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The Beauty and the Gramp, McCain-Palin

DENVER - The Sleuth is leaving Denver amid a furious media frenzy over nothing having to do with the Democratic National Convention but over John McCain's shocking vice presidential pick: a 44-year-old former beauty queen who is a first-term governor of Alaska.


Sarah Palin was dubbed "America's Hottest Governor" by Alaska magazine. She also posed for Vogue magazine last year.

Bumper stickers in Alaska declare: "Coldest State, Hottest Governor."

To find out more about the hottest governor and potential hottest vice president, check out this interesting list of factoids about Palin - including whether she inhaled - on the Bumpshack blog.

By Mary Ann Akers  |  August 29, 2008; 12:47 PM ET
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this pick shows how mccain is pandering women voters. he is truly a fool, and palin is under-educated to be a possibe president.

Posted by: g.pavana | August 29, 2008 1:48 PM | Report abuse

Palin is pretty, but McCain cannot even think she has a resume that can even compair to Hillary Clintons. What does he think of woman? We are so much smarter than that!!!!! I will stick with the OBAMA-BIDEN ticket for sure!!!!!!!! PTA President, doesn't make you a good choice for V.P.

Posted by: Janet Robins IL. | August 29, 2008 2:00 PM | Report abuse

Under-educated?? So is that now the litmus test, whether one attended Haaavvvaard or not. I thought we got rid of you elitists in the revolutionary war, but I guess some loyalists are still kicking around.

Posted by: McCain / Palin 08' | August 29, 2008 2:08 PM | Report abuse

Can you confirm something oh Slueth? Is it the Gramp and the Gram, if you get what I mean.....

Posted by: WOW | August 29, 2008 2:08 PM | Report abuse

Now that McCain's nominated her for VP, I'd like to nominate her to What Not To Wear! What's up with that hair? Is that where she keeps her weapon?

Posted by: susanb | August 29, 2008 2:15 PM | Report abuse

McCain is a crusty old embarrassment to what America can truly be. He's a puppet at best bouncing on the special interest, oil, war machine and old school political strings that control him. His pick for VP was nothing more than identity politics trying to create a big campaign stir on a small and relatively irrelevent issue. As an American, I'm embarrassed that he's even part of our political process.

Posted by: Jeff | August 29, 2008 2:40 PM | Report abuse

I love this pick and am excited to watch the up coming debates..
I have bought a bag of corn to pop .. a case of beer..(not BUD...EEEeewwww)
Biden will challenge Palin ...and she can't do a Hillary and "whine" about not being able to take the heat...Newsweek has a small clip of Palin dissing Clinton about her "whining" during the primaries...
I'm so enjoying this election cycle...
This is the strongest ticket the Dems have had and now the GOP has just handed the election gift wrapped for the Dems..
I'm proud to be an American...

Posted by: Goddesscon2001 | August 29, 2008 4:35 PM | Report abuse

- she's done drugs
- she's inexperienced
- she's a magazine beauty queen



wonder what mccain's thinking. sturges part 2? remember the last time a woman 20 years his junior caught his eye?

Posted by: mike | August 29, 2008 5:34 PM | Report abuse

John McCain has truly lost his mind.

Posted by: Dean | August 29, 2008 5:54 PM | Report abuse

As a suburban white woman, I find that the choice of Palin is shameless pandering. An insult. It is not just her profound lack of experience in national and international affairs, but the complete lack of offsetting intellectual credentials.

Is this a Brittany or a Paris? Can't McCain find a more qualified republican woman? Or are the truly qualified republican women not beautiful enough?

One can only hope that McCain will remain healthy long enough so that Palin will be far enough into her apprenticeship, that she can step into his shoes.

Women would be better served by anyone, male, female, white, or black, that can ensure health care coverage to every American citizen.

Posted by: Karen | August 29, 2008 5:57 PM | Report abuse

I love hearing these women who call this VP pick "pandering". When it's Hillary Clinton (who has no executive experience), these women jump up and down about "sisterhood and breaking the glass ceiling!!!!" But when it's a conservative woman, it's shameless pandering.

You liberal women are a joke.

Posted by: McCain '08 | August 29, 2008 6:06 PM | Report abuse

The quantity of Sarah Palin's experience may be less than Joe Biden's, but the quality of her work is fantastic. She took on the corrupt good-ole boys, and won! She's fair. She's smart. She's tough. I say "You go girl!"

Posted by: jennifer | August 29, 2008 6:07 PM | Report abuse

Oh, and I almost forgot.

You liberal women are blasting Sarah Palin on experience and for being just a heartbeat away from the presidency?!?!

You must have forgotten who you put on your own ticket. Sarah Palin is more qualified to be president than Barack NObama. So do you really want to go there?

Posted by: McCain '08 | August 29, 2008 6:09 PM | Report abuse

Just by Lib's reactions alone I can tell that the VP pick was a home run. Your vitriol reveals just how frustrated you must be feeling right about now.

Just relax and watch as the GOP wins yet again in November. You will accept the fact that John McCain will be your Commander in Chief.

Posted by: Bill | August 29, 2008 6:15 PM | Report abuse

He must want to lose the election. It's honestly the only answer I can think of. He may not know that himself, or he may, but she makes him look old and he makes her look silly. They look like a losing ticket and a very bizarre one to boot.

Posted by: beth | August 29, 2008 6:17 PM | Report abuse

We need to wait a few weeks until the libral Media has time to dig up some dirt on her before we condem her. I like the fact that she has more Excutive experience then Obama by a few months and is better looking, but that's about all we know for sure. She has a college education and has cleaned up some of the dirty politics up Alaska rather then join in to them like some of the other politicians we know. I don't know for sure maybe when the press gets through with her we'll find out she had somebody help her get a house loan or something. :O) Well we're all talking about her anyway not the Denver coronation. Did Obama have his cape on when he left Denver?

Posted by: Slingo | August 29, 2008 6:20 PM | Report abuse

I read that she spent more than a few years of dropping off "present" or "not voting" votes onto a record. Instead she climbed over several old boy networks to go from city councilwoman to mayor to governor, which means she actually made executive decisions and managed finances. Oh, yeah, she saved so much money by getting rid of the old cronies that she gave a rebate to families to Alaska. I understand she was also responsible for extending health and other State government benefits to any partner or spouses of employees. And apparently she is a part of a feminist group that is seriously trying to bridge the gaps between the exteme positions of pro-choice and pro-life, not just talking about it. She has taken on big oil in the interest of conservation but still maintains a healthy energy economy that enriches Alaska. Her approval ratings are incredibly high and she is considered by her fellow governors (both parties) to be at the top of thier list. So, maybe she is not a good choice--but maybe she will surprise us all.

Posted by: alittleskeptic | August 29, 2008 6:36 PM | Report abuse

This is absolutely the best election cycle ever! I love this country!

The absolute earnestness of Obama, the refreshing candor of Biden, the fervent geriatrics of McCain, and now Sarah Palin blowing like a fresh Alaskan breeze across our ecstatic and frenzied political landscape!

I say let them fight it out, and then bring Clinton back as President, with Little Decider Bushie as his sidekick!

Nah, screw it all: get Tina Fey as President with Frank Caliendo as Veep.

Posted by: LetsPartyLikeIts1999 | August 29, 2008 6:40 PM | Report abuse

So McCain picked Palin in the hopes of wooing disgruntled Hillary voters to his side. Hillaryites might be dim bulbs, but they aren't going to buy this ploy unless Palin starts handing out free abortions. Besides, she's way too pretty for Hillary voters, which is sure to turn their insistence on a female candidate into catty attacks.

Posted by: Larry | August 29, 2008 6:50 PM | Report abuse

What about all the very accomplished Republican women politicians? Did he really pick her to just keep Alaska's 3 votes? Very strange choice.

Posted by: claritygraphics | August 29, 2008 6:50 PM | Report abuse

Enough! The best way to save the Republican Party now is to destroy it. In the marketplace of ideas, social conservatism is a viral infection contaminating the party. It represents an evolutionary dead-end whose logical conclusion is fascism if not outright totalitarianism. Is it not obvious that the evangelical ideology exists in direct opposition to the idea of free markets and a free people in a democratic land? It seeks to constrain freedom of thought, freedom of choice, freedom to pursue happiness. The diktat this movement wishes to impose upon us Americans is antithetical to free capital markets, and therefore exists as a hypocrisy within the Republican platform. Indeed, this has been a dark eight years of Orwellian doubletalk from which I wish to awake from as if from a dream (if only I were not dead).

Posted by: WFBuckley | August 29, 2008 7:08 PM | Report abuse

I think that it important to clarify she was "part-time mayor" of a city with less then 5,000 people.

Posted by: Robert | August 29, 2008 7:14 PM | Report abuse

Her policies make her look like George Bush in drag, just another far-right pro-life, anti-environment Repub.

Posted by: Michael | August 29, 2008 7:14 PM | Report abuse

Palin has all the foreign policy experience a VP needs ESPECIALLY WHEN COMPARED WITH OBAMA WHO HAS HAD NONE! She has to deal with Russia quite a bit and has to deal with Canada in completely isolated Alaska. She has FAR MORE EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE THAN OBAMA. And obama is running for the presidency, not the VP.
So democrats, keep on hating women .. but it is a losing tactic. Go Hillary! Go Palin!

Posted by: mordezlet | August 29, 2008 7:17 PM | Report abuse

God help us of McCain gets elected and dies.


Posted by: Debra | August 29, 2008 7:23 PM | Report abuse

As an Air Force brat I grew up around fighter jocks like John McCain ... who, as a group, tended to be white college educated males who went to war with the kind of brash bravado that one will only find among the kind of warrior who's contact with the enemy is usually from a distance of 10,000 ft. and who share almost nothing in common with their more diverse and less priviledged brothers in arms who have the misfortune of having to carry the fight to the enemy on the ground.

And .. true to the form that I witnessed ... are notorioius for their penchant for collecting the babes.

All of this paying homage to his experience in Viet Nam seems overdone to me. I think about the thousands of less privileged men who fought and died in a war that should never have been waged. You would think that if anyone would have learned that lesson, it would have been John McCain ... but the lesson of that painful war seems to have completely escaped him as he has embraced yet another quagmire conflict with yet another phantom enemy. I'm not impressed ... with him .. or with his latest babe.

Posted by: Byron | August 29, 2008 7:30 PM | Report abuse

Here is a thought... for those of you who believe that Obama is the key or the answer to a greater future, do a little more research. Have you ever heard the phrase, "Be careful what you wish for?"
Most left wingers and even some conservatives are hoping to find liberation and acceptance of individualism by putting Obama into office. Stop and think about the fact that more government, means less individual CHOICE.
Instead of being so influenced by our corrupt and radical media, start thinking for yourselves again. Instead of being such critics of Palin, how about you embrace the fact that she is a pioneer for all of us. I applaud her for at least standing firm for what she believes to be right and just regardless of the inevitable slams she will endure.
My hope is that Americans would stop listening to all the smut and rediscover the beauty of truth, values, freedom, and integrity.
I ask you all to examine your thoughts and criticism and ask it what you really believe or what you have been persuaded to believe?

Posted by: Christina | August 29, 2008 7:39 PM | Report abuse

As an Air Force brat I grew up around fighter jocks like John McCain ... who, as a group, tended to be white college educated males who went to war with the kind of brash bravado that one will only find among the kind of warrior who's contact with the enemy is usually from a distance of 10,000 ft. and who share almost nothing in common with their more diverse and less priviledged brothers in arms who have the misfortune of having to carry the fight to the enemy on the ground.

And .. true to the form that I witnessed ... are notorioius for their penchant for collecting the babes.

All of this paying homage to his experience in Viet Nam seems overdone to me. I think about the thousands of less privileged men who fought and died in a war that should never have been waged. You would think that if anyone would have learned that lesson, it would have been John McCain ... but the lesson of that painful war seems to have completely escaped him as he has embraced yet another quagmire conflict with yet another phantom enemy. I'm not impressed ... with him .. or with his latest babe

Posted by: Byron | August 29, 2008 7:43 PM | Report abuse

To Byron...
Are you in the military yourself? Have you been a part of fighting this or any war? Or for the greater good of other Americans for that matter?
I am married to an infantry solidier in the US Army and I can assure you that he does not consider himself less privelaged or misfortunate. If it weren't for men like him who VOLUNTEER or McCain for that matter you wouldn't have the opportunity to even share your thoughts on this post.
Stop belittling the bravery of others and don't be jealous that others get hotter "babes" than you.
FYI... girls find heorism and honor pretty hot. Get some and you might get a girl too.

Posted by: Christina | August 29, 2008 8:02 PM | Report abuse

I love McCain's pick for a VP! I just have 2 things to say and you can argue all you want but you can't dispute the facts. If you still feel like Obama's the best choice I'm sorry!

1.Where Governor Palin has a controversy with her firing the State safety commisioner she says she has nothing to hide, unlike Obama who as soon as he heard that Stanely Kurtz was going to look into the Annenberg files (which are public documents) he tried to keep anyone from seeing them and when that didn't work his next strategy was to sue over the matter???? Who's the guilty party???

2. You say "More of the same" about McCain... even though he's been the reformer of the republican's and voted agaisnt Bush on more issues than any republican and reached across party line to get things done. And don't say that he voted with Bush 90% of the time like Obama did... most of Congress does unanimously vote for Bush 85-90% of the time. Things like congradulating the national highschool football team for winning the national championship and things like that. And Palin has confronted her own party and got the banned when she found corruption. Obama played on emotions during his speech. He talked about doing great things. Things that the republican party would love to do if it were possible. More high paying jobs, etc. But the problem is that if you look at the budget and the way Obama's going to do it's impossible. You can't tax companies that are already paying 97% of the countries taxes more and expect to fund your 150 billion dollar spending to get us off foreign oil in 10 years. (We don't even know if we are going to be able to get off oil in 10 years) So how are you going to pay for it if you are cutting taxes for over 90% of the general population and tax companies more. You tax companies more then they pass the cost on to us, the consumer, or they leave the country and re-establish their business in China, India, or somewhere else where they don't have to pay taxes (like Anheuser-Busch did). They are no longer a US company so the us doesn't get any money from their coorporate office. Obama voted to raise taxes 94 times on incomes of 42,000 per year and you expect that he would cut them for people making under 200,000 a year? Even if he COULD which all of this stuff would take acts of congress and even if the democrats win the presidency and the majority of congress, there's no way that Obama can deliver on these promises. It would take all of the GDP to even start on his projects. In an interview he said he wanted to raise capital gains tax 15-28%. Now if you know what that is that makes no sense if you want American buisiness to prosper. He's going to let you go with no taxes on money made with stocks off new companies. So where's he going to get this 15-28%? By making you pay taxes on companies that you buy after they get started. So a brand new company starting up.. if you buy stock you pay no taxes, but a company like GM or Ford.. if you buy stock now and the price goes up then you pay tax... Why would anyone invest in current companies that may show a profit???

Say nothing about Healthcare. Universal healthcare is a wonderful thought... again playing on emotions. How is he going to pay for it especially with all the tax cuts he's promises??? And if he, or Hillary, or whoever gets National Healthcare for all US Citizens... look at the other countries that have it... Canada alone has people waiting for months... even years for procedures and still on many things sending them across the border to the US for care, that's just one of the horror stories. Without competition and with the government controlling it you think it's going to be a success? You want the government telling you who and when you can see if you need something? And talk about Government controlling something.. look at our schools. We are ranked terribly compared to the world on education (24th I believe) The Republicans want to give vouchers so you can pick which school to send your child. The Democrats are WAY Against it... WHY? The Democrats are big on teacher's unions that care more about themselves than the education, Oh yea.. and that's a democratic lobbyist so of course they don't want to change their benefits. They are going to just try to cut other things before their salaries and benefits (Like Mom's... negotiations are in the mix where she will get a worse healthcare plan and no dental insurance.. she tell you that?)

What about all the money he has embezzled for his buddy Rezco... 14 million dollars to get him $300,000 off the price of his 1.3 million dollar house that he couldn't afford at the time. They attacked John McCain for not knowing how many houses he owns? Well gee that's because his wife is richer than the Kennedy's and he has houses in his name that he has given to family members that can't pay for a house or take care of themselves. Obama (who's favorite bible verse is "I am my brother's keeper") was giving less than 1% of his income to charity until he started running for president. Then he upped it to 6%. John McCain has given 26-28% of his income steadily to charity.

Obama has just lied about soo many things that only NPR is playing.. Everything he's said that can be used against him "Iran is a small country and poses no threat" Then he said "Iran is a threat and I won't let them get Nuclear weapons"... "Let's get rid of unwanted abortions" "I don't want my daughter's punished with a baby" My favorite, is the statement about white people... first we are the people that are in control of america, then totally opposite.. (I can't find the quote but it was his own words... There's like 25 of em... and his watch dog Nancy Pelosi coming out and lying about Catholicism and their views on abortion (which both the Arch Diosis of Nebraska and New York) Finally got involved with politics and rebuked him and her saying that if you vote for killing of babies you are going against the teachings of Christ and that she lied that Catholicism and anit-abortion goes back to as early as 70AD.

Finally, Sitting in the pews of Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years and listening to anti-white, anti-american, pro-black racism... listening to that once.. ok.. but his friends and him sitting in his church for 20 years and not buying into it??? And even though he denounced the pastor (only because he had to) He's still friends with people who went to that church... which I'm sure they haven't denounced him

Posted by: Anonymous | August 29, 2008 8:21 PM | Report abuse

Love the Palin pick -- any woman who can hunt moose in the morning before school, marry -- and STAY MARRIED -- to her high school sweetheart, go on to give birth to and raise 5 kids, her latest at age 44 no less, rise from PTA President to Governor of her state in a little over a decade, then make major changes in the state to the approval of 90% of her constituents is AWESOME in my book! I don't care what the reason is that McCain picked her -- she's peaked my interest and that of millions of others googling her to learn more ...........and the more I read, the more I like. Truly a fresh change that this country needs and the epitomy of the American Dream in action -- too bad the ticket wasn't reversed and she was the Presidential nominee! Knock 'em dead Madam Palin!

Posted by: Cindy | August 29, 2008 9:43 PM | Report abuse

No education is not a final denunciation. But she has only a Bachelor's degree from Univ. of Idaho in journalism. Now if she has applied that to a stellar journalistic career for say 10 years before becoming governor, that would be fine. But no, she let her degree languish while she worked on fishing boats with her husband, as I understand it, honest work but not one which prepares the intellect to deal with complex problems which span the world.

Nor does she have the intellectual curiosity that would lead her to be well-informed on current events. Doesn't know much about Iraq, by her own admission. I only read Newsweek and go online when I want to know more about something specific, but I have some well-formed opinions on Iraq. Besides, I spent three years in Kazakhstan and anything about Central Asia perks my interest. What is she well-informed on besides oil? Education is not everything, but intellectual curiosity is essential for a VP who just might become President.

PS I was once a college prof and know both sharp minds and wise minds when I see them. They are hard to hide.

Posted by: Lee in FL | August 29, 2008 11:09 PM | Report abuse

The times, they are a changin.

Posted by: ferg | August 29, 2008 11:54 PM | Report abuse

When the results of the improper use of authority to settle a vendetta scandal is settled and when the story gets out that the Down Syndrome baby is not hers at all but belongs to her eldest daughter, and that palin has claimed it as her own in a hypocritical effort to cover up her daughters illegitimate incestuous baby, McCain will be forced to drop her from the ticket.This is why this woman can leave home and a new baby to run for VP. The baby isn't hers.

Posted by: This just in | August 30, 2008 12:56 AM | Report abuse

For most of the citizens in the United States there seems to be brick wall between intelligence and articulate well thought out opinions. Unfortunately the presidential race has become a minority challenge as well as an age discrimination arena.
Sarah Padin seems to be a very bright and devoted person, I say person, who has the United States of America in her best interest. Since America has lost its real appreciation of what it takes to “Be a Mom” Sarah Padin will never get what she will never receive the utmost respect for her accomplishments. I applaud John McCain for choosing a woman vice presidential running mate.

Posted by: Mark Schmissrauter | August 30, 2008 12:59 AM | Report abuse

Typo! Sorry.

For most of the citizens in the United States there seems to be brick wall between intelligence and articulate well thought out opinions. Unfortunately the presidential race has become a minority challenge as well as an age discrimination arena.
Sarah Palin seems to be a very bright and devoted person, I say person, who has the United States of America in her best interest. Since America has lost its real appreciation of what it takes to “Be a Mom” Sarah Padin will never get what she will never receive the utmost respect for her accomplishments. I applaud John McCain for choosing a woman vice presidential running mate.

Posted by: Mark Schmissrauter | August 30, 2008 1:02 AM | Report abuse

shocker: the first woman to be the Republican VP nominee is a former beauty queen with a very thin resume.

the fact that we are getting Legally Blonde references from the media is supposed to put me at ease somehow?

seriously, is this the person McCain wants us to trust as president if he should win and then become incapacitated? It sort of explains a number of his policies - economic and foreign policy - he can only see as far as two months ahead and basis decisions on political gain.

Posted by: peninsula Matt | August 30, 2008 1:17 AM | Report abuse

MAVERICK, LIAR, OR TRAITOR? YOU BE THE JUDGE......John Sydney McBush 3rd term's propaganda interviews.....Hot off the press for you REBUSHAGAINS....And you'd put him in command of our gloriuos nation???


TRANSCRIPTS from John McCain’s Vietnam Propaganda Interviews
Posted by Kevin on August 10 2008

I’m curious to know why John McCain felt it was okay to talk to the North Vietnamese, whom the United States was actively engaged in war, but not the Iranians who we are not currently at war with.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read these transcripts of propaganda John McCain made for the Communists while he was a Prisoner of War. The first interviews were done on November 9th, 1967. John McCain was shot down just 14 days earlier on October 26th.

Parts of the declassified translations remain blacked out, suggesting John McCain divulged sensitive information to the Communists that, 40 years later, the US Government still doesn’t want us to know about.

Cuban Radio 11/9/1967:

“There is not any doubt for me; things are taking place in a favorable way for North Vietnam. In particular, before world opinion at present, the United States is (? virtually ?) standing alone.”

“My assignment to the Oriskany, I told myself, was due to serious losses in pilots which were sustained by this aircraft carrier due to its raids over North Vietnam territory –VNA) and which necessitated replacements. From 10 to 12 pilots were transferred like me from the Forrestal to the Oriskany. Before I was shot down we had made several sorties. Altogether I made about 23 flights over North Vietnam.”

[About the mission he was captured on:] “The briefing was held in the morning. That’s right. I remember that it was in the morning that they told me the situation and the plan of the raid, which should take place about noon. A reconnaissance officer explained this plan to me. They showed me photographs of my target and marked out the paths to be followed by the Oriskany at this point. They pointed out to me a number of antiaircraft positions near Hanoi and a number of possible rocket positions, the position of our rescue ships, the radio frequency, the composition of the flight, and so forth. Upon arrival near the target, our formation order: I would be number three, and the chief of the formation, number one. Each pilot would have to approach the target from a different direction. The choice of which would be left to [unclear].

“While moving toward the target, we stumbled over a very dense network of fire, a very powerful riposte. A few rockets were seen. Our chief turned to approach the target and I followed him at a distance. At the time when I was preparing to drop my bombs — I did not know whether I could drop them because things were happening too fast — I heard a terrible explosion which shook my plane and sent it toward the group. It was hit so violently that I was thrown on my back and went straight toward the ground in this posture. I tried to pull the direction-stick ??? …

??? … Naturally I felt buffetting because my bailing out was made at the time when the plane was falling too fast. When the parachute opened I looked down and found out that I was going to fall into a lake. I was really lucky to be able to fall into a lake. All around me bombs were exploding while rockets and antiaircraft shells were streaking through the sky. I hit the lake and went to the bottom. While trying to return to the surface, I was seized by Vietnamese and pushed to the bank of the lake. They disarmed me and brought me to prison.”

(What do you think of Hanoi’s Fire Barrage?)

“Very intense, very accurate. When a fire barrage is so accurate, one has to reckon with it. You are excellent artillerymen. Naturally, I have never seen such a fire network because it was the first time that I flew over Hanoi.”

(Were all the pilots who had flown over Hanoi afraid of the Firepower from the ground?)

“Yes, Certainly! How lucky are those who do not have to come often to the Hanoi sector. Very dangerous! Because they could very well be shot down, hit, something that no one wants! When I arrived near my target I saw two rockets streaking by my side, and it was terrible to see. They flew very fast, very strongly.

“For me, there is no longer any doubt. Things are taking place in a favorable opinion. The United States at present seems to be standing alone, so much is its isolation.”

I wish I could say that was it. I don’t like John McCain, but as a veteran it sickens me nevertheless just to read propaganda that a member of the United States Armed Forces gave to the enemy.

French Reporter Francois Chalais, January 1968

My meeting with John Sidney McCain was certainly one of those meetings which will affect me most profoundly for the rest of my life. I had asked the North Vietnamese authorities to allow me to personally interrogate an American prisoner. They authorized me to do so. When night fell, they took me — without precautions or mystery — to a hospital near the Gia Lam Airport reserved for the military. (Passage Omitted) …

… John Sidney McCain McCain is nott an ordinary prisoner. Hhis father is none other than Admiral Edmond John McCain, Commander in Chief of U.S. Naval Forces in Europe (Passage Omitted)

In a weak voice, he relates his story to me: I was carrying out a bombing mission, my twenty-third raid, over Hanoi. It was then that I was hit. I wanted to eject but while doing so I broke both my arms and my right thigh. Unconscious, I fell in a lake, some Vietnamese jumped into the water and pulled me out. Later I learned there must have been about twelve of them. They immediately took me to the hospital, in a condition two inches away from death. A doctor operated on my thigh. Others at the same time dealt with my arms.

(How are you treated here?)

Very well. Everybody is very nice to me.

(How is the food?)

This isn’t Paris, but it is alright.

(Do you have something to read?)

They have suggested that I read, but my hands are unable to hold even a newspaper.

I’d like to punch that French journalist in the throat.

This next bit of propaganda from John McCain needs a bit a background. On May 19th, 1969, Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird demanded the North Vietnamese treat POWs according to humanitarian standards established in the Geneva Conventions. Senator McCain will be the first to tell you that wasn’t the case… although that wasn’t what he said in an interview the North Vietnamese broadcast into South Vietnam…

Broadcast to South Vietnam, 2 June 1969

At his 19 rpt 19 May press conference in Washington, US Defense Secretary Melvin Laird distorted the truth about the policy of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam government towards captured U.S. pilots in North Vietnam. Those very captive airmen have long since given the lie to Laird’s allegations. Here is one of them, LCMDR John Sidney McCain, service number 624787 rpt 624787, USS Oriskany, speaking of the treatment he has been receiving.

“I was a U.S. airman engaged in the crimes against the Vietnamese country and people. I had bombed their cities, towns, and villages and caused more injury even death for the people of Vietnam. After I was captured I was taken from a hospital in (?Da Nang) where I received very good medical treatment. I was given an operation on my leg, which allowed me to walk again, and a cast for my right arm which was badly broken in three rpt three places. The doctors were very good and they knew a great deal about the practice of medicine. I remained in the hospital for some time, I regained much of my health and strength.”

Funny, this sounds exactly like the same propaganda that John Kerry gave the North Vietnamese!!! The circumstances were a little bit different, but the fact that McCain uttered the words is disgusting. I know POWs have it hard, but there is a Code of Conduct for POWs and we were expected to conduct themselves according to that code if we were captured. This is a HUGE deal. He didn’t slip up once, he did it repeatedly through his stay in Hanoi.

Including the final declassified document from the Department of Defense…

Dr. Fernando Barral for Cuban media, January 24, 1970

The pilot interviewed is John Sidney McCain, son and grandson of American Navy Admirals. His father, as the Yankee prisoner declared, is higher ranking than General Abrams, who commands the Yankee aggressor troops in South Vietnam; despite this, Johnson gave orders directly to Abrams, passing over McCain’s father, who has a long history of services of aggression in Korea, among other imperialist merits. As is seen, Lt Commander John Sidney has a very good name….

Following are the notes from Dr. Barral’s interview with the Yankee Pilot:

(Could you tell me your name, serial number, and rank?)

“My name is John Sidney McCain and I am a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy — serial No 624787. I understand and speak some Spanish. I studied it in school and I have been in Spain several times. On one of those occasions I visited the Navy Academy and met Prince Carlos….”

In the course of the interview, on various occasions he showed that knowledge of the language, saying some words, dates, and so forth in Spanish, or (using it) when he thought the interpreter was seeking the corresponding French word.

Naturally, from the very beginning this established a more direct communication between us, and more than one question or my response was made directly in Spanish.

(Immediately afterward, I asked him about the date and circumstances of his capture.)

“On 26 October 1967 I was overflying Hanoi in an A4E plane based on the carrier Oriskany when my plane was hit by a ground-to-air missile. I bailed out, colliding in the air with the remains of the plane, and I landed in one of the lakes in the center of Hanoi, in the middle of the water. On landing I tried to get free of my parachute, but could not move, and did not realize why I could not move my arms or legs, but it was because of the injuries.”


“Yes, as a result of colliding with the remains of the plane, I fractured my right leg at the knee, and both arms, the right one in three places. Moreover, I dislocated both shoulders.”

(What happened next? That is, what was the capture itself like?)

“Well, many people gathered around since it was the center of Hanoi and at midday.”

(Soldiers, militiamen, or civilians?)

“I could not determine exactly, because they had removed their clothing in order to take me out of the water.”

(Well, go on.)

“From there, they took me to a military hospital in Hanoi, a large hospital where they operated on me and attended to the multiple fractures. I understand I received more than a liter of blood….”

(Were you the object of any physical or moral violence?)

“No, although at the time of capture I could sense the people’s hate or indignation, there were no insults or violence of any type. On the contrary, you have seen how I am recovering from my injuries.”

(But were you not afraid of being the object of violent treatment if you were captured…?)

“Actually, I never thought I would become a prisoner; therefore those fears never came up.”

(Did you never think of the possibility of being captured?)

“No. I was traveling at high altitude. I felt completely safe in the plane.. I am considered one of the best pilots….”

(?? What made you join the U.S. Navy? [difficult to read])

“[There was a] family reason since I have many relatives in that branch of service. In particular, my grandfather was [difficult to read] -nding in World War II; he was one of those who [saw] the Japanese sign the act of surrender, and a Naval destroyer bears his name. And my father is also an Admiral; he is Chief of the Pacific Command of the U.S. Armed Forces. Actually, it is a matter of military tradition. Once of my forebears was a colonel in Washington’s independence forces. Another was a general in the war of secession. Thus it was natural for me to follow a military career. Of course my father was not always an admiral; during World War II he was a commander of a submarine. He has been in the Navy since 1927 and has been an admiral since 1965. He holds the highest rank in the Navy. If I had not been downed, I would have become an Admiral at an earlier age than my father. Theoretically, General Abrams is his subordinate….”


“Yes, although in practice, because of the importance of this war, Gen. Creighton Abrams receives his orders directly from Washington.”

(I do not understand this about “in theory and in practice.” I thought that in military life everything is standardized in an inflexible manner….)

“Well, look, in fact Abrams is his subordinate but since the Tet offensive of 1968 in view of the gravity of the situation, Abrams instead of asking for instructions from my father, who is in Honolulu, so that he in turn would ask for them from Washington, went directly to Washington for them because the war is here in Vietnam and my father also has Okinawa, Korea, and so forth under his command. That is why, since the war is so important, he receives his instructions directly from Washington. It is a political problem also, not only military.”

(Well, let us leave these things about political and military aside. They are too complex. At any rate I do not believe that your father likes the situation very much; that his subordinates receive orders directly from above.)

“Look, my father is a very intelligent person, but… when the bombings of the north began, Johnson asked Abrams’ opinion, not my father’s because Abrams [is] in Saigon, in the war….”

“Now I am going to speak about my wife,” he says spontaneously, “she is not in the armed forces,” he added with a certain humor. “I saw her the last time in August of 1967. At that time I was on the aircraft carrier Forrestal when I fire broke out wich damaged it heavily and it had to be sent for repairs to the United States. At that time I miraculously escaped with my life because I was in my airplane and the two pilots on my left and the two on my right were killed.”

(How did that happen?)

“A plane caught fire and one of its rockets went off. This in turn caused other explosions. There were 135 deaths, almost all the airplanes were destroyed and the ship was seriously damaged. As a result of the fire I became famous on TV.”

(As one who miraculously escaped death, no?)

“Yes, but in addition I was able to see my family and stay there nearly a month. I then returned this time to the aircraft carrier Oriskany and 1 month later I was shot down.”

(You said that you were going to talk to me about your wife bout you continue on the subject of the war….)

… “She is very pretty. Before marrying me she was a model for magazines and on TV. We have a 3-year-old girl. When I saw her she was still a baby. She also has two children from a former marriage. She now returned to work as a model on TV.”

(How did you find out?)

“I had a letter from her after I became a prisoner.”


“Yes they authorized me to recieve a letter and presents on Christmas Eve and I was able to send greeting cards.”

(Would you like me to relay a message for you?)

“If you would be so kind. Tell her I am well, that I wish her happiness, and not to worry about me.”

(The address!)

“Her namy is Carol McCain, Mrs. Carol McCain. She lives in….”

[McCain has to write her address with his left hand because the Spanish speaking interviewer can't understand... 553 Patio Lane, Orange Park, Florida, USA]

(What schooling did you have?)

I went to the Naval Academy. I took two university majors, electrical engineering and naval architecture. The courses were very difficult; 1,200 of us began and only 400 graduated. Discipline was very strict also. I was also in the Spanish Naval Academy. It was there that I met Prince Carlos, as I said before. When I finished I had two choices; to be a naval officer or a pilot.. I chose to be a pilot. I had to study another year and a half and I graduated in 1958. I trained intensively. I flew many hours in training to become a jet pilot.”


“Yes, 4,000. They really demand 200 but I flew 4,000 hours.”


“I wanted to become a test pilot. It is fascinating to test new models.”

(At any rate the difference between 200 and 4,000 appears to be great.)

“Well, look, it was because I wanted to be an astronaut. That is why I also engage in a great deal of sports: boxing wrestling, swimming, camping, and so forth.”

(And what happened?)

“I had to come to Vietnam.”

(What is your religion?)

“I am a Protestant.”

(Being in captivity, has your faith increased? Do you have hopes for the future?)

“My beliefs have always been more or less the same intensity. As long as the war lasts I do not have much hope for the future.”

A photograph from this interview.

You know, this is really frustrating to me because of all the information he gave away. Training requirements, his training experience, the exact model aircraft he was flying, giving new talking points to the Communists about his father being passed over, and while I doubt this is the entire transcript of the interview (McCain supposedly drank 3 cups of coffee… this is a 1 cup conversation), gave detailed information on damage and casualties in a military accident, and so much more that it’s inexcusable that he gave away that much information.

He’s even bluntly honest about the reason why he liked his wife (she was a model before the crippling car accident, prompting him to seek out an extramarital affair with Cindy).

Look, I understand that the pressures of being a POW in Vietnam are ungodly. But there is a Code of Conduct for a reason and this is specifically it. If you’re going to divulge information, it better come after years of torture so it’s no longer relevant and John McCain couldn’t even last 2 weeks.

It’s no wonder McCain was so quiet when those British sailors got picked up by the Iranians and they made propaganda films for Iran. Because he did the exact same thing.

No, I was never a POW, thank GOD! But the reason I’m so livid about this is because had I been in this situation, I and every single other person who has served or is serving now is expected to live up to the standards established by the Code of Conduct and John McCain, the man our party has nominated to be the President of the United States, FAILED MISERABLY.

When recruits go through Basic Training, they should be required to read and memorize these documents because this is the perfect example of what NOT to do if you’re ever taken prisoner.

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And you call him a MAVERICK...McBush 3rd term sold out his NATION and his fellow soldiers....

Posted by: NEED4TRTH | August 30, 2008 1:31 AM | Report abuse

Posted by: This just in | August 30, 2008 12:56 AM

How in the world do you fake a pregnancy?

Posted by: reader in Tx | August 30, 2008 2:02 AM | Report abuse

I'm all about Palin's pro-life position, but she doesn't square up. She was blessed with a baby who will need more from his mother than most kids do. Yet she took NO maternity leave upon giving birth to a disabled baby. She didn't even take a few days off to help her other children integrate this new life into the family.

Posted by: reader in dc | August 30, 2008 2:43 AM | Report abuse

When we support Hillary, we support her because of her experience and judgment and intelligence. Not because of gender.

If Maccain expected that any female is enough to woo Hillary supporters, that is really stupid....
For sure, there are some hillary supporters who will definitely vote against Obama, but other undecided ones will not be swayed by this pro life, anti environment, pro gun extreme conservative woman.

Posted by: Anonymous | August 30, 2008 8:59 AM | Report abuse

I love hearing these women who call this VP pick "pandering". When it's Hillary Clinton (who has no executive experience), these women jump up and down about "sisterhood and breaking the glass ceiling!!!!" But when it's a conservative woman, it's shameless pandering.

You liberal women are a joke.

Posted by: McCain '08 | August 29, 2008 6:06 PM

Yes Please keep up this line of attack...Please Do! Keep calling women names....The true prejudice colors of the GOP are leaking through. Hillary stood on the front lines of the feminist movement and took bullets in the chest for women's rights, even as First Lady of Arkansas, USA, and first and second senate term. Palin is a woman. That is the extent of her feminst resume and women will see throughthis. So go ahead keep up your anti-women attacks and piss-off the females.

Posted by: :-) | August 30, 2008 9:16 AM | Report abuse

To try to get a serious comment in, in this farce, and expect to be heard over the laughter, derision, name calling, and general noise is quixotic, but:

John has (probably) been saddled, term used after much thought, with an obscure politician from far enough off that someone hopes her negatives can be kept out of the publics ken for at least two months.

Elready we know, however, that she is under investigation by a Special Prosecutor for misconduct as Governor, that her husband works for BP, that she is a deserved darling of the Evangelical political wing of the Republican party.

Rumors that had better not be true are running, and even when they are not true will be very hard ti kill.

She stands a good chance of making McCain seem fatuous, foolish, infatuated, and can embarrass him at least as easily as reinforce his "Maverick" image. (Maverick gave his name, first to the unbranded cattle that he rounded up and sold, mostly not actually his, then to those who, like him, were willing to ignore the understandings that cattlemen had developed to deal with large admixtures of everybody's cattle on free Government ranges, and then to people who just don't follow the ordinary day to day conventions of good behavior)

Somebody hopes to pull a fast one on the American People, apparently calculating that they can slip a deteriorating McCain and a total unknown past the American Voter, as long as they can keep the lid on the bad news for just over two months.

When they can't keep the lid on, and Palin blows up in Roves face, it just might permanently wreck the republican Party. When the rumors turn out to be true, who gets the blame for the debacle?

McCain will bear the onus for the results.

Posted by: | August 30, 2008 10:18 AM | Report abuse

I would take a woman that rose up through the political ranks legally rather than all of Obama's ties with dirty politics in Chicago from the Stroger clan that raised taxes and put their friends in offices they weren't qualified for while closing clinics in Cook County! Not to mention Daley, Rezco, and Alderman. Is this the kind of "change" Obama wants? Look it up if you think its just right wing talk.

Also there is nothing wrong with a woman who shoots a gun. You go live in Alaska and not hunt. You'd be the minority. Too many city people are soo against guns. I lived in NY for most of my life and it was easier for me to get a gun from an illegal street gang than it was to go through all the paperwork (Which being an honest citizen I did). Those criminals aren't going to stop getting their guns shipped to them illegally with more laws on guns.

Finally I doubt that baby was her daughters. Even if it did come out that it was. That would not change my opinion on her. She would be a mother protecting her child from scrutiny, and everything else the press would do to her daughter. Most motherly instincts tell you to do that. But I forgot being a mom and actually not throwing someone in front of a bus to gain more power in politics goes against the Left Wing philosophy. (Just ask Obama) Can't speak up about Illegal practices in Chicago politics... he even goes as far to endorse the ones under Federal indictment when they are looking like they are going to loose. Yep.. I want him doing that in Washington!

Posted by: Jeremie | August 30, 2008 10:42 AM | Report abuse

Anyone else want to see Palin pull off those glasses, take the clip out of her hair, and shake it down?

Posted by: HGG | August 30, 2008 11:05 AM | Report abuse

Should he win (God Forbid)can't you just imagine the ol' geezer chasing her around the desk in the Oval Office. Remember John, keep the door closed at all times!

Posted by: ohhgee | August 30, 2008 11:24 AM | Report abuse

Should he win (God Forbid) can't you just imagine the ol' geezer chasing her around the desk in the Oval Office? Remember John, keep the door closed at all times!

Posted by: ohhgee | August 30, 2008 11:37 AM | Report abuse

Historically Qualified!
Sarah Palin may 'Only have been a Governor'. Let us remember that in recent history 'Only being a Governor' seems to have been enough Executive Experience to qualify for the Executive Office for Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan.

Posted by: navadad | August 30, 2008 12:20 PM | Report abuse

Why didn't he pick a qualified woman, like Kay Bailey Hutchinson??? I have been talking to women all day yesterday and today, and we are disgusted that he couldn't find a woman with foreign policy or legislative experience ANYWHERE. If it smells like pandering, it must be pandering.

Posted by: Ann | August 30, 2008 2:56 PM | Report abuse

I think this is really about John McCain getting revenge on Karl Rove for shooting down Joe Lieberman from the GOP ticket.

Posted by: Carmen Cameron | August 30, 2008 3:42 PM | Report abuse

Why McCain picked Palin as VP? Because he is a politician, and definitely not as responsible as he claims. If McCain win the election, we deserve it. We can continue blame other nations for we are not doing well.

Posted by: Kathy9 | August 30, 2008 3:59 PM | Report abuse

It seems that the loony left is incapable of discussing the issues without getting into ad hominems. Senator McCain is referred to as an "old man" and Governor Palin is referred to as a "former beauty queen". Talk about a double standard. Let us talk about Obama as an "affirmative action" candidate and Biden as a "plagiarist" and the Left calls in their local American Bar Association hit squad. This is going to be an interesting couple of months. In order to level the playing field, Conservatives must learn to answer questions with questions. The Liberals have to doing this for years to the point it becomes expected. If one side in the debate refuses to answer questions, the other side should have the same privilege.

Posted by: foxborough | August 30, 2008 4:54 PM | Report abuse

How incredibly smart of McCain! Love Sarah Palin-- she's truly not DC "biz as usual". Experience? Ck it out: Obama has a grand total of 140 days in the Senate--voted "present" 129 times--hardly impressive.

Posted by: Anonymous | August 30, 2008 5:01 PM | Report abuse

Everybody, quit whining.

All women are equal where it counts. Hillary may be smarter, but the American Voter has never held that to be a requirement for anything.

Posted by: IGiveUp | August 30, 2008 5:25 PM | Report abuse

>>>Historically Qualified!
>>>Sarah Palin may 'Only have been a Governor'. Let us remember that in recent history 'Only being a Governor' seems to have been enough Executive Experience to qualify for the Executive Office for Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan.

Here's the ifference bucko.

You take ALL of the people of Alaska and put them in one city, and she'd have a hard time getting a Major league sports team.

Before that she was a part time mayor of a city between 6000-7000. Not exactly Metropolis.

She's tied to big oil.

She is currently being investigated to see if she abused her power for family reasons.

Posted by: BSdetector | August 30, 2008 6:14 PM | Report abuse

First she is inexperienced, and just watched her give a speech repeating what she just said yesterday.We want to know her thoughts are on the issues(Besides Oil). But then I guess the Mccain press team has yet to give her a speech for her next thoughts. She just like to say oh I have 5 kids, a world class snowmobiler as a husband and a son in the army. Congrats but guess what there are tons of families with son's in the army and who cares if you husband is a world class snowmobiler and your a hockey mom. When people are losing their homes and losing there job that crap is not important to anyone.

Posted by: Ohmygodpalin | August 30, 2008 6:40 PM | Report abuse

I find it funny that people hear say Palin has more experience then Obama. She was a mayor of a town with popluation of 5,000 before her year and 1/2 term as governor.

Obama was a state senator for 7 years or so for chicago, popluation of something like 2.8 million, before his 4 year term as state senator. This argument lacks truth and the numbers dont add up.

I really think the pick was an insult and knee jerk reaction to get Hillary supporters. I am not going to sit here and hate on Paulin education, would scandals, etc but Mccain could have a made a big splash with a more accomplished women.

The Mccain campaign cant talk about Obama's lack of experience anymore because this pick holds the same perception and has less big public office experience.

Posted by: HJ | August 30, 2008 7:00 PM | Report abuse

I also noticed that no one talks about Obama being the underdog in pretty much everything is does and still comes out on top.

I read someone mentioned affirmative action candidate but it definitely appears that the public believes in what he says regardless of his race (his legio of supporters cross all races not just the 12% population of African Americans).

He doesn't use the same low level dirty tactics to get his points across or prove his points in issues (whether that be now or his tenure in Chicago state office or Senate).

Times are really bad right now and we were not in the same debt and depressed economy 8 years ago. This is just a fact and people (repub, demo, indept, etc) see this as a big problem with little relief in site. This is really not about being repub or demo it is about things are truly f%%k up.

Posted by: HJ | August 30, 2008 7:11 PM | Report abuse

The dirty little secret that the Dems know is the polled voters lie. Answering a Polster and commiting in the voting booth are two different things. Palin plays to that. The guilty voter can now cast for a women and still feel clean. Brilliant is an understatment. Protecting the Consertitive side is a bonus. Pulling a few lost females is a bouns. Obama is done. Sorry Dreamers, but Red wins again.

Posted by: NotNEorWestbutStillCount | August 30, 2008 7:45 PM | Report abuse

A number of you Republican dummies are falling perfectly into McCain's superficial pick for VP.

Regardless if you like Obama or not you cannot deny the fact that he got over 18 million votes from the American public who wanted to see him president. For those who didn't initially support Obama thought he needed more experience. Well he got more experience with Biden. All total the Obama/Biden ticket has 40 years of national political experience. For McCain all totaled, the McCain/Palin taken has a total of 26 years of national political experience, all from John McCain.

So many things could happen between now and Nov. 4th outside of the debates, i.e. more Russian aggression, a videotape from Bin Laden, Pakistan slipping into more disarray, or the economy slips back to the brink of recession.

McCain has selected the least qualified and most attractive Republican elected official he could find outside of the Beltway to be his running mate. Many women (outside of the conservative base) will look down on John McCain as a sexist and opportunist.

Posted by: Obama-Junkie | August 30, 2008 9:25 PM | Report abuse

And IF Palin is indicted for misconduct in office, around the end of October, what response will the Republican Party have.

SHE can't quash the investigation, McCain can't quash the investigation, and George can't quash the investigation. George also has no power to give her the preemptive Libby treatment because it is a State issue.

So, either whoever briefed McCain on his now companion left those facts out, or he told John that they really couldn't matter much.

I thoughtful candidate would have declined to accept a running mate with the potential of an indictment hanging over her head.

IF John knew and bought off on Palin anyway, he is deficient in good judgment.

If he didn't know and now says nothing, he is deficient in ethical judgment.

What will you do on Nov 4 if Palin is indicted on October 31?

Perhaps that is also the appropriate action if she isn't so indicted, but no report comes out of the special prosecutor.

Posted by: | August 30, 2008 9:51 PM | Report abuse

From the clips of McCain and Palin campainging in the diner in Pennsylvania, it appears that the very worst effect Sarah Palin might have had have come out early. She looks unfortunately middle aged, and compared to her he looks really old, ald aging fast. He also seemed to be wearing a patch of some kind on his fore arm. If she makes him look like he is in deteriorating health in public, it is the kind of overdriven feed back that in audio systems produces those high pitched shrieks that set your teeth on edge. Such a political, or psychic shriek setting voters teeth on edge can't be good for McCain.

They are great for Obama. Remember Fritz and T..s? How about Old F..t and aging T..T?

Posted by: | August 30, 2008 10:42 PM | Report abuse

She makes McCain look really old.
Obama has talked and debated and thought deeply about where he wants to take the nation and people voted for him because they liked his vision. Sarah seems like a good person but she probably hasn't even thought about national policy until maybe a few days ago when McCain asked her to be on his ticket. She has absolutely no business being on a Presidential ticket when the candidate is 72 years old and election is two months away.

Posted by: janesmith | August 31, 2008 5:46 AM | Report abuse

It appears the McCain may be shopping for another "Trophy Wife".

Posted by: Bill Robertson | August 31, 2008 8:58 AM | Report abuse

I think the pick of Palin was a stroke of genius! The Left Wing will obviously say "she lacks experience to be Vice President" oblivious to the lack of experience Obama has to be President. Palin obviously takes the "lack of experience" off the table, for this the Obama supporters should be thankful. But most of them are too ignorant to understand this.

Posted by: foxborough | August 31, 2008 11:27 AM | Report abuse

After reading about Sarah Baracuda and her family, it seems they could be candidates for the Jerry Springer show. Does McCain have dementia?

Posted by: | August 31, 2008 11:34 AM | Report abuse

I've listened to and read the commmentary and background of Palin and admit to being impressed. However, I can't see how anyone could say she is qualified and ready to be VP, let alone president. I am a former mayor of a city of 30,000. Does that make me qualified? No. I bucked the good ol' boys as well as the only woman on our city council and would also qualify by most as a "strong woman." That makes me as qualified as Palin, but that doesn't make me qualified. That's not to say that, with time and more experience, Palin wouldn't be a real assest to her state and the country. Maybe the same is true of me, although I am about a decade older than Palin - which means I had to buck the system when it was really uncommon for women to do so.

I can get past the fact that she's a women and see that she and I share practically no commonalities in our basic beliefs. I am strongly against having government say what a woman can do with her own body and I don't support those who seem to think drill, drill, drill is the answer to energy independence. For those who are into assigning labels, that would make me liberal. On the other hand, I own my own consulting business and the bulk of my clients are the energy industry.

Oh, let's see... I hunt, I fish, I own a couple guns. I don't see these as prequisites to being Vice President. Also, just because someone does these and also takes off on a snowmobile doesn't make them a conservationist. There's more to protecting the environment than just having a fun time out in it.

Posted by: atravsky | August 31, 2008 1:55 PM | Report abuse

Senator McCain's quick selection of Sarah Palin for VP was seen by many as a desperate choice, but she may not be his final choice.

John McCain was running out of time. Naming Sarah Palin was a surprise which dominated the news cycles for several days. The social conservatives are happy and contributions are up. Republican pollsters now have a chance to determine if this trial balloon will fly with both republicans and independents.

If the poll numbers are bad, however, I expect Governor Palin will claim even more news cycles by suddenly finding a reason to remove herself from the ticket. As long as this appears to be her initiative, Senator McCain will be shielded from the wrath of her fans. He will then be free to select a more seasoned candidate and attempt to reclaim the experience argument he forfeited with the selection of Governor Palin.

Posted by: Wixa | August 31, 2008 6:13 PM | Report abuse

Have Palin's medical records been released yet? Is she the mother or the grandmother of the baby?

Posted by: Barbara | August 31, 2008 9:02 PM | Report abuse

This is way too late in this thread to get much notice, but for those of you still reading, in all of the pictures of J, C, and S, notice a pattern. He is out front, and fading badly in health. Da VeeP is of to his immediate side looking like a concerned daughter. DA JILTED WIFE is in the background looking p...ed.

Is Desperate Housewives writing his material now?

Posted by: | August 31, 2008 9:17 PM | Report abuse

This is way too late in this thread to get much notice, but for those of you still reading, in all of the pictures of J, C, and S, notice a pattern. He is out front, and fading badly in health. Da VeeP is of to his immediate side looking like a concerned daughter. DA JILTED WIFE is in the background looking p...ed.

Is Desperate Housewives writing his material now?

Posted by: | August 31, 2008 9:18 PM | Report abuse

This is way too late in this thread to get much notice, but for those of you still reading, in all of the pictures of J, C, and S, notice a pattern. He is out front, and fading badly in health. Da VeeP is of to his immediate side looking like a concerned daughter. DA JILTED WIFE is in the background looking p...ed.

Is Desperate Housewives writing his material now?

Posted by: | August 31, 2008 9:19 PM | Report abuse

"You must have forgotten who you put on your own ticket. Sarah Palin is more qualified to be president than Barack NObama. So do you really want to go there?"
Posted by: McCain '08 | August 29, 2008 6:09 PM

If Sarah Palin was in, let's say, Cincinnati, she:
Would not have been a beauty queen competition winner
Would not have been Mayor
Would not have been Governor

She's a big fish in a small pond.

Please don't tell me "She has more experience than Obama" because we all know that is horse*hit.

She has more executive experience than McCain Obama and Biden put together. Does that mean none of them should be running?

This election should be about judgement, Atilla the Hun had a lot of experience.

For the past eight years we've had an oil man from an oil state running the country, now we have a man who has been sniffing his footprints along the way 90% of the time who just picked another politician from another "oil" state.

Big oil is a huge problem for this country, we start wars, or sons and daughters die, they rip us off while destroying the environment.

I like Obama's plan to get us off of foreign oil within ten years, it will solve many problems for this country.

Say no to Big Oil, say no to McCain Palin.

Posted by: JR | August 31, 2008 9:36 PM | Report abuse

my second visit to mary ann akers and still unimpressed

Posted by: amber godden | August 31, 2008 9:53 PM | Report abuse

Other Alashan co-workers of Plain said they never noticed her pregency,could it really be true that the baby is not her daughter but her GRAND daughter?

Posted by: jac | August 31, 2008 11:02 PM | Report abuse

Russ wrote:

Only in Republican America would a black man with a law degree from Harvard, 12 years in politics, four years on the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and manager of one of the most impressively flawless and forward thinking presidential campaigns ever not be ready for the presidency while a white female evangelical with 19 months in regional politics and a bachelors in journalism is considered "ready on day one".

So true.

Posted by: storeyy | September 1, 2008 3:57 AM | Report abuse

Obama the empty suit can’t win this election. He's a disaster.

He should have taken advantage of the Clinton’s popularity and the love still felt for them throughout the world.

Obama never won the primary. Obama stole it from Hillary.The world watched the DNC hand the nomination to Obama by silencing voters.

Obama has destroyed the Democratic Party because of his own self centered narcissist personality.

The media can say what they want about Obama winning the primary but voters know the truth, especially Clinton supporters. Obama ignored voters. Florida and Michigan will never forget it.

Obama and Michelle were given a second chance to put Hillary on his ticket, but instead chose to hog the glory and embarrass the Democratic Party.

Obama could have won these women over.
Now McCain is winning the Hillary women with his VP pick.
Obama is risky, radical and not a great patriot.

Remember: Rezko, (the criminal), Reverend Wright (the anti Semitic racist) and William Ayers ( Obama’s coworker = domestic terrorist)

God is watching and the world is staring at our unfair voting process.

The Democratic Party is embarrassing.

Posted by: A Very Concerned American | September 1, 2008 5:11 AM | Report abuse

McCain 08 writes:

"I love hearing these women who call this VP pick "pandering". When it's Hillary Clinton (who has no executive experience), these women jump up and down about "sisterhood and breaking the glass ceiling!!!!" But when it's a conservative woman, it's shameless pandering.

You liberal women are a joke."

If Hillary voters are such a joke, then why has McCain and now Palin been pandering to them ? And if they're trying to capture some of these voters, booing the very mention of Hillary's name, as happened when Palin spoke it at her first campaign stop, isn't going to help McBush's chances, now is it ?

Palin got big applause for saying "no thanks" to the bridge to no where. What she didn't say was that the 223 million tax payer dollars for that project still ended up in Alaska's state coffers.

Without a few "liberal" Hillary voters, McCain probably won't win. You need to think about that the next time you or one of your ilk booes at a Hillary glass ceiling reference.

Posted by: MA | September 1, 2008 5:39 AM | Report abuse

Learn more about "The Real Sarah Palin" at:

This includes an update on Palin's "BabyGate" controversy. Also, see story in Monday's (today's) Times of London.

Posted by: J Michael | September 1, 2008 8:52 AM | Report abuse

Are we truly serious about the future of this country? We keep repeating the garbage spins and talking points and are forgetting to see what is before our eyes.

No matter how much experienece in years he has, no one can deny that in the past 2 years Barack Obama has made foreign policies that have played out as wise and sound judgments; Afghanistan is the real threat... we are finally realizing that, we need to begin serious and agressive discussions with Iran (the GOP called that naive), now Bush is sending top officials to do just that, we need to send strategic assault on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border where AlQaeda is.... 6 months ago the Bush admin. did just that and took out their #3 man....

McCain's choice of a woman whose Executive experience was governing a town of less than 7,000 people. The experience they are touting is 18 months governing a state with a population the size of Brooklyn, NY. This is crazy and reckless beyond comprehension. This is our lives at stake and the reality is, McCain has had 2 serious bouts with cancer and he is putting the lives of over 300 millions Americans in this un-tested person.

He spoke to her ONCE before choosing her and the Democratic vetters were the first to make inqueries into the 15 years newspaper archives of this woman. The GOP did NOT VET HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am literally in a state of shock .

Posted by: Anonymous | September 1, 2008 8:56 AM | Report abuse

Stop trying to qualify Sarah Palin for VP, who has no solid credentials. Being mayor of a small city and as governor of Alaska less than two years does not qualify her to be vice president of the United States. McCain has made a poor choice picking Palin. But, I have learned one thing about McCain and that is he really likes beauty queens.

Posted by: nleath | September 1, 2008 10:13 AM | Report abuse

theres not much to add here except that it was very insulting for McCain to think he could place just any women on the ticket and Hillary supporters would fall for it. Insulting disrespectfull and irresponsable.

Posted by: tnorene | September 1, 2008 10:37 AM | Report abuse

you guys are missing the event..and what this selection is about...

just like fem nazis to think the world turns around them..

hell obama knew it didn't...even the old white senators from new england new it did not...

and everyone else...
what mccain chose is a whistleblowing
nra, ice fisherwoman of five...

who can and will energize the religous right...and all these folks in pa and ohio and wva and ky...and in the south and in Colorado...

who don't buy obama is the next jesus or even the next in line for the mlk history marker
why did mccain chose ohio and western pa to be the first spots to intro her?

mmm...i guess because all the left wing fem nazi's who live in little washington pa w/ all their guns and ammo and camp gear

did not like her?

his choice is brilliant...even don't like republican party line politics

she obtained a windfall profits tax they say and gave back 1200 to every citizen of alaska

what has obama done lately for anyone but himself?


and i thin the experience of palin on foreign police issues turns AGAINST obama...not for him...

at least she visited iraq...and the troops

very well before she ever thought she would be on a national ticket...

can o man say the same? he can't...

Posted by: bigtimeohoian | September 1, 2008 11:22 AM | Report abuse

one more thing...

she really does believe...and isn't mouthing her "ideas on faith" for the consumption of national tv audiences...

this is truly something scary to those who don't value their moral/faith meter
very high...

and moreover...she actually has a true 'rags to riches' political story...

free of the tain of south side chicago big daily machine politics...

go figure...

who is the outside to national Washington DC politics now?

obama ran against hillary on this very "not being sufficiently stewed in washington dc politics"...

for the "washington crowd"...

i think she's got him beat by at least
two to three years on this one...

don't you think...w/ executive mansion experience...

based on her own serious reformer image...

wow....imagine that...a politician who came to her office thru actual honest efforts at reforming her state's party machine...

unbelievable...!!! can this be the USA?

Posted by: bigtimeohioan | September 1, 2008 11:31 AM | Report abuse

I don't care whether or not the baby is Sarah Palin's or her 16 yo daughter's. There can be a million valid reasons to have an experienced mother take on the result of a child's pregnancy. In addition, in many cases, keeping that info within the family is perfectly reasonable.

In the Palin case however, Sarah's decision to not seek an abortion of a down's syndrome child is touted to solidify her 'pro-life' standing. Her ability to be a politician of a lightly populated state AND be an exemplar of "Christian" family values is supposed to be evidence of her executive prowess.

All of these efforts by the Republicans to 'sell' Sarah to the American voter means that her family life is an issue. Especially if the baby is her daughter's, not hers!

However, the real problem is McCain made a choice for the V.P. without the proper vetting. It's reckless, impulsive and shows disdain for the importance of the office. Keep this guy out of the WH and his finger off the button.

Posted by: thebob.bob | September 1, 2008 11:34 AM | Report abuse

A competent, smart, achieving, woman candidate who also happens to be attractive. What's not to like. Palin ROCKS and is a great American success story. I think election is, set, match to McCain/Palin.

Posted by: daman1 | September 1, 2008 11:41 AM | Report abuse

A politician with experience is like a dog without a fence. Constantly running out of bounds, never doing the job he was intended for and barking at other dogs. Experience in politics isn't important but the view of where the nation is headed and where it ought to be headed is important. One of the most experienced politicians we had was LBJ and he was a disaster. Seniority, like experience, is secondary to ability. As proof look at the relics in Congress.

Posted by: Dale Netherton | September 1, 2008 12:42 PM | Report abuse

She's a helluva gal, just listen to Pat Buchanan. We've had enough pointy headed intellectuals around and they've plain ruined the country. Tell me running a fishing boat just across the Bearing Straight from those lousy drunken Ruskies and them crooked Japanese floating fish factories doesn't teach you more that a big fancy Harvard, MBA. John McCain has the vision and the courage of his convictions to close his eyes and pin the tail on the Donkey. Now that's the kind of President we need, not some wimp who reads "My Pet Goat."

And with this gal, Sarah Palin at his side, McCain will wump Putin's behind. They won't know what him them.

What we have here is a Dream Team, I know I must be dreaming. Wake Me! Somebody Wake Me!

Posted by: ralph X | September 1, 2008 6:59 PM | Report abuse

OK, can we, just for a nanosecond, get off the personal remarks? What McCain did is politically brilliant. He picked a sensible woman for a running mate who will sway a good many of the female voters who otherwise would have voted for "Shrillary". And there are many who would vote for a woman before they would a "person of color", as is the current vernacular. Also, it is obvious spelling is no longer taught as a school subject.

Posted by: Buckaroo | September 1, 2008 7:38 PM | Report abuse

Sligo, get a clue. There is no "liberal media." That's what conservatives say when reality interrupts their plans to rape and pillage the public coffers.

By the way, isn't Mrs. Palin under investigation in Alaska? You Republicans aren't even trying; though you seem to be adapting Democrats' ability to grab defeat out of the jaws of victory.

Good for you.

Posted by: Unzean | September 1, 2008 8:36 PM | Report abuse

The hatred for Obama never stops--all of it based on not wanting to vote for a black man and coated in a variety of reasons. If Obama loses, it will be due to the folks who say his being black makes no difference but in the privacy of the voting booth will make certain it is the opposite. As for Sarah Rambo Palin--she and John McSame will ensure we are in a war in Iran, Georgia, against Russia (we gotta show that Putin). John McSame had several qualified women Republicans from whom he could have chosen a VP candidate but from what he said none of them could match Sarah Rambo Palin--nice?? If he somehow doesn't make it, do you honestly think Sarah Rambo Palin is the best possible choice for leader of the free world. God help us!!

Posted by: JM | September 2, 2008 1:47 AM | Report abuse

Forget all the political BS which is spewed along party lines, what if dear old Johnny did actually sell out his fellow prisners of war in Vietnam? What if all the stuff just under the surface is correct about John, that he turned against his country instead of his glorified and publicised position? If this is true he could be our worst dream.

What about how he treated his first wife. What if it is all true about his turning his back on his crippled wife pursuing many a woman to satisfy his needs.

After 8 years of Bush that has nearly destroyed our country, how can we possibly be thinking of Johnny?

We must get the truth out in the open so that we really know who we are dealing with.

Look deeply into John's eyes and you see an empty soul. He is all lies. His past has been formed to fit the present.

What if?

Posted by: Billy boy | September 2, 2008 7:53 AM | Report abuse

Let's see: "Old" Mr. Mcain (who said of himself: "I am as old as dirt and have more scars than Frankenstein, but I won't lie to you") is just a few years older than 66 year old Mr. Biden, the candidate of choice to the unaccomplished but elitist (although apparently not real smart in his choice of corrupt, terrorist or racist friends) Mr. Obama. Ms. Palin, just 44 and a mother, soon to be grandmother, self-starter and finisher, does not have Mr. Biden's bad hair plugs to comb back and unlike him or Mr. Obama, she has not become a millionaire while in office. Nor has she been accused of and admitted to stealing a British politician's speech, nor inflating a poor academic record, and she has not had two life-threatening brain episodes requiring dangerous brain surgery or a lung embolism, equally life-threatening. She has years of executive experience (neither Mr. Obama or Mr. Biden has any executive experience). She is from the largest state (656,424 sq mi) larger than Texas, Montana and California combined, and larger than the 23 smallest states combined. Alaska is larger than all but 18 countries! Alaska is 43 times larger than Mr. Biden's Delaware. Ms Palin is a union member (and a Republican). Though both Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama are Democrats, the only organization they have joined is the special priviledge group called the U.S. Senate. Mr. Biden is a "Washington Expert" by virtue of surviving 36 years as a politician but has a most unaccomplished record with no intellectual tomes, or substantial legislation. He is known for endless talking and lots of a "legend in his own mind" stream of consciousness ramblings. Ms Palin is the executive of a state 23 miles from Russia and deals with 22 different internal language groups, most with special treaty rights. This ammounts to real foreign policy experience, not just political "wind." The effort to disparage a Republican woman cadidate mirrors the sexist and racist attacks on the only viable Democratic candidate, Ms Clinton, and is one of the oddities of this election cycle. The astounding level of less than "astute" and limited intellect of the Democratic leadership of Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden, Mr. Reid in the Senate and Ms Pelosi in the House will certainly be a very large negative in the election. Without the peg of Ms Clinto to hang a collective hat, a Republican victory seems certain.

Posted by: Donald Wolberg | September 2, 2008 10:17 AM | Report abuse

Head of State

Monday, September 01, 2008

"Intrusive Personal Questions" from the Palin Vetting Questionnaire

"Mr. McCain’s advisers said repeatedly on Monday that Ms. Palin was 'thoroughly vetted'"- The New York Times

Palin "responded to a 70-question form that included 'intrusive personal questions' a senior campaign aide said today."- The Washington Post

"Intrusive Personal Questions" from the Palin Vetting Questionnaire:

1) Did we forget anything?

2) Secession from your own country is

a) Patriotic
b) A qualification to be the potential leader of that country
c) Maverick-y!
d) None of the above

3) John McCain has said that he has followed your record for "many, many years." Divide those "many" years by the number of years of your actual record. The result is

a) Three days
b) Two years as mayor of a town of 9000, and 20 months at the helm of the vaunted Alaska National Guard
c) 0: experience, as we know, is not relevant to one's record
d) Czechoslovakia

4) Moose Burger : Abstinence as Moose Hunting :

a) Brother-in-law
b) 50 state flag
c) Bridge to Nowhere (after it was made impossible)
d) All of the above

5) Did we forget anything?

6) Three Vice Presidential candidates are moving from three equidistant fixed points towards a podium. One, in his slightly glazed stare and awkwardly quasi-combative speech bears a faint resemblance to Dan Quayle; the next can only assist the ticket as we near closer to Rapture; the third seems to have stumbled out of one of Christopher Buckley's sharper efforts. Which one arrives at the podium first?

7) "Nothing that has come out did not come out in the vet." This sentence actually means:

a) Everything has come out and everything has been vetted
b) Everything that was vetted has come out
c) Everything that has come out was vetted
d) The vet came out and vetted the vets vetter than anything has ever been vetted. Really.

8) You are a right-wing, red-state conservative. During the Clinton Administration, you believed that President Clinton's behavior with Monica Lewinsky disqualified him from the Presidency on moral grounds; you fervently raised the terms "Lincoln Bedroom" and "Johnny Chung" to invoke notions of utter corruption, and regarded the "Travelgate" firings as an abuse of power. In the face of the recent revelations regarding Palin's directorship of Ted Stevens' 527, support of the Bridge to Nowhere, "Troopergate" imbroglio, and illegitimate pregnancy of her 16-year old daughter, you:

a) Blame George Soros
b) Talk about Bill Clinton instead of Palin
c) Hold your hands over your ears and loudly shout "La la la"
d) Try to change the subject

9) "Foreign policy experience" includes:

a) Being near another large nation
b) Seceding from your own country and then taking up residence in the new nation
c) Being close to "Nowhere" in your support for the Bridge to Nowhere, which is different than being "Somewhere"
d) Blame George Soros

10) If you were seeking to choose as your running mate someone who would please Evangelical Conservatives with very traditional values, who would be without taint of corruption or misuse of government power, and someone who, in line with your campaign's own slogan, would put "Country First", after thorough vetting and "intrusive personal questions", you would choose someone who:

a) Supported the Bridge to Nowhere
b) Supported the secession of Alaska from the U.S. (Slogan: "Alaska First!")
c) Was the subject of a state ethics investigation due to allegations that she had tried to have her brother-in-law fired and that she fired the state public safety commissioner due to his unwillingness to fire the brother-in-law
d) Would suffer from allegations that her 16 year old child had become pregnant illegitimately, despite her fervent support for abstinence only sex education
e) None of the above

Head of State:

Posted by: Robert Hewson | September 2, 2008 10:52 AM | Report abuse

Can't get much better than a gun carrying, Bible thumping, reform minded woman on the Last Frontier!

Posted by: Lorddunsmore | September 2, 2008 2:18 PM | Report abuse


Beauty a physical characteristic should disqualify any person
possessing it from running for the Presidency and the VP slot because ... it is not representative of the American presence,
which is overweight, flour-like makeup, and pant-suits.
Especially No No, any person that appears in Vogue magazine.

Hilary Clinton is working hard to achieve the desired standard
by opting invitations from the non glamor media, such as the

Posted by: 3rd-Party Advocate | September 2, 2008 3:01 PM | Report abuse

New Bumpersticker on Bristol's hoopty-mobile: "If you have seen my Baby Daddy, please call (907) 465-3500".

Posted by: Kevin | September 2, 2008 3:17 PM | Report abuse

New Bumpersticker on Bristol's hoopty-mobile: "If you have seen my Baby Daddy, please call (907) 465-3500".

Posted by: Kevin | September 2, 2008 3:17 PM | Report abuse

It is interesting that there is no mention that the uninformed and knowledge challenged Mr. Obama, in his ghost written autobiography, reports that at 17, he was doing alcohol, pot and cocaine (all illegal and thereby admitting he was a felon). He similarly does not note that his mother was unmarried when she had him, or that he has a brother in Kenya living on $1 a week apparently. Of course he has not invited his Kenyan grandmother to campaign events or made a cash donation to buy his brother some food. Mr. Obama of course fails to explain his freindship with terrorists who planted bombs in Washingtom, or his racist minister, Mr. Wright. He also fails to explain the name with which he was registered at an Indonesian school, after his mother married an Indonesian, and later divorced him. These comparisons seem a bit more "unusual" than a 17 year old expecting a child but planning to marry the father. Oh my, the comparisons are interesting, almost as interesting as the lack of intellectual curiousity by "Kevin" or the pseudointellect apparent over the name of "Head of State"

It is indeed a stange world.

Posted by: Donald Wolberg | September 2, 2008 4:16 PM | Report abuse

I'm in my 40's, Republican, 4 kids ... many similarities to Ms. Palin. However, I find her version of the truth to be very suspicious.

Why did she keep the federal funds for the Bridge to Nowhere if she was against it?

Why does she take credit for running the Alaska Nat'l Guard when she appointed a male Commander to do the daily work himself?

Why did she endanger the life of her son Trig instead of going to a Dallas hospital?

Why did she leave Trig home at age 3 days -- with an extremely contagious and very ill teenage daughter, instead of working from home?

HOW did her daughter get pregnant when she was at home, sick with an extremely terrible case of Mono?

I might be a Republican woman, but I'm not stupid. I cannot vote in good conscience for Sarah Palin.

Posted by: Sally | September 2, 2008 5:47 PM | Report abuse

Ms Sally may be Republican, and may not, but it really does not matter. Looking at life and other people's lives through National Enquirer eyes speaks pages for the mind at work. The delightful part of Ms palin and her family is the sense of independence and sef-assurance. Ms Palin did not "keep" money for herself and federal funds are usually transferred from the federal government to a local or state account, usually by legislation--in this case legislation via Senator Stevens with the approval of the Democratic controlled Congress.

The Governor of a state is the Commander in Chief for the State's National Guard. However, the Governor of a state does not run around in uniform and march with the troops. In the real world, the day to day, usual, command work is in the hands of the senior office of the National Guard of the State. Ms Palin did visit her Guard troops in the Middle east by the way. Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden, never in an executive position themselves, never served the nation by the way. Mr. Obama, if he had attempted to join at 17 or 18 would have had to pass drug tests and in his own autobiography admits he did lots of alcohol and lots of drugs. Mr. Biden seems to have concentrated on hair plugs.

Posted by: Donald Wolberg | September 2, 2008 6:55 PM | Report abuse

I'd much rather look at Ms. Palin than Mr. Mole face for four years. Yuck.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 2, 2008 7:35 PM | Report abuse

Keep up the lame personal attacks against VP nominee Sarah Palin - just don't cry when the REAL scandals surrounding the Dem's #1 Obama actually gain traction. I'll take having a pregnant 17-year old daughter versus deals with convicted felon "Tony" Rezko and years-long associations with home-grown American terrorist Bill Ayers.

Thank you all for setting the stage.

Posted by: InnominateUser | September 2, 2008 9:28 PM | Report abuse

John Mccain's campaign manager is in league with Karl Rove -Bush people.
They never liked Mccain and they are out there to destroy him. So they overruled him and selected Palin for V.P. Pick.

Mccain is such a looser.

Posted by: sam69 | September 2, 2008 10:39 PM | Report abuse


Frostbite Falls Minnesota

Reliable KGB sources reveal that Sarah "Hockey Mom" Palin
was the loan perpetrator in the mysterious disappearance of Bullwinkle J. Moose.

Posted by: OgreDaddy | September 2, 2008 11:04 PM | Report abuse

Although it doesn't play well in red-state America (including my own beloved West Virginia), the idea that a presidential or VP candidate could actually benefit from being very smart and having a good education has some merit. Forget the stupid snobbery that Sarah Palin is disqualified because she has only a baccalaureate degree from a Western land grant university, or the even more stupid reverse snobbery that Obama is disqualified because he was conspicuously successful at Harvard (oooh! he's an one of them "elitist" fellers!). What really matters in a president or Veep is quick intelligence, sound judgment, and insatiable intellectual curiosity (and yes, many OTHER things matter, too, but don't you dare leave these out!). Seems to me it's too early to say much about Palin, so best to shut up for now. But it seems the quality of Obama's mind is clearly superior to McCain's. Seems to me we've had eight years of stupid, with little hope that McCain promises much improvement. And since McCain has many bad political ideas and an undistinguished mind, I'll take better policy and a fine mind, thanks. I'll vote for Obama and Biden.

Posted by: old white male democrat in WV | September 2, 2008 11:42 PM | Report abuse

"Conservatives worked hard to bring McCain back to the fold, and it worked." I guess is a fair enough way to describe Sarah Palin's VP appointment. But something tells me as far as McCain goes, it really didn't matter who he picked for his VP, McCain is still going to be McCain.

Now that I think about it, McCain, himself, probably sees Gov. Palin as a beginner, a political neophyte, incapable of actually addressing, much less challenging, his more liberal bents. This appointment makes perfect sense if you are a self-centered, egotistical megalomaniac needing to solidify your conservative base without actually having your politics challenged by such an appointment. Someone he knows he can justifiably send off to some deep, dark room somewhere after the election to sharpen penciles.

If social conservatives want to believe Gov. Palin's VP appointment means anything more to McCain than a useful political tool, designed to keep them pacified, while keeping his own political options opened, they are welcome to their beliefs.

It's no secret that John McCain wanted Lieberman for the post but was forced into this appointment by the social conservative wing of the Party. Gov. Palin's VP appointment is John McCain's way of saying to the social conservatives, "Okay, my friends; you roped me into this appointment, now see how much I care." If John McCain wins this election, he's going to be whispering into Lieberman's ear every time his VP is mentioned: "Sarah, who? Hee-hee. Hee-hee"

ex animo

Posted by: David Farrar | September 3, 2008 1:05 AM | Report abuse

Have you seen the Republican convention lately? It looks like an AARP gathering. All you see are a bunch of old white men who look like they should be on a cruise ship playing shuffle board. This goes to show me that this party is still racist and exclusive instead of inclusive. This is the party that divides, and they are part of the problem and not the solution to America's failed social policies.
Then you have this token VP Palin. She is McCain's next conquest. Keep in mind that McCain has been known to cheat on his wife. What a better to way to cheat on his current wife by having an attractive vice president. He can always say that he has to spend time with Palin to discuss national issues. Yeah, right. McCain is still up to his old tricks. You know the saying goes, you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Posted by: mattyn | September 3, 2008 1:24 AM | Report abuse

I'm a white male...I guess we all need to sign in by demographic group now...who voted for George W. Bush twice. TWICE. I definitely feel like the guy on the street corner in New York who can't believe that the ball is not under the shell on the right.

I am in favor of small goverment, pro-choice, and for freedom of religion here and abroad. In response to Christina's post, I would say she is a fan of republicans of the past. Republicans who could actually balance a budget.

The Chicago School of trickle down economics has been an enormous failure...voodoo economics is right. Of all the republicans I saw tonight, George H.W. Bush (Circa 1980, when he ran against Reagan) is the ONLY true republican in that room. I'd vote for him again.

Christina says "more government means less individual choice". The Republican Party is now the more goverment party. And it is now the less individual choice party. So I have left the republican party. I am not going to become a libertarian, as I have a weak stomach.

As for John McCain, I'd like to vote for him as he was in 2000. And as long as we have a time machine, I'd like to vote for Sarah Palin in 2012.

And so I find myself surprisingly where I am today, I am firmly, I cannot believe I'm saying this, voting Democratic. I'll take Barack Obama, as I think he says what he means, he's a leader (come on, you can't deny that), and I actually believe he will come closer to balancing the budget than any one else even remotely on the landscape.

And Joe Biden, who says everything he means...

As for George W. Bush, and his want to be successor, John McCain...

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice...uh...can't...can't get fooled again.

Posted by: Michael Grant | September 3, 2008 2:00 AM | Report abuse

So the GOP is trying to sell us on the idea that Palin is qualified to step in as president in the event that something happens to McCain. OK, let's see -- she hunts and shoots moose at midnight. (Does anyone else feel sad upon hearing about this sport?) She holds her unmarried pregnant teen daughter up for all the world as an example of her (Palin's) "goodness" and support as a mother (thanks mom.) She was opposed to the government's list of endangered species because it interfered with off shore drilling in Alaska. I guess those are good enough recommendations for any GOP member.

Posted by: Jean Hanson | September 3, 2008 5:38 AM | Report abuse

Please! Sarah did not pull off some ethical and managerial undertaking that ended in every Alaskan getting $1200 of unearned income. In fact the Alaskan Legislature argued the whole session on whether or not giving cash out really helps the problem of high fuel prices in the long run. How about investing that money in alternative energy that will free us from the need for oil generated energy? Interesting enough, the decision to pass out this money came just days after it was announced Gov Palin was being investigated for abuse of power. Seems we got bought off cheap.

Each Alaskan who has lived in the state for 1 year qualifies for a Permanent Fund Dividend thanks to our oil revenue royalties. This year we will all receive a whopping $2100 or so. Add $1200 to that and the check will be some $3300 EACH man woman and child. A family with, say, 5 children receives, well, you do the math. Anyway, back to the claim that she is responsible for this $1200 gift, Alaska has some $32 BILLION (that's right, half of what Iraq has) in our state bank account. That money is Oil Royalty Money. Alaska is the biggest welfare state in the nation. We survive by large gifts from our Uncle Ted Stevens and by royalty from the oil giants pumping oil from our north shores, just south of where the polar bears are starting to tread water.

We don't need a VP who thinks banning books is okay. Just because they don't meet her born again standards is no reason to keep others with more open minds from exploring the thoughts and reasoning of others. That is something the Taliban does, isn't it? It certainly should not belong in the resume of someone who claims to wave the flag of freedom and democracy.

Sarah is a nice woman but she has a tendency to put her private beliefs into public policy. That is scary. She has been very lucky by being in the right place at the right time in a state where everyone knows everyone else. Sarah is riding a wave that has been created by the hard work of a lot of other people who came before her. She isn't ready to be VP, she isn't ready to be President either! In fact the jury is still out on how effective she really has been as governor.

Posted by: Nancy in AK | September 3, 2008 6:17 AM | Report abuse

"No, I was never a POW, thank GOD! But the reason I’m so livid about this is because had I been in this situation, I and every single other person who has served or is serving now is expected to live up to the standards established by the Code of Conduct and John McCain, the man our party has nominated to be the President of the United States, FAILED MISERABLY."

You may have never been a POW but you're my hero. Thank goodness for folks like yourself who can project what they would do in a similar circumstance. Broken arms, legs, bayonet wounds, tortured by hanging from dislocated shoulders and refusing to talk no matter what they do to you . . . WOW.

Posted by: San Diego | September 3, 2008 6:35 AM | Report abuse

Nothing here. The link to bumpshack had several erroneous or misleading bits of old news. I hadn't read of (teen?) pot smoking. ho hum. Akers now on my ignore list.

Posted by: FrankM | September 3, 2008 8:52 AM | Report abuse

The truth is that Sarah Palin is being used to distract attention away from the fact that the Republican administration has failed the American people.

Once again they pander to their ideological base with wedge issues rather than face their collective failures
on the war, the economy and any meaningful accountability.

They are counting on ignorance and deception.

This administration has fleeced this nation's wealth for all it's worth. They have done all they can to undermine the
protections of the U.S. Constitution and know very well that without a meaningful Republican majority in Congress, they are in serious legal jeopardy once the investigations and audits begin.

Palin is clearly not qualified to run the highest office in the land. She is also tied very closely to control of Alaskan
oil reserves.

Her selection is a classic Karl Rove distraction from the real issues.

Posted by: OgreDaddy | September 3, 2008 9:35 AM | Report abuse

Don't let the beauty fool you.

Sarah is as hard right as they come.

Remember those pretty blond girls in the 1930s?

Sarah is a fascist.

Posted by: toritto | September 3, 2008 10:39 AM | Report abuse

His pick was insulting- as if all women are so stupid to pick him now just because he has a chick on the ticket- Hillary Clinton ran for herself - she wasn't plucked from nowhere to 'save' a loosing ticket. That's the difference- btw conservatives can kiss my ass

Posted by: OB08 | September 3, 2008 11:37 AM | Report abuse

"Americans want reform in Washington above all" WHAT?!? George Pataki said that on MSNBC(all the other talking heads for the GOP are saying it too). Why are they trying to make this election about reform? What we care about is keeping our homes, feeding our families, healthcare for our kids and ourselves, ending this war, educating our kids and energy independence. We have had 8 years of a leader who doesn't like to spend too much time "Thinkin' 'bout stuff" cause he likes to go with his gut! The 'Decider' has gotten us into the wrong war were we have lost countless American and Iraqui lives; driven up our national debt; ruined our image among the international community and caused the greatest wealth gap this country has ever known. Now, comes McCain who, like his pal Dubbya doesn't like to waste time thinking (in his book he stated that he liked to make decisions fast...he likes to beat the other guy. But if he's wrong he doesn't whine about it later). He has proven to be true to his word in making this unvetted, inexperienced VP pick. It is time we tried picking a President, not from our gut but from our heads. We need a leader who is thoughtful, delibrate, and educated. What have we learned from the last 8 years? If we choose leaders that we like to have a beer with, or go shoot something with, we end up screwed again (ie. shot in the face by a drunk hunter). If we don't start thiking about our choices and looking out for our best interests, we are doomed to be under the control of the pseudo-religious zealots who see every issue as a moral, sterling character, black or white issue. If you place everything in this context it makes it easier to make a decision (you don't have to think about it). Now the McCain camp is telling the media to stop asking questions about Sarah Palin!!! Is he kidding? This country needs to know that how leaders think; what is their vision; what decisions they HAVE made that will shape the ones they WILL make on a local, state, national and international level. How dare McCain throw a temper tantrum with the press who is trying to get the answers that he didn't get...the ones that we need.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 3, 2008 12:11 PM | Report abuse

America's newest soap opera:


Can they find wisdom and purpose while playing in their sand box in Washington?

Can they build a bridge to somewhere?

Will they find happiness by following Dubya's footsteps?

Can they find enough judges to meet their parochial requirements?

Tune in every day to watch this on Fox news, where you know you will get an unbiased point of view.

Posted by: CG | September 3, 2008 12:28 PM | Report abuse

I am sooo sick already of the GOPbots blaming every question directed toward Palin on "sexism". Obama was accused of every insulting and untrue thing in the world from being a muslim to plotting bombings on Washington when he was 8. He suffered through Fox calling his wife his Baby's Momma, someone making a monkey puppet of him and selling it on the net, etc...and he NEVER claimed racism. He went about his very dignified way spreading his message of change, hope and unity. So Sen. McCain: If Sarah can't play with the big boys then make her go home!! If you can't take the heat of us questioning her qualifications, then you need to make some excuse, dump her and choose someone else!! If you keep supporting her then you need to take a Xanex or 2 and get ready for all the questions you neglected to ask and more because it has nothing to do with her GENDER but everything to do with her COMPETENCY...and yours!!!

Posted by: OMG Palin?!? | September 3, 2008 12:32 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: Timothy J Rabun | September 3, 2008 1:09 PM | Report abuse

"Under-educated?? So is that now the litmus test, whether one attended Haaavvvaard or not."

Sounds like coming a modest man with much to be modest about.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 3, 2008 1:29 PM | Report abuse

"Under-educated?? So is that now the litmus test, whether one attended Haaavvvaard or not."

You must be a modest man with much to be modest about. Your inferiority complex is showing.

Posted by: Eric Yendall | September 3, 2008 1:30 PM | Report abuse

Governor Palin has had numerous exchanges with the Russians and the Canadians as governor of Alaska. Alaska is the only state in the US that conducts military exercises and search and rescue operations with both the Russians and Canadians. She has had extensive foreign relations experience and Barack Obama has zero foreign relations experience.

Posted by: Avi | September 3, 2008 1:53 PM | Report abuse

YES - Gidget is exactly who Palin reminds me of. I would be happy to take Sally Fields as VP over Sarah.

Posted by: Annie | September 3, 2008 2:11 PM | Report abuse


I. Use your own weapons

When David was about to face Goliath
King Saul offered a suit of armor. David refused, and replied he was not used to the armor and would not use it for the first time in combat.

Also King Saul did not and could not undertsand that the Armor, a defensive protection, was irrelevent--David was attacking !!!

Be yourself and seek God's will and you will win.

Run towards Obama and hit him in the head.

II. You have been selected for such a time as this--

Just like Esther.

Consider the miraculous events that brought you here from a Pro Life standpoint.

A. You have 5 children and only 1 husband. This is a testimony in and of itself.

B. You love and cherish Trig.You never even considered other options.

C. When Bristol had difficulties she came to you and everyone is in this together.

D. The liberals have highlighted interest in your speech (normally a VP acceptance is a boring aspect of the Convention) by their continuous nasty attacks.

God delights in using the tactics of the evil against them.


Do not mention Bristol at all, except when you introduce the rest of your family.

Then close with:

"I have beeen speaking for a while and there have been many speeches during this Convention.

Most of what I say will not effect someones life.

But somewhere a young women is watching this speech.

She is young.

She is pregnant.

She is not married.

She thinks she is alone, unloved, and abandoned.

She is considering an abortion TOMORROW.

Tell your parents !!

They love you and brought you into this world.

You are NOT abandoned.

Your family will stand by you.

And they will LOVE their grandchild.

Children are a GIFT from the LORD.

Your child is NOT a PUNISHMENT (Dont say it but this is quoting Obama)

Choose Life !!

Why do you infuriate the liberals?

Because your life itself condemns them and shows there are options besides abortion.

Posted by: JaxMax | September 3, 2008 2:13 PM | Report abuse

In response to the Harvard comment. George Bush went to Yale and HBS, nobody in their right mind can say that only smart people go to Ivy League schools and only dumb people go to state schools. It is simply incorrect. So the presumption that Palin does not have the academic credentials to be VP is ludicrous. That's ludicrous meaning ridiculous not Ludacris Barack Obama's gangster, drug dealing, woman beating friend.

To boot, Joe Biden puts crowds to sleep everywhere he goes and he is generally ignored on the senate floor. His first two completely failed presidential attempts indicate the level of confidence "we the people" have in him.

Posted by: J R Pants | September 3, 2008 3:12 PM | Report abuse

If many smaller countries around the world can afford to give their citizens universal health care, why can't the most powerful country do so?

Obviously the GOP is in the pocket of big Pharmaceuticals, as if that fact is going to surprise anyone!!!

Posted by: Anonymous | September 3, 2008 6:52 PM | Report abuse

Reform in Washington: You fire all the Republican incompetents and replace them with Republican incompetents. The crooks you indict and replace them with Republican crooks.

There seems to be a pattern gere. How do you reform an incompetent, crooked, cronyist government when your Party supplied the last set of crooks, cronies, and incompetents?

It is, of course, easier when you are a Republican, because then talk is all you need. You just have to convince all your people that talk is enough.

Posted by: | September 3, 2008 7:47 PM | Report abuse

you guys are all up-set because you dident get your DIKE, sarah is smart. pretty, you cats cant stand it, stsy in there maybe you cam get your lizzie next term. gone are the man pantsuits she-man, sarah has grace, brans and beuity, get over your she-man

Posted by: frostwhite | September 3, 2008 8:29 PM | Report abuse

McCain's first wife was a 1.Beauty Queen, no substance. He cheated on her and his children with many women while his wife was crippled and trying to recover from a bad crash.

Mccain lies abouts his age to meet another 2.Beauty Queen while cheating on his wife, files for a marriage license while married and still living with his wife and kid's.
Now McCain pick's another 3. Beauty Queen who is turning out to be the biggest bust in the World of VP choices.

McCain's first wife was a 1.Beauty Queen, no substance. He cheated on her and his children with many women while his wife was crippled and trying to recover from a bad crash.

Mccain lies abouts his age to meet another 2.Beauty Queen while cheating on his wife, files for a marriage license while married and still living with his wife and kid's.
Now McCain pick's another 3. Beauty Queen who is turning out to be the biggest bust in the World of VP choices.


Such a pervert he is!!


Posted by: SWIFT BOAT THE PERVERT MCCAIN | September 3, 2008 10:56 PM | Report abuse

I found Palins speech a strong speech but very sarcastic and the republicans never laid out a plan about how they are going to fix the economy or anything else including energy. I was insulted, very insulted when she mocked and criticized the community organizers. What does Palin think community organizers are? Or who does she think they are. There regular people in the community even pastors, hospitals, schools, all have community organizers that are lead by regular people in the community. Mccain and Palin talk a good game or say its real talk or straight talk but they can't seem to refrain from insulting regular people who are on hard times and are in desperate need for community organizers to help with the disaster that the leader of her party and the head of her ticket has left us with. Maybe she is a mayor, or a governor but that doesn't give her the right to offend those of us little people in America that chose to do the hard work and daily interactions and problem solving when Mayors and governors like her gives speeches and takes credit for it. She has allot of nerve walking on the set out of no where and offending the community organizers of the world. Does she know that theres not a community in this country that doesn't have them or many of them. If she had any sense and really were for the people she would commend the community organizers that stand up for people who are down on their luck when they voices are being ignored to bring to give them a sense of being. This Lady whom ever she is or thinks she is just as out of touch as Mccain.

Posted by: Janice | September 4, 2008 12:48 AM | Report abuse

This beauty queen Sarah Pelin electrifies republican party last night at RNC in Minnesota. She will take all the women voters to her side in November election.

I think Sen. Barack Obama has no chace to win election in November, it would have been better if he choosing Sen. Hillary Clinton as his running mate.!!!!

Posted by: AKBER A. KASSAM. | September 4, 2008 2:38 PM | Report abuse

I'm an old retired guy and I can honestly say it won't matter to me in the long run who wins this election. I do believe however that the current administration has been the worst in my lifetime (born during FDR).

If "small town working class" voters in Ohio, Pa., Michigan and Indiana re-elect the GOP then I don't want to hear anymore whinng from them about their disappearing jobs and livlihoods, the high cost of college and gas, lack of health care etc.

Screw 'um. Cling to your guns and religion. Pray to Jesus when you go hunting for a meal. You will deserve what you get.

I got mine already. I live comfortably in the sunny south on a golf course, got my steady income, my medicare and prescription drug coverage. We won't run out of gas before I go and the planet won't get too hot.

As Johnny Carson used to say - I upped my lifestyle - up yours!

God helps those who help themselves - if you're in deep doodoo economically and you vote Republican you deserve it.

Posted by: toritto | September 4, 2008 6:47 PM | Report abuse

After watching Sarah Palin,Cindy McCain and Laura Bush this week it reminded me how OLD, UGLY AND ANGRY LOOKING THE DEMOCRATS ARE.

Posted by: concerned citizen19 | September 5, 2008 6:10 AM | Report abuse

After watching Sarah, my Republican friends are NOT VOTING her or McCain.

The pit bull analogy scared them, quite frankly. Well, that and her snarky, hateful, lying comments about Obama. Also, none of them would have exposed their daughters the way did Sarah did. They felt it was heartless and selfish to flaunt her shame to THE WHOLE WORLD.

Also, they were totally confused by Lieberman's appearance.

Posted by: there is no anonymous anymore | September 5, 2008 3:30 PM | Report abuse

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