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The inauguration is almost here and that means there's lots of stuff to buy. All of the campaign buttons and bumper stickers we stocked up on during election season are now re-worked with the Obama family's faces and the famous January 20, 2009, date. So I went shopping and found a few neat places to load up on inauguration gear:

You might remember hearing about Political Americana, a small shop that I featured in a post about campaign gear. The shop, which sits at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 14th Street, is loaded with merchandise with inauguration insignias, including baseball caps for $14.99, tote bags for $19.99 and shot glasses for $5.99. The day will be a frigid one so you can pick up a thick fleece scarf with President-Elect Obama's sunrise campaign symbol and his signature for $14.99. That can cover up the Obama necktie you can snag with the words "56th Inauguration, January 20, 2009" for $9.99. Some of the sillier items include a $7.99 Mush Bush doll, featuring a likeness of President Bush's head made out of smushy material, a finger puppet of Obama that also sticks on the fridge for $9.99 and an Obama bobble head for $29.95.

Just down the street from Political Americana you'll find a good selection of inauguration gear at the newly renovated National Museum of American History. You'll find paper dolls of the Obama family for $7.99, glass paperweights of Obama's face and the American flag for $12 and organic cotton T-shirts in black with Obama's name and the date of the inauguration for $15 or a sweatshirt for $25.

The Culture Shop, a Washington store that sells mostly fair trade items, has a small selection of Obama gear, including a greeting card set of the Obama family with a message of hope inside the cards for $12. The store is also selling a T-shirt featuring Shepard Fairey's pop art collage of the president-elect's face for $19.95.

Many of you recommended as a place for campaign gear. Now the site has a load of inauguration items. You can pick one of their many designs, including "Obama Mama," "Barack Is How I Roll" and "Yes We Can" and have it added to everything from T-shirts to a throw pillows. The site also has a very artsy commemorative Rolling Stone inauguration T-shirt for $15.

What kinds of inauguration gear are you buying? Where are you getting your memorabilia?

By Tania Anderson |  January 13, 2009; 12:00 AM ET General Interest , Holidays and Special Occasions
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44 Cent Obama Inauguration T-Shirt. has an Obama Inauguration T-Shirt for a special price of only 44 cents in honor of the inauguration of the 44th president Barack Obama.

Posted by: ZatMat | January 13, 2009 2:08 AM

Where can I get my Obama/Redskins cap?

Posted by: jimward21 | January 13, 2009 8:27 AM

Who in God's name buys this crap?

T-shirt for $19.95? $7.99 for a paperweight? Only a fool would buy it!

Family heirloom? Hardly!

The junk someone purchases next week will eventually:

1. end up in a closet collecting dust or

2. sold at a garage sale and the seller will recoup .10 cents on the dollar. Or,

3. First 1, then 2.

Ironically, WaPo is running a story today:
"America hunkers down. A nation of savers."

Ladies, rev your engines. Time to shop.

Ah well.

Posted by: furtdw | January 13, 2009 9:57 AM

Hostess gift for my friend's Obama Rama party: wristwatch from AVAM (Amer Visionary Art Museum) - fake alligator strap, fake bling on the bevel, Obama's face on the face. $12.95. Big, gaudy, fits the bill perfectly.

Frankly, the US gov should license his image. They are missing out on a lot of revenue!! Those watches were flying out of there.

Posted by: BigAlinMD | January 13, 2009 1:14 PM

44 Cent Obama Inauguration T-Shirt. has an Obama Inauguration T-Shirt for a special price of only 44 cents in honor of the inauguration of the 44th president Barack Obama.

Posted by: leonidnik | January 14, 2009 5:40 AM

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