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To Buy or Rent on Thanksgiving

Turkey? Check. Potatoes for mashing? Check. Ingredients for apple pie? Check. A table large enough for everyone to sit? Uhhh. If I ever hosted my family's Thanksgiving dinner, people would be sitting... well, on the floor. The kids would love it. The adults? Not so much. Here are a few...

By Tania Anderson | November 20, 2008; 12:00 AM ET | Comments (2)

Is It About the Experience or the Deals?

One thing I've learned since writing this blog for the last year is that shoppers don't just want a bunch of bananas or a gallon of milk. You want to enjoy the experience of buying those things. At least that's what your comments made me believe when I recently wrote...

By Tania Anderson | November 18, 2008; 12:00 AM ET | Comments (11)


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