their image as DC power players, or whatever.

Then later, the s*** hits the fan and she gets busted.

I bet she is more embarrassed about this in front of all the people she is actually friends with, who she told throughout the years she was a real redskins cheerleader. I bet she filled out the texture of the lie with some made-up details ("Doug Williams totally hit on me once!") I bet facing those people now is more embarrassing than the million strangers who know she lied.

Make sense?

Posted by: growler55 | October 8, 2010 12:21 PM | Report abuse

By the way, Reliable Source, when are you going to address the accusation that the whole of the WaPo's coverage of the Salahis is driven by some arcane polo rivaly/love triangle, a theory that Tareq floated a few days ago? The theory is that one of you is dating one of his polo rivals (does he have polo rivals? is he actually playing any polo other than at his fake events? Does he own a horse? Where is it stabled?) and that you are settling polo scores by bad-mouthing the Salahis.

Theory two by Tareq is that Warren Buffet, as main owner of the Washington Post, is so miffed over America's Polo Cup stiffing the post on a 10k advertising bill, that he has put an army of journalists onto digging up the Salahis' dirty laundry (NOTE: APOSTROPHE IS APPROPRIATE HERE). Sorry Tareq, that theory is just f'ing crazy.

But please address the bizarre love/polo triangle, we are dying to know!??! Also, if one of you is in with a polo rival, give us some polo gossip about Tareq. He is way to heavy to properly play a horse-based game, right? Come on, give us the scoop a doop!

Posted by: growler55 | October 8, 2010 12:36 PM | Report abuse

> Did we know that Michaele was previously married?

I'm not sure what prompted that question, but I don't believe she was ever married.

Per Diane Dimond, Michaele had a longtime boyfriend who was the anti-Tareq. A stable, small town guy who wanted more time to get established in his business before they got married. After waiting for a number of years, she moved on.

Supposedly she still lived with her parents off and on until she was 35.

Posted by: MeriJ | October 8, 2010 12:51 PM | Report abuse

thanks for all of the recaps, but are you going to cover the reunion shows? I don't have cable, how else could I get my fix?

Posted by: spg2 | October 8, 2010 12:52 PM | Report abuse

Just wanted to thank you for watching so I wouldn't have to. (I will catch "Bravo Andy" on the web though.)

Posted by: anonymouslurker | October 8, 2010 1:28 PM | Report abuse

The following was was posted this morning to that WaPo Obit mention on Dirgham Salahi. (I added the paragraph breaks):

"This is not about Tareq & Michaele. The Virginia Wine Industry lost one of their pioneers when Drigham Salahi passed this week. His gracious wife, my friend Corrine, has lost the love of her life and her best friend.

"Please honor Dirgham by respecting his wishes to pass in silence, there will be no funeral or service.

"Corrine: Know that those of us who have loved you and Dirgahm all these years hold both of you in our hearts at this time.

"Michaele: Leave Corrine alone and stop trying to turn this into one of your circus acts - this is not about you.

"Oh, and by the way let the world know from a family friend, Tareq and Michaele were not there these last few years to help with Drigham's care. They didn't even have the decency to stay away. Corrine needed help, they didn't assist. But, they did come to the winery and break-in with film crews and antics, right under his father's and mother's noses....

"Out of respect for Dirgham and Corrine, please leave Corrine alone as she deals with her loss. This includes you Mr. Shapiro - I spoke to you yesterday one of the many times you called the Salahi home yesterday - leave Corrine alone - there will be no service for you to sensationalize and report on."

Posted by: DJ17 | October 8, 2010 8:10 AM

Posted by: MeriJ | October 8, 2010 1:28 PM | Report abuse

Stacie found her dad! Congratulations!

(The fact that none of us bothered to mention this great news just goes to show you how thoroughly the Salahis hijacked the franchise.)

Posted by: MeriJ | October 8, 2010 1:36 PM | Report abuse

I'm a latecomer to these recaps but have enjoyed them.
I'm surprised that no one has commented on Stacie's behavior. Clearly, she isn't the designated "mean girl" but her behavior during the entire series has been duplicitous and unkind. Unlike Cat, she never says what she thinks to people's faces, but she has no trouble trashing them in her on-camera interviews.
She says she doesn't approve of these ambushes, yet she repeatedly allows people to be attacked (Cat by her friend, and Michaele by Cat) without stepping in or saying anything at all.
And her decision to contact her half-brother via Facebook seems both unkind and immature.
Honestly, I think only Mary (excluding for the moment her closet fixation) comes across as a genuine, kind person in this show.

Posted by: Bcrone | October 8, 2010 1:45 PM | Report abuse

Who is Mr Shapiro, do we know?

Posted by: growler55 | October 8, 2010 1:58 PM | Report abuse

I wish I had found this earlier in the season, what a hoot! Thanks Huffington Post for getting me here. There have been goof balls on Housewives shows in the past but not even Danielle Staub is as slimy as the Salahis. I can't believe that they are on any invitation list in DC.

Posted by: bookerone | October 8, 2010 1:58 PM | Report abuse

Mary? I don't think so.

Posted by: MeriJ | October 8, 2010 2:00 PM | Report abuse

No offense to Mary Amons, but "genuine, kind person" didn't exactly jump off my TV set. Although she certainly didn't come off as a bad person either.

That she and Rich have made their marriage work for so long after such a challenging start is a clearer testament to her character.

Growler55: Shapiro was the WaPo author of that obit piece.

Posted by: MeriJ | October 8, 2010 2:26 PM | Report abuse

Thank you for more insightful observations about these criminals. I think you should compile these into an expose book to reveal the lies and half truths contained in DD's book.

Posted by: MissJC | October 8, 2010 2:35 PM | Report abuse

I watched the special after the show (most of it), against the vehement objections of my husband. These two really have first-class tickets on the crazy train. I must add that I also have a dead father and the last thing I would have ever done is appear on a TV talk show drinking champagne on the day he died (even if that was an option). I think to me they have just gone from merely despicable to possibly soul-less.

I also can't believe I continue to be shocked by the way they blithely lie about EVERYTHING. A quick primer for those of you that missed it.

1) Redskins cheerleader? Absolutely, the "I was just lying about my age" thing again. Given how photo happy these two are, we're too believe that she doesn't have one picture of her in a Redskins outfit - even if she was just serving drinks in bars?

2) The lovely McMansion they were filmed in, which we all know was lent to them by a friend (former, I'm sure)? They actually used to own it - but had to let it go because of financial difficulties. But don't worry, they do own several other properties.

3) Source of income? Well the winery is bankrupt, but they have several other businesses doing well. Yes, the bankrupt wine tour business was specifically mentioned.

4) Grand re-opening of Oasis Winery? Not official by the way, but we can apparently all look forward to recapturing the glory days of Oasis once again. Mr. Lawpool (strangenly silent BTW), didn't get back to me but my husband is an accountant and as I thought Chapter 7 is the end of the road. Liquidation of all assets (handled through a trustee) and prioritiaztion of creditors.

5) Family issues, including lawsuits are over. They even gave a "shout out" to his poor, grieving mother. This was probably the worst spectacle of the evening.

Wasn't there yet another pathetic attempt a few weeks ago to get control of the winery from his mother? Some nonsense about her power of attorney not being valid therefore she had no right to declare bankruptcy for the winery. And given MeriJ's post from a friend of the family above and the fact they constantly lie, I don't see alot of forgiving and forgetting quite yet.

The WH claims of course continue to be ridiculous, and I'm just going to ignore those.

Posted by: jennifers1 | October 8, 2010 2:39 PM | Report abuse

Oh yeah, thanks MeriJ.

Hey, check this out: this is the google map view of the Salahi house. Zoom in using satellite view -- see the three white limos, of various stretchiness, in the driveway? This is obviously part of the "Oasis Enterprises" wine tour business. The photos are probably a few years old, I don't think they own any limos now; the press that camped outside the Salahi home after the White House break-in would have noted it. Now they rent limos, prom-style, every time they expect to be photographed.

On another note, has anyone in the area (journalist or otherwise) gone down to the Warren county offices to check what the mortgage status is on the salahi home? I found one record online that shows they paid 633k for the house, but I wonder what the mortgage balance is (which is a public record, though not necessarily available online) and whether the mortgage is in default. Gotta think the WaPo tried to do this during their huge exposee in Dec 2009?

Posted by: growler55 | October 8, 2010 2:40 PM | Report abuse

MeriJ ............. I thought I heard one of them say on last night's "After Show" with Andy that she was divorced. It's possible I misunderstood who they were referring to. If anyone Tivo'd it, let us know.

> Did we know that Michaele was previously married?

I'm not sure what prompted that question, but I don't believe she was ever married.

Per Diane Dimond, Michaele had a longtime boyfriend who was the anti-Tareq. A stable, small town guy who wanted more time to get established in his business before they got married. After waiting for a number of years, she moved on.

Supposedly she still lived with her parents off and on until she was 35.

Posted by: | October 8, 2010 2:40 PM | Report abuse

Thanks to the Post for all the great coverage and recaps - I am utterly fascinated. Thanks to MeriJ also!!

I read here that Tareq's father died this week, yet he still made an appearance on WWHL last night - nice. Slightly off subject, but I had read that Tareq's mother Corinne was instrumental in starting a Montessori school in Alexandria. The Montessori method is such a nurturing approach to children's early learning development and (assuming that she raised her son in this environment) I cannot help but wonder it does to her to see how he has turned out?

Posted by: katydidwhat | October 8, 2010 2:57 PM | Report abuse

Jennifers1, you said:
"The lovely McMansion they were filmed in, which we all know was lent to them by a friend (former, I'm sure)? They actually used to own it - but had to let it go because of financial difficulties. But don't worry, they do own several other properties."

Are you being sarcastic about the other properties? I've been doing a bit of digging online and can only find the one front royal property in their name (both T&M). And found just the winery property in the parents name.

And by saying "owned" the front royal property, that is probably not really accurate either. They bought it in 2006, when zero-down loans were widely available. You think the Salahis put any money at all into this thing, when they could just leverage up? I imagine they are WAAAAYYY underwater on this house, and possibly in default as well (how would they be servicing the payments of 3500/mo or so?). So the bank owns this house by any reasonable standard.

Would love it if someone could find out! Lawpool (come back please!) would be good at this sort of task.

Posted by: growler55 | October 8, 2010 2:59 PM | Report abuse

As always, RS is right on the money with their reporting - and it's been great to read.

HOWEVER, I can't believe you referred to Uniform Division Secret Service officers as "security guards." Security guards patrol the mall, Uniform Division officers are highly trained professionals who are willing to take a bullet for the President. They are NOT a "lower level" of the Secret Service! This is really demeaning, and insulting. They are DIFFERENT from the agents who surround POTUS. You really owe these men and women an apology!

Did you notice the body language when the Salahis walked thru the area in front of the press? Michaele was happy and confident, wanted to stop and chat, while Tareq had his face turned away, is clearly trying to get away from the press as fast as possible. She actually tugs on his arm to get him to pause. Maybe HE knew they were crashing, but had convinced her it was all legit. I wonder ...

Now, if you want to know how a State Dinner really works, I invite you to visit, where I have two posts about last year's event, one from Nov. '09 and one from this week. I am the only person IN HISTORY to work on these events for eight full years, so I'm the go-to expert on State Visits - and many other interesting White House events!

And if you'd like to read the intimate, funny, candid stories about our amazing adventures over the eight years of the Clinton administration, you may enjoy my book, White House Story, a Democratic Memoir, available at

Posted by: Bajagirl | October 8, 2010 3:09 PM | Report abuse

At the risk of touting my own horn, I have to share the best line from my DBKP piece:

The Salahis' defense boils down to this: “You can’t prove we knew something that we claim we didn’t understand.”

Yeah I know. It's not healthy to reread your own words over and over. But that line just cracks me up!

Posted by: MeriJ | October 8, 2010 3:27 PM | Report abuse

Yes, Growler - I was being pretty sarcastic...(jennifers1 again).

Posted by: DCPowerGator | October 8, 2010 3:48 PM | Report abuse

Sorry I forgot Ms. Bajagirl - it might be nice to go to a State Dinner. Can you tell us how to get on the secret "Off the Record List". I'm probably just as politically connected as the Salahis (happy Mr. Growler) - which is of course not at all. But I certainly have more money.

Posted by: DCPowerGator | October 8, 2010 3:58 PM | Report abuse

Bajagirl's website is pretty awesome. Apparently she ran the WH visitors office for all eight years of the Clinton administration.

Read her recent Salahi post here:

Based on what she's saying, I guess I'll have to take back my defense long ago of Desiree Rogers' role in the Salahi snafu. I thought Cathy Hargraves, a Bush administration's staffer, was just being political in her criticism of Ms. Rogers. But this woman concurs.

Posted by: MeriJ | October 8, 2010 5:07 PM | Report abuse

THEY ARE LIARS. Tareq's phone was working in the salon. It was working in the Limo and he wanted her battery just in case his died. JUST IN CASE. He bold face lied in his email to Ms. Jones. If they stayed over night in a hotel...he lied again about driving back to their "country home" (what, do they have a city home). They have never said publicly - "Person X told us we were invited." If they did, they would have told them where to go and at what time - they wouldn't have had to call the WH to find out. Michaele lied about having an printed invite at the salon. They went not knowing if they were invited. The guard told them they were not on the list. Just because they made it in means nothing. They crashed the party.
Join our FB Page:
Tell the White House Party Crashers to Go Away.

Posted by: seraphina2 | October 9, 2010 12:39 AM | Report abuse

In honor of LAWPOOL, who is not posting today for whatever reason, I offer this link. He was the first person I heard use the word sociopath in describing the Salahis. I didn't really know what it meant.

In light of the conversation a few of us were having at the end of last week's recap section, the stuff I've just been reading would suggest that it's pointless to try to get them to understand how the rest of us see them. If they are sociopaths, they are not capable of it.

Of course, there is a continuum of sociopathy, and they might not both be on the far end of it. But if they are, Jason Turner you are wasting your time trying to help them face up to anything:

Just my opinion.

Posted by: MeriJ | October 9, 2010 1:20 AM | Report abuse

I think I've watched each episode just to enjoy these articles more. Well done.

Posted by: logieberrie | October 9, 2010 10:31 AM | Report abuse

More on sociopathy:

What's confusing is that sociopaths don't feel empathy -- or respond to oxytocin, which temporarily enhances empathy in normal people -- yet they are extremely clever at mimicking love and concern for others.

True sociopaths cannot help being who they are or change how their brain functions. Like the androids in Blade Runner, they are aliens among us, studying how we behave in order to fit in while taking whatever steps are necessary to win whatever contest they perceive themselves to be engaged in.

Therapy accomplishes nothing other than to teach them more nuanced ways to deceive others about their condition.

Surely we've all met at least one person with some of these symptoms, no? But how often have you met *two* sociopaths (or near sociopaths) who have been able to sustain a common front under such stress in order to tag team the world?

As absurd as this couple is, I still find them fascinating.

Luckily for the world, their 15 minutes probably ended Thursday night.

Posted by: MeriJ | October 9, 2010 1:12 PM | Report abuse

Fascinating stuff MeriJ. I think this is why there is such universal derision for the Salahis, that they got caught in a web of lies but are still in total denial.

I feel like they would be subject to way less scorn if they just said something along the lines of: "Early on, we really did think that our friend would be able to get us on the list, naively. We didn't really appreciate what it takes to be invited to such a thing. We had told Bravo we would almost certainly be attending, so I felt stupid when it turned out we didn't get an invite. I didn't want to embarrass myself, so I figured a better way to save face was to just show up at the White House, and if we got turned away we could attribute it to a mix-up, or a late change to the list, or something. But not just that we were never invited, since I would feel pretty silly about that. Looking back, I should have just told Bravo that it turned out we didn't make the list. But my ego didn't let me do that.

We also figured if we showed up and acted confidently, there might just be a chance that we would be waved in. Acting like we belong somewhere had worked before, and there is nothing really illegal about it. We didn't lie or anything on the way in, we just played dumb about whether we were on the list. Yes, it was aggressive, but we are confident, aggressive people by nature. We don't let someone saying 'no' stand in our way. So we tried just showing up, and wouldn't you know it, it worked! We were surprised by it too, to tell you the truth. It was actually a huge relief to get through that first checkpoint. Even if we got turned away at a later checkpoint, at least it wouldn't be on camera. Remember, at this point we didn't appreciate that this would make international news, so if we bluffed Bravo a little bit for a better story on a reality show, it didn't seem like such a huge sin to us. Everyone on these shows pretends a little bit that they are more rich or powerful than they are, right? So this was just an extension of that, which unfortunately got way, way, out of control.

We shouldn't have been there, and with the benefit of hindsight, I wish we hadn't done it. We are really, really sorry that some good people lost their jobs because of what we did."

Imagine the difference in the public opinion of the Salahis if they had just done that.

Posted by: growler55 | October 9, 2010 4:30 PM | Report abuse

Michaele divorce comment .......... I just watched it again "Watch What Happens Live".

Straight from the horse's mouth, Michaele says "I was going thru a divorce" when responding to a caller who asked her if she really was a Redskins cheerleader. Andy says something about her brother said he didn't think she was a cheerleader & then she starts telling Andy what she said to her brother. It's during this response that she says "I was going thru a divorce."

Am I the only who caught this?

Posted by: | October 9, 2010 4:43 PM | Report abuse

Just found this site...and I love it. Big kudos to Roxanne & Amy! Job well-done.
The Salahis disgust me yet, I find them fascinating by their psychological narcassistic delusions and deflections. It has been an interesting year watching this sociopath case study unfold and come to life and revealed publically.
@My_shamrock - I just watched the WHHL as well...straight from the 'plastic not fantastic mouth'...she declared, 'after my divorce'. Definitely time for fact checking.
@Growler55 - Well said and yes, I can imagine the big difference in the global perception outcome. Anyone can. Sadly, the Salamis and their legal and pr representation did not and could not imagine it either. You should copyright your words, as they may 'allegedly' leak into their too late sad criminal defence.
These articles and comments are spot-on! Thank you and may justice prevail.

Posted by: CTGirl5 | October 9, 2010 5:59 PM | Report abuse

Myshamrock_va on MS saying "divorced":

I haven't been able to find that clip online. The ones at Bravo don't seem to go that far into the segment.

Got a link?

Posted by: MeriJ | October 10, 2010 1:03 PM | Report abuse

I couldn't find it on Bravo's video clips either. Bravo's TV schedule says that "Watch What Happens Live" is on again today @ 5:15 - it might be a repeat of the one that aired Thurs night. I see it's also scheduled for 3:30 AM (ugh! - set the DVR) & 12:15 PM tomorrow. Again, not sure if it's THE episode w/them.

I'm so glad I wasn't the only who caught this - CTGirl5 did too.

Posted by: | October 10, 2010 3:54 PM | Report abuse

@ When she's talking about going through divorce, I think she is quoting her brother. She claims her brother was going through a divorce when she was on the squad, which is why he didn't remember that she actually was a cheerleader. Yeah, I know. But frankly, that claim is no less credible than anything else in their story. HA!

Posted by: ericwilliams | October 10, 2010 5:04 PM | Report abuse

> She claims her brother was going through a divorce when she was on the squad, which is why he didn't remember that she actually was a cheerleader.

That sounds like what I remember.

I wish I could read you the eight pages that Diane Dimond devoted to this subject. Dimond was devastatingly clear that Michaele was lying. Pages 152-159, if you have the book.

In any case, she was finally forced to admit what is most likely the truth by the guy on Access Hollywood. Read growler55's summary at 12:21 pm above, or watch the Access Hollywood clip here:

Posted by: MeriJ | October 10, 2010 6:28 PM | Report abuse

Now that I've read MeriJ's & ericwilliams' comments and watched the show for the 3rd time, I have to agree it does sound like she's quoting her brother. Drats! I thought I might have been on to something. I think I might have overdosed on the Salahis the last few days - I might need some wine :)

I've had a great time reading everyone's comments.

Posted by: | October 10, 2010 8:02 PM | Report abuse

Myshamrock, Just don't make it Oasis wine, OK?

One thing that the Salahis have shown me though, is how terrible the televised news coverage is on verifying claims, even in face to face interviews. The access hollywood guy is the first one to keep asking, asking, asking until he had an answer, and not tolerate the equivocating these two normally do. But even he lets up too early, I thought. Things were just getting interesting when she says she was never on the sidelines.

The cheerleader subject had come up before in other interviews, and no one was able to drag this out of her?

MeriJ, darn it, you are now tempting me to buy the book (which I swore I wouldn't do), just to read those pages you refer to.

Then again, how much $$ can Tareq really be getting out of a single book purchase? A couple of bucks? Maybe I'll just swallow my pride, buy it, and make a donation to the salahi rented limo fund.

Posted by: growler55 | October 10, 2010 9:46 PM | Report abuse

Salahi things I will buy:
1) book

Salahi things I won't buy:
1) action figures
2) halloween costumes
3) cruise tickets
4) unsanctioned premier party tickets
5) "pure" (Vegas nightclub) tickets
6) wine tours
7) polo tickets
8) saris

Posted by: growler55 | October 10, 2010 9:52 PM | Report abuse

MeriJ - Thanks for the Access Hollywood link. They are more unbelievable every time they open their mouths.

Posted by: | October 10, 2010 11:28 PM | Report abuse

On Diane Dimond's book:

I know it's not cool to say it, but I really enjoyed that book. Ignore all the alleged investigative journalist wrapping and just read it for what it is: a transcription of what they told her.

If you've been spending as much time reading about the Salahis as I have, reading what's actually in their heads -- lots of snakes, mostly! -- is surely worth your time. I haven't bothered posting all the howlers, but believe me there are plenty.

And I sincerely doubt anyone is making any real money on this book. I figure Dimond wrote it for the visibility, not the cash. Ditto for Lisa Bloom. You can't buy PR like that.

Posted by: MeriJ | October 11, 2010 12:10 AM | Report abuse

Didn't they actually get in to the WH by inculcating themselves into a group of Indian dignitaries at the Willard? Am I remembering this incorrectly?

I am beginnning to think that it is actually Tareq who is the one who is being abused in this relationship. Has anyone done any digging to ascertain where he was in life when he met the wife and how far his life has degraded since then?

Poor Sally Quinn, the wedding of the millenium upstaged by Michale Salahi. Well, I guess water has finally reached its own level! I just hope the yoga baby mama didn't drink alcohol during her pregnancy considering the burden poor Quinn has born in life.

Posted by: SoCali | October 11, 2010 12:58 PM | Report abuse

> Didn't they actually get in to the WH by inculcating themselves into a group of Indian dignitaries at the Willard?

SoCali, are you thinking of Carlos Allen, the other gate crasher?

Posted by: MeriJ | October 11, 2010 1:43 PM | Report abuse

OK, folks.

Sorry I have been absent from this discussion, but I took a few days off from "Salahiana" [damn, I like that-- thanks, Amy], to go to Nashville. And I just don't do blogs, emails, etc. when I am out of town, especially when I am attending the 85th anniversary celebration of the Grand Ole Opry. Works for me, but perhaps not for most DC people.

In early 2009, long before most had ever heard of them, I concluded in my professional opinion the Salahis were quite possibly consummate con-artists and grifters, and shared that opinion with anyone who asked.

The public revelations of the past several months convinced me that, beyond their mere schemes to advance their pitiful lives, they are true sociopaths living in their own self-deluded "reality".

How ironic they appeared on a purported "reality" television show.

I am pleased that it appears 99.999% of the American public now also appreciates the nature of that couple and the potential danger they posed in a major breach of security at would should have been just about the most secure building in the world.

Also I am pleased that other commenters have picked up the banner to expose these pathetic people for what they are and have been, such as the efforts of MeriJ.

I'd like to think my job is done. I will continue to post when I feel it appropriate.

In the meantime, as I said before, the Salahis should be relegated to nothing more than a circus side-show freak act.

At this point, cleaning restrooms in a Taco Bell off of I-95 probably is beyond their reach.

I do not feel sorry for such nasty deadbeat posers. You know, what goes around comes around. In this day and age, I think some might call it "karma".

I do feel sorry for Tareq's mother and now-deceased father.

My opinions.

Posted by: LAWPOOL | October 11, 2010 1:49 PM | Report abuse

Am I the only who caught this?

Posted by: | October 9, 2010 4:43 PM |

The line is out of context. Andy asked again about the Redskins and why her brother would say she wasn't a cheerleader. She said "I'm glad you asked this, I confronted my brother and he said "I was just going through a divorce, I don't know what I was doing at that time period." She didn't say she was going through a divorce. Her brother was.

Posted by: cltclt | October 11, 2010 3:35 PM | Report abuse

I agree Missy did not say she was going through a divorce, but rather referred to her brother. But that comment also begs another question.

Does it strike anyone else that the fact her own brother just couldn't remember if she was a "cheerleader" because he was going through a "divorce" and he "didn't know" what he "was doing at that time period" as just a bit strange? If true, which I sort of doubt, that just smacks a little bit of an over-the-top trailer trash excuse.

If false, keep it up, Missy, and you will in short order alienate all of your family, just as your hubby managed to do with his family.

Get a real life. Get a real job. Get a grip on reality. Stop blaming anyone and everyone other than yourself. Stop living in Salahiana-land.

Posted by: LAWPOOL | October 11, 2010 4:09 PM | Report abuse

Anyone else find it interesting that the Salahi's claim to have supported quite a few charities in the past but none have been for MS. Seems odd for someone who does alot charity work and is afflicted with MS to finally get around to supporting the cause after 17 years. Seems fishy to me.

Posted by: shoreterp1 | October 12, 2010 3:26 PM | Report abuse


Their Journey for the Cure Foundation gave away $15,000 in 2007.

Of that total, $5,000 was to the MS Society and $5,000 was to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

I don't know where the other $5K went. Probably misc smaller donations. (I hope it wasn't the same $5000 I vaguely remember Journey for the Cure paying for some America's Polo Cup expense. Because that would be wrong.)

Posted by: MeriJ | October 12, 2010 4:14 PM | Report abuse

I did considerably more research on sociopaths. The Salahis are not sociopaths.

Michaele, for sure is not, and if Tareq perhaps has a few tendencies in that direction, they aren't nearly enough to qualify for that label. A sociopath is a really scary thing.

Narcisisstic personality disorder (NPD) seems much closer to the bill for both of them. When Tim Gunn called them sociopaths, he was probably saying that they really believe their own lies, which would be true of NPD types as well.

So on that count, Diane Dimond had it right all along.

The implication for the Jason Turners of the world remains the same: you will not be able to convince them that they have done anything to atone for. They won't be able to hear what you're saying.

But I'm totally up for listening to you make the attempt for a solid hour this Thursday and next!

Posted by: MeriJ | October 12, 2010 11:20 PM | Report abuse

I thought this comment posted to Andy Cohen's Bravo blog was especially amusing. Another name to add to the sock puppet list?

Submitted by Sheryl Shaughnessy on October 10, 2010.

Watch what happens with the Salahis was great. I wish my call got through.
The one thing I wanted to ask Michaele is how she stays strong? She smiles and has grace and endures so much.

The finale was disturbing for me to see the other wives hate on her and they are all Moms like me. I can't wait to see the re-union shows. I hope Michaele was strong. The only reason I watch DC is to see Michaele.

Nene's nose looks so good. Wonder what Michaele thought of her? I heard Nene said Michaele had nice hair, she does.

Posted by: MeriJ | October 13, 2010 10:09 AM | Report abuse

as George Costanza says "Its not a lie if you believe it". I think that is Salahi's secret motto :)

Posted by: shoreterp1 | October 13, 2010 1:54 PM | Report abuse

as George Costanza says "Its not a lie if you believe it". I think that is Salahi's secret motto :)

Posted by: shoreterp1 | October 13, 2010 1:55 PM | Report abuse

Perfect, shoreterp1!

So, ehsmith1, are you going to let this person kick your butt like that in the quote department?

I'm worthless at actual quotes, but I can mangle them with the best. For example:

"The Salahis have never met a misunderstanding they didn't like."

Posted by: MeriJ | October 13, 2010 4:39 PM | Report abuse


You must read this interview with Diane Dimond. I've been telling you all that, for all the absurdity of her WH defense of the Salahis, she was also pretty candid about them towards the end of the book.

This interview with a prankster blog (of all things!) is toootally upfront about her impression of the Salahis. You will not agree with all of it, especially the continued unfounded attack on our ladies at the Reliable Source, but I guarantee these are the most candid observations you've heard anyone close to them make:

Posted by: MeriJ | October 14, 2010 10:21 AM | Report abuse

I may have missed something here (havent time to read every post) but didnt Ms. Anorexia say that they had received an invitation to the WH? And apparently Ms. Anorexia's hubby sat in the waiting room of the salon for the entire 6-7 hours while the very little (read thin) princesss had whatever done?...But Ms. Anorexia's hand on the VP's chest was absolutely priceless!!

Posted by: semilost44 | October 15, 2010 8:51 AM | Report abuse

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