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Our 'Short Stack' Blog Goes Daily

On Monday, September 15, Book World will launch a daily version of its blog, Short Stack. All the editors of Book World will participate with daily entries about breaking news, author Q&A's, fascinating book history, and inside information about publishing trends. On Thursdays, we'll continue to release our classic Short...

By Marie Arana | September 12, 2008; 12:44 PM ET | Comments (1)

Five Very Good Books That Made Very Bad Movies

Maybe it was seeing "There Will Be Blood," a magnificent movie made from Upton Sinclair's hair-raising Oil!, that started me thinking about how some works of fiction make the leap to the screen gracefully, and others just fall flat on their cans. Annie Proulx's stirring short story "Brokeback Mountain," for...

By Christian Pelusi | September 11, 2008; 8:23 AM ET | Comments (37)


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