Hot Novel Rises Again

Last year, I took some heat for (over)praising "The Gargoyle," a bizarre gothic novel by Canadian writer Andrew Davidson. It's about a pornographer who's badly burned in a car accident and then nursed by a sculptor who claims they were lovers in 14th-century Germany. A few of my colleagues here thought it was pretty ripe stuff (BW editor Rachel Shea just confessed that she didn't enjoy it very much), and some reviewers at other publications said it was downright awful. (Its $1.25 million advance was considered a major blunder by Doubleday.) But the Book-of-the-Month club announced today that "The Gargoyle" is the winner of their First Fiction Award. There continues to be no accounting for taste.

-- Ron Charles
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By Ron Charles |  April 20, 2009; 2:26 PM ET Awards , Ron Charles
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Ok --- count me in as liking The Gargoyle. I agree that it's not for everyone, but I found it an interesting read, and certainly something different than other books I've read. I think that a lot of people get turned off by the main character because he's unlikeable -- I found that, as well, but I also was curious to see what happened in the story, and that kept me reading.

Posted by: Maalik | April 20, 2009 6:17 PM

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