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I've started to get more and more e-mail about the stories I post here; below, some questions (or, as happens so often, questions-turning-to-comments) and their answers.

On Rob Simmons:

David perhaps you are not far enough into the conservative movement in CT. Simmons got elected to Congress because the democrats in his district were tired of the establishment's candidate. Simmons didn't dissapoint his district, having a very liberal voting record. He had a 100% approval rating from Planned Parenthood for example. He lost re-election to a democrat. Democrats will not be voting for Simmons, a democrat-lite, over AG Blumenthal. But there are enough democrats that have had it with the Dodd/Obama failures who will vote for McMahon by the time November rolls around. Blumenthal has misrepresented his military service with the Marines. He was on the front lines of TOYS FOR TOTS, not Vietnam. He is so arrogant that even Chuckie Cheese Shummer fades by comparison.

This captures the id of Connecticut Republicans pretty well -- disbelief that taking out Blumenthal can be a problem after his scandal.

On Palin's endorsements:

It kills you right? Absolutely kills you to give Sarah Palin any kind of credit doesn't it? Sarah's endorsed candidates lose (Ward, Burns, Bledsoe), well that proves she doesn't have any influences with the public. Sarah's endorsed candidates win (Perry, Paul, Fiorina, Martinez, Haley, Bransted) again that proves she doesn't any influences with the public. Fact is you don't understand how a politician who doesn't play by your rules could be this powerful. Trust me when I say this She's that powerful. You attack her for not doing interviews with old media but yet she effectively gets her message out. You attack her for not falling in the establishment line but yet she effectively gets her message out. You attack, attack, attack but yet she effectively gets her message out. So don't worry David, Sarah's not waiting, wanting, looking for your approval. She's a rogue agent, she's going to do what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants and I love her for it.

Like I've said, I was really just critical of the idea that Palin was turning no-hopers into contenders. After some attempts at that, she blatantly endorsed frontrunners.

And on the GOP's ticket in California:

This liberal from San Francisco would like to give credit to the Republican ticket in CA: Gov - a woman Sen - a woman Ltnt Gvnr - a Latino guy Treasurer - a woman (Mimi Walters) Comptroller - white guy Attney General - white guy Sec of State - black guy

Honestly, this is good news!

I think so, too.

By David Weigel  |  June 11, 2010; 5:55 PM ET
Categories:  Media  
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