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New Immigration Ads Stir the Melting Pot

UPDATE: The Federation for American Immigration Reform is fighting back against a full-page ad placed in two Capitol Hill newspapers today painting the organization as an extremist hate group. In a statement release this afternoon, FAIR called the ad a "smear" campaign by a coalition of pro-immigration groups, which includes the National Council of La Raza.

"The ad utterly distorts FAIR's 30-year record of advocacy on immigration reform and merely parrots previous distortions," the statement said. Accusing La Raza of overusing the "hate group" label for anyone who disagrees with its pro-immigration policies, the FAIR statement added, "Considering how many Americans oppose amnesty and support the enforcement of our immigration laws, this coalition might want to consider whether they wouldn't simply save themselves time and money and simply call the American public in whole a hate group."

A coalition of pro-immigration groups is running a full-page ad today in the Capitol Hill newspapers Roll Call and Politico to protest a lobbying blitz this week by the anti-immigration group FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

The ad, paid for by America's Voice and the Service Employees International Union, among others, asks, "When Did Extreme Become Mainstream?" And it notes FAIR has been "designated as a HATE GROUP by the Southern Poverty Law Center."

The ad includes three racially explosive quotes; one from John Tanton, founder of FAIR, saying, "As whites see their power and control over their lives declining, will they simply go quietly into the night? Or will there be an explosion?" FAIR president Dan Stein is quoted saying, "Should we subsidizing people with low IQs to have as many children as possible?" Another quote in the ad, attributed to former Colorado governor Richard Lamm, a former FAIR advisory board chairman, says: "New cultures [in the U.S. are] diluting what we are and who we are."

The last quotation is placed next to a photo of a group of white men with their heads shaven holding red flags, some with their right arms extended upward. Another photo shows a couple of burly vigilantes carrying rifles, patrolling a border.

A Web site printed at the bottom of the ad - - belongs to the National Council of La Raza, the Hispanic civil rights group. "The rhetoric of hate groups, nativists, and vigilantes has taken over the lexicon of the public debate; their policy positions frame the country's political discourse, and their members have infiltrated the media as well as the ranks of those seeking to lead our country," the Web site says. "In short, hate and extremists are defining the debate on immigration -- and the portrayal of Hispanic Americans -- at every level."

FAIR is getting a big boost this week from the TV world's most famous anti-immigration zealot, Lou Dobbs, who will participate in the organization's annual "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" lobbying event in Washington, which is presented as an immigration reform lobbying effort.

In a press release last week touting the anti-immigration lobbying event, FAIR's Dan Stein praised Dobbs as a "champion of the embattled middle class, explaining how the immigration policies formulated and executed in Washington consistently undermine the interests of ordinary Americans."

Paco Fabian, spokesman for America's Voice, one of the groups behind the full-page ad slamming FAIR, hopes members of Congress don't take the FAIR lobbyists seriously. "Having them pose as serious lobbyists on immigration reform is about as credible as big oil spearheading price controls on gasoline," Fabian says.

By Paul Volpe  |  September 9, 2008; 8:35 AM ET
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HMMMMMMMMM, Im wondering when these hate mongers will leave my country that was raided by their forefathers?

They are the ones that are here ILLEGALLY :)
So MR Lou Dobbs, and Minutemen and Fair when are YOU ALL LEAVING?

Talking about Justice,There is only EMPTY WORDS, What dose McCain mean when he says " THEY'RE GODs CHILDREN! How dose one Treat GODs Children? By rounding them up like Cattle?

Posted by: Native American | September 9, 2008 9:03 AM | Report abuse

Seems to me that these "pro-immigration" groups have no reasonable arguments as to why adding 135 million people to our population is actually good--other than to claim it is "racist" to want to limit the main source of population growth, immigration. Of course, immigrants themselves are the main beneficiaries of immigration. Americans in general see their quality of life decline.

Posted by: Ali | September 9, 2008 9:16 AM | Report abuse

Statehood for Mexico, Canada and Cuba — that's the answer. Every province can be the equivalent of a state. Then, we have other commonwealths who may want to associate — the United Kingdom, Guatemala, Australia, New Zealand. Our largest ethnic group is German, so let's offer them membership as well. Exciting!

We can call it Oceania.

Posted by: von bob | September 9, 2008 9:23 AM | Report abuse

~ sigh ~

Again with the lies. What's up with all the liars working at the Washington Post? Lou Dobbs isn't an "anti-immigration zealot"! He's actually LEGAL immigration. Just like the hispanic labor activist Cesar Chavez was.

It's funny that the liars at the Post and their LaRaza mentors don't think that the hispanics should be expected to obey the same laws that a Sri Lankan immigrant must. Or someone from the Ivory Coast, or Europe, or Canada. Oh, no. According to the hispanic lobby, they're special and shouldn't be subjected to the same requirements as anyone else. After all, as the hispanic racists say, "Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada" or "everything for the race. Everything outside the race, nothing." Who's actually the racists, the ones who think all people should be treated equally regardless of race, or those who think being of a certain ethnicity entitles them ignore laws they find inconvenient?

Native American - don't be a putz. Your people are the best example of why immigration needs to be controlled. Just think, if the American Indian had actually HAD laws prohibiting unauthorized residency in their territories (and the means to enforce said laws) things sure would be different, eh? But your people DIDN'T have laws, they pretty much ignored the new settlers, and so here we are. It'd be STUPID not to learn from history. If a culture and society is to survive, it must manage the influx of new members.

Posted by: WilyArmadilla | September 9, 2008 9:31 AM | Report abuse

La Raza is a racist group. Please look into that to do fair reporting.

Reducing immigration is not racist. Yes I am sure some members of FAIR are racist, but not most.

The only hope immigrant groups have of increasing immigration is to call all these groups racist.

Because increased immigration only benefits rich business elite and the immigrants.

The 99% of american citzens are hurt by mass immigration.

Posted by: hannibal81 | September 9, 2008 9:59 AM | Report abuse

Open question and one though:

(1) Can we have a discussion of immigration without a discussion of racism?

If no, why not?

(2) I propose that immigration should demonstratably benefit both citizens and immigrants, not just immigrants. I also believe that citizens have a right to influence immigration into their country.

If citizens dont want the current amount of immigration (1 million+ legally per year)- why should it continue?

Posted by: hannibal81 | September 9, 2008 10:16 AM | Report abuse

The post has played the "race card" so much that the entire deck is dog eared.

Overpopulation, congestion, urban sprawl, crumbling infrastructure, diminishing resources, overcrowded schools and emergency rooms, vanishing farm land and green space, lack of affordable housing, crime, pollution, depressed wages, increased tax burdnes, the balkanization of our communities, the marginalization of American workers, taxpayers and voters, the overall decline in quality of life, are all the result of unconstrained immigration.

Too many people competing for the same limited resources is not sound economic, environmental, social or cultural policy!

Indeed, all of the "alternative energy technologies" we're considering all require vast amounts of land and water if they are to be viable, sustainable, and affordable. Wind, solar, hydro, geo-thermal, bio-fuels, all require lots of land and water. Land and water resources that are rapidly being overrun by overpopulation resulting from unconstrained immigration. What will it benefit U.S. Citizens to expand offshore drilling, and invest trillions in alternative energy resources, if these new resources are exhausted by overpopulation before they can even be brought on-line? The objectives of finding additional oil and funding alternative energy sources are to end our dependence of foreign oil, and reduce energy costs. Overpopulation resulting from unconstrained immigration will render these objectives and these efforts moot!

Posted by: Ed Weirdness | September 9, 2008 10:37 AM | Report abuse


Posted by: RAMONA WARD | September 9, 2008 10:42 AM | Report abuse

By the way, how about "the Sleuth" doing some sleuthing and finding out who's financing America's Voice. Their website doesn't provide information about that or their leadership. Other sources show that the executive director is Frank Sharry, formerly with National Immigration Forum.

While you're at it, you might also point out that the leadership of SEIU is in hot water (and possible criminal charges) for improper use of Union funds. The union itself is heavily composed of illegal aliens working in service industries.

Posted by: Ali | September 9, 2008 10:48 AM | Report abuse

Lou Dobbs is not an ‘anti-immigration zealot’; he is apposed to out of control illegal immigration.

La Raza is far more racist and ethnocentric than FAIR. See for yourself these are the mission statements of both at their web sites. If you insert the words white or Anglo where La Raza uses Latino or Hispanic, their statement would not sound very politically correct.

This is La Raza’s statement:

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) – the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States – works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans. Through its network of nearly 300 affiliated community-based organizations (CBOs), NCLR reaches millions of Hispanics each year in 41 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. To achieve its mission, NCLR conducts applied research, policy analysis, and advocacy, providing a Latino perspective in five key areas – assets/investments, civil rights/immigration, education, employment and economic status, and health. In addition, it provides capacity-building assistance to its Affiliates who work at the state and local level to advance opportunities for individuals and families.

This is FAIR’s statement:
The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is a national, nonprofit, public-interest, membership organization of concerned citizens who share a common belief that our nation's immigration policies must be reformed to serve the national interest.
FAIR seeks to improve border security, to stop illegal immigration, and to promote immigration levels consistent with the national interest—more traditional rates of about 300,000 a year.
With more than 250,000 members and supporters nationwide, FAIR is a non-partisan group whose membership runs the gamut from liberal to conservative. Our grassroots networks help concerned citizens use their voices to speak up for effective, sensible immigration policies that work for America’s best interests.

Posted by: BrianSDCA | September 9, 2008 11:04 AM | Report abuse

In a 1924 letter to Congress Samuel Gompers, Founder and President of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) wrote: "Every effort to enact immigration legislation must expect to meet a number of hostile forces and, in particular, two hostile forces of considerable strength. One of these is composed of corporation employers who desire to employ physical strength (broad backs) at the lowest possible wage and who prefer a rapidly revolving labor supply at low wages to a regular supply of American wage earners at fair wages. The other is composed of racial groups in the United States who oppose all restrictive legislation because they want the doors left open for an influx of their countrymen regardless of the menace to the people of their adopted country."

The more things change the more they stay the same. Rather than discuss the facts supporters of Illegal Immigrants would rather sling mud. By calling others racist and nativist they think to escape the lable themselves.

Posted by: Norski | September 9, 2008 11:04 AM | Report abuse

i think that Lou Dobbs and CNN should be boycotted. i no longer watch CNN because of him.

White supremacy is not going away. Native Americans are people of color - everyone is immigrant, except for blacks who were bought her against their will. As Europeans flooded America and committed genocide against its natives who were pushed into Mexico and Alaska. So personally i believe Mexicans and Chicanos have more right to be here than white people, frankly. But, of course our institutions still teaach the lie that Christopher Columbus discovered america.

We should make sure McCain and the right wing do not win. Their agressive national and foreign policies will further divide the nation and isolate us from other countries around the world. they will build more prisons, since they have no economic platform - for poor people who cannot find work; and they will start wars and say they are employing people. When all the time they are borrowing money from the Chinese and other foreigners to pay for it and putting our nation further in debt.

Whoever wins the presidency will be challenged. However, Obama challenges us to work together to progressively solve problems. The Bush / McCain agenda is one of national chauvinism, and i know a lot of liberals dont like the word, but ultimately it leads to fascism. We already have the patriot act, legal search and seizures without just cause; innocent unarmed black men being shot 50 times by police and there is no justice; killing, rape and torture of innocent people in an unlawful war supported by McCain. We have more people in prison than any other country in the world - that is disproportionately black and other people of color...

In general, the white middle class doesnt see all this. Many dont want to believe it. They turn there head and pretend national oppression, racism, white paramilitary organizations dont exist in the USA. They are not treated differently, so its hard for them to identify. And, we all tend to believe what they see on CNN. WE NEED TO BOYCOTT LOU DOBBS!

Posted by: Harriet | September 9, 2008 11:14 AM | Report abuse

Harriet wrote:"In general, the white middle class doesnt see all this. Many dont want to believe it. They turn there head and pretend national oppression, racism, white paramilitary organizations dont exist in the USA."

While you're looking at racism and oppression, look at it as performed by non Whites in their own countries. Don't kid yourself--non Whites are every bit as racist as Whites when they're in power. The Brown Berets are the Hispanic version of the KKK in the US. Heck, the US government even provides funding for racist groups such as La Raza (earmarked to get millions in the budget bill) and Mecha is legitimized on college and high school campuses as a "student group". Within Mexico, racism still exists toward the relatively few people of African descent still living there. (Take a look at a favorite Mexican comic book character, Memin Pinguin.) In Africa itself, the Somali Bantu are persecuted by other Somalis. In India, you see sectarian violence. China walks on egg shells because of its ethnic minorities. (Those were all Han children representing ethnic minorities in the Olympics presentation. The Han are the majority people of China.)

Posted by: Ali | September 9, 2008 11:24 AM | Report abuse

A major problem for me with folks like Lou Dobbs is that they seem to believe that undocumented immigrants are all hispanic. They are not. Plenty of folks from all over the world violate our immigration laws. The problem with defining it as a problem even primarily of the hispanic community is that it leads to stereotyping and outright racism.

I lived in a neighborhood of mostly immigrants. I couldn't tell you their immigration status -- that certainly wouldn't have been a polite question. I do know they worked harder and longer than I ever did. They'd leave an hour before I went to work and return several hours after I returned. Most of their kids went to the Catholic school up the street, not the public school.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of undocumented immigrants. There are a number of valid reasons we want to know who is coming into and leaving the country. Groups like FAIR and the Minutemen seem to be opposed to any kind of compromise solution, which is just unworkable. In the end, the majority of undocumented immigrants will stay in this country regardless of any legislation regarding their status. We can put whatever laws we want on the books, but they don't mean anything unless we enforce them.

To enforce the kind of laws groups like FAIR and the Minutemen propose would require that we do away with our current society. We would have to become an authoritarian state for any of their plans to be workable. I kind of like my liberal democracy, flawed as it may be. Newspapers love to give these folks space, but they never point out how ridiculous their pronouncements are.

How exactly are you going to get 12 millions folks to leave this country against our will? How will we totally stop cross-border traffic along the two longest borders in the world? How do we tell who is a legal immigrant and who is not?

These are all questions that never get asked of folks like Lou Dobbs. Instead they feed the fires of hatred by telling folks there's a "war on the middle class." Poor immigrants are not at war with the middle class -- if anyone is, it's the corporations that hire undocumented immigrants. It's just a heck of alot easier to demonize folks who don't sign your paychecks.

Posted by: James Hare | September 9, 2008 11:26 AM | Report abuse

James Hare wrote:"A major problem for me with folks like Lou Dobbs is that they seem to believe that undocumented immigrants are all hispanic. They are not. Plenty of folks from all over the world violate our immigration laws. The problem with defining it as a problem even primarily of the hispanic community is that it leads to stereotyping and outright racism."

Now, what is the ad discussed in this blog BUT stereotyping? The implication is that if one opposes limits to immigration, one is racist (take a good look at the quotes in the ad). What race are "immigrants"? For that matter, what "race" are "Hispanics"?
It is HISPANIC ethnic identity groups that are attempting to frame opposition to illegal immigration and high legal immigration levels as racism. Would it interest you to know, James, that one of the lobbyists for America's Voice, is associated with the National Council of La Raza? That another lobbyist (Spanish surname) is on the payroll of National Immigration Forum, whose backers include corporate cheap labor illegal-alien heavy interests such as the National Restaurant Association, American Nursery & landscape Association, and the US Chamber of Commerce? While certainly not ALL illegal aliens are Hispanic, that certainly ISN'T the impression you get from groups such as LaRaza when they scream racism. Of course, America's Voice also has a "foreign" contributor, The Atlantic Philanthropies, founded by Irish-American millionaire Charles F. Feeney and based in Bermuda. A story about Mr. Feeney notes his attachment to his Irish ancestry. Guess his support for a group that lobbies on behalf of illegal aliens isn't that odd given that a fair number of illegals are Irish. But you'd never know it from this ad. After all, most Irish are still white.

Posted by: Ali | September 9, 2008 11:42 AM | Report abuse

The LaRaza dude says:

"Having them pose as serious lobbyists on immigration reform is about as credible as big oil spearheading price controls on gasoline," Fabian says.

Big Oil has its own media blitz, thank you.

Posted by: Huh? | September 9, 2008 11:57 AM | Report abuse

Michelle Malkin (Asian) is against illegal immigration, but you dont see any Asian people in that Ad.

The Ad was made by a race-based organization (La Raza, an openly hispanic-only organization), and features only one-race.

So a race-based group (La Raza) makes a race-based ad, when clearly not all people against illegal immigration are white and the problem here is FAIR and not La Raza?

Crazy, just crazy.

Posted by: hannibal81 | September 9, 2008 12:11 PM | Report abuse

Anti-immigration sentiment is a manifestation of fear, and only appears when American economic interests are unstable; when economic interests are secure, bringing in illegals to work under conditions that citizens reject is considered beneficial to capitalism, just as slavery was 500 years ago. Yet Americans descend from the original illegals, who thought it proper to slaughter the natives objecting to the disruption and thievery visited upon them by the "settlers."

Posted by: TheghostofLennyBruce | September 9, 2008 12:52 PM | Report abuse

Our country has historically been called a melting pot. Immigrants adopted our language, our laws, our shared belief of freedom of religion, and our shared aspirations regardless of race or country of origin. The Asian immigrants are the best example of successful assimilation. They understood that if they were to be successful in this country, they needed to adapt to this country. That’s not to say it was easy. They learned our language, excelled at educating their children, and were generally successful. The Irish and the Jewish immigrants were successful for many of the same reasons.

The current backlash of most Americans to the current wave of Hispanic immigration, is their lack of assimilation and their collective demand of special treatment, based on race. The Hispanic community demands we accomate their culture, customs, and language to the exclusion of all others. This attitude is counter to everything that made this country what it is today. What is really tragic, is our politicians are actually encouraging the racial division of our country by funding organizations which support only one race and campaigning to race over issues. The separation of any country by race has been and is still a formula for failure. Our politicians refusal to address or even debate immigration policy only aggravates the situation.

Posted by: FromHerndon | September 9, 2008 12:58 PM | Report abuse

The ghost of Lenny Bruce wrote:"Anti-immigration sentiment is a manifestation of fear, and only appears when American economic interests are unstable; when economic interests are secure, bringing in illegals to work under conditions that citizens reject is considered beneficial to capitalism, just as slavery was 500 years ago. Yet Americans descend from the original illegals, who thought it proper to slaughter the natives objecting to the disruption and thievery visited upon them by the "settlers.""

No, most Americans didn't and don't sanction bringing in illegal aliens as "beneficial to capitalism". Many American EMPLOYERS did and still do, but for generations, at least back to the Civil War, there has been opposition to immigration in general (especially by the freed slaves back then) as driving down wages and making life more difficult for working men and women. Furthermore, you're repeating that canard about "the original illegals". Again, even Native Americans are not native to this continent and at the time the colonists moved here, no prohibitions by the Native American tribes against it. As another poster already pointed out, we should learn from their experience and not repeat it.

Posted by: Ali | September 9, 2008 1:03 PM | Report abuse

The ghost of Lenny Bruce as well as others who refer to the "good old days" might also realize that in the good old days, immigration, legal or illegal, only drove wages down. If you had a strong back then,you could probably support yourself. If you didn't, or didn't have family to support you, you went home. Nowadays, you don't get much with only a strong back, and working poor immigrants, legal or illegal, place a burden on the taxpayer to pay not only their own share but that of immigrants. Nor do they go home--they collect welfare and social services, and stay.

Posted by: Ali | September 9, 2008 1:08 PM | Report abuse

James Hare wrote:"How exactly are you going to get 12 millions folks to leave this country against our will? How will we totally stop cross-border traffic along the two longest borders in the world? How do we tell who is a legal immigrant and who is not?"

You obviously haven't been reading the papers or listening to the news, or you'd know about enforcement against employers, including requirements that they use e-Verify, and raids in which not only employees but employers face sanctions.
"Totally" stop--probably not. But we can sure reduce it by making living here once you get here very, very difficult by denying illegals jobs and benefits. As for telling who's legal or not, securing our "social security" cards is a start, as well as cross-agency cooperation among SSA, the IRS, and ICE. Given your comment about leaving the US "against our will" I'm guessing that you're here illegally and like the sponsors of the ad in this blog, hardly interested in limits to immigration.

Posted by: Ali | September 9, 2008 1:22 PM | Report abuse

By reading these commentaries I see that the American education system does need overhauling. Every high school grad should be required to have take some economics classes! Economic knowledge seems to be lacking among the public. The free economy is the most democratic of American institutions. It works no mater what anybody says and thinks. It is its own animal. If there are jobs they will come. So the best way to keep them out is to stifle economic growth. Doing things like discouraging people from starting small business that require manual labor would work great. We should stop growing food. That would keep lots of them at home if there was nothing to grow and harvest. Just think, no more food scares because there is no more food! We could put all those small business men and women in the street with no way to make a living. Serves them right for hiring those people in the first place. Right!

Posted by: Richard | September 9, 2008 1:49 PM | Report abuse

Whoever says Lou Dobbs is FOR legal immigration. Can you name any stories has he done covering the contributions of LEGAL immigrants over the past four years his show has been on the air? Zip. Nada. Zero...that's how many.

He just likes to say he is for legal immigration, so as to not appear anti-immigration, but the fact of the matter is he is ANTI-IMMIGRATION.

His rants include that H1Bs and skilled employment immigrants are "job thiefs", he calls family immigration as "chain migration", he calls for the elimination of diversity visas, and he derogately calls american-born babies as "anchor babies". You tell me, is there any other avenue for LEGAL immigration. If one opposes all avenues for legal immigration, how can one be not an anti-immigrant?

Posted by: sobers | September 9, 2008 1:51 PM | Report abuse

theghostofLennyBruce wrote: Yet Americans descend from the original illegals...

really? you DO realize that without a law to break, there is no illegal action...right? And that the native Americans DIDN'T have any immigration laws? can you, in all honesty, call colonial settlers "illegal"? Or didn't you realize that the laws of the 21st century might not allow the same privilege as those in the 17th and 18th centuries. Considering how many things that were legal way back then are now illegal, you'd think it'd be obvious how patently absurd the argument "your ancestors didn't have permission either" is in context of the LAW!!! Which is what the illegal immigration issue is all about.

Posted by: WilyArmadilla | September 9, 2008 2:04 PM | Report abuse

I think that American citizens have the right to choose how many immigrants enter their country annually or whether any enter at all. That, I think, is a point that pro-immigrant groups ignore.

However, there are two points that American citizens have to ackowledge in good faith.

First, an unskilled, uneducated foreigner CANNOT immigrate to the US LEGALLY. There is no line for UNSKILLED workers to enter the US. That is a lie and whoever upholds it is doing a diservice to the discourse on immigration and igniting the flames of hostility.

People who come here illegally have to save up for years to afford the passage, risk their lives on the border and then risk deportation once they get here. Do you think they would do that if there were a legal path for them(UNSKILLED LABORERS, NOT SILICON VALLEY ENGINEERS) to follow into this country?

Second, there are millions of illegal immigrants in this country already who have toiled for years and have become productive members of society. By some estimates tehre are about 12 million, perhaps more. About 3/4 are working adults, thus, assuming the right-wingers had their way and they were deported, who would feel the vaccum? Are there 8 million UNSKILLED unemployed Americans? Look at the unemployment rate: this nation has one of the highest unemployment rates in the developed world. In fact, despite recent remors in the economy, it is lower than it was during parts of the 90s.

In short, my fellow Americans, let's have a discussion that is grounded in reality. The decision the American people makes in the end will be the best ONLY if the facts are ackowledge. I cannot emphaize enough how erroneous the idea of illegal immigratns breaking the law becasue it is easier. In our colloquial vernacualar: THERE AIN'T NO OTHER WAY FOR THEM(UNSKILLED, UNEDUCATED LABORERS).

Posted by: Adam Smith | September 9, 2008 2:16 PM | Report abuse

sobers wrote:"His rants include that H1Bs and skilled employment immigrants are "job thiefs", he calls family immigration as "chain migration", he calls for the elimination of diversity visas, and he derogately calls american-born babies as "anchor babies". You tell me, is there any other avenue for LEGAL immigration. If one opposes all avenues for legal immigration, how can one be not an anti-immigrant?"

So, if one wants ANY restrictions on immigration, one is "anti-immigrant"? Just HOW MANY immigrants should we be admitting to this country and with WHAT SKILLS? I have yet to see any pro-immigration group and most especially the US Congress admitting that unlimited population growth is harmful to the US and that limits do need to be set--for the good of the US and its citizens. I also have yet to see any Pro-immigrationist be willing to cut back on family reunification (brothers, sisters, adult kids, parents) in return for more employment-based legal immigration which is the other major route you claim doesn't exist. Nor is there an objection to employment-based immigration WHEN it can be shown that the immigrants aren't replacing US workers. Studies by universities such as Georgetown, the US government, and bloopers in the news (the YouTube video of the law firm showing how to legally avoid hiring an American) show that the employment-based system is full of loopholes, just as our tax code is.

As for "chain migration" and "anchor babies"--what's not true about it? Most countries DO NOT AWARD CITIZENSHIP based on being born in the country, but on the citizenship of the parents. And when the system is so obviously gamed by illegal aliens and visitors (the Korean pregnant women who make trips here specifically to give birth to a US Citizen, my Lebanese student and his wife who did the same), why not call it what it is? As for chain migration, that, too, is fact. The question is, how long should that chain be? Why should we give one family a lock on immigration (say a Mexican family) because of birth, when literally millions of others would like to come here from Mexico or other countries?

The fact is, US immigration policy should be first and foremost for the interests of AMERICANS and American workers. Immigration here is not a right but a privilege that is granted by the US.

Posted by: Ali | September 9, 2008 2:16 PM | Report abuse

"California is going to become a hispanic state and anyone who doesn't like it should leave. They ought to go back to Europe" Mario Obledo 1995, founder, the Mexican american Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

See also PLan de Aztlan and read about the "brutal gringo invasion..."

The far left is fooling no one with this race baiting nonsense - that includes the shameless open borders editors at the Washington Post. Yuck....

I hope FAIR runs a counter page. Asking when our borders will be secured and how many people we want in our country is NOT a racist question.

It certainly isn't in Mexico - where they arrest and deport illegal aliens long before they gain political power and can afford full-page ads to smear good people.

Posted by: American worker | September 9, 2008 2:26 PM | Report abuse

For the La-Raza folks - Have you been in certain neighbourhoods of LA. It is a war zone. These are not blacks, in fact blacks are not even allow there. I got off the exit by mistake. I can tell you this, I will leave this country if it heads into my neighbourhood. Neighbour do not talk to one another. minorities prefer to stay in a white neighbourhood, because they are treated better, have better schools, hospitals, parks etc. As soon as it becomes significant minority, the personal responisibility thing disappears and a thorld world mentality comes about. The drug wars from the south are going to come like a storm - By that time there will not be a white saviour to take care of things.

Have you ever wondered why so many people south of the border prefer to shop in the border town - BECAUSE it is safe and there is a lot more to offer. Try buiidling a mall in Mexico- heaven help you. This corruption is coming north because the culture is coming north. They do not believe in individual liberities - they believe is getting their group piece of the pie.

note I am neither black or white - so take that

By the way, la raza - How many jobs have you created.

Posted by: bd | September 9, 2008 2:26 PM | Report abuse

sobers - Re: Lou Dobbs

you DO know that he's married to a hispanic immigrant, right? And that his in-laws are Mexican by nationality? Let me leave you with this quote by Dobbs regarding his support for TRIPLING immigration quota's (from David Sirota's book) -

"If we are to have a national debate and a national dialogue and a decision about national policy and we make a judgment that we're going to raise immigration levels — let's say that we double them, let's say that we triple them — sign me up,’ he says. ‘There's nothing in me that is a restrictionist whatsoever, and I realize that separates me from others who are against illegal immigration on the basis that there is too much immigration. I don't believe that. I do believe that we're not in control of our immigration policies or what's happening in this country. And that leaves me in despair."

He IS, and has always been, supportive of honest, fair and LEGAL immigration...just like most of us out here working to defend America's right decide who WE want, or don't want, to invite in.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 9, 2008 3:02 PM | Report abuse

Anyone who has followed the illegal immigration crisis knows that FAIR is NOT a racist, hate mongering organization. LaRaza and their ilk must be trying to soften up the opposition in anticipation of the amnesty drive to follow the election.

Posted by: Tupac Goldstein | September 9, 2008 3:05 PM | Report abuse

As a US citizen who happens to be Hispanic, I am loath to support the National Council of La Raza. This is an organization that works in cahoots wit hforeign governments to facilitate the transfer of their socioeconomic liabilities (unhappy and unemployed) to our country in exchange for the politica clout these hordes represent. This week, Mexico's PRI faction in that country's congress unveiled a report that states that in the last two years 1,350,000 Mexicans have left Mexico for the US. That is more than the previous annual estimates of 450,000. Illegals cost not only by taking jobs that they are not entitled to, and on which thhey usually fail to pay taxes and their employers evade the payment of other payroll based taxes and fees. They cost by having anchor babies who are given entitlements of citizens and thye cost us by taking away jobs usually reserved for the lower economic classes and recently released convicts. What do you think a convict will do if he's unable to secure a job with a decent wage? That crime is another wage of illegal imigration.

As forthe SPLC, Puhlease Louise!!! That outfit is so thoroughly discredited as a scandal monger that uses people's misfortunes to promote its collections of "donations" to such an extent that anything they say should be considered false and selfserving.

As to the SEIU, it is headed by a former illegal alien organizer and has a definite socialist bent. They are a trojan horse in its crudest manifestation.

The first thing that needs to be done is to assert the intent of the XIV ammendment and its relationship with the 1924 immigration law that for the first time established the criem of illegal immigration. There is no law that gives the offspring of illegal aliens citizenship, nor does the opinion in the XIX century case used to justify the practice adress illegal immigration. It is high time this issue is reexamined.

The next item is to cease the practice of recognizing dual citizenship and to hold consulates from aiding illegal aliens or US citizens who were formerly theirs.

Thirdly, enforce the laws not only agqainst the illegal alein, but against any landlord or agency, including faith organizations, that break our immigration laws by aiding and abetting the arrival or permanence of an illegal alien to our territory.

Do those three things and you'll see this problem wither on the vine.

Posted by: Carlos in Kansas | September 9, 2008 3:06 PM | Report abuse

How about we adopt the immigration laws of Mexico:
“Mexico has a single, streamlined law that ensures that foreign visitors and immigrants are:

• In Mexico legally;
• Have the means to sustain themselves economically;
• Not destined to be burdens on society;
• Of economic and social benefit to society;
• Of good character and have no criminal records; and
• Contributors to the general well being of the nation.

“The law also ensures that:

• Authorities have a record of each foreign visitor;
• Foreign visitors do not violate their visa status;
• Foreign visitors are banned from interfering in the country’s internal politics;
• Foreign visitors who enter under false pretenses are imprisoned or deported;
• Foreign visitors violating the terms of their entry are imprisoned or deported;
• Those who aid in illegal immigration will be sent to prison.”

Who could disagree with such a law? It makes perfect sense,”

Posted by: LadyM | September 9, 2008 3:08 PM | Report abuse

1. when business interests are forcefully and unequivocably told "NO" to importing a slave labor class, and

2. when race-baiting ethnic groups are stopped from promoting their 'import a future voter' programs, and

3. when the news media stops being controlled by their corporate masters to honestly report the effects of over-population and over-development, and

4. when the United States economic policies are structured in such a way so that they do not kill the economies of neighboring countries...

THEN the change we need to take control of OUR country back. OUR country does not belong to citizens of other countries, news flash, it belongs to the CITIZENS of the United States, hard as that may be for the intellectually vacant people who cannot reason or think.

Posted by: paul | September 9, 2008 3:09 PM | Report abuse

“Mexico welcomes only foreigners who will be useful to Mexican society:

• Foreigners are admitted into Mexico “according to their possibilities of
contributing to national progress.” (Article 32)
• Immigration officials must ‘ensure’ that ‘immigrants will be useful elements for the country and that they have the necessary funds for their sustenance’ and for their dependents. (Article 34)
• Foreigners may be barred from the country if their presence upsets ‘the equilibrium of the national demographics,’ when foreigners are deemed detrimental to ‘economic or national interests,’ when they do not behave like good citizens in their own country, when they have broken Mexican laws, and when ‘they are not found to be physically or mentally healthy.’ (Article 37)
• The Secretary of Governance may ‘suspend or prohibit the admission of foreigners when he determines it to be in the national interest.’ (Article 38)
• Mexican authorities must keep track of every single person in the country:
• Federal, local and municipal police must cooperate with federal immigration authorities upon request, i.e., to assist in the arrests of illegal immigrants. (Article
• A National Population Registry keeps track of ‘every single individual who comprises the population of the country,’ and verifies each individual’s identity. (Articles 85 and 86)
• A national Catalog of Foreigners tracks foreign tourists and immigrants (Article 87), and assigns each individual with a unique tracking number (Article 91).

Foreigners with fake papers, or who enter the country under false pretenses, may be imprisoned:

• Foreigners with fake immigration papers may be fined or imprisoned. (Article
• Foreigners who sign government documents ‘with a signature that is false or different from that which he normally uses’ are subject to fine and imprisonment. (Article 116)

Foreigners who fail to obey the rules will be fined, deported, and/or imprisoned as felons:

• Foreigners who fail to obey a deportation order are to be punished. (Article 117)
• Foreigners who are deported from Mexico and attempt to re-enter the country without authorization can be imprisoned for up to 10 years. (Article 118)
• Foreigners who violate the terms of their visa may be sentenced to up to six years in prison (Articles 119, 120 and 121). Foreigners who misrepresent the terms of their visa while in Mexico – such as working with out a permit – can also be imprisoned.
• Under Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony. The General Law on Population says,
• A penalty of up to two years in prison and a fine of three hundred to five thousand pesos will be imposed on the foreigner who enters the country illegally. (Article 123)
• Foreigners with legal immigration problems may be deported from Mexico instead of being imprisoned. (Article 125)
• Foreigners who ‘attempt against national sovereignty or security’ will be deported. (Article 126)
• Mexicans who help illegal aliens enter the country are themselves considered criminals under the law.
• A Mexican who marries a foreigner with the sole objective of helping the foreigner live in the country is subject to up to five years in prison. (Article 127)

Posted by: LadyM | September 9, 2008 3:10 PM | Report abuse

Every one of those whom submited a post failed to admit, or acknowledge, one point; The Law.

This Nation of many races and ethnicities, with it's many faults, has survived this long for only one reason- we are a Nation of laws. The proof you question-- look to the many civil rights Laws. La Raza, and other ethnocentric, quasi-political groups, are no less dangerous to the public security than the KKK, Frontier Viglanties and other such groups.

So, be careful what and whom you support-this Nation is on the brink of violence.

My Dakota Sioux grandfather taught me that- "we are safe only when everyone follows the law"-that includes the Irish, Russians, peolpe from India, China and, oh yes, the people form Mexico. If you want anarchy, make an exception for illegal alien criminal conduct. Demand another amnesty, such as the incompetent 1986 Amnesty.

Entering this country illegally, or remaining illegally, is a Federal Misdemeanor; Document Fraud, Identity Theft, False Swearing, as well as being in the country illegally and working, are all Federal Felonies.

The above contributors, all, fail to acknowledge, or grasp, that imperative.

Posted by: Dakota Sioux | September 9, 2008 3:17 PM | Report abuse

In the August 2008 Federal U.S.B.L.S. Unemployment Report, Chart A-1, two categories of unemployment are reported. The first is the one publicized on the news. It is 6.1% or 9.4 million people unemployed. The second is rarely reported in the news and includes those the government designated as “Not in Labor Force: Persons Who Currently Want a Job” (this used to be called “People who want to work but have not looked for a job in the last four weeks”). This group currently numbers 4.8 million. So including ALL of our unemployed who want to work we now have 14.2 million out of work U.S. Citizens and Legal Residents, which is an effective 8.9% unemployment rate. Meanwhile the most recent reports released from the Pew Center and the Social Security Administration estimate there are about 7.2 million jobs currently held by Illegal Immigrants who have no legal standing to hold those jobs. So for every working Illegal Immigrant we have two unemployed Citizens and Legal Residents. And if you review the history of these numbers there has not been a time during either the Bush or Clinton Presidencies where there have been at least 50% more unemployed than there have been estimated working Illegal Immigrants. The claim that we cannot get along without Illegal Immigrants does not survive an examination of the facts. But it gets worse.

Per the statistics above we effectively pay two people to do one job. We pay Illegal Immigrant to work and we pay Unemployment and Welfare to the U.S. Citizen that the Illegal Immigrant caused to be unemployed. Per U.S. Gov. Statistics unemployment pays the equivalent of $7.00 to $13.00 per hour depending on State ($14,000 and $26,000 per year). Add in an average of about $2,700 welfare payments, multiply by 7.2 million, then assume that only two thirds of the unemployed actually get this and the net cost is $100 billion per year or $700 per year to each working American in higher taxes.

And with almost twice as many Unemployed as we have working Illegal Immigrants it is easy to see that the amount of money working Illegal Immigrants contribute to Social Security and Tax collections pales in comparison to that paid to Americans who are not working thanks to Illegal Immigrants. In fact a recent study placed the Tax and Social Security contributions of Illegal Immigrants at only $9 billion.

Per a recent study by George Borjas of Harvard, Illegal Immigrants have depressed wages by 8% in the unskilled and craft labor market - construction, material handling, farm labor, food processing, cleaning, etc. Per the Pew Center, Illegal Immigrants make up less than 20% of the workforce across all these professions. Therefore we have about 29 million Americans ((7.2 million/20%)-7.2 million) who have seen their wages fall by 8% or about $2000+ per year assuming their wages average $25,000 per year. This amounts to a $58 billion loss in spending power for our lower paid hard working fellow Citizens. And people wonder why the disparity between the highest and lowest paid Americans is widening.

With $100 billion in higher taxes and $58 billion in spending power lost by our lowest paid Citizen workers it is surprising that anyone who knows economics could contemplate that Illegal Immigration is a good thing.

Posted by: Norski | September 9, 2008 3:23 PM | Report abuse

Adam Smith is a liar. He insists that "First, an unskilled, uneducated foreigner CANNOT immigrate to the US LEGALLY. There is no line for UNSKILLED workers to enter the US."

That's a flat out lie.

EB-3 visa's are SPECIFICALLY for unskilled labor to come here. And then there the 12 or thirteen different temporary worker programs, the work-study visa's, the refugee relocation programs, the asylum programs, etc. You DON'T have to be skilled, just patient.

then he says "Do you think they would do that if there were a legal path for them(UNSKILLED LABORERS, NOT SILICON VALLEY ENGINEERS) to follow into this country?"

Yes, I do. Because they won't have to deal with the aggravation of filling out the forms, providing the documentation, waiting for the background checks, paying the fees, filling the forms out AGAIN because their case worker lost their file. Paying the fees again. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. And finally, maybe years later, getting permission...or not.

Then the liar insists, "I cannot emphaize enough how erroneous the idea of illegal immigratns breaking the law becasue it is easier." HA!!

Regardless of the cost and perils of entering illegally, it's infinitely EASIER than going to all the trouble to do it right.

YOU don't think it's cheaper and easier to buy a forged social security card down at the bodega than it is going through the system and waiting years to get one legally?

And where in the world do you, and the other (non)apologists for the illegals, get the idea that they have any kind of RIGHT to barge in here, regardless of how poor and unskilled they are?

Posted by: WilyArmadilla | September 9, 2008 3:31 PM | Report abuse

There are two sides to every story, American citizen's just so happen to be on the right side of this issue. Any American citizen that does not love this country and does not want to help FAIR, Lou Dobbs, NumbersUSA,,
or any other grassroots organization that is trying to help us save our country from an illegal invasion, can simply pick a country and move there. We are feed up and we are not going to take it anymore. It is a shame that white people will be the minority in just ten years, not forty, ten. I am sure the black's in America can tell you how it feels to be mis-placed and out paced in their own country again! Just keep up with this invasion and white America will see exactly how it feels. I certainly don't want to be in a country full of criminals, and lawlessness. So with that said, we will continue to fight, and while we are fighting we are going to hold on to our guns and religion, because something tells me that we are going to need both in the coming year. GOD Bless America.

Posted by: Nezzie | September 9, 2008 3:44 PM | Report abuse

Those who claim that there is no line for unskilled labor to immigrate to the U.S. do not understand our immigration system. There are so many unskilled workers that come in under the categories of family reunification or start as temporary workers, then move to permanent workers, or marry Americans, and there are so many unemployed U.S. Citizen unskilled workers that there is no need for us to import unskilled workers en masse that have no other connections to the U.S. Doing so beyond current numbers would result in someone being thrown out of work. Usually the U.S. Citizen. Especially with Illegal Immigrants flooding the unskilled market. The line for unskilled immigrants is there, but line crashing Illegal Immigrants flooding the area around the line make the line almost impossible to see and through mass law breaking make the line almost irrelevant.

Posted by: Norski | September 9, 2008 3:44 PM | Report abuse

It's blithering, emotive, thoughtless, nonsense to keep repeating the cliche, "We're a nation of immigrants," when, in fact, about 95% of present-day U.S. citizens were born here. That's hardly a nation of immigrants. The notion that any benefits of legal immigration in the conditions of 100 years ago should apply to current conditions and illegal immigration is illogical indulgence in equivocation and false analogy.

Posted by: quobist | September 9, 2008 3:52 PM | Report abuse

I would like to ask any pro-illegal if it would be all right for 25 million Americans to invade their nation, march, demand and wave the red, white and blue? Would it be okay to steal IDs and social security numbers? Could we present fraudulent papers to obtain jobs? Could we have our babies there and have the Mexican people pay for them and immediately award them citizenship? Could we have free schooling and medical care. Could we use our stolen IDs to buy homes? How about the benefits? Where do we line up? If all this is possible they you won't mind when we complain that you're not treating us well enough and we want even more...seems beggars CAN be choosers.

Posted by: June | September 9, 2008 4:01 PM | Report abuse

National Council of La Raza= Tan Klan

La Raza..means the race..they are nothing more than a bunch of racist, lying bafoons....Illegals have no rights and their evil advocates want to see the US destroyed.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 9, 2008 4:32 PM | Report abuse

As an American of Hispanic origin, a taxpayer, and someone who is in favor of securing our borders, enforcing our immigration laws, and reserving the benefits and privileges of citizenship to only those individuals who have complied with our laws....I'm disgusted that our tax dollars to the tune of tens of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS are used to fund the radical, ethno-supremacist, open borders, pro-illegal immigration group, The National Council of La RAZA. While La RAZA happily receives government actively works against our government by deriding any efforts to enforce our immigration laws and actively encouraging illegal aliens (mainly from Mexico and Latin America) to violate our laws, protest in the streets and demand special and preferential treatment in hiring, educational admissions, health care , and even be protected from arrest and prosecution in so-called "sanctuary cities".

Note to La one annointed your group the "spokespersons" for all Latinos in this country...your open-borders, ethno-supremacist agenda are offensive to many of us. We don't agree with your agenda...Hispanics are diverse culturally, politically, ethnically, linguistically...and You Don't Speak for Me!

Posted by: M. Davies | September 9, 2008 4:41 PM | Report abuse

The American Citizenry has absorbed over 40 million immigrants in just the last 30 years, by far, the largest wave in world history. US citizens have been the most generous society in history to immigrants, but as soon as we seek moderation, ignorant mass immigration blowhards insult us with labels of "racist and xenophobic".

The American public has earned the right to enjoy immigration reductions to a more moderate annual level. Those opposed do not serve the national interest or that of its' citizens.

Moderate: The mean or average amount.
Extreme: the farthest possible point from the center.

By the pure definition of the words, you and and your fellow citizens contiune to endure extremist immigration levels.

Posted by: US Citizen | September 9, 2008 5:13 PM | Report abuse

La Raza is a racist group that promotes anarchy within the US! They think the Hispanic race is superior to all other races and they do not support the "rule of law".

American taxpayers are sick and tired of spending their tax dollars on educational and medical benefits for illegal aliens!

Each child of an illegal alien in a US school cost about $10,000/year. 1,000 such children cost local taxpayers $10,000,000 ($10 million)!

Our hospitals are overrun with uninsured illegal aliens that are causing many hospital emergency rooms to close their doors, thereby harming US citizens and legal residents.

Deny all illegal aliens jobs and they will self deport. Deny all taxpayers funding of racist groups such as La Raza!

Posted by: Rick in Georgia | September 9, 2008 5:49 PM | Report abuse

Count me among those of Hispanic descent who are disgusted with that vile, racist group, La Raza. Anyone who doubts just how vile this group is should google "Frances Semler". She was a volunteer on Kansas City's Parks Commission. La Raza was planning on having their convention in KC and discovered that Frances Semler was a Minuteman (although not an active member). La Raza told Mayor Funkhouser that unless he got rid of Frances Semler they would take their convention elsewhere. The mayor held his ground and didn't cave to La Raza's demands. So they were forced to move their convention elsewhere. Meanwhile, their members continued to harass Frances Semler to the point that she quit the Parks Commission. This incident shows La Raza to be the racist, intolerant thugs that they are.

What's disgusting also is that Both Obama and McCain are kissing La Raza's butt. As someone of Hispanic descent, this is offensive to me. La Raza has candidates branwashed into believing that they speak for all Hispanics and if candidates don't kiss their butt, Hispanics won't vote for them. Despite what La Raza would have people think, Hispanics, as a voting bloc, are not a monolith. We all are NOT for open borders and illegal immigration. As a FAIR member, I say to La Raza---You don't Speak for Me!

Posted by: AnnOnimous | September 9, 2008 5:59 PM | Report abuse

Why do illegal aliens feel that they have a legal right to force their way illegally into the United States and demand rights? Why don't they go back to their own countries, where they are legal citizens and demand rights for themselves and their fellow citizens?

Posted by: Paula Copeland | September 9, 2008 9:55 PM | Report abuse

Richard wrote:" The free economy is the most democratic of American institutions. It works no mater what anybody says and thinks. It is its own animal. If there are jobs they will come. So the best way to keep them out is to stifle economic growth."

No, the best way to stifle economic growth is unfettered capitalism, a la the late 19th century US with its oil trusts--or modern day America's mortgage markets. Funny how capitalists want to privatize profits and socialize debt, isn't it? What you fail to realize is that America's economic growth has depended on the existence of political stability and a transparent system of laws that provide a healthy environment for business. Contrast us with Mexico, for example, and you'll see the difference laws can make when it comes to business. Businesses that feel they can break laws including immigration and labor laws, are shooting themselves in the foot as well as breaking the law. Nor is there a right for a business to succeed anymore than there is a right for an employee to hold a job.

Posted by: Ali | September 9, 2008 10:42 PM | Report abuse

It's nice that there are so many groups working to protect the illegal alien immigrant community, and of course they are all traitors. All of them. United States Immigration law is crystal clear, therefore, the President, big business, the churches, the ethnic interest groups, most politicians, and most universities,are all, exhibiting criminal behavior, and indeed are criminals, AS PER EXISTING UNITED STATES IMMIGRATION LAW. PERIOD.


Posted by: Bobby | September 10, 2008 12:47 AM | Report abuse

FAIR is a racist organization for two simple reasons: they keep saying that we should train Americans, but when school and education budgets are cut or when black children protest against poor school funding in Chicago and invade well funded white schools they are nowhere to be seen crying bloody hell. Secondly, FAIR has little or nothing to say about foreign actors taking US jobs in reason..these actors mostly happen to be white. However, they will complain about 35,000 foregin techies getting jobs. Why? wrong color. FAIR's goal is to preserve white America..same as that of other extremist groups.

But, it is unfair to single out FAIR. Center for Immigration Studies, Manhattan Institute and Numbers USA are even worse than FAIR and individuals like Mark Kirkorian of CIS and Heather MacDonald of Manhatta Institute are far more racist than Dan Steyn will eve be.

Having said that..let us not loose sight of the fact that John "Shamnesty" McCain got nominated and could get elected President and a more immigrant friendly Democratic Congress is likely with Dems near a filibuster proof majority come November based on polls. I really dont give a damn what American people think or what they tell the pollsters. I care about how they speak during the elections, ie., who they elect. Right now they have spoken it is Shamnesty versus Barrack (another Shamnesty) and a more Dem Congress. FAIR, CIS and Numbers USA lost. Get over it!

Posted by: George | September 10, 2008 8:11 AM | Report abuse

"Nor is there a right for a business to succeed anymore than there is a right for an employee to hold a job."

Would you prefer the Great Depression of the 1930s?

Posted by: George | September 10, 2008 8:13 AM | Report abuse

Has anyone of you Geniuses even read an IMMIGRATION LAW BOOK? or tried to get Leagal ? You LOU DOBBS BLOCKHEADS. GET A LIFE.


Posted by: Native American | September 10, 2008 9:19 AM | Report abuse

You problems are not with poor migrant, its with YOURSELF.

I don't see any Professionals screaming here that they're losing there minimum wage Jobs to poor migrants, If you as an AMERICAN CITIZEN That can get educated and have a GOOD Profession that is required in todays global world economy is worried about your JOB THEN GO TO THE MIRROR AND BLAME THE PERSON YOU SEE THERE.

Posted by: Native American | September 10, 2008 9:24 AM | Report abuse

To Native American - I have read plenty of Immigration law. Have you? It is easy to cry out emotionalisms about the fate suffered by the Native Americans of what is now the U.S. To claim that all more recent arrivals to this land are all illegal is so simplistic as to lack relevancy. For instance, of the 4.5 million people in the U.S. Classified as Native American, 35% of them have non-Native American ancestors. You may be one of them. So are you telling yourself leave this continent? And in Mexico, 88% of Mexican Citizens have Immigrant Ancestors who came from outside of this continent. Plenty of mistakes have been made in the past that have more relevance to the current discussion. Like how in the 1800's unfettered immigration lead to really bad unemployment. Worse than the Great Depression unemployment. Unless your point is to draw attention to the plight of the Native American as an example of what happens to people when they are not able to control their borders.

Posted by: Norski | September 10, 2008 11:17 AM | Report abuse

This is the greatest country in the world and that's why my parents brought me and my siblings legally to this land from South America. As law-abiding prospective migrants, my parents took many trips back and forth to the consulate to submit documents; I remember we had to wait for what seem like an eternity for our papers to be approved. We begged and borrowed to finance our legal migration. Why should I expect differently from others, regardless of country of origing?

Open, unsecured borders are an invitation to disaster, especially with positions as those espoused from racist, extremists pro-immigrant groups like La Raza. I guess they want North America to become the lawless-land as in found in present day Mejico, where kidnappings for ramsom are as common as police corruption. To believe that control of land should revert to native peoples and in the process alianate those of other races is riduculous. The present is here and now, and there are rules and regulations for our safety as well as our neighbors.

FAIR is nothing but a moderate racist group dressed as a the "good Anglo samaritan." They are one step away from the more exteremist groups like the Minute Men and are by no means the voice of concerned Anglo-Americans; no more voice than the La Raza group speaks for ALL Hispanics.

Our creator really blessed the USA, for He gave voice to extremist and fortitude to America, so that its citizens could discuss and then implement sound policy decisions.

Posted by: Jorge | September 10, 2008 12:17 PM | Report abuse

Mass immigration perverts have had their orgy long enough

Posted by: Uncle Sam | September 10, 2008 12:39 PM | Report abuse


Ha! They would love to. Just give them the "GUIDELINES".

Posted by: Karl | September 10, 2008 2:47 PM | Report abuse

Federation for American Immigration Reform Defends Pioneer Fund
Written by Devin Burghart
Sunday, 23 December 2007
Once again, a Beltway anti-immigrant group has chosen to make a brief appearance in Iowa to inject their brand of nativism into the American body politic.

Four years ago, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) was responsible for ads which WHO-TV called “unnecessarily inflaming and borderline racist." FAIR was met by widespread community condemnation. And yet, they’re back. This time, FAIR is importing radio talk hosts to poison the airwaves.

It’s time to tell the truth about FAIR.

Earlier this month, after compiling overwhelming evidence about FAIR’s disturbing connections, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) officially labeled them a hate group . SPLC joined the ranks of civil rights organizations raising concerns about FAIRs ties.

Organizations deserving mainstream respectability usually fire disreputable staff and return cash from nefarious donors. FAIR has done the opposite. Instead, they’ve attacked the venerable civil rights institution and sided with a white supremacist foundation.


It is incredible to read the Federation for American Immigration Reform's response to the ad put out by civil, human and labor rights organizations. The response failed to address the key elements that lead to FAIR’s hate group designation: that FAIR has employed members of white supremacist groups, that they have promoted racist conspiracy theories, and that they are creation of a man who operates a racist publishing company and has compared immigrants to "bacteria."

The one issue FAIR vigorously defended was their receipt of over $1.2 million from the Pioneer Fund. They wrote , “SPLC’s characterization of the Pioneer Fund is fraudulent. The Fund’s mission statement clearly states that it supports equal opportunity for all Americans, regardless of race, religion, national origin or ethnicity.”

The record shows that the real fraud is being perpetrated by FAIR.

Since its founding in the 1930s, the Pioneer Fund has been the premier funding source for research in the dubious field of eugenics and “race science.” Pioneer has never wavered from its support for white supremacist causes. They waged war on civil rights, defending segregation and promoting the idea of black inferiority. Today, the Fund serves as the largest financier of scientific racism and provides significant funds to hate groups.

FAIR also argued that “Nearly all of the grants made by the Pioneer Fund have gone to major, respected research institutions and universities around the world.” That veneer of “respectability” quickly vanishes when the destination of the cash is revealed.

Among the institutions FAIR lists: UC Berkley grants went to a professor known as the “grandfather of modern scientific racism.” University of London grants supported a professor who described the “evil consequences” of school busing programs and racial integration. NYU donations paid for research used to defend segregation. Randolph-Macon College grants went to publish, The Testing of Negro Intelligence, which concluded that blacks were intellectually inferior to whites.

That only scratches the surface of the racist funding on FAIR’s list. There’s also dozens FAIR chose not to list, like the Ulster professor who’s written that "incompetent cultures should be phased out."

FAIR also cons the public by only listing university grantees. Alongside FAIR in the non-academic grantee category: the New Century Foundation, a hate group whose leader promotes the "clear conception of the United States as a nation ruled by and for whites;" the National Policy Institute, a group whose mission is "to elevate the consciousness of whites, ensure our biological and cultural continuity, and protect our civil rights;” and the Institute for the Study of Man, the publisher of Mankind Quarterly, a notorious journal of 'racial history' which promotes the genetic superiority of whites.

It seems inconceivable that an organization that has the ear of the 109-member House Immigration Reform Caucus (including Rep. King) would continue to give such a full-throated defense of a white supremacist foundation, yet that’s the truth about FAIR. Since the early 1990s, FAIR has been repeatedly asked to return the Pioneer money. They have steadfastly refused.

What they don’t tell you is often as important as what they do. FAIR won’t tell Americans about the Pioneer Fund and their connections. FAIR won’t tell Iowans about their staff members and white supremacist groups. FAIR won’t tell Iowans that they advocate repealing the 14th Amendment . If groups like FAIR want to have a real debate about immigration policy, it’s time to start telling the truth.

Posted by: Darryl Warren | September 10, 2008 4:21 PM | Report abuse

So---Jorge, if FAIR is a "moderately racist" group, tell us all why they have blacks and people of Hispanic descent working for them? By your skewed logic, if FAIR were in the least bit racist, don't you think they would either 1) Not employ any Hispanics or Blacks? and 2) Not have any members who are Black or Hispanic? You insult the intelligence of Blacks and Hispanics who are FAIR members, don't you think? As for the Minuteman--they, too, have Black, Hispanic, Asian and American Indian members. Again, hardly the mark of a racist group.

DarrylWarren---Your post is just pure drivel. The SPLC labels any group who wants an end to illegal immigration as a "hate group". The SPLC attempts to silence any group that doesn't agree with them--just like La Raza does. I hardly think a group that pro-illegal immigration and pro-open borders is credible when calling another group racist.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 10, 2008 6:30 PM | Report abuse

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Posted by: WinAntiSpyware | September 11, 2008 4:29 AM | Report abuse

Annonymous, if SPLC pure drivel you would think that FAIR would have sued to defend its honor. The fact that it has been a year and that FAIR has done nothing except to try to change the subject tells me pretty much what I need to know.

Have you noticed that FAIR has never denied the specific charges brought against it. Seems like it would be easy enough to do unless they know SPLC is telling the truth and they know that SPLC has the proof to back it up.

I'm Black and yes there are a few Black people involved in the anti-immigrant movement but don't use a few tokens to try to deny the racism running rampant in the anti-immigrant movement. That's like trying to deny that the Nazis in Germany weren't anti-Semitic simply because there were some Jews who supported Hitler initially.

It's like trying to claim that the Confederacy wasn't white supremacists simply because a few slaves fought on behalf of the South during the Civil War. It's not the immigrant rights movement that is treating the Black community like we are half-wits, it's you.

We in the black community have a long history of opposing racism. We know what it smells like and your movement stinks.

Instead of sitting up here complaining why don't you clean it up by getting rid of the racists. Or is it that you are comfortable with them around?

Posted by: Ronald | September 11, 2008 1:07 PM | Report abuse

Don't believe anything the WaPo tells you about this topic, since they fully support illegal immigration. In fact, don't ever expect Paul Volpe to tell you which government some of the groups behind the ad are linked to:

I probably don't have to tell anyone which government that is.

Posted by: 24AheadDotCom | September 11, 2008 3:56 PM | Report abuse

You break the LAW then PAY the price. It's that simple. Maybe too simple. But the time is near for all this to come to an end. You see, people in America (North) are aware of history and we will be damned to repeat it. Time for all of you who think you are so slick that you have cheated and trespassed to PAY a heavy price!

Posted by: Toadie | September 11, 2008 4:03 PM | Report abuse

Becoming a member of the United States is NOT a right of anyone else in this world to take advantage of ,it's a cherished privlige! If you don't think that way ,you don't need to be a citizen of the US,,,We won't be bullied into giving you citizenship either ! That type of stuff doesn't work with the strongest mand most sophisticated society in the world today,.,,and it better never, or we're all thru here !!!Remember that people ,,,We don't roll over for anybody !!!

Posted by: Anonymous | September 11, 2008 6:16 PM | Report abuse

Hey I love all people. But we have 12 million people here illegally and they are costing us 67 $billion dollars annually. I am sick of it. Meantime Bush says no medical for kids. But plenty for the illegals. We are required to have passports to go in their country and they are bankrolling us and our government is allowing it. We need to rise up and demand that something be done to get them permanently out of here. All they do is make employers richer. Just like the Civil War. A form of slavery. Also people say prisons are overcrowded and 30 per cent of the population in prisons are illegals. Get rid of them and our prisons would be able to function. We are no longer important in our own country. Shameful what we have fallen too.

Posted by: jewel.bts | September 11, 2008 7:05 PM | Report abuse

Mass deportations or civil war

Posted by: US Citizen | September 12, 2008 7:14 AM | Report abuse

Democrats for John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008.

Posted by: Miguel | September 12, 2008 2:51 PM | Report abuse

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