Putting a Price on Creativity

No, this post has nothing to do with The Washington Post's salon brouhaha. Joshua Glenn (who has reviewed for Book World) and Rob Walker (who has been reviewed in Book World) are collaborating on a project called Significant Objects. They've trawled garage sales and thrift stores for cheap objects of no obvious significance and asked writers--Lydia Millet, Kurt Andersen, Stewart O'Nan and many others--to come up with stories that bestow significance.

How will they measure the quantity of significance imparted by each fictional tale? They're putting the items on eBay, with the stories as "descriptions." So far Luc Sante's ode to a Sanka ashtray is going for $6.50, while Lucinda Rosenfeld's cow creamer is at $7.00. The bidding is still open, so if you act now these fine items can be yours.

Proceeds of the sales go to the authors, but Glenn and Walker allow that they might make a book out of the stories.

By Rachel Hartigan Shea |  July 7, 2009; 11:00 AM ET
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