Strength of "Wimpy Kid," Barnes & Noble's e-reader challenge, waiting for Stephen King's latest e-book

Jeff Kinney's fourth "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" book lands atop USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists this week, replacing Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol." The book also overtook Stephanie Meyers' "Twilight" series on the New York Time Children's bestseller list. And although President Obama said his daughters enjoy the "Wimpy Kid" books, other parents aren't too pleased with them ... Barnes & Noble announced the launch of its e-reader last week. But will it end up hurting its brick and mortar stores?... Stephen King's latest, "Under the Dome," won't be available as an e-book for more than a month after publication... Self-help author James Arthur Ray's book is being delayed following the deaths of three people who attended his resort in Sedona, Arizona last month...David McKenzie of Federal Way, Wash., has won the 2009 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, which honors the worst opening sentence written for an imaginary novel... Gregory Maguire's "Wicked" is the latest book to be given away for free by the Concord Free Press...Malcolm Gladwell tells the U.K.'s Guardian newspaper that he's "interested in the slightly dumb and obvious"
--Stephen Lowman

By Steven E. Levingston |  October 26, 2009; 2:12 PM ET Steven Levingston
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