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A bounty of Obama kid lit

By Stephen Lowman Plenty of books have been written about President Obama this year. Journalists and political insiders have turned out hardbacks promising thrilling new details. In his book "The Audacity to Win," campaign manager David Plouffe wrote "The Inside Story and Lessons of Barack Obama's Historic Victory." Conservatives have...

By Steven E. Levingston | December 23, 2009; 5:30 AM ET | Comments (3)

Why Demjanjuk matters

Defendant John Demjanjuk lies on a stretcher on his way to the court room for his trial in Munich on Dec. 22. (AP Photo/Joerg Koch) Efraim Zuroff is watching the John Demjanjuk trial now under way in Munich, along with millions of others. But his perspective is different. As...

By Steven E. Levingston | December 22, 2009; 5:30 AM ET | Comments (14)

Whither American Conservatism?

Democratic control of the White House and Congress has prompted some profound soul-searching among conservatives. How did the powerful reign of the Right fall into such disarray? George H. Nash, a prominent historian of modern conservatism, has pondered the arc of conservative power for decades. In his latest book, "Reappraising...

By Steven E. Levingston | December 21, 2009; 5:30 AM ET | Comments (17)


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