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Is Online Grocery Shopping Worth the Fee?

Two things hitting my pocketbook hard these days are gas and food. So I thought getting my groceries delivered could help cut down on my daily gas binges. I recently explored the food delivery services offered by Giant and Safeway. I also looked at Harris Teeter's drive-up food service, which...

By Tania Anderson | July 9, 2008; 1:51 PM ET | Comments (28)

Tuesday Tips: Bid Your Way to a Lower Price

How many times have you told a friend the price you paid for a recent home project, only to be told that they had a similar project completed for 10 percent less? Newman! That's happened to me a few times and it doesn't feel good. Washington Checkbook Magazine pushes the...

By Tania Anderson | July 8, 2008; 3:00 AM ET | Comments (8)


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