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Off the Beaten Path: Kensington

There's a little piece of shopping heaven in Kensington, Md., for those who don't need a cup of Starbucks to walk around with or a bite to eat while shopping. You won't find either on the west side of Howard Avenue where it crosses Connecticut Avenue in Kensington. In fact...

By Tania Anderson | February 7, 2008; 3:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

Tuesday Tips: Saving Money at the Dog Groomer

It happens every few months in our house. A smell resembling the Potomac River on a 90 degree summer day starts penetrating every inch of our breathing space. That's when we know it's time for our 30-pound mutt to get bathed. I can't help but chuckle when I take him...

By Tania Anderson | February 5, 2008; 3:00 AM ET | Comments (48)


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