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Off the Beaten Path: Old Town Fairfax

I usually fly right through Old Town Fairfax. The streets are narrow and the traffic heavy so I've never known what the stores had to offer along this small historic district for fear that a split second glance will get me into a fender bender. But one recent Monday afternoon...

By Tania Anderson | July 3, 2008; 3:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

Tuesday Tips: Cashing In on Yard Sales

We search, we hunt, we dig. One of our summertime rituals besides cookouts and serious sweating is yard sale shopping. You never what you'll find among the unwanteds from another person's life. And aside from being a haven for treasure hunters, yard sales serve as a way to declutter one's...

By Tania Anderson | July 1, 2008; 1:37 PM ET | Comments (7)


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