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Mayors across America: ready for their close-up

By Stephen Lowman Heads would turn and eyebrows would rise when Ed Morris and his riding partner Tim Hovey pedaled into town. Sporting Spandex shorts and probably a bit sweaty, they would hop off their bicycles and ask a local if they knew the mayor. Why? Morris wanted to take...

By Steven E. Levingston | December 30, 2009; 5:30 AM ET | Comments (1)

The people's Supreme Court

(Alex Wong/Getty Images) The Supreme Court often is either loved or hated: liberals love the liberal decisions, conservatives love the conservative ones - and each side deplores the court when it goes the wrong way. It is just this kind of strong public opinion that keeps unaccountable justices accountable,...

By Steven E. Levingston | December 29, 2009; 5:30 AM ET | Comments (2)

The coming wave of minority advancement

As the baby boom generation retires, new opportunities will arise for America's minorities. Jobs once held largely by white workers will become available to an ever more diverse workforce, raising the prospect of greater mobility for minorities. In his book, "Blurring the Color Line: The New Chance for a More...

By Steven E. Levingston | December 28, 2009; 5:30 AM ET | Comments (0)


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