Fiction and Reality in Health Care Debate

Barbara Boxer is learning you can't escape reality as a fiction writer.

The Democratic senator was on friendly territory in Marin County, Calif., on Wednesday to flog her new novel "Blind Trust" when she was greeted by about two dozen, placard-carrying opponents of government spending and health care reform. Boxer had come to Book Passage bookstore in Corte Madera to sign books and speak about her fictional alter-ego Sen. Ellen Fischer Lind.

"She should be doing town hall meetings with her constituents instead of book tours," Pam Silleman told, a Website focusing on Marin County, the San Francisco Bay Area and California. Silleman had a sign saying, "Born Free but Taxed to Death."

Supporters of Boxer hoisted signs reading, "Heath Care 4 All" and "I Want The Same Health Care As Congress."

Boxer sought to keep the focus on her novel. She described the battle waged by Sen. Fischer Lind, a liberal California Democrat, to defend herself against right wing ideologues while protestors chanted "Boo!" outside the bookstore. While she was reading from the thriller, a bookstore staffer went to the window and lowered the blinds on the bobbing placards.

As the event was drawing to a close Boxer took a few questions on health care and insisted she was listening to her constituents. "The fact is," she said in the Contra Costa Times, "that I feel very close to the people of this state and they don't have to yell at me or point at me, but I hear them."

By Steven E. Levingston |  August 14, 2009; 5:30 AM ET
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