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Truth or Dare? The Bush Administration Memoirs

In this coming Sunday's Book World, The Post's national security editor, Carlos Lozada, presents a history of the Bush administration as told through snippets -- all cited verbatim -- from tell-all memoirs by former White House aides, executive branch officials, generals and diplomats. It's a rollicking and revealing look back...

By Alan Cooperman | October 10, 2008; 7:42 AM ET | Comments (2)

Translating the Nobel Prize Decision

Like a slugger pointing to the bleachers before a home run, Horace Engdahl telegraphed where the Swedish Academy was going: The 2008 Nobel Prize in Literature will be awarded to the French novelist Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio. (Le Clezio's bio.) French novelist Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio. (AP) And to a...

By Alan Cooperman | October 9, 2008; 9:10 AM ET | Comments (24)

Happy Goosebumps

Today is the birthday of R.L. Stine, master of children's horror literature. Since he started scaring kids out of their wits more than 20 years ago, he's written 300 books (300 million copies in print!). Reached by phone at his apartment in New York, he told me that he's now...

By Ron Charles | October 8, 2008; 6:50 AM ET | Comments (1)

How the Sausage Gets Made

Admit it. When some poor soul raises his hand at a book reading to ask a notable writer how she writes, you sigh or even groan audibly. Typewriter or computer? Pen or pencil? Caffeinated or medicated? All day or just a few intense hours? The poor wannabe writer is desperate...

By Rachel Hartigan Shea | October 7, 2008; 7:02 AM ET | Comments (0)

Where's Mark Twain When We Need Him?

Monday has never been so hard. As we step into Nobel week, we Americans find ourselves scrambling to keep up in the most surprising areas. We knew that our economy, which used to be our ace, is in the tank. But the highest member of the Nobel Prize jury has...

By Marie Arana | October 6, 2008; 7:00 AM ET | Comments (16)


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