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Norm Coleman Injured in Dumpster Dive

Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) returned to Capitol Hill this week with a prominent gash on his forehead after he was knocked nearly unconscious back home in St. Paul while -- of all things -- dumpster diving.

The Senator assures me he wasn't digging for food, or trash that he might treasure, or even a Vulnerable GOP Incumbent's Guide to Distancing Yourself From The Iraq War While Still Looking Tough On Terror.

Nope. Coleman says he was "looking for something that my wife accidentally threw in the dumpster."

That was his elaboration to my original question when I saw him Tuesday night in Statuary Hall following President Bush's State of the Union speech, which was, "Senator, how did you get that big cut on your forehead?"

"I was digging in the dumpster," he deadpanned.

Reacting to the "oh-dear, bless-his-heart, a-dumpster-diver" expression that I couldn't hide, Coleman explained he was looking for an "antique lamp" that his wife had somehow thrown in the dumpster behind their house in St. Paul. They're doing "major reconstruction on the house," Coleman explained.

He was vague about what exactly whacked him in the head. (His office explained later that it was "a piece of wood.") But whatever it was, the impact was so hard that he "saw stars." Senator Coleman considers himself a lucky man that he didn't pass out in the dumpster in the freezing St. Paul temps.

And luckier yet that he retrieved said item that his wife, Laurie Coleman, a model and actress, sent him into the dumpster to fetch. "I did get the lamp," he said, pumping his fists, giving the universal symbol for, "I'm a big tough man and my woman digs it."

Fortunate, as well, that he didn't damage those expensive pearly whites that he had fixed back in 1999 by "smile artist" Frank J. Milnar, who, we're sorry to say, took down from his web site the before-and-after photos of his fave patient, Coleman.

Comedian Al Franken has hinted that if he does, as we expect, wind up running against Coleman for Senate next year, he may just have to make Coleman's teeth an issue in his campaign. How could Franken not add dumpster diving to the ad blitz?

All I know is that Coleman and his dad sure do seem to get caught in weird places. Remember last year, the pizza joint in St. Paul? Um, yeah, that's where the senior Mr. Coleman, the Senator's then 81-year-old father, got caught having sex in the parking lot.

The Senator, however, unlike his father, won't have to do community service for his bizarre behavior. Nothing lewd about dumpster diving!

By Editors  |  January 26, 2007; 1:03 PM ET
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Nasty, mean, and gratuitous reference to the Senator's father. I hadn't heard the story, don't care to hear about it; it's not relevant, and it's a sick, vicious attack on someone not in the public realm.

Posted by: Anonymous | January 26, 2007 1:36 PM | Report abuse

if someone has sex in a parking lot, they clearly are not too worried about people talking about it!

Posted by: ak | January 26, 2007 2:23 PM | Report abuse

True, if you don't want people to talk about it, don't have sex in parking lots.

Seems simple, really.

Posted by: @Mason | January 26, 2007 2:26 PM | Report abuse

Response to prior message: For what it's worth, Norm Coleman's father had campaigned with his son. So in that sense, he put himself into the public realm.

Posted by: Karen | January 26, 2007 2:27 PM | Report abuse

Well, one can at least hope it was good sex. Perhaps he has entered his second childhood with warm memories of hot times in the back seat of a 47 Plymouth. Or maybe he's just reveling in the Bush senior drug benefit, and OD'd on Viagra.

Posted by: seo | January 26, 2007 2:44 PM | Report abuse

Nasty, mean, gratuitous ... that's what you can expect from Ms. Akers in this blog. She has little in the way of news judgement, less in the way of a sense of humor. She is snarky and a cheap-shot artist. I mean, her first item is about someone injuring himself. That's funny? Ho, ho, ho. Then add a cheap shot about his dad's behavior, as if that has anything to do with the Senator. Bwah haha. Stop it, you're killing me. (gag).

Posted by: Johnny | January 26, 2007 3:05 PM | Report abuse

It's about time we had someone reporting on this stuff full-time. Much more interesting than the wire-service Paris Hilton stories that the Reliable Source repackages and tries to pass off as relevant. Thanks!

Posted by: Davis | January 26, 2007 3:25 PM | Report abuse

pretty funny...what do you know, coleman is human like the rest of us.

Posted by: funhog | January 26, 2007 3:58 PM | Report abuse

Norm Coleman's dirty dad ran his election campaign.

Public domain for a filthy old man.


Posted by: GSD | January 26, 2007 5:31 PM | Report abuse

Oh come on. It was funny, didn't smear anybody AND if I were an 81 y/o man getting caught doing that in a parking lot, I'd be grinning all the way through my community service (never mind enjoying the publicity about it).

Posted by: Audrey | January 26, 2007 5:31 PM | Report abuse

81 and still tagging the babes? alright!

Posted by: Morning Wood | January 26, 2007 6:22 PM | Report abuse

For his sentence, Norm's dad got community service and... banned from the pizza joint for one year.

Posted by: St Paul citizen | January 26, 2007 6:40 PM | Report abuse

to all of you who are thinking it "impolite" to refer to coleman's dad getting busted for having sex in a parking lot, let me remind you how VOCAL you all are about OTHER people's sex lives -- for instance, gays and single women -- and how sex is not for recreation (unless you're rush limbaugh, of course -- aka mr. viagra).

you stop poking around in my pants, i'll stop laughing about norm coleman's pathetic father.

Posted by: karen marie | January 26, 2007 9:30 PM | Report abuse

Way funny! And not out of bounds, IMHO. Is that the right acronym?

Posted by: Kim | January 27, 2007 10:47 AM | Report abuse

Titillating as Sen. Coleman's father's case may be, this dumpster-dive tale is squirrelly. When did you last throw valuable antiques in the dumpster accidentally? There's more to this story, I suspect.

Posted by: Lou | January 27, 2007 11:27 AM | Report abuse

I wonder if all the folks griping about the parking lot sex revelation were as aghast during the Clinton/Monica affair. I think both scandals are fair game for public mockery (but not for tying up the legal system).

Posted by: Hyp O'Crite | January 27, 2007 5:53 PM | Report abuse

Ms. Akers isn't nasty. Senior Mr. Coleman's behavior is.

Posted by: Joel | January 28, 2007 12:21 PM | Report abuse

I'm not sure what the point of this story is. I would guess that the majority of Americans had never heard of this story or the story of his father and I would also bet that they do not care about it. This story is not relevant to Norm Coleman, his job, his community, or who he may or may not run against in a upcoming election. I love the speculation that runs wild when its a member of the GOP. I'm sure that Al Frankin will use this in his campaign. (As if that needed to be included in this article) This is clearly the material a comedian, who has no experience, and the lack of substance would use. I would ask that if the post is going to investigate happenings on the hill, please stick to subjects that matter. How quickly forget about things like... someone named Sandy smuggling documents out of national archives!

Posted by: J Sand | January 29, 2007 11:53 PM | Report abuse

So I guess it's also ok to include in any Ted Kennedy story:

He was expelled from Harvard for cheating.

His leaving a woman to die in a submerged car, and not reporting it until the next day after he had a night's sleep and talked to his campaign staff.

His wife, Joan, being found passed out, drunk, in a gutter outside her townhouse with a concussion and a broken shoulder.

His nephew being found not guilty of raping a woman, in the same way that O.J. was not guilty.

Soliciting the Soviets to help defeat Ronald Reagan in the 84 election by running a PR campaign to portray him as a warmonger and dangerous to US-Soviet relations.

Posted by: Tugboat Phil | January 30, 2007 9:45 AM | Report abuse

81 and still having sex, no matter where it is, good for him!

Posted by: Norm's Dad!! | January 31, 2007 11:22 AM | Report abuse

That was cheap shot at the Senator, but what can you expect from the bottom of the barrel types like Akers. nd Look at her picture, she is jealous that Norm's dad is getting some at 81, and she couldn't get laid if she paid for it.

Posted by: Sam | January 31, 2007 11:47 AM | Report abuse

Come 'on guys lighten up. This is a gossip column. A gossip column about professional politicians in DC. What's not funny about a Senator who cuts his head digging through a garbage can who's married to a woman who poses semi-clothed in a magazine and has a elderly father who gets caught having public sex? We're reading the stuff aren't we? Sure, it's embarrassing to those who bear the brunt of the titillating item, but so it goes with the territory in the age of the internet. And you humorless guys who haven't seen the divine Ms. Akers. She's cute, cute, cute! Not the bookish school marm her picture above portrays. You read her. I read her. We'll all read her someday to lighten up an otherwise daily dismal subject in DC: politics! You go girl!

Posted by: Right Winger w/Humor | February 1, 2007 7:38 PM | Report abuse

"Nasty, mean, gratuitous ..."

Yeah, unlike what you'd read in a right wing blog right? If the guy had been a dem, it would have been front page news and the only thing Rush, O'Really and the others talked about for the rest of the month.

Posted by: Connie | February 1, 2007 11:02 PM | Report abuse

81 and still humping? Gotta hand it to those Republicans. Reminds me of Nelson Rockefeller's demise, in the arms of his secretary.

Posted by: Cayambe | February 3, 2007 11:16 PM | Report abuse

Could it have possibly been a lamp that looks like a leg in a fishnet stocking?

Posted by: Cybershaman | February 6, 2007 1:41 PM | Report abuse

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Posted by: cdqpbxy nxoet | February 18, 2007 2:23 PM | Report abuse

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Posted by: cdqpbxy nxoet | February 18, 2007 2:24 PM | Report abuse

Was anyone with him in the parking lot?

Posted by: MOM | February 22, 2007 9:59 PM | Report abuse

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