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They say "Going Out of Business" sales are the best times to buy furniture. And then I've heard January and July are really the months to pick up some new pieces. Personally, I think anytime a furniture store decides to whack 30 percent off its goods, it's probably worth a look. Whether you're in the market for a sofa or a mattress, this is the week to buy based on all the sales. Here's what's worth a look:

Lamps, tables and sofas, oh my: World Market is having a furniture sale that includes a Birch wood arm chair for $199 and a matching accent table for $99. In fact, all of their accent chairs are marked down up to 20 percent. Jennifer Convertibles is having an Election/Veterans Day sale featuring a $399 black leather Simmons sofabed. If you'd rather recline than sleep on leather, check out Hamiltons Sofa Gallery's leather and recliner sale. They have a leather chaise rocker recliner (a few steps up from Archie Bunker's chair) for $459. Thomasville is also touting its fall home sale, which ends Wednesday. Aside from discounted furniture pieces, the store has marked down all of its accessories, such as lamps, 25 percent. Faiz Oriental Rugs in Alexandria is closing its doors and trying to clear out inventory at 70-80 percent off.

Mattresses: Seems like mattress stores will use any holiday to start screaming out their sales. I thought Mattress Warehouse had the best Veterans Day deal with its Serta queen sets for $399.

Holiday sales: Two words that will send quivers down the serious shoppers' spine: "holiday sale." I just started seeing these two magic words recently. So far Portrait Innovations (think: photo holiday cards) is offering $9.95 deals on family portraits. Decorative holiday plates at Ann Sandra in Annandale are discounted 70 percent, including Lenox Holiday and Spode Christmas Tree. And the Mill End Shops, which does reupholstery, custom furniture and window treatments, has marked down fabric and labor 25 percent. Work could be completed by the holidays so your in-laws won't have to sit on that lumpy armchair with college-era fabric.

Pianos: OK, so it's a little odd to include pianos here, but it's worth a mention that Jordan Kitt's Music is closing its Vienna store, which claims to be one of the largest piano store rooms in the country. All 240 of their pianos must go and to get them out, many are marked down up to 60 percent. The store also has manufacturer coupons to offer. The Vienna store will stay open until all the pianos are gone.

Where did you buy your furniture? Did you pick up individual pieces or splurge on an entire set?

By Tania Anderson |  October 30, 2007; 3:00 AM ET General Interest
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I am a particular fan of Belfort's clearance warehouse. Pieces range from floor models, returns, and slightly damaged. Every month they will knock down the price on items that are not moving so if you are willing to game it, you can get a fantastic price. They have sales on the warehouse stock about 3-4 times a year in addition to their price reductions.

Posted by: agroshong | October 30, 2007 7:27 AM

Best Halloween costumes I purchased from and got 20% off.........It was really nice shopping for............!!

Posted by: Mike | October 31, 2007 3:21 AM

The Jennifer Convertibles deal seems great - I was looking for a sofa bed for my den and that is definitely in my price point. Have you checked out the Crate and Barrel outlet? They have great deals if you keep your eyes open for them.

Posted by: SEF | October 31, 2007 8:13 PM

My wife and I went mattress shopping this past weekend as a result of this blog. Wanted to apss along what we learned. We were shopping for king sized Simmons Beauty Rest. Went to Macy's first and picked out a bed we loved. With the sale and the Mcay's card discount (sign up to receive $100 off) the price came to $1402 plus taxes. We called Mattress Warehouse and got a competitive price at $1099. We asked Macy's to match it and they said unless it was in a print ad, they could not move their price. They need to provide proof on the invoice incase they get audited. I'll assume this was true.

We went to Mattress Warehouse last night and found that the "same" mattress that we was quoted as $303 less was not the same mattress. Simmons makes different models for Macy's than they do MW.

The mattress that was most similar was offered to us at $1499. While we could have stuck around and wheeled and dealed "very used-car like", our 2 year old daughter was ready to go home. We left, knowing that we could have saved some money.

From what the Macy's salesman said, you can always get a lower price from MW or MD, but you'll always leave with that bad bargaining taste in your mouth. "Did I talk him/her down enough?"

Either way, do your comparison shopping when it comes to mattresses. Equivalent beds on paper are not the same as when you actully lay down on them.

We'll stick with Macy's on this one, because of their guarantees. Hope this helps someone.

Posted by: McLean, VA | November 6, 2007 10:33 AM

I am laughing about Jordan Kitt's closing sale prices being lower than any store. Did you actually shop their other stores? The "sale" is no lower than any manager's discretion at another store!! This is the same ploy used by them at the infamous "college sales" to get more traffic into the stores....Caveat Emptor. I cannot believe you were fooled by this!

Posted by: Nippon Gaki | December 25, 2007 6:03 PM

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