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In my quest to bring you retail enlightenment each week, I decided to launch a regular series in Shop To It called "Did You Know...?" It'll be full of fun tidbits about anything and everything about shopping, from big sales to interesting Web sites and stores. Here's the first roundup. Please tell me what you think:

Did you know...

...Pier 1 Imports may be the next retailer to be closing some stores? The company announced earlier this month that it's working on getting lower rental rates at many of its stores. And if it doesn't work at some of its worst performing locations, they may get the ax. Stay tuned for store closing sales.

...We shoppers spent a whopping one percent more in January than we did in December? But we spent 9 percent less this January than we did last January, according to the Commerce Department. The experts predict, however, that we're going to close our wallets for the rest of the first half of this year, according to the National Retail Federation. What are you buying these days?

...You can actually get affordable items at J. Crew? I've been a little surprised that people are so impressed with First Lady Michelle Obama's tendency to buy her family's clothes at J. Crew. I never thought it was a great bargain store. They have shorts for $98, after all. But I recently saw that you can get a $250 double-serge jacket for $80. They also had some $118 classic ballet flats that were marked down to $60, a double-cloth coat with Thinsulate marked down from $318 to $149.99 and a pair of corduroys for $19.99, down from their original price of $79.50.

...The best grocery deals are at Bottom Dollar Food? That's according to Checkbook magazine, which recently did a study of 18 grocery store chains in our area and found the cheapest prices at Bottom Dollar, which has nine stores in Northern Virginia and Maryland. Second was Wegmans and third was SuperTarget. Unfortunately for us, Wegmans, with only five stores in our area, and SuperTarget, with only four, are not the most convenient places to shop. Some of the most expensive stores were My Organic Market, Whole Foods and Chevy Chase Super Market.

So, what interesting retail information do you have to share? Have you shopped any good sales lately or gotten any good deals? Post a comment and tell me about it.

By Tania Anderson |  February 17, 2009; 7:39 AM ET Did You Know... , General Interest
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I am trying to buy nothing but food this month. Not because of the economy, but because I'm already expecting some major bills in March/April and don't want to add big credit card bills to the mix.

My son did need a new binder for school (why is it that they never seem to last the whole year?) so I did get that over the weekend.

Posted by: lorenw507 | February 17, 2009 2:59 PM

I have shopped at BottomDollar stores in the past, and while I found them cheaper, they are limited selection stores, sort of like Aldi's but bigger.

I have found that shopping around and using coupons, you just can't beat stores like SuperFresh. Also Giant and Harris-Teeter, like SuperFresh, double manufacturers coupons up to and including 99 cents. And sometimes, SuperFresh and H-T offer triples.

Not suprised that Chevy Chase Market and Whole Paycheck were on the high end of the survey. Best to check online for weekly sales circulars and compare.

Posted by: ziggyzippy | February 18, 2009 11:33 AM

Comparing MOM's to Bottom Dollar is like comparing organic apples to conventional oranges. At MOM's, we sell only 100% Organic Produce. All of our fresh fruits and vegetables are grown in accordance with the National Organic Program, and we do not sell cheaper conventional or 'low spray' produce alongside the organic produce -- Unlike the other stores listed in the Consumer's Checkbook survey (including Whole Foods). We do not dispute that organic produce costs more than conventional produce, however we choose to sell the highest quality organic produce for the health of our customers and our planet.
We work hard to keep our prices low on organic and natural products. Every item on the shelves meets or exceeds our tough ingredient standards (no high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives). In addition, we offer our customers a low price guarantee: On all same brand packaged products, MOM's has the lowest price of any natural food store. To put it simply, if a customer finds the same product for a lower price at one of our competitors, we will beat that price.

MOMs - My Organic Market
“Your Homegrown Grocer Since 1987”

Posted by: momsorganic | February 18, 2009 5:03 PM

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