Big book readers: NBA's international players

International players in the NBA are becoming an increasingly prominent force on the court. As their numbers grow, these players are also bringing a different sensibility to the locker room. While many of their American-born counterparts fill their down time with laptops, phones, DVD players, videogame consoles and iPods, these NBA imports like to kick it old school. They don't just read books, they often read the sorts of weighty tomes you may not associate with professional athletes, the Wall Street Journal reports.

By Steven E. Levingston |  February 12, 2010; 2:03 PM ET Steven Levingston
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Shouldn't you put quotation marks around all but the first sentence and the last clause here since that is exactly what the WSJ wrote? By just ripping the story and not adding anything of your own (not even a summation) you're perpetuating the worst stereotype of bloggers. I'd expect better from the fine folks at Book World.

Posted by: rlintott | February 12, 2010 11:19 PM

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